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I Was Spanked By The FBI

by Bud Johnson

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I Got Spanked by the FBI by Bud Johnson

(Cheesy title but what the heck!)

It was one day in the summer of 1982. I went to a Wendy’s restaurant just outside of Phoenix, AZ, to meet with a correspondent. Being typically Arizona weather, it was a hot, sunshiny day (sidewalks do fry eggs). Back in 1982, I was in communication with a mid to late 30s year old man I met through, The Advocate magazine. He said that he lived just outside of town.

I had only made a few contacts around Phoenix and I was just 21. We agreed to meet this man at a Wendy’s restaurant, early in the afternoon. I was nervous; nervous as all hell. When I got to the restaurant, the man was not there yet. We had agreed that he would meet me there around 2 PM. I got there at 1:30.

Time dragged on as I waited for 2 o’clock to arrive. I must have looked at the clock 10 or 20 times in those last 15 minutes. Each time not even a minute had passed. Here I am, a 21 year old kid, waiting to meet the man for some spanking discipline – maybe that very same day. I had no photograph to go by. I had a general description that he had provided to me and that was it.

Two O’clock came. A man about 60 came over to my table. Are you Bud? He introduced himself as a friend of the agent that I was to meet. I was a little bit unfriendly. He started telling me about how the how my FBI friend got called away and wasn’t going to be back in town until Friday night. Yeah, right. I thought to myself.

But this guy seemed sane and so I listened. The 60 y.o. man pulled out a chair and sat next to me. He also looked the part. Hal is neat, clean, and controlled man, with a solid character. Anyway, we talked with me for awhile. He apologized for Jim saying that he had wanted to meet me today. Hal explained the delay.

We talked in generalities briefly. The 60 year old started asking me certain, sensitive questions quietly. Questions like, had I ever been spanked before, have I ever had sex with a man, etc. I told him about the one man I met for spanking which Jim would have known about from our correspondence.

I was a bit naïve. I wondered if this was all put on, but I wasn’t sure.

The next thing I knew was that Hal slipped me a Polaroid picture of a half naked man under the table with a big, fully erected penis – right there in the middle of Wendy’s. That really threw me for a loop. I got really nervous. I quickly looked at the picture and handed it back to him under the table. I was afraid that someone in the restaurant might see it.

I’m clearly embarrassed by then. I’d never seen a naked Polaroid picture before in my life – ever. It was a little freaky. I wasn’t thinking about Hal watching my reaction closely at the time, but I’ll bet he was.

Though it was a clear, sun burning day, at that moment everything seemed murky. It was as if a thunderstorm had sunk over the panorama and the sky outside had become electric and windy. Of course it hadn’t and the feeling quickly passed.

Soon, he offered to take me over to their house saying that he could spank me if I wanted him to. Another loop! Someone else would have bolted! Looking back, I can see what was happening but at age 21, I was just in doubt.

He offered to buy me some food. I got a refill for my ice tea and he ordered some fries. We talked a bit longer. Hal’s image was rising as his confidence stayed stable... He was still a 60 year old man but more and more like a friendly vicar, someone you could really trust.

He talked about how he and Jim lived together as friends. All and all, Hal was pretty calm, cool, and collected. On the face of it, he seemed like an honest regular 60 y.o. man; yet at a certain distance. There was a subtle mystery about him. For me at 21, he seemed trustable.

By the end of the conversation, I did trust him. After I got back from using the restroom, I told him that I’d go with him if I could get a ride home by that night. He agreed and we left the Wendy’s in his old Buick 4-door.

The drive to his home was about 20 minutes due south, close to the mountains surrounding Phoenix. Hal asked me again if I wanted him to spank me since Jim was gone for the day. He said that he’d call him from the house so that he and I could talk to my FBI friend, but he also mentioned that he’d have to call his beeper and wait for him to call back.

Somehow, these ideas made me feel more comfortable with the situation. Hal was about the same age as my real father. He was attentive but not over barring. Looking back, Hal was a bit fidgety but at the time but so was I; nervous at the real prospect of getting whooped. He patted the steering wheel of the car incestly. Otherwise, he seemed normal.

He asked me how long I had lived in Phoenix. I talked to him about my search for work after moving there from Detroit a few months ago. Then, he shifted the conversation.

Hal asked me what my fantasies had been. I went into a diatribe of having thoughts about it since I was a little kid. He asked me about my sexual experiences. I told him that I had just had sex for the first time about a year earlier. I also talked about how I really did not want to just have sex during a spanking. That my fantasies were of a spanking but that I was looking for a real spanking. He said he understood.

Hal now became frank. He talked about how a real spanking hurts and that I should be clear on this before we start. If I was certain, he’d spank me hard enough for tears. But he would not stop until he felt I had reached a limit.

I started getting a hard on, my breathing intensified, and soon we were pulling up a long driveway to a house away from the road. A number of pine trees along the drive path obscured a thin wire fence with occasional small flashing lights. I asked Hal what that was. He explained that is was part of their home security system. I didn’t think any more more about it.

Once we reach the end of the driveway at the house, there was a large tree off some sandy soil. The tree had an old tire hanging from it like a swing. Behind that was an old wooden shed – something like a tool shed.

Hal shut the car off. He patted my thigh and said, I’ll beep Jim now. It will probably be awhile before he calls back. We can go inside. I’ll show you around.

His voice was deep and kindly. Here was an old fashioned man, balding, with a reliable look about him. We had talked the usual kind of stuff for OTK spanking and more. He asked me if I wanted to role play where I would be his nephew or something once he got a call back from Jim. I agreed.

Hal showed me the living room, kitchen, and up three short stairs to some closed doors I’m told were bedrooms. The house was a normal ranch style lift. It looked normal enough. They had a warm house.

We sat back downstairs in the living room. Hal offered me something to drink. We had some casual conversation for awhile. Hal then started describing a scenario he thought we might do, after we hear back from Jim.

He said, You can be my 14 year old nephew. I just picked up early from school. You had been caught smoking and were waiting for me at the Principle’s office. He eyed my expressions closely at first. Now he relaxed his stare.

Let’s say you had been giving a choice of getting paddled at school or having me called to pick you up. You chose the latter. What do you think of that? Hal calmly spoke.

With some hesitation I said, I guess that’s fine. The truth was that my pecker was stiffing again. I was getting embarrassed and exited worrying that Hal could see it.

He made a comment after shying his eyes away, Boy I wish Jim would call! Hal later looked directly in my eyes. The mood became ominous. Jim would take a belt to you, you know. Then, he’d want to fuck you. You might be better off that he is not here now.

I laughed nervously. I began to fidget. The idea of another man fucking me in the ass scared me. I felt uncertain. I wondered how long it would be before Jim calls back. There had been some good conversations in letters with Jim. My mind calmed down. About a half hour later, the telephone rang. Hal answered it. The principle paddling threat was never mentioned again.

He talked to someone saying uh-huh and other inarticulate things. Then he clearly said, Bud is here. I picked him up at two like you said.

I heard a few Okays. Hal said to the person on the telephone once mentioning, Do you want to talk to him? After a few more Uh-huns, Hal hung up the phone and came back into the living room.

He sat down and explained. Jim is going to be busy on assignment. He did not have time to talk to you right now. He wants me to see if you are available Friday night.

Though I was wondering what is going on, I am also thinking about the spanking I might get from Hal – with excited trepidation. My boner was up and down. This man appears to be a natural; like a real relative.

Friday night? I think so.

I told him that I understood and that it was too bad that he did not have time to talk to me, but I also understood. I told him that anyway. Friday night would never happen.

In reality, Hal was intriguing to me. The thought of getting a real spanking barraged me relentlessly. It was time that I changed that. A real spanking might from this 60 year old man. How bad could it be?

Hal said, I can take you home now or we can act out the nephew thing I described to you. It is up to you.

I blurted out. What would you use?

Hal wide eyed me amiably. After a brief pause Hal said forthright, My hand and a hair brush

We both paused stuck in the moment. Up and down flits to each other’s faces. I must have been red as a beet.

I said, Well... Let’s try it. What should I do next?

Hal stood up with a riveted smile on his face. He said, Make no mistake. This will hurt – a lot. This spanking will be real... and bare bottom all the way. I’ll take your pants down up the lift in a bedroom. There was a brief pause. Agreed? Hal asked calmly.

His silver band wrist-watch caught a gleam of sunlight off the window. It snagged the corners of my eye. His hairy forearms seemed buff at that moment. Jeered out of a surreal scene to a moment of utter consciousness, I couldn’t speak. I just nodded.

Hal reach down and took a hold of my shoulder. He said in a veer of character like a disappointed fraternal figure, Caught smoking again? Hal said louder now, like an angry parent might, What did I tell you would happen???

I fell into a child like character pleading, Oh please Sir! I won’t do it again!

It was out of nowhere. His tone was different but in control. Hal’s body showed signs of tensing as his forearm tightened with certainty. He appears to pace on the immediate floor as if confronting a precarious situation. His manner is not assured in retrospect as it was understood that I am a larger boy. But other signs were completely consistent.

Hal sweat some but not blatantly. He signaled a natural and steady strength of disposition. He wasn’t fooling around. It seemed real.

Hal’s groin filled out. But as I noticed this, I felt him grip my shoulder harder and he pulled me up. I helped some too by standing. He led me up the three stairs down the short way into the second bedroom.

It was dank with a small bed, desk, and armless chair to the side. There wasn’t much time to think. A whirlwind of fearful emotion inside me were on the surface. My reactions were becoming genuine. Hal unzipped my pants assiduously. I was trembling. I am not sure how but my belt buckle and jeans button were unhitched and my pants quickly fell, leaving me with just my underwear on. A surge hit my gut. This was real.

In the same motion, Hal turned the armless chair out and around, sat down guiding me squarely across his shown lap. Hal began a furious spanking much harder than expected.

After about 5 solid whacks, he locked my lower thighs in a scissor grip with his leg, lowered my briefs, and pounded me even harder and faster. As I tried to buck from his grip, his hold got more robust. He was a very strong 60 years old. My underwear was drawn down quickly.

Whap! Whap! Whoop!) Whop!)) Whop!))) ...

He must have whacked me a couple of dozen times. Age 35 or 60, this really hurt! Not many things were actually said. I remember begging some and Hal telling me to calm down, calling me son. But somehow he got a hold of a thick wooden hair brush.

Crack!!!) Crack!!!)) Crack!!!)))...

I hollered but it continued. I ultimately just let go and just started to take it. I hyperventilated and dug my toes into my shoes. The snot ran down my face with a profuse sweat coming down from my forehead. My hollers had turned to moans – calls for mercy continued. But I was defeated.

The pain stabilized. I was getting spanked. It was far worse than I ever imagined.

Towards the end, my moans turned to tears. I could feel Hal’s groin blossom as the hairbrush spanking got harder. The spanking reached an intense hurl. Then, he stopped.

Hal laid the brush on my back. It covered all the way across. Hal rubbed the back of my thighs. He talked calmly in a soothing manner. My moment of tears slowed and stopped.

Hal said, Now you know what it is like.

I just said, Yes Sir

He held me there for several minutes. I notice that his groaned to subside, as he rubbed my back side calmly. He led me up and told me to pull up my jeans.

I wondered what a whooping from the FBI man was like.

He showed me to the bathroom. He left me there to rinse my face off. Then I joined him back in the living room. After some time and a subliminal bonding to this tough but solid 60 y.o. man, the questions simply poured out of me.

I had not noticed any plaques, badges, holsters, trophies, or a thing tat might indicate an association with law enforcement. Maybe there wouldn’t be anything visible.

How long have you been doing this?

Hal smiled with a minor chuckle. A long time, Bud. After the war anyway. I think Jim was born around that time. Oh, by the way, he is my... my nephew.

Hal continued, Many soldiers went through a hard time adjusting after the war. Myself included. I was in a bike club in California back in ’47. They were spring up all across the state. We did a lot of drinking in those days. He added, But the stories were exaggerated by the press at the time

Hal went on and told some stories. He had been around 25 years old when he met a young man that he felt was getting too involved with a gang. He talked about getting drunk and spanking the young man to tears, how that turned him on, and so forth.

His mood changed once more. He became reflective.

Bud? He sat looking at me with a long pause in his conversation.

Hal said, It is time that I take you home. That ended Bud’s first real spanking. ***

I thought about this event all week. I had cancelled the following Friday night as I was still pretty sore on Thursday. An appointment to reschedule was left by leaving a message on their answering machine.

On that Friday, I got a message at the boarding house to call Hal over the weekend. I did call. Hal was friendly enough but told me that Jim and he were disappointed that I couldn’t make it.

He sounded different though. Not as assured or confident as he had been. I wasn’t sure what to make of it. I also got close to a job offer during the week. Times were tough in 1982 and finding a steady job felt elusive. I even took a short term job selling tickets for a company that handled Police Charity events. I wasn’t a great salesman.

It got me to wonder if the stories were true that Hal had told me of. Maybe there was no Jim. Maybe the whole thing was a lie. That spanking sure was real though.

What should I do? I thought. I admitted that I may not have answered his personal ad at first if I had known that he was a 60 year old guy instead of a 35 year old man.

But after the honest approach I got during the spanking preoccupied my thoughts all the time. I liked him. I did not know much else but I felt a strange connection to him. I decided to keep my thoughts to myself and go with him a second time for another spanking.

We were to meet at the Wendy’s at 2 PM like before. I arrived about 10 minutes early with more unease than before. Who is this man if he is not Jim’s roommate? Is the man Jim that I had been writing to even a real person? Who did Hal talk to when I was there that day?

I walked into the Wendy’s and there was Hal already there. He smiled broadly at me. I moved his direction with wariness. Hal said hello. I walked over to the table.

We did not stay long. Hal say he has some things he wanted to discuss on the drive back to his place. We left right away.

He started talking as we drove out of the parking lot. I enjoyed meeting you the other day. Hal said. I need to be completely honest now.

He went on, There is no Jim, or you might say that I am Jim too

I said nothing but I listened attentively.

Did you hear me? Hal questioned in a calm but kindly manner. I have been corresponding with you as Jim the whole time. Now, a longer awkward pause inaugurated.

I remained silent, thinking to myself how I kind of figured that something was off with this whole thing, but I liked this man. The spanking he gave me then was sincere and very intense. I felt bonded to with in a way that I had not felt with anyone before.

Hal broke the long, uncomfortable pause. Should I take you home?

A bit quickly I said, No Sir

Hal smiled and continued, I am a retired man from law enforcement. In the late 50s, I was in the FBI, so that part was never a lie. I got into law work after my biker club days a decade earlier.

Have you always been into spanking? I asked.

Yes son, always.

I had been spanked by the FBI. Ha-ha! We both relaxed some as we drove. But Hal turned back towards Phoenix midway there and headed back to the boarding house. He said something about helping me find a job as he let me off, but I never heard from him again. I have always wondered.


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