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Blind Man's Bluff
Part 3

by Bud Johnson

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Blind Man’s Bluff (Part 3)

Charlie left Ed’s house that day with a sore bottom that stayed sore for several days. But they started meeting bi weekly. They had sex several times too. But Charlie seemed to always talk about Hank.

At the next month’s picnic, Charlie asked Hank if he could come by sometime. Hank agreed and they got together the following Saturday. It was a weird reversal but it all worked out.

There was no phone call discussion. The meeting was kind of adhoc. This time when Charlie arrived, Hank was already naked. Hank always asks who it is before he opens the door.

Hank said, I hope you don’t mind. I really don’t like to wear cloths unless I have to.

No problem, said Charlie, though he was a little uncomfortable at first. The two talked about Hank’s home, piano, and free weight sets he keeps. The conversation was slower to shift to the spanking interest than it was when he first met Ed separately. Charlie brought it up.

So how do you feel about giving spankings?

Hank said, Oh, its okay, but I’d rather be a slave

I understand. Charlie said this but he really didn’t understand. He never could relate to the Master & slave thing or scene on either side. The conversation sort of shifted back to weight lifting. Hank invited him to see his free weight set up. They went into the separate free weight room. Hank said, Being blind, I can’t see what kind of shape you’re in. I’d have to feel it. Would you mind?

No. Said Charley.

Lay down on that mat. I’ll take it from there. Hank put his gorgeous, naked body on Charlie, who in turn started getting erected. Hank felt by sliding his body across Charlie’s, back and forth, up and down. Do you swim?

Charlie said, In fact I do swim 3 days a week.

You can tell. Hank did some more touching. Charlie’s crotch was aching. Then Hank started doing some weightlifting repetitions. And he explains what he was doing in great detail. Charlie noticed too that he seem to position his butt in the most visual and manly positions possible. It worked. Charlie was fully enticed.

Okay. If you’ll drop your pants and bend across the cross beam here, I’ll give you a spanking. But you’d have to also spank me, okay?

Charlie had a full and aching hard on now. He dropped his trousers where his hard on could breath, and bent over the cross beam.

Hank gave Charlie about five moderate swats with is bare hand. Then he said, My turn!

Charlie fully understands that he is being tricked – compliantly if you will. He pulls up his pants, watching Hank as he bends over the beam. He spanks him hard until he notices a piece of wood on the floor that will make a good heavy paddle. As he goes to pick it up he said, Ed tells me you like real spankings?

Crack! Whap! Whap Crack! Crack!!!))) after the first five, Hank said in a monotone voice, Yes sir. He sounded like an unmoved subservient partner. It irritated Charlie.

CRACK! CRACK! CRACK!!! CRACK!!! Whap!!!)))

Charlie let loose on the guy and he never really reacted. But there was a mirror in that room. Charlie noticed that Hank was fully erect. He reached over him and took a hold of his penis. He motioned up and down twice and Hank let go of a huge load unexpectly. That was the only real moaning sound he made all day.


The two went back into the house. They talked some more. Hank admitted that is usual for him. The two became friends. Charlie and Ed kept up there biweekly meetings and every once in a while, Charlie would get together alone with Hank. All three stayed friends for years.

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