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Aaron's Game
Chapter 2: Claiming Turf

by Redspkscott

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Aaron’s Game – Chapter Two: Claiming Turf

I felt energized as I left the sports store. Dominating Reuben felt so good. I had a huge grin on my face while I continued wandering on toward the ocean.

Now that I was out of the store, I began to see men here and there wandering around wearing different clothing, not just spandex gear like mine. A man wandered by wearing tight-fitting blue overalls. Another was wearing green combat fatigues. I looked at them each for a moment and then found it ... each of them had some a tri-colored mark of some sort. For the guy in the overalls, it was a patch on the back. For the soldier, it was a patch sewn onto his right shoulder of the uniform, like an insignia. The colors for the man in the overalls were blue, gold, then orange. The soldier’s patch was green, grey, then black. The soldier had a thick, wooden paddle in a harness attached to his belt. He noticed the paddle in my hand. We evaluated each other for a moment. I wondered if I could take him. I bet he wondered the same. But I was still a bit spent from punishing and fucking Reuben. I gave him what I thought was a friendly nod and continued on. Then I remembered that Reuben’s second color was green, while mine was purple. That soldier’s patron also influenced Reuben, and I wondered what that meant.

Just a block from the beach I came across another large store. Looking through the window, I saw lots of leather gear, equipment and punishment tools. A sex shop, it seemed. I remembered I needed lube. I was going to need lots of lube. And remembering the struggle with Reuben, I needed some restraints I could have around for future fights.

Just as with the sports store, the sex shop had no name and the doors were open. I wandered in and found more men looking around inside. None of them were dressed like me. A lot of men were going through the leather clothing here. One muscular man was wearing tight denim jeans and black chaps. Unlike those of us from the sports store, he had a hairy chest. His color indicator was a trio of handkerchiefs tied to his right belt loop. The dominant handkerchief was black. The other two were orange and purple. Finally another purple! But more important was the black, which was my third color, and Reuben’s. All the guys wearing leather had a black hankie.

Then I heard the sounds of punishment, somewhere in the store — a bottom being smacked hard and a man crying out in pain. I guess I wasn’t the only guy who couldn’t wait to get started. I wasn’t interested in the clothing and wandered past all the leather. I was surprised to find a section of spandex gear in here. Out of curiosity, I looked at some of the clothes. Ah. This was not sports gear. Or rather, it wouldn’t be comfortable for actual sports use. There were tight shorts like mine, but there was a great big hole in the seat, so the ass would be bared when worn. Others were missing a front so that the cock would flop out free. Sexy, but pretty impractical. They had the color bars in on the thighs and sides just like the sports gear, but the top color for all of these was pink. I watched a handsome blond man pull on a black singlet with the bottom cut out. The colors on the side were pink, blue and purple. He noticed me watching him and winked at me.

What do you think? he asked. He turned to show me his bared bottom. If I weren’t getting a little tired I would have jumped him right there in the aisle.

I think you’re in a world of hurt and soon, I said. He shrugged and then laughed.

You should see what’s going on in the back, he said. Watch out for these leather guys. They don’t take no for an answer.
You’re about to find out, I said. Behind him, the man in leather chaps had come up while we were talking. He was holding a clear lexan paddle. As the man in the singlet turned around, the leather man reached out and grabbed him around the neck.


I gotta test this paddle out, make sure it works right, the leather man said. The man tried to escape, but was really just token resistance. He had a huge boner and followed as the man dragged him toward the back, where the paddling could be heard.

I wondered if any of the men would try that with me. He’d be in for a surprise once he realized I wasn’t like these other guys. Though, if they were strong enough, they might be able to take me in my tired state.

I found my way to the equipment racks. There were coils of rope. Those were a bit too much trouble when dealing with struggling guys like Reuben. Just like I chose a paddle that was easy to keep hold of in a fight, I needed bondage gear that didn’t take a lot of effort. It’s okay if they could squirm. I loved squirming. I just needed to stop them from escaping and fighting back. There were thick, padded leather wrist and ankle restraints. They looked easy to slip on and either attach to each other or to nearby furniture. I grabbed a pair of each and tossed them in my bag.

I still needed lube. I started heading toward the back where the real sex stuff was. There were leather harnesses and bondage benches of all sorts of shapes. It was also where the punishment was happening. A leatherman had one of those men in spandex shorts with the bottom missing tied over a paddling bench. The leatherman was going at it hard. CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! He was using a large leather strap. The victim’s ass was dark red and welts were starting to show. He was whimpering and crying in the restraints. While I watched, the other leatherman from earlier dragged his semi-willing victim over his knee while sitting on a stool and began paddling his smooth, bare bottom. The man started yelping in pain as his ass turned red, but neither of these guys were resisting the way Reuben did. They were definitely different from us gold guys.

I wandered away looking for the lube rack. Eventually I found it a wall of the stuff and threw the biggest bottle I could find into the bag.

When I wandered back, I heard the one victim on the bench asking his leather captor through tears, So when am I gonna get fucked?

Boy, this is fucking for me, the man said, whipping the strap across his ass.

What, you’re not gonna fuck? That’s why I didn’t fight!

That’s too bad, then. I just wanna beat you black and blue.

Now the bottom started to squirm, but he was stuck on the punishment horse.

The other victim over the other leatherman’s knee noticed the conversation.

You’re going to fuck me, though, right?
Nope! The man said between hard paddle swats.

Dammit! The bottom started to squirm as well, but he had surrendered any size advantage to the leatherman and couldn’t escape.

As I wandered away I thought about the differences between those men and me. The leathermen wanted to punish and punish hard and weren’t that interested in sex. The guys in spandex here were really interested in sex with the punishment. That didn’t seem to be a good combination, but the leathermen seemed to enjoy the fact they were withholding sex from their victims.

I wandered back outside and headed toward the beach. As if reinforcing my analysis, a pair of spandex guys were fucking over a nearby sidewalk bench. One had the ass cut out of his shorts, while the other had the front missing. The guy getting fucked had a dark red bottom. I wondered if he had been punished by one of the leathermen who then refused to fuck him, and then this other guy took advantage of the situation.

I was interested in punishing and punishing good and hard. I wondered if that was why I had the black on my shorts. But I sure as hell wasn’t going to ignore a good fuck. That must be why it wasn’t my primary color like those guys.

I made it to the beach. The water was deep blue-green, and large waves curled up and crashed on the shore. As I approached closer, I noticed a couple of guys were already out there surfing. I think one of them I saw earlier at the sports store. I had been waylaid by my fun with Reuben and my side trip to the sex shop, so he had made it out here before me.

I still felt sweaty from the fight with Reuben, so I slipped off my sneakers and socks, set down my bags, and ran into the ocean. It felt cool and refreshing on my smooth skin. I dived under the water and then waded back up to the shore. As I headed back to my bags, I noticed a collection of six tall buildings running up the beach. They each looked to be about eight stories tall. I felt myself drawn to them. Home, maybe? I loved the idea of living right next to the beach. So many hot bodies there. I started walking in that direction.

I passed by a beachside park and noticed that it had a large outdoor exercise area with fitness equipment and weights. Excellent! I walked over to a metal bar and started doing pull-ups. Despite my size, it was a breeze. I really must be pretty strong. So, then, was Reuben. I wondered what would happen if and when we met again.

As I was exercising another man wandered by, then stopped to watch me. He was another different type I hadn’t seen before. He was wearing tight jeans with rips in them, a white tank-top, and his hair was a brown mohawk. He also had a goatee and pierced eyebrows. His colors came from handkerchiefs wrapped around his right thigh. They were orange, purple and gold.

Hey, we share two colors, he said as I continued my pull-ups.

Yeah, how about that? I responded.

Gold looks like athletes or something, right? I saw a couple of other guys. One of them was wandering around in a football uniform.
Looks like it. Come across any guys with purple as the top color yet?

Not yet, he said. Best as I can tell, us purple guys are chattier, but I don’t know what that means.

I was the guy who started the conversations in the sports shop. And this guy didn’t seem nervous at all about talking to me.

So orange, then? I asked. And how did you get that piercing if we’re indestructible?

It was there from the start, he said, shrugging. The shop I found myself at was this combination clothing store and music and posters and such. It didn’t have any instruments though. I feel this urge like I’m supposed to have one, so I’m looking around.

I’m Aaron, I said.

I’m Levi, he said.

I’m going to head up into those condos to see what’s inside. Maybe find a place to hang my trunks.

Eh, I don’t think I want a place. I’ll just crash wherever. It feels right. Guess I’ll see you around.



You’re coming with me.

What? I don’t get it.

I dropped down from the bar and then charged him. Before he could react I wrestled him down into the sand.

Hey, come on!

I’m feeling horny again and you’re just the trick.

What if I don’t want to?

Hell if I care.

He continued to struggle but he didn’t have my strength or wrestling skill. I carried him over to my bags and sat on him as he flopped around in the sand demanding I let him go. I pulled out my restraints and was happy to see how easy they worked on a struggling victim. I attached his wrists together, then his ankles. Then I picked him up and threw him over my shoulder. I looked at his ass, which filled out his tight jeans nicely. There were rips in the seat of his jeans, and he wasn’t wearing any underwear at all.

The Painfather warned you, right? I said as started walking toward the buildings. I smacked his ass occasionally with my paddle as we walked. He yelped slightly each time.

Yeah, but I didn’t think anything would happen so quickly, Levi said.

Really? You’re actually my second guy today.

What? Wow, you got some urges on you. It’s been like four hours since we were born!

I laughed. We passed by a couple more guys in fatigues. They watched us pass by. I nodded at them, grinned and waggled my eyebrows.

I don’t trust those guys, Levi said to me after they were a ways away.


I don’t know yet, he said. I just don’t. Something about them. Bad vibes.

But I’m the guy planning to beat your ass and fuck you inside-out.

You seem like fun, though.

We’ll see if you still feel that way when I’m done.

I decided to check out the fourth building. I don’t know why that one. I guess it was just the urges. The door was unlocked. The foyer seemed empty. There was a front office with desks inside, but there was nobody there.

I find myself wondering who is actually going to run things.

I saw a couple of guys wearing suits, Levi said. Nice, expensive ones, not saggy. They were business clothes but they still managed to show off their butts. I think those are the grey guys. They had the colors in their ties.

Interesting, I said, smacking him on the ass with the paddle. There were signs by the elevators. I read them over.

There’s a gym on the second floor! That’s just perfect, I said.

Sounds like the urges have you in the right spot.

And with a housewarming gift! I said, patting his bottom.

The apartments were on the third floor and up. I looked at the sign for a moment waiting for an urge to come my way, but nothing happened.

Wonder which one is mine?

Why are you waiting to told? Levi asked. You know how to take what you want, obviously.

To the fucking penthouse! I entered the elevator and pressed the button for the eighth floor.

You have a real nice ass, I said on the way up.

So do you! He said.

If you ever want to get your hands on it, you’re gonna have to learn how to fight.

Yeah, I think that’s how it is with you gold guys. You’re all so damned hot, too. I can’t keep my eyes off you.

The elevator doors open, and I sucked in a breath.

What is it? I can’t see over your shoulder like this.

I stepped off the elevator into a massive penthouse complex. I reached over and released Levi’s ankle restraints so he could stand and look around.

This place is amazing! he said.

It was sleek and modern and took up the entire floor. There were a dozen bedrooms. A big open living area with a large television. A long table with a dozen barstools for meetings. There was a massive outdoor patio with a pool!

But the most fascinating thing about the penthouse was that all the walls were glass. You could see everywhere. There was no privacy. You could even see into the showers.

This is mine, I growled.

You’re gonna live here alone? Levi asked.

No, I said. But anybody else who wants to stay here is gonna have to be on my say-so. You sure you don’t want in?

Nah, too fancy for me.

Suit yourself. I threw him back over my shoulder and went into the common room. I sat down on a long sofa and positioned him over my lap, reattaching the ankle restraints. There was a remote for the television on the coffee table.

Is the television operational? I wondered out loud. I massaged Levi’s nice round bottom in his jeans while I clicked the television on. It came to life to a channel with an online television guide.

Hey, look, Levi said. There are channels for each color!

Ooh, maybe that will tell us something. I looked at the guide. There were eight colors: Blue, Orange, Pink, Green, Black, Grey, Gold and Purple. I immediately switched over to the Gold channel.

It’s a big stadium, Levi said.

That must be here in town, I said. I could feel it. But the stadium was empty. The cameras were just fixed watching open space.

Let’s see where purple takes us, I said, since the two of us hadn’t figured that one out. The channel switched to ... an amusement park?

That looks kinda fun, Levi said.

Fun, I repeated. Maybe that was the operational word. I felt like I was having fun, a perfectly sadistic kind of fun, but fun nevertheless. I’m not sure how I’d feel though once I was on the other side of it.

I switched over to the Black channel. It was the inside of a big, dark warehouse full of chains and restraints.

Creepy, Levi said. I smacked him hard on the ass and he whimpered.

That’s one of my patrons you’re talking about. Competitive, fun, and mean. Was that me? Was that what I was? The combination seemed a little unusual but it felt right.

I switched over to the Orange channel for Levi’s benefit. It was an empty outdoor theater.

Music and entertainment, I guess? I said. I wonder how that relates to spanking?

I switched to the other channels. Blue was on some large docks overlooking the ocean. Green was obviously a military base. Pink was in the large lobby of a hotel. Grey was looking into a large auditorium.

But there were dozens more channels. I started flipping through. Some were not on the air, but then I started seeing the interiors of residences. I flipped through a few and then suddenly stopped.

Wow, it’s us, Levi said.

There we were. I was sitting on the couch, rubbing Levi’s ass as he lay across my knees. I looked up and saw little black sphere up in the roof tiles. I craned my head around. There were cameras all around the penthouse.

This place is televised, I said. Then my grin widened. This is home. This is it. WHACK! I slammed the paddle down hard on Levi’s ass.


I went to work hard and fast on Levi’s helpless bottom, showing no restraint. I wondered if anybody was watching yet. Probably not. People were still wandering. But wait a minute! I stopped the paddling and looked at the remote and then the entertainment center the television sat on. Yes, there was a recording device. I started laughing.

That sounded really evil, Levi said, his bottom quivering.

I pressed the record button. I looked up at the television to see the recording light come on. The cameras were still situated on us.

I’m fucking recording this shit, I said. Then I started paddling his ass again. Even though he didn’t appear to be as tough as Reuben, I paddled him just as hard. He started crying pretty quickly, even though his denim jeans were thicker than Reuben’s shorts. The rips in his jeans allowed me to see glimpses of his bare bottom and watch as it turned red. And even though he was a less built than me and Reuben, he had that familiar oversized, muscular ass that caused his cheeks to bounce around with every swat. It was hypnotic, and the more I watched them, the bigger my erection grew.

I paddled him for thirty minutes this way. No stops, no breaks. Levi begged and pleaded for mercy after ten minutes but I ignored him. He squirmed and wiggled in my lap but the restraints kept him from fighting back.

After thirty minutes I stopped and began to roughly massage his ass. It was scorching hot – I could feel it through the jeans.

That hurt so much! Levi wailed.

We aren’t close to done yet, I said, smirking.

What? Please! No! He began to sob as I unbuttoned his tight jeans and roughly pulled them down. His dick flopped out and I pushed it down on top of mine so it would feel my erection through my shorts. His bare bottom was bright red and quivering.

Oh yes, I said. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! Four hard swats in seconds alternated between his bare cheeks. He howled loud enough to make the glass walls vibrate. I laughed and continued with the punishment. I beat his ass another good thirty minutes. I actually paddled him longer than I paddled Reuben. His bottom turned dark red and then bruising began to appear. For the last few minutes I really laid into him as he screamed and squirmed in my lap. Reuben eventually surrendered to the pain when he realized he had lost, but Levi struggled the whole time. His quivering cock rubbed against mine, helping keep the erection, as if the sight of his bouncing butt cheeks weren’t enough.

Finally I stopped with one hard swat right in the center of his cheeks.

Time for fucking, I growled.

Oh, thank god that’s over, Levi whimpered.

Keep saying stuff like that and it won’t be. It’s over when I decide it’s over.

I pulled him off my lap and went and grabbed the lube out of the bag I brought with me.

Raise that ass up so the camera can get a good look, I said. The cameras seemed to be automated to follow movement right now, so it temporarily switched to me getting my lube. Then when Levi moved, it bounced back to him, getting a nice look at his bruised muscle bottom.

That is going to be one hot fuck, I said as I stripped down my shorts. I lubed up my thick cock and practically jumped on top of Levi on the couch. My weight bore him down and even though he started squirming again, my dick was able to find the target. I grabbed his head, pushed it against the couch and started thrusting. He yelped in pain again as he was fucked for the very first time. Again I felt the immense pleasure from his tight hole pressing on my shaft as I thrust in and out.

Fuck yeah! I growled as Levi whimpered and moaned. I spared a glance at the television to catch us in the act. I could see that just like Reuben did, Levi was now sporting an erection, too. Getting fucked made them hard. Both his and my moans grew louder. The climax was coming. Would it be as big as the last one? I felt the throbbing as it started, and yes it was. Hard squirts of cum filled up Levi’s ass to overflowing.

Don’t you dare get any on the couch or I’ll beat your ass again, I ordered. You just lay there. He did what he was told. After the orgasms subsided, I pulled off and went looking quickly for a towel in the shower. I brought it back and wiped the cum off his ass and thighs. I tossed it aside and then laid back down on top of him on the couch so I could talk directly into his ear.

So an eternity of this — what’s the verdict? I asked.

When it was going, I wanted nothing more than for it to stop, he said. And now that it’s done... .

You want more? I reached down and squeezed a blistered butt cheek. He moaned in pain.

Ohhhhh. Not right now. But the way it felt to be punished is kind of slipping way, leaving me with just the feeling of a punished bottom. It hurts like hell, but it’s different from how it felt right during the act.

How do you mean?

I like the pain I’m feeling now, he said. I hope it lasts for a while. It’s just the way we get there is rough.

For me, that’s the fun part, I said.

You haven’t been on the other end yet, Levi said.

True enough, I said. I wondered when that would happen. Obviously not from Levi, but I did see guys who looked like they could compete with me and Reuben.

Are we done? Levi asked. I still have that urge to find a musical instrument of some sort.

I pulled off him and began removing his restraints. He sat up and pulled his pants back on.

You sure you don’t want to stay here?

Nah, you fill this place up with guys like you. That’ll be hot. I’ll watch on the teevee.

Just then I heard the ding of the elevator. I roughly pulled Levi back over my lap while sitting on the couch and began fondling his sore bottom.

Speaking of guys like you, he said. In walked the football player I saw back in the store. I remembered that he was actually a little bit bigger than me, but not as defined. A lineman’s build, there to charge and knock folks down, but not much for finesse. I figured I could probably take him down if I needed to. Or just wanted to. He had short dark hair and an easy-going smile that undercut any intimidation caused by his size.

Whoa, this place, he said, looking around. Then he saw me on the couch with Levi back across my lap.

You! He said, laughing. You caused such a scene! Everybody was talking about you after you left. I grinned back at him.

I’m Aaron, I said. This is Levi. Welcome to my place.

I’m Max, he said. This is your place? How is this your place?

Because I said so. Think you can prove otherwise? You saw me take on Reuben. Think you can take me down?

To his credit, Max folded his arms and looked at me, considering it. It was clear he simply wasn’t going to just back down. I began to realize that as a gold trait.

You just finished with me and you’re already ready to take on another guy? Levi asked, impressed. I laughed.

What, you’ve already taken down two guys? Max asked.

Yup, I said. You get any yet?

Yeah, some guy in fatigues thought he could order me around. Don’t know why, but he learned otherwise. Sent him crying back to the Army-Navy store with a blistered ass full of my jizz.

Hmm. I do like your style. I gave Levi a few more hard hand swats on the seat of his jeans, then let him back up.

You’d make a hot beach bum, I said to him as he headed to the elevator. Consider sticking around the neighborhood.

Let me find another music shop and I’ll see where my urges take me, Levi said.

There’s one a couple of blocks north, Max said. I saw a couple of guys like you heading up there.

Thanks. Watch out for this guy, he warned, pointing his thumb at me.

Oh, I know, Max said. I’ve seen him in action. I grinned as Levi got into the elevator and the doors closed behind him.

So, how are we going to do this? I said, relaxing on the couch. By the way this whole place is wired and televised.

Cool, Max said. Wonder if anybody saw you giving Levi a whuppin?

I recorded it, I told him. Don’t know what I’ll do with it, though.

Do you really want this whole penthouse to yourself? Look at all the bedrooms.

No, I want it full of hot guys like you. But on my terms.

And those are?

Well, consider me the landlord.

What’s the rent?

What do you think?

My ass? Not without a fight. I think you know that.

Yeah, I’m getting that. Us gold boys don’t just bend over for anybody.

Max nodded. I took note of his colors again: Gold, blue and grey. I still wasn’t quite sure what those other two colors meant very well.

So here’s what I’m thinking. Every month you have to fight me to stay. You don’t have to win, though. You just have to fight. If you lose, your ass is mine, fair and square. You get to stay, but I get to paddle and fuck you. If you win, then you no longer have to pay the rent at all going forward. You’re in the free and clear for good. Of course, we still may have our little tussles and all.

Hmm. That sounds like a good deal for you, but I want more if I win, Max said.

How do you mean?

If I win, I become your landlord, Max said. Then the roles are reversed. I get your ass fair and square and every month you have to fight me to try to get it back.

I cocked my head at him. My erection was coming back already.

That is fucking hot. I’m game if you are. That means that one of us will always owe rent to the other one, right?

Max nodded and smiled.

Pick out a room. That one over there is mine.

As Max began settling in I felt my actions today finally catching up with me. I was getting tired and it was only early afternoon.

We’ll have our first fight tomorrow, I told him. I need to crash for a while and recharge. He nodded as he unpacked his collection of football uniforms in his room.

I flopped down on the king-sized bed in my room. It was nice and firm and, to my amusement, had a plastic covering on the mattress underneath the sheets so sex wouldn’t ruin it. Seems like the Painfather thought of everything. The bed frame was metal with obvious spots for the attachment of restraints. Very nice. I rested on my stomach and took a nice long breath. I felt like I was finally relaxing for the first time on my very first day on this world. In a few minutes I fell asleep.

My dreams were about the many, many ways I wanted to punish Max. He was going to a very sore football player when I was done with his beefy bottom. And frequently sore, what with us living under the same roof.

I don’t know how long I was asleep. It was a couple of hours. Enough to recharge. I slowly opened my eyes and stared directly into a red crotch sitting in a chair next to my bed. I furrowed my eyebrows and looked up. My eyes took in the muscular black chest and the angry, angry face of Reuben. He was just sitting there, holding his paddle in his lap.

Hey there, he said, scowling.

FUCK! I yelled and tried to jump out of the bed. I bounced up but then fell right back down on the mattress. I was bound! I looked around to see my wrists and ankles restrained to my bed with my very own restraints. He had slipped a pillow from another bed underneath my crotch to raise my ass up in the air.

Guess you’re a heavy sleeper, Reuben said. I looked over my shoulder to see Max watching the proceedings from the living room. He gave me a little wave and shrugged.

How did you find me?

There’s a lot of guys around, but everybody remembered the muscleman in little white shorts with the black hair, brilliant blue eyes, and the evil smirk on his face, Reuben said. And lots of guys were willing to answer questions from a large, angry black guy waving a paddle. I followed you out here and then ran into your second victim, some guy named Levi, on his way to a music store. It took a little ... convincing, but I got him to rat out your location.

His ass must be really sore now, I said.

Yup, Reuben said. But not as sore as yours is going to be. I tried to struggle in the bonds. I knew I couldn’t escape but I couldn’t help myself.

Max, you figure out how the recording works? Reuben called out to him in the living room.

Yes, this is taping, he called back.

Yeah, a good couple of dozen guys saw you get the best of me, Reuben said. But everybody in this goddamn city is gonna see me get my revenge. He walked over to the dresser in my room, which had a television on top. He clicked it on and then flipped through channels until I was looking at myself tied to the bed. I was wriggling and struggling to no avail. I knew Reuben would come for me, but I didn’t think he would catch me so fast. I let my guard down.

Well, you win this round, I said. You’ll be happy to know that you’ll be the first to take me down.

Damn straight, he said. He positioned himself beside me on the bed, raised up his muscular arm and CRACK! The paddle slammed across my ass.

YAAAAGH! I screamed. The pain exploded across my ass and I squirmed helplessly in place. My butt cheeks bounced around.

Can’t wait to hear you cry, he snarled as he paddled my ass good and raw. In response to my squirming, he took his left knee and rested it on my back and pushed down. It helped keep me in place and pushed my ass upward. The punishment was furious and unrelenting. He aimed to make me pay.

The pain was amazing and almost incomprehensible. I tried to watch my ass squirm on the nearby television, but it soon I was in too much pain to focus on anything. All I felt was Reuben’s fury and my ass cheeks bouncing around. It didn’t take me long to understand Levi’s comments on what the punishment felt like. Every time the paddle cracked against my ass I wanted to scream Stop! But as the pain spread out between the blows, the warmth made me feel a strange thrill.

Look at that fucking ass squirm around, Reuben said. You watching this, Max? Was this what it looked like when he was beating me?

Pretty much, Max said. Our big butt cheeks are like basketballs or something.

Oh god, it fucking hurts! I blurted out. I wanted to try to be tough, but each swat was bringing me closer to the breaking point.

Damn right it does, Reuben said as the punishment rained down. You are going to fucking pay for taking me on. You know how many guys raped me before I was able to break out of that damned tape?

No, I whimpered between swats. He stopped for a moment.

Seven guys, he snarled. Seven guys fucked me, including you. It’s a damned shame there’s only me and Max here.

I’m going to get a turn? Max asked.

It’s only fair, Reuben said. Maybe then I’ll take another turn after that.

I was only half-paying attention because during the slight break from the punishment I really started to grasp what Levi was talking about. The pain felt good now that the paddling had stopped. But then WHACK! The paddle slammed back down and I screamed Stop! I was unable to help myself.

Fuck you, I’m not stopping. Reuben said.

For an hour, the paddling went on like this on the seat of my shorts. I managed to make it a good twenty minutes before the actual tears came. The tears didn’t matter to Reuben any more than they mattered to me when I busted his ass. He won this time. He got to decide how much I would suffer. It looks like it was going to be a lot.

After the hour of vicious torment, he stopped to pull my shorts down. I focused on the television to see how sore my ass looked. It was already a brutally dark red. I could also see Reuben’s massive erection in his shorts.

Damn, Max muttered.

Oh, this is just the start, my boy, Reuben said. He’s getting another hour bare-ass. My bottom quivered in response, but I had reached the same surrender state Reuben had when I punished him. I was no longer trying to resist it. My bottom reacted on its own, and my body accepted my defeat.

WHACK! Another hard swat across both cheeks to start me off this second set. I howled in pain, and the glass walls magnified the sound. I wondered if people could hear my cries out on the street. There were no breaks in this second set to catch my breath. It was a solid hour of pure ass pain. Every second I wanted it to stop but Reuben was set on his torment. I begged and pleaded and cried. I couldn’t help myself. I felt embarrassed about it but I couldn’t hold it in. Reuben outsmarted me, and I knew he earned his dominance tonight, but it didn’t stop me from acting like anybody else who got paddled.

Finally the beating ended with ten hard and fast swats in the same spot across both cheeks. My pillow was drenched with my tears and the sheets were coated with my sweat. I looked at the television and saw that my ass was nearly fucking purple!

Reuben tossed the paddle aside and within seconds I began to feel it again. The good pain. The throbbing pulse left behind after the punishment was done. I moaned a little bit and I could feel an erection growing.

Damn, that ass, Reuben said, rubbing my sore cheeks with his rough hand. He pulled his shorts down and grabbed my lube off the nightstand. He lubed his massive cock and crawled on top of me on the bed. He grabbed my broad shoulders for balance. Time for your deflowering.

I tried to relax, knowing was coming, but when I felt the tip of his cock pressing against my hole, I couldn’t help it. My bottom tried to squeeze together tight to keep him out. He would not be resisted, though. He pushed hard, and I felt a whole new kind of pain as he forced his cock inside me. I gasped and clutched the mattress as he began to fuck me, roughly.

Yeah, nice and tight, Reuben said. Feels so fucking good.

I tried my best to relax but my ass was actively trying to resist the rape. I realized now this was where the pleasurable pressure came from when I fucked Reuben and Levi. My rectum tightened around the shaft of his cock and tried to push him out. This pressure actually increased the pleasure he felt and made him thrust even harder.

But eventually the pain began to subside and my ass began to accept the intrusion. The tightness remained, but my ass was no longer trying to force him out. This allowed him to push even deeper inside my ass, and once he was able to get deeper, that’s where I was able to feel pleasure. I began to moan along with him. And my ass cheeks now were buzzing with this fizzy pain remnant from the paddle. When his hips slammed into my butt, it inflamed that pain. I was feeling both pain and pleasure at the same time and it was just amazing. My hard cock rubbed against the sheets as Reuben fucked me.

Here it comes, boy, Reuben said. Time to fill you up. A few real hard thrusts and then I could feel his cock spasm inside me. The fluids squirted out and the inside of my ass exploded in pleasure as it filled up. He is orgasm went on as long as mine had, filling me up and spurting out onto my sheets. I collapsed against the bed and Reuben flopped down on top of me. We both just laid there for a few minutes.

Max told me about this rental plan of yours, Reuben said, grabbing my hair and pulling my head up to growl in my ear. Consider my rent paid, and now I’m your fucking landlord.

We’ll see how long that lasts, I said back.

Sure will, he said, pushing my head back down. He climbed off me and pulled his shorts back up. Your turn, Max.

Max came into the bedroom. I looked over my shoulder at him. He had that same easy-going smile, but he was now holding a thick leather strop attached to a wood handle.

This doesn’t count for our agreement, you know, I said to Max. This was Rueben’s win. You’re still gonna have to fight me tomorrow.

I know, Max said. So I figure, I better enjoy tonight, right? I couldn’t help it; I laughed. He was absolutely right. I was exhausted, but I did the best I could to raise my ass up for him to get some swats in. We both knew it would likely be a while before this chance came around again.

KA-RACK! He swung hard with that strop and different kind of pain blossomed in my cheeks. The surface of my skin felt like it was almost burning, rather than the harsh, deep sting of the paddle. I yelped out.

I figured this would be good for other football players and our big butts, Max said as he laid down another hard strop blow. I began crying again as the punishment began again. Max was slower than Reuben though, and not as cruel, though he did not hold back in his strength. I had a longer time to recover from each lash of the strop, which allowed the pain to spread out. I hated every blow and loved the space between each blow.

Max only went on like this for 30 minutes. As I recovered, he unlaced his football pants and began to lube up. Much to my surprise, his cock was huge compared to even mine and Reuben’s.

Your dick! I said.

Yeah, he said looking at it. I noticed that when we were all naked at the beginning. If the reaction of the soldier I fucked earlier meant anything, this might hurt more than the strop.

He crawled up on top of me just as Reuben had. I felt the pressure grow and then a ring of fiery pain erupted in my ass. I raised my head and howled as his massive cock pushed its way in. He was right – it hurt much more than the strop. My ass buckled and writhed as he pushed in. I could hear Reuben mutter Damn! from the common room. He was watching me get fucked on television so he could watch my ass bounce from the thrusts and see my face. I did the same thing when I watched him get raped at the sports store when I left.

My ass resisted Max’s cock as long as it could, much longer than it did Reuben’s. Each thrust brought me new, harsh pain. It was actually a good fifteen minutes before my ass allowed itself to relax and for Max to go deeper. He began to speed up, and I felt that deep pleasure. But there was still a ring of pain at my rectum. He was just so thick that it was too much. Max was probably going to tear the ass up of everybody he fucked.

We both began to moan in tandem. After another five minutes, he began to climax. It lasted much longer than it did for either of me or Reuben. His pulsing dick squirted cum inside me for a good fifty seconds, it seemed. Whoa! I heard Reuben note in the other room. Max and I both were overcome with pleasure as his semen squirted out and drenched the bed. Reuben came back over to the doorway.

Did you squirt that much when you fucked the soldier? Reuben asked.

Yeah, Max said, panting, as he finally pulled off. Is it unusual?

I don’t actually know yet, Reuben said. Maybe it’s because your dick is so big.

Maybe it’ll turn out that you and I are the ones who don’t cum enough, Reuben, I said, chuckling.

Let’s leave him to sleep in our cum tonight, Reuben said. Maybe some more guys will show up and we can let them at him.

Heh, go ahead, I said. They’l l be all the more surprised when I come around to collect the rent.

Maybe I’ll tell them I’m the landlord now, Reuben said. What are you going to do to stop me?

Dammit, he got me there.

All right, you have me at a disadvantage right now, I’ll admit it. What about a compromise? You get the next guy, and we’ll alternate between each new arrival. That will give us five each. I get to keep Max here.

Reuben thought about it for a few moments.

Deal, he finally said. Besides, the two of us are going to be fighting so much nobody’s going to know who the landlord is otherwise.

Max and Reuben left me to stew in their juices and went to the common room to flip through channels. My clock showed it was just a little bit after 8 p.m. So I still had time to suffer some more before the evening ended. Amazing how things just flipped over. But I regretted nothing. I felt actually glad to have had both experiences as the winner and the loser on my first day so I really understood what it felt like.

Check out the Gold Channel, I yelled out to them. I think that’s where we go to meet our patron. The television in my room was still showing our apartment so I was left just staring at my own blistered bottom. It wasn’t a bad view.

Looks like some guys have found some of these other places, Reuben said. Max, go show Aaron some of these other channels.

Max came in started flipping through some of the others. A bunch of punks like Levi had found an industrial loft and were just hanging out, smoking cigarettes. One was fiddling with a guitar. No Levi, though. Another channel showed a large barracks. Soldiers were preparing their cots. One soldier was bent over a desk being paddled by another one.

Bet that one fucked up about something, I said. Those guys seem kind of stern and not prone to spanking for fun.

I like to spank for fun, Reuben shot back from the common room.

Yeah, but you’re also stern, too, I said. Our one difference was how he was influenced by the green patron like the soldiers, while I was purple.

On another channel, a bunch of men in denim overalls were gathered in what looked like a dorm environment. They seemed to chatting with each other and getting along. Nobody was spanking anybody else.

Those are the blues, right? I said. You have blue, Max.

Yeah, Max said. Those guys seem to be pretty nice. I chatted with a couple of them. Kind of group-oriented. Not sure what they’ll be doing though.

Group-oriented, I said. Maybe that’s why you were drawn to football. Team sport.

Maybe, he said.

He flipped to another channel. It looked like a different kind of fancy penthouse somewhere else in the city. There were a bunch of guys in polo shirts and tight jeans.

Who are those guys? I asked. I haven’t seen them before. Max peered at the image for a bit.

Look at their shirt sleeves. There’s color stripes there.

Purple! I yelled. Finally found them! Turn the sound up! Max obliged, but unfortunately everybody was chatting at once and it didn’t seem like anybody was controlling the camera here yet. On a sofa one of the purple guys had somebody across his lap and was spanking him, but not too hard and not too fast (at least compared to what I’d do.) The victim was one of the pink boys in spandex leggings with the seat cut out. It also appeared that one of the other guys was taking notes based on the conversations they were having.

I wish I knew what was going on, I said.

You’ll find out soon enough, Max said.

They flipped over to a warehouse where some leathermen appeared to have dragged several victims for punishment. There were some guys in overalls, several of the pink guys, a guy in a suit, two soldiers, and they even managed to snag a gold guy in a wrestling uniform. The victims were all tied up and crying while being punished in various positions with different implements.

Now that’s hot, Reuben said. He watched for a few minutes, rubbing his crotch. As the crying and punishment went on he turned and looked back at me in my room. Finally he got up.

Time for round two! Max went back to the common room as Reuben came back in and lubed himself up. I braced myself as he climbed back on me for another round. Even though Max’s massive cock should have loosened me up a bit, that’s not what happened. I was just as tight as before and it hurt just as much as he forced his way in. I grimaced in pain.

Yup, happened to me too, Reuben said as he bore down. We’ve got virgin holes for life, I guess.

It encourages the domination, I managed to wince out while he fucked me. If our asses stayed nice and tight, that meant fucking somebody would always feel this good. The pain lessened after a few minutes and my ass opened up to let Reuben all the way in. We both moaned in pleasure and Reuben shot another thick load.

Good thing we can’t drown, Reuben said, looking at my damp mattress.

I was left bound in my room again as they prepped for the night. As midnight approached, Max came back to my room.

One more round, huh? I said. You should. Might be a while before you get another chance. Make it count.

I think that’s exactly what I’m going to do, Max said. I’m gonna try something. If it works, I’m probably going to like it more than you will. That sounded ominous.

Max lubed up his huge cock again and climbed aboard. I raised my ass up knowing that the minute he penetrated everything would go to hell. He pushed and the ring of fire pulsed again as he forced his way in. I started wincing and quivering in pain. It really did hurt as much as a paddle swat. My ass resisted his thrusts and suffered as a result. He moaned in pleasure, though, as the pressure stimulated his dick’s nerve endings.

After another fifteen minutes of pure pain I felt my ass relent to allow him full entry. But he didn’t push harder. He did thrust faster though. But because he didn’t push harder, his dick didn’t go in far enough for me to feel pleasure. Which meant ...

Oh no, I whimpered. What are you doing?

Punishing you my way, he said. My rectum throbbed in pain more and more with no internal pleasure to balance it out. I started to squirm, but there was still nothing I could do.

The thing about this, Max explained as he thrusted, Is that the stimulation keeps me erect, but I’m not deep enough to orgasm. So I can go on like this for a while.

He did. He went on for half an hour, avoiding going deep to deny me pleasure. The whole time my hole burned from the intense stretching caused by his giant cock. I began to cry again and beg him to stop. It was exactly like being punished, except the target was the rectum rather than my ass cheeks.

As the hour grew late, he finally allowed himself to push all the way in. I was relieved to finally feel some pleasure to go along with the pain. After another ten minutes he finally orgasmed, just as long as his last one. I was going to be sleeping in a mess tonight. I was sobbing when he pulled out.

That better have been worth it, I said.

It definitely was, Max said. He patted my ass cheek as he pulled out. See you tomorrow!

He left me tied to the bed to wallow in my exhausted mix of pleasure and pain. After the tears dried, I finally fell asleep again.

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