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Blind Man's Bluff
Part 1

by Bud Johnson

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The Blind Man’s Bluff – Bud Johnson

Hank is a man with a Mediterranean blood line. He looks good. He always has and still does. When he was in his 20s it was discovered that he was going blind. He lost the major part of his vision back then. He learned to be self reliant; maybe a little manipulative, but always in control.

He is also gay, very masculine, muscular, and attractive. Hank has a hairy body, and is often look at by both younger and older men. They expect him to be domineering a.k.a. the aggressor. His personality is manly for certain but sexually, he leans towards being passive. The aggressor assumption is often an irritation for him.

Hank met Charlie when Hank was 66 and Charlie was in his late 30s. They met through a social group that had monthly picnics in their Florida County. Charlie also has the non contagious illness and has had it most of his life. He too is self reliant but he sees Hank operate and becomes enamored with both his looks and abilities.

They were introduced after the second or third picnic by a friend. The two men talked that day and exchanged phone numbers. About a week or so later, Hank called Charlie and left the following message on Charlie’s voice mail:

Hello Charlie. This is Hank. We talked last week at the picnic. I am turning 67 next week and I’m inviting you to a party this coming Saturday. Give me a call and I will tell you how to get here. I would like it if you could come.

Charlie did call Hank back and got the directions. He was also told not to bring any food or gifts – that was not necessary. On Saturday, Charlie arrived at 1 PM. The party was to start at 2. He arrived a bit early but he wanted to get to know Hank a little bit more. He did bring a card.

Hank was completely blind but has a special laptop computer that communicates images and words auditorily for most things like cards, letters, and the like. Hank put the card next to the machine. Charlie was amazed as the machine described the card’s look in accurate detail.

Wow! That’s a cool machine! Charlie said excitedly. He spoke as Hank shut the machine down. At the same time the doorbell rang. All the other guests arrived and the party began. Charlie watched as Hank did just about everything himself, only asking for help on a few things in getting the food out.

Gifts were passed, food was gobbled up, and everybody had a good time. By 4 PM all the party guest had left. Charlie, Ed (a close friend of Hank), and Hank were left. Charlie had taken the bus over and was about to leave when Ed said, You don’t have to leave. I can give you a ride home a little later – after Hank gets his birthday spanking. Ed chuckled as Hank’s face blushed with embarrassment.

Then he did something unexpectly. Hank went to the bedroom and then came out naked. He was a good looking muscular man. I am a nudist. He said. I am usually nude except when Ed and I go out to dinner or to a gathering. And I am also a very bad boy you know. Would you like to watch me get my spanking from Ed?

Hank chuckled but Ed pulled out a sturdy hard back chair, sat down and said to Hank, Are you ready?

The naked, good looking Hank stood directly in front of Ed as his affect changed to one of complete obedience. He said Yes Sir. I will do as I’m told.

Charlie is a bit embarrassed by the display but also very intrigued by it all. These to guys were about the same age and they’re not just kidding around. Ed took Hank and lead him across his lap, grabbed a small paddle from the near by back table, and proceeded giving Hank 67 whacks, were not light taps either, with one final full throttled Crack! to grow on!

Charlie popped a hard on in his pants and had to move it around while he sat and watched. It was towards the end when Hank was really moaning that he got the hard on. Hank never moved much. These two guys had done this before.

After the spanking, Hank got up and poured each of them some Sangria. He brought each of them a glass and then took a seat by the piano. Hank said, I like to play the piano. Do either of you mind. No and of course not, Ed and Charlie said at the same time.

Hank played a short beautiful piano piece. Then the three started talking. Hank said, We heard to you got into spanking. Ed and I kind of thought you might like to watch. Did you like it?

Charlie, tripping on his own words said, We-e-ll yes, that was good...really. You took a pretty good one Hank.

That was just his birthday spanking. Sometimes he’ll get a very thorough whooping when he’s bad. Ed said with a chuckle looking directly at Charlie.

Are you lovers? Charlie asked.

Hank answered, No, but we have been friends for years – since we were in high school.

Ed said, We came out at the same time. One time, I spanked him just for fun and we found out that it was a turn on. That was 50 years ago.

Hank said, Would you like to spank me or Ed?

A flushed pause came over Charlie. He had not been expecting this in the least. Spanking scenes that he has know usually happened from being set up in advance. But today he thought he may as well go for broke.

Well, I usually get spanked. A short pause. But I can sometimes spank. Hank, your butt looks a bit raw. Ed, would you like a spanking?

Ed looks up with darting eyes. He was close to Hank’s age and he then said, Sure but I don’t usually take them. But I will because Hank said either of us.

I’ll use my hand. Charlie said as he rolled up his sleeve tight to his shoulder. He patted his leg as he looked directly at Ed. Ed obliged his and stood in front of Charlie. Charlie unzipped and unbuttoned the man’s short. He could feel what he was about to see. Ed had a full 9 inch erection that almost popped into Charlie’s face. Charlie took a hold of it as he guided the lanky man across he own lap. He gave him a short rapid fire bare ass spanking for a few minutes.

Ed moaned slightly. Hank was wide eyed the whole time. Hank said, after Charlie stopped the short spanking, You could go longer if you want.

Ed waited very briefly but then stood up and pulled his pants backup. He said to Hank, Now if he was spanking you, that is what I would have said. He said with an intentional chuckle.

That was pretty good young man! Ed said with admiration.

The three talked for awhile, and then Ed took Charlie home.

On the way home, Charlie admitted to Ed that Hank was a real turn on and a person to admire. He talked freely about his spanking fetish. He mentioned to Ed how he admired his silver wristwatch. He even asked Ed if Hank has a wristwatch.

Then he asked, Can he spank? Does he hit the mark?

Ed said, I think he does alright when he gives a spanking. He is like you, he prefers to get one. Ed paused for a moment. Would you like to get together sometime and let me spank you?

Charlie said, Sure, we could do that sometime. How do you like to spank?

Ed said, Oh Dad to son, teacher to student, Master to slave – just about anything you can think of. Or just as a friend.

Charlie doesn’t care much for Master slave type of scenes but felt Ed’s sincerity when he said, Or just has a friend. Those words had melted him a bit. The entire day was quite an unexpected event. Can I call you next week?

Ed smiled and said, Sure!

Soon they were in front of Charlie’s apartment. He left the car after taking down Ed’s number, writing it on the card underneath Hank’s. Ed also jotted Charlie’s number down.

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