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The Joe Kirkson Meetings
Part 3

by Bud Johnson

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The Joe Kirkson Meetings (Part 3)

The 54 y.o. ex-military man woke up first the next morning. While he felt warmly towards the 23 year old Chris, he also felt a minor sense of a let down. The boy didn’t cry. He had really spanked him hard and he thought, thoroughly, but the young man did not cry from the realistic spanking.

Joe was learning things too as they went forward. Swats in the locker room are quite different than a role-play type of spanking like he and Chris fell into. Ultimately, this is what it had been. While this was still satisfying to Joe, it still felt a little empty.

Chris woke up right after Joe cleaned up and had dressed for the day. Joe wore a nice knit shirt and casual dress shorts. He asked Chris how he had felt about the experience. To his surprise, Chris’s face lit up talking about how he thought it was great.

After Chris was cleaned up the two headed back down to the kitchen. Joe got out some milk and cold cereal. They sat at the kitchen table. The conversation was pleasant. Both of them had things to say about the experience. Chris first mentioned that he had not expected to see Joe at the bar. How it surprised him in an exciting way.

Joe apologized at first. He started talking about how he couldn’t get their first meeting off his mind. He said it was ultimately why he went to the bar. He wasn’t sure what would happen but he had to see. The whole thing turned out fine. It really hadn’t been a planned event. He admitted to Chris that when he didn’t return his calls, he felt frustrated with the whole thing.

Mr. Kirkson said, I really thought it would have made you cry. I whacked you pretty hard you know.

Yeah, I thought I might cry when you were using that hard wood ruler. It really hurt like a b–.. It stung! Chris said in a positive tone. I guess a real spanking is different than what we fantasize about.

Were you disappointed? Mr. Kirkson asked with an honest sincerity.

No. The 23 year old said. I have not done traditional spanking scenes too much before. It doesn’t seem like a lot of guys are interested in it. I really haven’t talked to anyone else about spanking – even my friends at school. I don’t think they would understand.

I can see what you mean Chris. Joe went into a diatribe about how he had the thoughts most of his life but never spanked anyone seriously before he met Chris. He talked about growing up in the 1940s and 50s and how repressed people were in those days. He even recalled hearing some stories in the neighborhood where kids took whoopings from their bosses so they wouldn’t get fired from their jobs. This was a different world for them both.

Really? Chris questioned brightly feeling like the man really did understand him.

Oh yeah, it was a different time after the war. I joined the military right after high school and that turned into my career. My duty was my guide. Other things were put in the back of my mind for years. Joe sat leaning back in his chair. His feelings were a little mixed up right then as he reflected on how strong of a hard on he got when spanking Chris. He didn’t say that. He figured Chris knew.

Then Chris said with a slight embarrassment, I got a strong erection when I was laying my head on your chest too.

Joe had a subtle smile on his face. I wasn’t sure if you wanted me to act on it or not. I wasn’t sure... I wasn’t sure. Joe continues.

It’s okay. My mind was all over the place. I haven’t had much experience with other men. The 54 year old lamented. But you are a fine looking young man Chris. Joe said with a subtle wink.

Chris let out an embarrassing laugh. The two stared at each other for a brief moment. Each was relaxed yet there was an extra excitement in the air.

Would you like to come back again? Mr. Kirkson asked. He was still vulnerable.

Chris responded immediately with, Yes

Good! Joe said as he pushed his chair back from the table. They made sure that they had each others telephone numbers. Then Chris left contented as was Joe. It was about a week later when Chris called Mr. Kirkson again.

Hello! Hello! Hello! I was starting to think you wouldn’t call me again. I am glad that you called. So how are you doing young man? Joe said on the telephone with a firm affable voice.

I would have called sooner but my butt was sore for a few days. Chris’s tone was pleasant. He set up to meet Mr. Kirkson for the following day. When Mr. Kirkson said, young man, Chris physically melted. Wow. He thought how this man is cool!

All that week they each thought and reflected quite a bit on their encounters. Joe wondered how a relationship would go if they bought sought it out with each other. He would have dreamy day dreams of Chris living with him, giving him spankings before bed, even bathing him with Chris acting up and Joe having to punish him harshly. They both thought unobtrusively about having sex.

These thoughts came and went. By the end of a week Joe had begun to wonder if he would ever call again. Should he call Chris again? He had begun to get perturbed again. But Joe settled down once he heard from Chris and agreed on the meeting date.

When the day finally came, each man had a string of thoughts running rampant in their minds. Their excitement was peaking. It was all so new. Chris has some nervousness. After all he was getting the beating but, he was feeling pretty comfortable with Joe.

Joe had again been fantasizing about spanking Chris to tears. It was a real turn on for Joe but it also made him feel guilty. He had realized there is a lot more to a young man’s tears from a spanking than just pain. He may not have made that right connection yet. Joe just let the thought go. His sense of duty kicked in. He also is feeling less inhibited about the meeting.

Chris was supposed to get to Mr. Kirkson’s house at 7:30 pm. He was late. It was 8:15 when he rang the bell. Joe had dressed semi formally. He had an ascot smoking jacket though, he did not smoke. Chris showed up in cut offs and a tank top. It was late in the summer and it had been a hot day. Chris’s look turned Joe on.

The boy is late – very late to Joe. There is an opportunity right there. Mr. Kirkson seizes the moment. He said to him pointedly, You’re late Chris – very late.

I’m sorry Mr.Kirkson... A somber boyishness surrounds Chris. His head sinks down with his eyes to the floor just like a naughty 12 year old.

No hesitation from either of them, Mr. Kirkson takes a hold of Chris by the shoulder and briskly walks him into that bedroom. Right as they enter, Mr.Kirkson wastes no time. He unzips and unbuttons his trousers as he forces him across his one propped leg on the bed frame. The pants and underwear are rolled down to right below his knees.

Whack! Crack! Whap! Whap! Whap!!!)))

Chris hollered! Mr. Kirkson was using something much heavier than the draft ruler. There was no break before the next set either.

Crack! Whack! Whop! Crack! Crack!!!)))

O-o-o-w-w-w-! Chris cries. Chris looked back enough to see that he was using a long hard wood hairbrush. He must have placed on the table near by. The flash image of the brush had caught him unexpectly.

5 or 10 minutes late is one thing but you are almost an hour late without even a telephone call..! Mr. Kirkson melodramatically and loudly chastised. And the hairbrush spanking continued harder and faster.

Whack!!! Crack!!! Whack! Smack! CRACK!!! Whop! WHAP!!!)))...

The hard hairbrush spanking continued. Chris was hyperventilating and profusely sweating from his eye brows down his face. His moaning and hollering was steady tonight. He begged Mr.Kirkson to stop saying, I can’t take it any more!

You are to never be this late without a phone call ever again! Mr. Kirkson let go with a final harder barrage of whacks. Then, one final, CRACK!!!)))

He took Chris by the shoulder and stood him up. He led him into the master bedroom. His butt was deep red. You stay in here until I come for you.

Joe leaves the room. He had really tried to make the boy cry. But Chris still didn’t really.

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