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Aaron's Game
Chapter 1: Happy Birthday!

by Redspkscott

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Aaron’s Game – Chapter One: Happy Birthday!

It all started with light. Bright white light extending in all directions. And I was just ...there. But I didn’t know what there was. And I didn’t know what I was.

Then a man appeared, naked, standing in the whiteness. He was tall, heavily muscled but smooth, with thick black hair and bright blue eyes. He had a smile that seemed a little mean and was just a bit unshaven. All of those thoughts were new to me. All those descriptive words.

Then another thought: This man is me. That’s who I am. Standing there in the light. I didn’t realize yet it was strange to be looking at me and not to be inside of my own head.

Can you see him? I could hear a deep male voice in the light, all around it. I think the voice was the light and the light was the voice.

Yes, I said, I could see my own mouth move and speak. My voice was rich, masculine, but not quite as deep as the voice of the light.

Do you understand that is you?


What is your name?

Aaron. The thought came into my head from nowhere. Why was I called Aaron? I didn’t know.

Good. Your mind is building, like the others. Look upon yourself.

I watched as my body slowly rotated around for me to inspect and to have realizations about myself. I was tall, a couple inches taller than six feet. I knew that this was above average, but not absurdly so. My body was thickly muscled, far above average. I weighed about 250 pounds. My penis was large, but my thoughts told me that this would not be unusual compared to my peers. As my body turned I saw my broad back, large legs and massive, round buttocks. The bottom drew the eyes. It was just slightly out of proportion to the rest of my muscular body.

Do you like your body?

It is very attractive, I said.

Does it arouse you?


Good. You must be happy with your body. You must be pleased at the way it looks. It will mean others will also be aroused by the way you look.

Why is that important?

Because this will be your body forever.

Forever? I will be here in the light forever?

No, do not worry. I am making preparations. There will be world full of men like you.

Just like me.

Well no, not exactly. There will be differences in appearances and skin color and personalities. But you will all be driven by certain fundamental desires.

Who are you? Are you God?

I am the creator of this world. I guess that makes me a god. You may call me The Painfather.



Pain. I understood at once what the word meant. I felt stirring.

Good. You are reacting to the word. Watch. A large wooden plank appeared, floating in the light. A paddle, my mind realized.

You are indestructible, Aaron. You cannot be injured or permanently harmed. You will never die, nor grow old. The paddle struck my body across the face, hard. The body didn’t react. The paddle struck my shoulders, chest, thighs and feet. It was hitting very hard, but there was no real response from my body.

There is one exception, The Painfather said. The body rotated around so I was staring at its back. Then the body bent forward, causing the bottom to just out even more prominently. There is one part of your body that will feel pain.

WHACK! The paddle struck across the bottom, hard. The large muscles quivered and shook in response. The paddle pulled away, and I watched as the area struck by the paddle begin to turn red.

Your bottom is not immune to pain, The Painfather said. WHAP WHAP WHAP! The paddle began to strike my bottom hard and fast. It will turn red and blister and bruise depending on what is done to you. However, even though you will feel pain and can suffer, your bottom is indestructible, too. The skin will never break. Your body will not come to any lasting eternal harm. You may have pain that lasts for a very long time, though, and these visual remnants and sensitivities.

I watched as my bottom turned darker and darker red. The butt muscles bounced and jiggled with each swat. I felt that stirring feeling again.

Will the other men where I’m going be the same?

Yes. They all have the same rules as you. Does that arouse you?

Yes. Very much. I couldn’t explain it. Seeing my bottom suffer like this. I wanted to do it to others. I lusted for it.

Good. You currently do not feel pain because you are not yet connected with your body. Once you are placed in your home, your mind and flesh will be as one. A black metal rod appeared. I watched as it levitated down to my bottom. It pushed between the muscles into the center and forced its way into my bottom. It slowly began pushing in and out. This is fucking, I realized. My body was being fucked. That’s what the penis will be used for.

These are the two ways you will dominate your fellow men, and in turn be dominated by them, The Painfather said. Does the idea please you?

Yes. Is it supposed to?

Yes. The same will be true of the other men.

How many other men will there be?

This world will hold three billion of them.

That’s a lot of men to dominate or be dominated by. The voice chuckled.

Since you are all immortal and will be unable to reproduce, I figured there need to be enough men for you to have new experiences for many, many years.

Suddenly I noticed color seeping in. Other humanoid forms made out of glowing light began to form behind my body. Eventually there were eight of them, each a different color. I could sense that they represented bodies, but I could not see them.

These are the patron gods, the Painfather said.

I thought you were god?

I am, but I made these eight men to represent the various attitudes and goals that will drive the men of the mortal world. They are far more powerful than you men, but they will interact directly with you at times.

You will not?

I may visit you in your dreams sometimes, but I will not. I am creating you and setting you free to see what you do.

I’m not sure I understand.

You will, eventually. Every man’s personality meshes with three of these patron gods. But not in the same way or with the same strength. One of the gods will be your main patron. His personality meshes the most with yours and he will play a huge role in how you live your life in the world below. The other two patron gods will have lesser influences on your personality, but the three of them together combine to show who you are.

Which do I belong to?

You will find out on your own. You will be naturally drawn to them for the first few days of your life. You will have free will, but the first few days will be orientating you to your place in this world.

Why can’t you just tell me?

I don’t know who your influences are.

But you’re God.

I deliberately blinded myself to your true self. I mixed up all these different personalities and spread them randomly among my men. But I didn’t allow myself to see them so I can be surprised at how things develop.

This sounds like a big game and we are toys.

Yes, but you will discover you get to play your own games. I am aroused by simply watching what you and the others do. It pleases me very much.

I felt a surge of mental arousal at the idea of playing my own games.

I am ready, Painfather. When do we start?

Good, good. Look at the world below. A large globe appeared, slowly rotating. There were land masses and oceans and it was dotted with large cities and open spaces.

Your personality will have its first chance to influence you right now, the Painfather said. Look at this globe and tell me where you would like to join your brothers.

I watched the globe spin. I wanted to be around lots of men, I thought to myself. I wanted a city. I wanted lots of opportunity to fight for dominance. I wanted warm temperatures to show off my body. I wanted a place where I would enjoy exercising. There was a large city on the coast of an ocean in what I could tell was a warm environment.

There, I thought. What is that city called?

They do not have names yet. I will allow men to decide. Maybe that will be the first test of dominance?

Send me there. That is where I will live.

Very well, Aaron. You will arrive as you see here, but your flesh and mind will be joined. This will be permanent. For the first couple of days, follow your urges. Your primary patron god will draw you to him once you are settled, and your secondary patrons will follow later. Once you have a good sense of who you are, then you will know what you should do.

And all the other men are going through this as well? Or are they already there?

You are all going through this together right now. You will all join the world together, as one.


Are you ready?

I am ready.

Go then. Walk upon my world, find your space, and fight to keep it.

The light grew bright, blinding me. I felt a push from beyond, then I felt flesh. I was in my body. My eyes were closed due to the brightness. I felt a rushing sensation, like falling. Then the light slowly faded.

I opened my eyes. I was standing on a street corner, naked. It was morning, I could tell, from the sun’s position. What I could see of the city was beautiful: bright parks here and there and towering skyscrapers. It smelled new. It had just been created, just like me. And just like the men around me.

There were hundreds of men around me, blinking up at the sky just like me, having just been born, like me. We all began to notice each other at the same time. We were all naked. We were all beautiful and muscled. Some were bigger than others. Some were stronger than others. But none looked weak or small. Each of them caused a small stirring in my loins. I looked down to see the beginnings of an erection. Looking around I could see I wasn’t alone.

For a moment I began to evaluate which of these men I might be able to dominate first, but then I felt a little foolish for immediately jumping to that after having just arrived. I felt another urge, one to explore. That must have been one of the early urges the Painfather had instilled in me. I suspected my body would take me to where I should go.

I started slowly walking toward the coast for some reason. The other men nodded to me and each other as they felt the same urges directing them to explore. We didn’t talk to each other yet. We were still getting used to being here. My eyes were drawn to their bottoms as we walked around. They were full, round and muscular, like mine. I noticed that mine was larger than many of theirs, but then my whole body was larger than many of theirs. For each of them, though, their butt muscles were just slightly too big for their body. They, like me, were designed to feel pain there. To be beaten and fucked there to prove dominance.

We all wandered in different directions. After some unknown amount of time, I felt myself drawn to a store of some sort. I was only a few blocks from the coast. I could see it and smell the salty air. It was beautiful. I knew I made the right choice.

As I approached the store, I could see it full of all sorts of clothing and sporting goods. It was a sports store. It didn’t have a name. I walked up to a door and pulled on it. It was unlocked.

Inside was a massive store full of clothing for athletes and equipment. Immediately I felt at home. I nodded to myself. This must be my personality manifesting. I began to explore.

A couple of other men had arrived as well. We nodded politely but still nobody talked. We were all in our own heads still. I decided I wanted clothes. It looked as though the others felt the same. We all found a rack of undergarments, and lots of them. I stopped and looked over them, waiting for something to draw my eye. I watched a smaller man reach out and grab a pack of boxer briefs. He opened them and put a pair on, then walked over to the mirror to look at himself.

You look very good in those, I heard myself say. Everybody was startled for a moment, including me. I wasn’t expecting to say anything. It just happened. The white boxer briefs fit perfectly, the rear seam plunging deep into his ass crack. Somehow it looked even sexier than nudity. They made you want to fondle him.

Thanks, he said.

I looked back at the display and found myself reaching out to a jockstrap. Without thinking I pulled one out of the package and put it on. It felt comfortable. It felt right. I walked over and looked at myself in the mirror.

Now that really makes that ass stand out, said a deep voice. I looked over to see a large man like me, but black with shorter black hair. He, too had grabbed a jock strap himself and began pulling it on. He had a massive bottom like mine, and once he had the jock all the way one, it really highlighted his size.

It seems to be working for you, too, I said. He turned and looked at his ass in the mirror.

It just feels right, don’t it?

I’m Aaron, I said.

I’m Reuben, he said.

It seemed to have broken the ice in the shop. Some of the guys quietly started talking to each other, while looking over the racks. I grabbed a handful of jockstraps to bring with me. I figured they must have bags around here somewhere. Then I realized the shop didn’t have any workers. I wondered what was going to happen here. Where did the clothes come from? What if it ran out?

Now that the underwear was settled, I needed outerwear. I knew I didn’t want to wear much. I knew I wanted to show off my body. I wanted to intimidate the others. Make it easier to dominate.

The gear here was all tight-fitting stretchable clothing designed for various sports. The guy I saw earlier appeared to be drawn to the tight wetsuits for surfers. Reuben seemed to be following me through the racks. Maybe we were drawn to the same items. We passed by football uniforms. They looked very sexy. One large man was trying on a pair of tight-fitting football pants that really made me want to bend him over and punish his bottom right now. But they weren’t what I wanted to wear.

I made my way to a wall with tight-fitting shorts. I immediately felt the pull.

This is it, Reuben muttered.

You, too? I said.

They’ll look good on our bodies, he said. Nice and tight and won’t obscure the muscles.

Something I had noticed as I had passed through was on display here as well. The outergear was all one solid color, like red, or white or blue, but on the side of the legs or torso was a trio of color bars as highlights. The second and third color seemed to vary but the top color was always a golden yellow. The football player’s pants were white, but along the outside of the leg was gold, then blue, then gray. These shorts were all the same way. I grabbed a pair and looked at it. It was red, and the side colors were gold, orange, and blue. For some reason, it didn’t feel right. I put it back.

These colors mean something, I said.

I was just thinking that! Reuben said.

Did the Painfather talk to you? I asked.

He talked to all of us, right? That’s what he said.

Did you see the patron gods?

Not their faces, just their forms.

The different colors, I said.

Three colors ... the three patrons, Reuben said. Gold is the first color on all of these, rights. So we all have the same main patron here.

Whoever the gold guy is, I said. We’ll find out soon enough.

There. I felt it. I looked up and there it was. The shorts were white, like football pants. The color bars on the side were gold, purple and black. I grabbed the pair, and it just felt perfect. I slid them on. They were very tight, clinging right in between my butt cheeks, showing off the shape of them perfectly. They stopped right at the top of my thighs. They were very short for shorts, but not so short as to be a bikini brief. The jockstrap now made sense as underwear. Boxer briefs would show.

These really define our butts and also show off the size of our thighs, Reuben said. I looked at myself in the mirror, turning left and right. I could feel my butt muscles bounce slightly when I walked. Reuben whistled to himself when he watched me. Interesting.

These, Reuben muttered to himself. He picked out a red pair of shorts with gold, green and black colors. He slid them on and put on his own little show. Damn, his ass bounced just like mine. I wanted to get my hands on it so bad. I wanted to paddle him raw and fuck him. But I resisted my urges for the moment. There was still a lot of exploring to do. I didn’t even know where I was going to live yet!

I grabbed eight pairs of the shorts of my style and Reuben did the same.

I don’t think I’m even going to bother with shirts, I said.

Nah, they distract from our true assets, Reuben said, drawing out the ass predictably.

There was a desk for a clerk nearby but there was nobody operating it. I looked behind the desk and found a stack of unlabeled plastic bags. I grabbed a couple of them and gave some to Reuben to make it easier to carry our stuff.

I didn’t feel like I was done here. I continued to explore. I wanted to look at the equipment. Reuben followed me too.

There were balls and basketball nets and skateboards and surfboards. None of them seemed to draw my eye, nor Reuben’s.

I don’t feel drawn toward any particular sport, I said.

I don’t either.

We approached a side wall and realized we had reached where our urges had been pulling us. Hanging from the racks on the wall were all sorts of paddles and s