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Curt's Discipline
Part 3 – Bo's Realization P1 (Curt's Discipline Part 2 Alternate)

by Bud Johnson

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Bo’s Realization P1 (Curt’s Discipline Part 2 Alternate)

Bo got to work on time. He saw Kathy, the coworker that led to Bo’s sore behind this morning, and greeted her with a warm, friendly good morning. Kathy just gave him a slow but snarky look. The morning’s work rolled right along.

At lunchtime, Bo couldn’t stop thinking about the passionate kiss Curt had laid on him before he left the house. Does he want me to date? Spank? Both?

In the old country, men kiss men as a matter of course. However, not a deep kiss. Bo didn’t think so anyway. The kiss gives rise to out a flurry of emotion, and for Bo, these are feelings that he has harbored for years. It puzzled him. These images of his intense strapping juxtaposed with the unexpected kiss. Bo wasn’t sure of anything.

Bo was confused. He called Curt on his break. He wasn’t sure what he wanted to say. He wasn’t sure of himself at all. When Curt answered the phone Bo said, Should I come over tonight?

That was it. Curt was calm and collected it appeared. Sure. Come by and we can talk and do a puzzle.

Okay. Bo said he would be there right after work. He was also aware of Curt’s hard on last night though neither of them acted on it. In fact, Bo got a semi hard on just talking to Curt, his mentor and his Dad’s old friend. Could he be falling for the man?

Bo had a thousand questions that afternoon that he pondered to himself about the whole situation. Surprisingly, all of his interactions with Kathy that day were positive.

Bo left work at closing. He drove straight over to Curt’s but without the trepidation he had the day before. Bo wasn’t expecting to get whooped but he had some uncertainty about everything else. There was also an excitement in the air.

Curt greeted Bo like a normal puzzle night. He said, I order some pizza for later. Do you want a drink?

Bo asked for a Coke and Curt poured himself a glass of wine. The two went into the living room like the night before but Bo barraged Curt with questions as they worked on a puzzle he had not seen in a while.

At first Curt was more attentive to the puzzle. He did not ignore Bo’s talk but the puzzle was a complex one. It required equal attention. Then the pizza arrived. They were both hungry. Curt pours himself a second glass of wine. Bo’s Coke was fine.

Towards the end of their Pizza supper, Curt look deeply at Bo. He said, I think you know I care a great deal about you, after this morning and last night.

Yes. Then a log pauses. Yes Sir, I do.

Bo paused again and then softly added, And I think I care about you in the same way. Bo tone was uncertain.

Curt smiled and acknowledged Bo. He started to talk about if they should try having sex. Bo’s look was excited, nervous, unsure, but open. Curt was like a Dad to him after he had lived with him after his own Dad had died.

But Curt was always a kind of secret to Bo. Curt asked him if he wanted to spend the night again tonight. Bo agreed. 8:30 came and went.

At around 10, Curt asked Bo to bed. Bo wasn’t nervous or scared like he had been the night before when he knew he was getting a whooping. If fact, he was semi erect like during the lunch time phone call.

They went to bed. Bo first, then Curt followed right under the covers. This time Curt ran his hand along the 20 year old’s side up to face. He softly caressed his checks and placed his mouth into his. The two kissed deeply and passionately for several minutes.

Curt could see that Bo was firmly erect. He reaches his palm over his cock. He caressed him down to his balls. Bo moaned.

Curt French kissed his mouth again and with even more eagerness, Bo reciprocated. His hard on never waned.

Curt rubbed his penis in and brief up and down motion. Bo let out an ut-oh and he shot a heavy load right in the bed under the covers.

Curt reached over to the night stand. He pulled back the sheets and cleaned the 20 year old up. Smiling and teasing Bo that he ought to give him a good spanking for that. But he was teasing. Bo knew that.

He surprised Curt when he went down on his cock and took his load. Curt came quickly too for a guy that was almost 50!

The two men fell asleep in each others embrace.

The next morning when Curt had Bo lay across his aked lap for a firm but brief hand spanking kind of took Bo for a loop.

Curt said, That is so you know that our agreement hasn’t changed. I am going to make sure you do your very best in your life.

Things were starting to make sense to Bo.

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