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Lover's Triangles [A Poem]

by Bud Johnson

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One of the most painful periods,
Of my life unreconciled still,
Was when I fell for a Bisexual,
A 24/7 affair – but bitter pill.

He was good and oh so bad,
Someone I thought I’d never have,
A Spanker, a lover, the man learned very well,
Artistically inclined, I felt glad.

But my oversight was bad,
I knew the clues within the first month,
Not the rough-shot rides – I liked that,
But I had to teach him that it’s not a cunt.

Oh, I don’t sleep with her any more.
He faithfully lied straight faced and tried,
But one night she came up to play cards,
And that night he lit into me with rawhide.

Oh, that was hot; it really was,
Almost cried like I had wanted to do,
Then, they left for vacation like they always had,
That’s a big clue. 35... I would not view.

They got back at Christmas time,
Thinking back it wouldn’t last,
At a party I played a disc of modern chant,
But the downhill slide started coming down fast.

By mid January I knew but wouldn’t let go,
And neither would he, too much hops,
Reality was even stranger I found out later,
He’d take the boys during the day for jobs.

The woman was there but they never had sex,
But the triangular feelings just destroyed my mind,
At the time I never believed that,
The sex was good; I became psychically blind.

He died 11 years back a year before I moved,
Doing ebay I called him for some of his pysanky eggs,
He was still playing but I let him be,
After sex with a Spank boy, he died right in bed.
(Thoughts of 1995 on 10-22-2016)

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