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Uncle Bert and Danny
Part 1 – The Drunken Boy

by Bud Johnson

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Uncle Bert and Danny (part 1) – The Drunken Boy

Uncle Bert (Part 2)

Danny knew he’d get a whoopin’ but he did it anyway. His Uncle Bert is a fair, but stern and loving man. But certain things were simply crossing a line that even an 18 year old young man should never do. Danny knew this the night before when he went drinking after the senior prom that night with his friends. These were other boy friends. He was still technically a virgin.

Actually, sex scared Danny some. He did not think about it very often with girls anyway. He preferred to think of older man like his Uncle over the female classmates he knew. In fact, he likes to remember those few times when his Uncle whooped him in his bedroom. Why? Danny really did not understand why but he loved looking at pictures of muscular, older men – even overweight men, but older.

Outside of that, he knew that he liked to jack off but he never really told anyone about how he connected the two things.

He knew that his Uncle Bert had said something to him, the drunken boy, just before he went to bed. He had got very drunk at a graduation party and still drove himself home. He knew better than to do that too, but he did. Uncle Bert confronted him he remembered in the fogginess of the moment. It was a hazy memory he had from when he went to bed. Uncle Bert had said something like he’d deal with him in the morning. He would pair these occasional paddlings with a sexual release after today’s whooping!

Three very loud knocks on his bedroom door woke him up. Danny sat up in a haze as the door bursts open. There was Uncle Bert with his shirt sleeves rolled up on his right arm. He was gripping a paddle in his hand.

He looked hot in more ways than one to Danny, now 18 years old!

Danny had two feelings. First, the obvious anticipation of dread knowing that he was about to get a good bare ass paddling and second, a different feeling from noticing his Uncle’s protruding arm muscles.

Danny’s bladder was full. He has just been abruptly awakened. He stumbled out of bed mumbling that he had to go to the bathroom. As he heading that way his Uncle Bert said, Come right back here when your through young man


The boy looked to his Uncle briefly, walked into the bathroom looking down, and did his business, taking a long piss. After he flushes the toilet it is then that he realizes the trouble he is in. Danny has been here many times before. He knows the routine.

He remembered vaguely just how drunk he had been the night before. 18 or not, Uncle Bert would whoop him good for drinking and driving himself home. It was the strong hard on he got even after pissing that completely surprised him. He started worrying as he thought about just how Uncle Bert might react to it as he propped up on his bed. The hard on just wouldn’t go down. Even as he walked the hallway back into his bedroom, knowing he was about to get it for real, the hard on wouldn’t wane!

His Uncle was there standing with his strong right arm fisted and fixed in a V shape to his side in front of his bedroom door. His left arm dangled with his shining silver wrist watch. The gleam caught Danny’s eyes. It was mesmerizing. The boy’s hard on protected straight out in his pajama bottoms and his Uncle’s eyes darted down and away. He just snickered some. He really didn’t react. Danny shuttered realizing he was going to get paddled good.


Uncle Bert’s loud terse voice rolled out his instructions.

Get over the bed and prop your butt out Danny. You’re getting the paddle on your bare ass and you are grounded until I come back and tell you when to come out, understood?

Danny nodded and walked back over to his bed. His uncle stayed right behind him. As Danny positioned himself for his punishment, Uncle Bert yanked down his pajama bottoms. It didn’t wane and it tugged his hard on.

Danny projected his butt over the stack of placed pillows at the center of the bed. Danny held his hard penis on top of the pillow as he placed himself over them. Crack!-Crack!-Crack!-Whap!-Smack!))), starting before he was fully positioned on the pillows. Uncle Bert was pissed!

Danny’s hard on quickly waned as the splatting of the sharp, stinging paddle immediately causes the boy to moan, then holler loudly, then begging for him to stop.

Crack!!! Whap! Thwacked! Whop! Whoop!!!...)))

But this paddling only got harder by the second. The rapid barrage from the paddle burned his ass like never before. Danny wriggled, pulled himself away which amounted to almost no movement. Uncle Bert really laid into him bad.

Uncle Bert was yelling at Danny too, but Danny could only say Yes Sir and Please Sir and *I’m sorry Sir. He really didn’t hear what he Uncle was actually saying. It didn’t matter.

Danny knew the night before and all the way through that he had really screwed up. He deserved what he was getting.

And get it he did! The paddling seemed to go on forever. The cracking sounds and his Uncle’s yelling, as well as his own must have been heard half way around the neighborhood! At least, that is what Danny though anyway.

As usual, Danny was bawling by the end. His Uncle said reiterated what he has said before for his instructions. He exited the bedroom, leaving the 18 year old boy half naked stretched over the pillow just crying his eyes out.

20 minutes or so passed. The tears were long gone but the aching in his blazed butt lingered on. The surprise to Danny was how his erection came back much stronger than it ever had before.

He couldn’t resist humping his pillow like a dog in heat. He didn’t even stop when he felt his load erupting all across the pillow. What a mess!

He’d better clean it up before his Uncle finds it. He might get it again! So Danny cleans off the pillow and case with a dirty shirt he had on his bedroom chair.

That bedroom chair. Sigh. A few years ago he had to bend over that chair back for the strap from his uncle. Danny has forgotten about that. He got another hard on. Oh boy...

It was a few days later when Uncle Bert decided to do some laundry. Usually when one or the other guy does laundry, they unload the hampers in both bedrooms to each other as a courtesy.

He happened to notice how Danny’s pillow case was dried in a crusty clump. Why would he jack off on his pillow case? Uncle Bert did the laundry and forgot about it. Oh, he has seen dried cum in strange places over the past 4 years but he doesn’t worry about it. Boys will be boys.

But he teased Danny about it later.


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