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Blind Man's Bluff
Part 2

by Bud Johnson

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Blind Man’s Bluff (Part 2)

Charlie actually called Ed the next day. It was Sunday and he has the time. Monday he goes back to work and time becomes scarce. Charlie got to Ed’s place which was close to wear Hank lives. As he was walking up to Ed’s house, Hank and Ed were out front getting into Hank’s car. Ed said, I am driving Hank home. I’ll be right back.

Ed took off and Charlie made his way to some porch furniture in front of the house. Ed got back in the car in less than 5 minutes. He gets out of the car, walks over to Charlie, and the two shake hands.

Charlie walked with Ed into the house and said, I am not into the Master-slave thing but anything else is fine. No bondage though. The early 60s mans eyes light up mello-dramatically.

He said, Oh you don’t want to be Dahmer-ized eh? Ed said in a friendly laughing manner. Charlie smiled and continued following Ed into the house.

Would you like something to drink? Ed offered.

Sure. A glass of ice water would be great. Charlie sat down on a cushioned chair. Ed brough him a glass of ice water and a beer for himself. The two men talked for a while, swapping spanking stories, real and played out. Their conversation was natural, comfortable, and relaxed.

An hour or so went by. Then Ed’s mood got more serious. I have a enclosed porched in pool. Why don’t we go out there and I’ll give you a good spanking with a hard wood hairbrush?

Charlie snapped back slightly remembering this is why he stopped by. After ashort, reflective pause, he agreed and follow the salt and peppered man into the enclosed pool area. It was air-conditioned.

Ed sat in front of a small round table with a rather large wooden hairbrush on it.He put the chair back and tapped his thigh, asking Charlie to come to him. Charlie complies.

Once he is close enough to Ed, he grabbed Charlie by the waist, unbuckled and dropped his pants down, leaving him with his briefs on. The lanky man had no problem laying Charlie across his lap. Holding him firmly with his wrist watched left arm across the center of his back, he let go a barrage of Cracks on his still cloth bottom that set Charlie howling almost straight away.

Then he rolled his underwear down.

Ed continued with the searing Whacks as Charlie’s moans quickly turned to a snot driven hyper-ventilation. Sweat ran down his face like tears.

Charlie begs him to stop and in a short time, he does. You’ve been spanked young man!

Yes Sir! Charlie got off the lanky Ed’s lap. He put his now redressed bottom on a chair next to Ed. He likes this man. He noticed the man’s crotch was bulging.

The two started talking some more and the conversation shifted back to Hank and his amazing abilities. Charlie is a bit preoccudied. Charlie and Hank’s meeting would be a Blind Man’s Bluff.

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