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The Rawlins Strap
Part 3

by Bud Johnson

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The Rawlings Strap Part 3


The mid 1990s

Ted Rawlings is quite a character. From the early 1970s through today, he has always had a passion for the old style practices on dealing with responsibilities. He was a police officer by trade, keeping a watchful eye on human behavior. This infringed on his sex life too, but he tries to keep moral.

We face it folks, Ted is very sexual but not overtly predatory about it either. He is strong, firm, but compassionate and caring. He’s made mistakes too.

Ted’s liking of traditional CP grew strong and stronger in the mid 1980s after his association with Adam. The first encounter with Bobby back in 1974 with his undeniable erection, he maintained his cool attitude and professionalism with raising his own kids. But his extra curricular activities notions were awakened, but separate.

Back in the earlier years, cops abusing power was a thing he never would allow himself to do, professionally or personally. But his sex drive began to take on different characteristics after that day in the Y locker room and his exchange with Adam. He could no longer deny his homoerotic feelings or how those feelings seem to follow him everywhere. With his divorce being finalized, Ted had moved on.

He and Adam met from time to time. But the spankings became central to Ted’s sexual expression. That was not so with Adam. He got darker, drawing in with the harder Leather crowd in sexual experimentation. The two men drifted apart.

Almost 20 years to the day, Ted ran into Bobby again. Ironically, this was also at the YMCA. He did not recognize him at first. Bobby had grow facial hair and lost a bunch of weight. He was no longer the fat, hippy kid that he had whipped that day in 1974.

Ted was in his 60s now with grey hair but still working part time and physically fit. It dawned on him that there was a guy (maybe Bobby) struggling with a weight machine. Ted was riding a stationary bike at the time. He noticed that Bobby was looking around at the various people around the gym. There were mostly men that day. He couldn’t remember his name, but he was thinking that he knew him.

After Ted finished his routine on the bike, he walked over to some weight machines, keeping his eyes on Bobby. Bobby seemed to be curious at Ted, looking at him from time to time with darting eyes.

Bobby worked himself over to a machine next to Ted and asked, Are you Mr. Rawlings

Startled some, Ted said, Well, yes I am. I recognize you but I can’t remember your name

You probably don’t remember me but I was at your house one Saturday in 1974. I was much fatter. Bobby said with some embarrassment.

Oh I remember now. Bobby isn’t it? You left with a pretty sore bottom if I am right. Ted said with a tinge of nostalgia. The whole transformation started for Ted of that day. He was curious how the kid had turned out.

Bobby said looking downward, Yes Sir. You got my attention alright! I must have seemed like a real wimp

Ted chuckled. He looked at the young man and said, No. You were getting punished for something. Didn’t you go to the same church that I used to go to?

Yes our family did with your family. I stopped going a couple of years ago. Do you still go there? Bobby said warming up to the man.

I got divorced a few years back. I think my ex wife still goes there with some of our kids now and then

Adam walked into the gym. Bobby noticed him, turned, and greeted the slightly younger man. Adam had become really buff from Ted’s perspective. Bobby knew Adam. After acknowledging both Bobby and Ted, Adam shied away. He moved over to a different weight machine section.

Ted’s affect lightened after that. He asked Bobby, So how do you know Adam

Bobby face became flush at the time, but he also realizes that Mr. Rawlings might also be gay. But he is a beat cop too. He didn’t have the whole picture yet. Ted and Bobby chatted a bit. It was a pleasant conversation. The Mr. Rawlings aspect of Ted’s personality wants to know more. He invites Bobby for coffee after they are done at the gym. Bobby had to beg off that day, but the two exchanged phone numbers.

A day or two later, Ted called Bobby. It was both from curiosity with a touch of excitement in the mystery of not knowing. His paternal instincts want to know just how Bobby had come to be as an adult. But, this is only just part of the reason. His motives were not completely pure there in the back of his mind.

Bobby agreed to meet for coffee. At the coffee shop they got caught up on their lives. Ted even said that he thinks Bobby has turned out alright. He didn’t like hippies much back in those days, but social norms have changed dramatically by the mid 1990s.

So had attitudes on sexual orientation for the most part. Bobby was blatant. Well Mr. Rawlings, I should tell you that I am gay. There was a brief awkward pause. And I like older men; fit older men like yourself

Mr. Rawling’s got a slow moving wide grin. He said, I play both sides

Bobby knows about Adam being into Leather. He said to Mr. Rawlings, Are you into Leather like Adam

Ted sat back in his chair. He relaxed and began to tell him the whole story. It kind of starts with you on that day in 1974. I hid it from you, but after I whipped you that day, I got a very strong hard on

Really? Bobby spoke with curiosity.

Yes, I started to explore some. Never with kids though. Raising kids is a serious duty. I met Adam too at the Y a few years ago. We got into a spanking relationship. Heavy. But Adam got into what he called the Leather scene. I tried some things but it’s not me.

Bobby just listened.

But I do like to spank – really spank. That is a turn on. Ted said with appropriate animation.

Now Bobby sat back. I tricked with Adam a few times. I don’t like bondage. He is really into it.

Mr. Rawlings now said, Really? He was truly amazed.

Bobby is turned on by the older Mr. Rawlings. He didn’t like getting spanked like he did in 1974, but he finds him to be a man’s man, what ever that means.

Ted said, I had always wondered how you would turn out. I like your parents. I feel like that whipping might have really done you some good. It wasn’t easy to do, you know. Getting the hard on really surprised me

Bobby said, Well, I never bought booze for any other kids again if that means anything to you. My grades got a little better too, but I love my Rock and Roll! The two men laughed.

Ted went on talking about the few guys he has met and spanked. It was all he really would talk about. According to him, it is what really turns him on. He doesn’t go to the bars much. Regular sex bores him.

Bobby just asked, So if you would have sex with me, you’d have to spank me?

Spank and whip you son, like you were still 14. Mr. Rawlings sounds as firm as he did then. His stare was intense.

He said, I think most men could use a good spanking now and then. I’m just being honest. The few guys I have met that get into it usually want to come back. I still see a few regulars

Yeah, I have heard about you guys. I don’t think that is for me... but I haven’t tried it. It hurts!

Mr. Rawlings said, Yep, it hurts alright. And you know first hand!

Bobby sat across from the man for quite awhile. His feelings then were mixed. Bobby is a bear type lover. Some of his bear friends also get into spanking. But they are all different. But he loves fit men in their 60s. The feelings are tugging on him.

Not sure exactly what to expect Bobby said, Well I want to have sex with you. You turn me on. If you have to spank me, so be it.

You may or may not cry like you did then, but it hurts. Do you want to come over?

Unknown to Bobby, Ted was rock hard under the table. He hadn’t whooped a young man in a few months. Bobby really doesn’t look like the raggedy kid he was at 14. Actually, he was a nice looking guy in his 30s. He was a turn on to Ted.

Bobby agrees and they head to Mr. Rawling’s house. Once the two get there, the routine was familiar though it wasn’t the same house. Mr. Rawlings sent him to a bedroom in much the same way that he did when he was 14.

Bobby sat on the bed waiting for him like he had back then. His excitement was thinking about the type of sex they will get into after the spanking. It wasn’t until the door popped open and the masculine 60 something man appeared holding a double fold Garrison Belt when Bobby felt the rush down to his toes.

He was about to get it. Reality was sinking in very fast. Flashback memories came and went. He’d done this before in reality. He knows how it is going to hurt.

Mr. Rawlings gave him the orders. Bobby followed them to a tee. Quickly, he was positioned over the back of a chair. The first stroke bit and the pain shot up his bottom to his brain. Then a steady rapid barrage of strokes causing Bobby to wriggle and moan. He looked back a few times. He could see how serious and excited he was. Mr. Rawlings also had a hard on large and visible as he continued the whipping.

Bobby didn’t cry. Howl he did but not cry. This time, after Mr. Rawlings was through, he held Bobby up and guided his hand inside of his pants. Bobby would hold his rock hard penis, and did.

It wasn’t long before they were embracing naked. Mr. Rawlings was not too much into kissing but he loved to fuck and did.

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