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Syd Meets Billy
Part 4

by Bud Johnson

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Syd Meets Billy Part 4

The next few days were fun. No real spankings though an occasional clothed swat to the bum happened now and then; one time in public.

Billy never went swimming. Syd did notice that Billy was not using the pool while he stayed at his complex. At the time, he understood that Billy thought that it kept him moving. But he is a grown man so Syd thought no more about it.

However, Billy was antsy the last few days. He wasn’t sure why. That evening, Syd had to attend a lodge meeting. He kept the minutes and edited their web site. He couldn’t miss. He left right after supper, dreading it in a way tonight. Billy was to stay at the apartment.

Towards 10 o’clock, Billy decides to walk up to the corner store for some cigarettes. Syd didn’t like him smoking and Billy always smoked outside of the apartment. About 5 after 10 pm, Syd arrived back from the lodge meeting. Where was Billy? No note or nothing.

Billy was at the store buying smokes when he saw Syd’s car drive by. He knew. He knew he’d get a good spanking when he got home to the apartment. But he made it worse as far as this spanking is concerned by smoking two cigarettes along the way. He figured that but...

The other side was that he has really enjoyed Syd’s company. They have a lot in common except politics. Billy doesn’t meet many people who like his politics. But politics isn’t everything in life. Syd makes him feel cared for. Yes cared for in a strange way. He keeps him accountable for his actions.

Losing his job really wasn’t his fault. At 42, when a man loses his job,he loses his sense of purpose. Syd seems to care about him anyway. He thinks so right now anyway. During the several spankings and paddlings of this last week helped Billy realign himself internally; just from Syd’s attention – harsh as it could be sometimes.

This is there second to last day together. Billy wants more. But how can he bring it up seriously? Does Syd even want that with him?

Billy nears the apartment expecting to be chewed out and sent to the guest room. To his surprise, Syd was outside the front door as he walked up. Still in his Shriner-like Uniform with a wall strap doubled in his hand, Syd wasted no time. He took Billy by the ear in one hand, thwacked him good with the strap with the other hand, and yelled for him to march into his room

Boy did Syd give him a naked shellacking that night! He whipped his behind, upper thighs up to his lower back. Out-of-character for him, Syd talked loudly with reprimands throughout this severe whipping. Syd sweat as much if not more than Billy. Snot running sideways and across his face from his nose with concentrated breathing was where Billy’s attention lays.

Things like, You never leave the house without leaving me a note or do as you’re told and a few cuss words like, you arrogant bastard! Syd is not like that. Billy really pissed him off.

Billy didn’t cry during the beating but he sure did right after it. He stayed right there in the guest room. It must have been 5 o’clock before Syd took him into his room – but there were no sexual activities on that night.

The next morning, the first thing Syd said to Billy was, Don’t ever frighten me again like that – ever. That was before they had breakfast at the diner. There, Billy started talking about his feelings for Syd. Syd just listened.

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