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Jacob's Story (1820)

by Bud Johnson

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Introduction to Jacob’s Story

Over the years the majority of men that I have enjoyed spanking with, or getting spanked by, have been men in their late 30’s to early 60’s – basically middle aged. It is plausible that we are reaching for those qualities within ourselves that are primal in nature. This idea is in keeping with the basic premise of the men’s group books from the early 1990’s I have read. To me, heavy spanking is a sane way to express these feeling and bonding in a way that is hard otherwise to articulate.

I have met men over the years with a range of interest in spanking. Almost all have found that their sexuality is enhanced – whether it is for the moment or later on from the spanking experience. This is not to say that spanking is for every middle-aged man. It is not even for most of them. What I am trying to establish here is a notion that our unexpressed primal instincts find a way to express themselves.

I think.

This idea frightens many people. It is at odds as in not normal to the way of thinking intellectually in most cultures. So I’ll make a conjecture that there are many more men that think about spanking related encounters than who actually get up the nerve to seek it out.

I have spent a lot of time thinking about this idea in particular over the many years (close to 40 years now). Spanking groups have been around since the days of Marquis de Sade, if not earlier. Their popularity grew in the late 19th century slowly. It was a taboo topic in the Victorian age with regards to consensual sex play

It is not only for eroticism that we do many spankers and spankies seek it out. But this usually figures into the equation.

Also, middle aged men in the 19th century were thought of as old men after about age 50 – even 40! There is a famous case in Germany where an upper twenties y.o. teacher, Andreas Dippold, who lived in a secluded area teaching two aristocratic boys from an upper class background. It became apparent in 1903 that he beat these two kids so severely as the 14 year old boy turned up dead. A case for the prosecution of the teacher ended up in the German courts and newspapers of the time. This teacher was said to be too zealous more so than what I like to write about. Bondage is not my thing nor is being held against your will.

In general, raising teenagers in those old days was a harsher reality. Spankings, beatings, and rough treatment; especially to the boys was rarely questioned. These teenagers were not equal to adults in rights or in manner. It was the norm in earlier centuries. Life was harder.

We already had many anti-spanking groups in America and Europe by the early 18th century. Spanking as consensual was very taboo. It was rarely talked or written about. It is very difficult to find real consensual adult stories from before the early 20th century, that are real experiences and verifiable. But I’ll bet they happened between men, as well as women, mostly in heterosexual world of the time, in the 18th and early 19th century still. Same sex side bars would not have been seen as normal nor would people have really thought much about it in societies of those times. Especially if it was work related and a bit of an age difference between the two. Apprentices were beaten often as were slaves and indentured servants.

There was spanking literature mostly in France in the late 19th century. It slowly gained popularity until WW2. These were mostly men to women and a few stories that were vise-versa.

The following story is based around the early 1800’s.


Jacob’s Story

Jacob was a man living near a small town on a plains territory of the United States around 1820. He was a widower where his whole family died in a severe flu like epidemic a decade or so earlier. Like many men of his time, the loss of his family was so devastating to him. He bought about 25 Acers of land and lived there alone for the rest of his life.

He farmed and performed odd jobs as they became available to survive. He’d go to the local church now and then as did almost everybody did. But he really did not go out of his way to socialize. Jacob was very depressed but still functional. He was married once but chose to not date or remarry after his immediate family died from a plague.

Jacob is a robust man and highly sought after the first few years of his selected isolation. In town, there were rumors that bounced around but he never did anything criminal or that might arouse a legitimate suspicion. His cabin was off the road by at least a mile. Some kids in the area would travel on the road by his farm but very few people stopped there – except one 17 year old named Jeffery.

All that anybody knew was that Jeffery met Jacob seeking shelter from very bad storm a few months back in 1820. After that storm, Jeffery would stop over to see Jacob once every couple of weeks. Neither ever said anything about it to anyone in town or did Jeff to his mother.

It was not until their second or third meeting before the subject of a whooping ever came up. It did come up when Jeff asked about his oldest son who would have been around Jeffery’s age. Jeff was helping Jacob do some clean up on his farm where the storm have left quite a bit of debris. Jeff also did some work helping Jacob milk his cows. Jeff mentioned how his mother almost switched him after he skipped milking their own cow one morning. He missed a day.

Jacob, or Mr. Colby, said to Jeff, Ýou’re lucky you aren’t my boy. I’d have tanned you good! My 10 year old got it good once for just that. Cows need to be milked daily.

This was last year Sir when I was 16. Jeff said politely to Mr. Colby.

It hurts those cows when they aren’t milked everyday. 16 or 26, you’d have got a whoopin’ so you’d know how bad it feels. Mr. Colby spoke brusquely. Jeff felt a shudder. His own father had died when he was very young. He had often wondered what it would have been like living with a strict father. Some of his friend had strict fathers.

I didn’t mean to. Jeff said ruefully.

We do a lot of things in life that we don’t mean to, son.

Yes Sir

They went on with their mutual work. They kept an eye out on each other the rest of the day. Jeff did not think it was a good idea to get Mr. Colby angry with him. He dropped the topic.

Later, just before Jeff took off for home when they were both resting, Jacob told Jeff about the whipping he gave his own boy for forgetfulness. How he sent him to bed after without supper. This aroused Jeff, though he did not say anything. Jacob had actually noticed the boys groan become enhanced, but he did not say anything then about it. He thought he had seen it before when they talked about it earlier that day Jacob kept his thoughts to himself.

It was a few weeks later that Jeff almost fell off a latter because he wasn’t paying attention to what he was doing. Mr. Colby yelled out and got the boys attention. It prevented the fall. Jeff was able to correct his footing.

Later Jacob teased Jeff saying that if he had been his own real son he’d have whooped him for being so careless. But that he was glad that Jeff had not fallen.

Jeff surprised Jacob when he said, Maybe that’s what I need. It stopped Jacob in his tracks.

A whoopin’ is not something to fool around about. You shouldn’t think that way, son. It is one thing when your mother spanks you but a whipping from a man really hurts. He also noticed that Jeff’s groin was blooming like before.

This time he said, I hope that you have a girl friend

Jeffery said, No, I don’t right now

You like girls don’t ya. Jacob grinned.

Jeff giggled like a school boy would. Jacob laughed also. Jeff left that day but he really did start thinking about Mr. Colby more often. He had a strange dream soon after this encounter. Mr. Colby was kind of floating next to him in a tree. All of the sudden, they were in his house and he heard him say, You’re gonna get whopped

Jeff woke up with a start. He found that his penis was fully erect. It frightened him. But like most 17 year olds, he started to jack himself off. As he did, occasionally, he’d get a flash of Mr. Colby whooping him in-between his thoughts of a girl that he liked at the time.

It was the next time when he and Jacob had an issue.

Jacob secretly thought about teenage boys from time to time. He was usually wrestling them, spanking them, or generally rough housing with them. It aroused him but he never talked about it of course.

Jeff was milking cows for Mr. Colby. He had not paid close attention to how the calf was position when he milked her. The calf swung her tail right through the bucket of milk. Jeff did not notice it at the time.

Mr. Colby did right when they were storing the milk from the day. He looked in the one bucket and said, How did that happen


That mud in the one bucket. It I had put it in and not noticed the whole day’s milk would have been wrecked. Mr. Colby put his finger in the pale. He could smell the cow shit.

What were you doing, boy? Mr. Colby said with an irritated manner. She must have swung her tail. You know how to place a calf for milking!

I’m sorry Sir. Jeff said sincerely.

You ought to be whipped! Mr. Colby said bluntly. There was a short pause.

Yes Sir Jeff said with an indifferent trace.

Yep. I think you need it. He eyed Jeff directly. The boy seemed frozen.

After the unsettled moment Jacob directed Jeff to the house, grabbing a strap off the stable wall. He walked close next to Jeff. He did not protest.

Once in the house Mr. Colby said, I only spank boys bare. Get your trousers down

Unexpectly, Jeff just dropped his trousers with out a protest. He was semi flaccid but there was no real way that Jacob could have known that.

Grab the back of that chair boy. This is gonna hurt. Again, the boy did as he was told without a protest.

Jacob decided that 10 whacks would be enough. He gave the boy 10 solid cracks with the thick strap. The boy hollered after the first three, cried by the eighth, and Mr. Colby had a full erection by the last stroke, but he hid it from Jeff.

Jeff stood holding that chair still crying. Mr. Colby put his arm on his shoulder and consoled him.

There son, we’re through. Jeff felt the welts on his butt as he pulled his trousers back up. He pulled them up quickly as he too was becoming erect. Nothing else was said. Jeff went home.

Mr. Colby started sending Jeff home with produce from his farm for his family. Jeff started his bi weekly stops from that point on. Mr. Colby would find reasons to give Jeff a licking at just about every visit. It was never questioned or talked about.

Neither ever mentioned how they sometimes jacked themselves off after the visits. It was too taboo.


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