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Syd Meets Billy
Part 2

by Bud Johnson

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Syd meets Billy Part 2

The meal turned out fantastic. They shared some food, wine, clean the dishes together, then watched a John Wayne movie in the main room. Syd’s favorite.

They talked about the mutual fantasy of trying to live with a man with spanking as a part of life. Real and fantasy.

Syd talked about how he has fantasized about a couple of guys over the years. He talked about being a Republic with strict house rules. Also the various ways he would spank a young man. He admitted to Billy that he was a little old for something like that. Billy said that this is true, but it is an interesting fantasy life.

Shortly after the movie, Syd suggest that they go to bed. Billy agrees. Let me brush my teeth

I have to do that too.

Syd had two bathrooms; one off the bedroom, and the other by the main room. Syd was already in bed with a white t-shirt and underwear when Billy reentered the bedroom after brushing his teeth. He lies down next to Syd.

Syd said, Let’s get under the covers. It is going to be cool tonight. Billy and he get under the covers when unexpectedly; Syd rolls on top of Billy and plants a long deep French kiss on Billy. Billy slowly gets a feeling of body rushes. They both start to feel each others bodies.

Billy gets an unusually firm erection. But he starts kissing Syd’s arms and chest, shortly moving down to his crotch.

I won’t get hard, said Syd.

That’s okay. Does it hurt you?

No, it feels good. It just doesn’t get erect any more. Syd look a little uncomfortable. They talked for a time.

Then he rolled on Billy again and passionately kissed him. He started to slowly and lightly massage his penis. Billy gets rock hard.

I’m gonna cum if you keep that up. He kept it up.

Then they went to sleep.

The next morning, Syd got up first. He said, It’s time to get up

Billy lays there talking to him from the bed as Syd gets dressed cleaned up. It was mostly just short talk and salutatory. But when Syd came out of the bathroom fully dressed, he looked harshly at Billy and said, Do you want another spanking???

Billy had just been getting up in that second anyway. He said, No Sir! like and obedient boy would.

Syd had other plans. He plopped down on the edge the time bed, hauled Billy criss-cross across his lap and the bed, yanked down his underwear, and lit in to his bare butt harder than he had the night before.

Whap! Whap! Whap! Whap! Whap!!!)))

Billy howled in a deep moan. But it continued.

Whap! Crack! Smack! Whap! Whoop! WHOOP! WHOOP!)))

Billy wriggled on his lap maintaining his footing. His moans turned into flowing tears unexpectedly. Syd was sweating profusely but he kept the bare-bottom pounding faster and faster while the 40 year old cried a steady flow of tears.

When Syd stopped, he laid his arm across Billy’s back and consoled him.

Now if you behave today you’ll be fine. But if think to need another trip with that bath brush tonight, I will do that too, understood? Now go get cleaned up and dressed.

Billy got up and cleaned and dress. In the bathroom he heard Syd say, We are going to the diner just up the street while the special is still running, okay?

Billy is a bit bewildered. They go to the diner for breakfast. They made the special.

On their way back home Billy said, Boy you weren’t kidding. I am not sure if I could take that all the time... but I have to admit, it was hot!

Syd smiled broadly saying, I have always wanted to do that. In the old days I would have got you home and fucked you nicely. I can’t do that but we can lie down for a while. How far is it to your folk’s house?

Oh, about an hour or so.

The two men lay down again once they were home. Syd noticed his Butt. Boy, I really did blister you didn’t I?

Yes, but that is okay. Part of getting a real whooping. Syd liked to be on top most of the time. The two men exchanged passions until mid-afternoon. Then Billy drove to his parents. It was a real good two day visit.

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