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Syd Meets Billy
Part 1

by Bud Johnson

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Syd meets Billy

The year was 2000. Billy and Syd did meet that year. The two had been communicating back and forth through Yahoo’s personals web site on the internet. They were both into hard spankings, Father and son style.

Syd was a larger man with thinning gray hair. He used to live in the mid west near Chicago, after living as a very young man in southern Michigan. It was in Michigan when he developed an interest in spanking other men. He’d have sex with them too in his younger years, but he had some health problems after about age 50 that caused him to have erectile dysfunction.

He never married.

Billy had just turned 40. Tall, dark, and lanky, Billy also had some health problems and he had some ED issues at the time already. But he had lived in the Detroit area all of his natural life so he and Syd got to me friends on the internet. They had a lot in common.

Billy was actually taller than Syd by almost a head. They weighed about the same – over 200 lbs each – but Syd mentioned that the few guys he had met to spank were often a bit robust. He’d tease Billy commenting like, Oh, I can always get you middle aged boys to howl at the moon! hinting that he didn’t play around. If a guy was going to get a good spanking, he’d sure get a good spanking from Syd.

Both said they were more interested in spanking than sex anyway. Neither cared all that much about role play. Billy even mentioned how any two men would naturally fall into a personality type when they’d get together for some realistic spanking action. At least that had been his experience. Syd agreed.

Syd was seeing this one guy recently that could take a pretty hard spanking that was in his late twenties. But he was married and lived about and hour and a half away. So they were only able to get together once or twice a year. The guy was named Ken or something close to that. He met him through a guy that was staying with him a few years back who had an accident and died a few years ago. His name was Dale.

Syd never spanked Dale or even had sex with him. They had met at their VFW lodge where Syd kept the minutes for the meetings. He told Billy how close he felt to Dale and how he still kept a few of his things around his own apartment from when Dale had lived there. Otherwise, Syd lived alone in a town called Altamont Springs in Florida, moving there in the mid 1990s.

Billy’s parents had retired in Florida near Longwood. It was a bit of a drive to get to Altamont Springs, but Billy was thinking on driving down to Georgia, then Florida, to see his sister and then his parents around Thanksgiving of that year. He could arrange to take a couple of extra days off work, drive down early to stay with Syd for a couple of days first just before going to stay with his parents on Thanksgiving weekend.

In 2000, the internet was getting used by more and more people. So it was a faster way to get to know someone and develop friendships. Syd and Billy exchanged notes for a few months when Billy suggested the idea of visiting Syd for the few days before Thanksgiving. Billy was going to get spanked; that was certain. But he was also going to make Syd a nice meal that they could both take pleasure in together.

They also talked about cuddling after a good spanking or before bed, and if one thing led to another and the feelings were mutual, let nature take it course. Billy left the spanking details up to Syd. He implements, position, the strength and veracity all up to him. Billy might even cry from the sounds of things, but he didn’t think so. He’d been seeing men for spankings on and off since he was 19. A lot of factors have to be in sync for real tears to come out flowing.

In was early afternoon on that Tuesday before Thanksgiving when Billy arrived at the apartment complex. Billy had some titillation and anxiousness as he drove across Florida’s state line. It was running a range of thoughts emotions. Would he want to spank me right when I got there? What you he use? Would he use his hand, paddle, strap, or something else?

Billy found a place to park near the number of the lot that Syd’s apartment was in.


They were all bright Yellow. Billy turned off the car and sat there a while smoking a cigarette. He remembers back in the early 1980s when he really did not know anything. It was still nerve wracking...but exciting.

He finally puts out his cigarette and gets out of the car. It takes him some time to find the correct building. To his surprise a portly gentleman is standing down at the street level by a rusty cream colored Buick. As Billy moved towards the building, he hears a voice asking if his name was Billy. It was Syd.

I hope you found this place without a problem, Syd said in a normal and pleasant tone. The two men shook hands.

It’s nice to finally meet you! Billy said in a bright pressured tone.

Thank you, said Syd. We’ll have to go to the grocery store. Is that all your bags?

Yep. I brought you a gift too. Billy anxious eased for the moment.

Let me show you my apartment and he can put away your luggage. Syd guides Billy up a flight of stairs. They go into his apartment.

I forgot to get that hot pepper you wanted and I think we’ll get a bottle of wine.

Billy was relieved. In the past, he had met men that almost started a spanking a split second after he would get into the door. Or they’d be drunk or something. This man was cool with a solid, groomed appearance a little on the portly side.

They talk politely for a few minutes. He shows his the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and the sit briefly and talk in the main room. After about 5 minutes, Syd suggests that they get the stuff at the grocery store before it gets to be rush hour traffic.

He says, I’ll drive. I’ll bet your tired from all the driving the last couple of days

The both get into Syd’s Buick and go to the near by market. Syd shows Billy the area for vegetables and he goes off to the wine department. A German Riesling.

Then it’s back in the car. The whole trip took less then 15 minutes. It gets interesting once they get back.

Why don’t you get your sauce started? He shows Billy to pans and cooking utensils. Billy gets everything washed and ready to be chopped.

Syd said, Dale used to cook when he was alive. He was a good cook too

I try. I hope you like it. Billy was nervously relaxed if that make sense. He got busy with preparing the spaghetti sauce. He noticed Syd just watching with a look of happiness on his face.

He felt at ease with this man. He sensed Syd was trustable. Everything got intense and unexpected after he started the sauce on a slow simmer. After he cleaned up the area, Syd invited Billy to sit on the couch next to him. Billy obliged.

Syd talked about his friend Dale for a while. They also talked a bit about men they had gotten into spankings with. The conversation was flowing nicely. Billy mention jokingly about the unpleasant ride on FL State 10 and how hard to was to keep below the speed limit because it was so flat.

Now, Syd stood up and said in a loud clear voice, You are getting a spanking for that! Billy is taken back a little, but follows his directions. Syd didn’t say much. He acted. Taking a hold of Billy’s waist by the belt buckle, he leads him to a hard wood armless chair, and pulling his pants and underwear down.

The change from Billy’s pockets fell out on the floor as his pants dropped. Syd snickers a little but said, We’ll get that later. He pulled Billy across his lap over one open thigh on his lap and started the spanking hard.

Whack! Whop! Smack! Crack Whop!)))

Billy started moaning some, apologizing for speeding as if he was a 16 year old. That only made Syd spank harder!

Whap!!! Whap!!! Whap!!!

Then he pause to reach over to a table close by. Ever felt the Vermont Bath Brush before?

It was a rhetorical question because Syd proceeds to burn his butt cheeks on fire. Billy hollered a lot but just let it happen.

It hurts ’ey?

But as Billy starts to say yes, the paddling starts again. Close to 50 cracks from that bath brush, Billy said, I-I-I can’t take it. I am sorry!

But the paddling continues unabated.

CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! Whack! Whop whop whop!)))

Billy was hyper-ventilating. Syd’s sweat from his own brow was dripping.

Finally, he said, Have you had enough

Yes Sir

Go into the bathroom and clean yourself up. Billy picks up his pants and underwear and goes into the bathroom. He washes his face and noticed that his bottom is blister, purplish maroon.

He hears Syd ask, Are you okay?

Slightly relaxed now Billy said, Oh yes Sir

He went back into the main room. Syd helped him collect the change and keys from the floor. I didn’t mean for that to happen. Sorry about that

No problem. Billy said. That was intense. Even your hand spanking burned. Wow.

All the stress is gone. Billy becomes a chatter box. He talked about some past experiences and then asked Syd some questions.

<End part 1>

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