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Syd Meets Billy
Part 3

by Bud Johnson

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Syd Meets Billy Part 3

It was abut two years later when Billy came down to Syd’s for a visit. Syd would see another guy once in a while to spank, but it was much more infrequent. Syd was in his late 60s now, busy with his work at the lodge, and he had grown tired of the overblown communications with different guys that never panned out.

The few he did meet got it as hard as Billy had but most wanted sex beyond just kissing and cuddling – they expected to get fucked. The night that Billy arrived was a transformative event for both of the men.

Billy had lost his job a few months ago. His health was getting worse but other than some minor balance problems at times, one could hardly notice. Billy swam at the YMCA’s on a regular basis. He was just 42.

As Billy entered Syd’s apartment, Syd noticed Billy’s look of boyish charm. That is a turn on. While Syd suffered from ED, he would still feel aroused at the look of a younger man – when he struck him in that way as Billy did this night. But now he thought of tanning the man’s hide, not fucking him like he used to.

He invited Billy to sit on the couch next to him. This way, they could both see the TV. Billy had brought in some gifts for Syd with his luggage. A box set of B-movie westerns, a CD, and a Laramie book. Syd loves those. The two men have been chatting on the internet almost daily since their meeting in 2000.

Syd opened his gifts. He was fervent and pleased. After, he said to Billy, Let’s talk and then we can watch a movie

Billy agreed. The conversation started as general chit-chat. Shortly, Syd asked Billy to walk with him around the apartment to see the changes he made there. Billy followed Syd into the den, bedroom, kitchen, and finally the guest room.

This is the room you’ll be spanked in most of the time, said Syd frankly to Billy. If I send you to your room, this is the place I mean. You will still sleep with together at night but this will be the discipline room

In the room, Billy noticed how Dale’s old stuff was placed in it along with various pictures of significance to Syd. He also noticed two long straps crossed over hanging on the wall. Syd pointed to a short chest of drawers and said, I keep my paddles in the drawers

Syd’s tone was almost maniacal, a bit deeper, and his mood was decisively more serious at the moment. Billy knew he’d be getting it shortly. Syd put his arm around the lanky man and walked them back out into the living room. They talked some more.

So tell me again what happened at work? Syd’s tone was back to normal.

Billy told the story about the lay offs in the auto industry that started around 2000. He explained for a while, talking about how many coworkers also were laid off between 2000 and 2002. Automation took a hold in the auto industry which meant there were fewer jobs for hire. In turn, there were cuts in the work force for to the suppliers. This is what affected Billy’s job.

Billy didn’t tell everything like how he and one coworker used to bicker a lot. It had commenced at times to be noticeable beyond their cubical section. Once, each got called into the boss’s office to discuss the situation separately. Billy realized then that his position was not as important as his coworkers to the company. It did not sit well with him but it was a reality.

Syd eyed Billy the whole time he was talking. He knew Billy was holding back. He did not maintain good eye contact with Syd; a sure give-a-way. Syd let it go and they watched an old western with Robert Mitchum. Syd liked him when he was younger. Billy resembled him in a way.

The movie ended and Syd announced, You’re going to get a spanking. He said clear and forthright to the younger Billy. Go to your room and wait for me there. I’ll be there in a few minutes

Billy looked befuddled but he didn’t object. He knew something was coming that night. He looked at Syd, turned, and walked into the guest room. Damn he thought to himself. Here it goes. Once he passed through the archway to the guest room he heard Syd directly, And shut the door

He closed the door and sat on the single bed waiting. That minute turned into 20 as Billy heard clanks from the kitchen. Syd paced around the apartment as if he was preoccupied and in a rush. Billy started getting anxious listening to the sounds. There was a rush of footsteps outside the guest room door. No knock then the door popped open.

Everything is racing as the frozen mental state broke wide open. Syd made a few commands in an authoritarian manner. The last thing he said, while staring at the 42 y.o. boy’s face was simply, Stand up Billy

Billy stood up off the bed. Syd grabbed his pants by his waist, unbuckled and unzipped, and yanked down his jeans, flopped him over his lap as he sat squarely on the bed.

Smack! Whack! Smack! Smack! Smack!)))

The bare bottom spanking had begun. It was harder than he remembered too. Syd kept a steady fast pace. Billy started to moan. This got Syd to stop and produce the paddle from the drawer. He also put Billy in a scissor grip with his legs.

Crack!!! Crack!!! Whack! Whop! Crack!!!)))

Billy tried to restrain his yelling but it was unavoidable. He figured people could hear it on the top floor.

The paddling went on for awhile. Billy’s emotional condition was shaky, not to talk about his tendered burned butt. Syd confronted Billy on whether or not he had told him the whole story on work. At first, Billy blubbers saying that he had but shortly, he backtracked admitting the full story as the paddling intensified. Syd had started to really lay it on hard. Each rapid crack was never recovered from before he felt another one searing his backsides flesh.

The paddling finally ended with Billy’s begging for mercy the umpteenth time. Syd burned him good. He sent him to the main bedroom and followed closely behind. Like he had in 2000, Syd got on top of Billy, kissing and caressing him. Billy got rock hard.

He sucked Syd for a long time. Syd extolled with enjoyment but did not ejaculate. He asked Billy to stop. He had to go pee. As he went into the bathroom he said, I’m going to brush me teeth son

Son threw Billy into a tale-spin. Billy had thought he could make the 60+ man cum. He knew why he couldn’t but he still felt like he could have done more. While waiting for Syd to get back, he ponders an idea of what it would be like to stay with this man 24/7. He realizes that he couldn’t take a whooping like that one everyday. Will he be able to finish out this week?

Syd came back. His mood was bright – happy as a lark. In his mind, he enjoyed the touch of the dark side, more so in knowing the boy would be staying with him all week. It is one thing to chat on the computer everyday or two but to actually have a boy with him (albeit a 42 year old one)...Well, this is something else He thinks they will be alright for the week. He has made some plans, vacation type plans. He likes Billy.

There he lies. A well spanked boy. Syd got under the sheet with him and soon resumed his place on top of him, caressing, kissing, and sucking all over once again. Billy got rock hard again but this time, Syd gave a warning.

He told the boy not to cum until he said he could. Right after he said it, Billy started to whine and grumble. Do you need another spanking??? I could take you back and grab a strap off the wall!

Syd said this pinning his arms harder to the mattress. No Sir! I’m sorry Sir! Please, no more spanking? A pause, then a louder pleading, Please?

It caused him to chuckle. Maybe he is not familiar with cum control. He explained the idea to him. It was an idea drawn from other forms of sexual play as a type of discipline; to learn patience by resisting your urges. He acknowledged that it is not easy. Billy said he understood and would respect his demands.

You bet you will. Syd resumed kissing him while on top of him, caressing him, also playing with his man meat. Billy stayed rock hard. He moaned more than before. He asked Syd to stop, and then begged him to stop several more times. He let up saying, That’s as good boy

Syd dismounted and rolled to his side.

Billy said, I’m sorry I couldn’t make you cum.

Syd tuned over to face Billy. Enough! I should spank you good for that!

He reached around him, hoisted him close to his side, and whacked him three times on his upper thigh.


The two then went to sleep.

<End P3>

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