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Aaron's Game
Chapter 5: Pranks and Spanks

by Redspkscott

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Aaron’s Game – Chapter Five: Pranks and Spanks

We wandered through the park some more, noting all the construction, looking for the prank shop we were told about.

Look over there, Craig said, pointing off to the side. An executive appeared to be having an angry conversation with a blue collar. The blue collar hung his head and nodded in agreement with whatever the executive said. The blue collar then turned and walked over to a circular tube on a small pillar nearby.

Is that one of those spanking tubes like from the arena? Craig asked. The blue collar opened a door in the tube. Then he unfastened his overalls and stripped down far enough to expose his massive muscle bottom. He stepped into the tube turned around and closed the door. In a moment, the tube rotated around to show his bare ass sticking out of a hole in the middle of the tube.

Looks like it, I said. It even has the timer at the top. We watched the executive fiddle around with what appeared to be some sort of remote. The timer showed 4:00:00. Four hours. He pressed a button, and just as with the arena, two mechanical arms ending in metal paddles appeared to unfold from the sides of the tube and within seconds, the blue collar was being paddled harshly.

Oh, that makes sense now, Craig said. They aren’t unique to us. They’re around for automated punishment at other places, too.

You know, they might be effective for those guys, I said. Especially if an executive is managing a number of blue collars, he might not have time to directly discipline them every time they fuck up.

We may even be able to keep them around the stadium for when the workers misbehave, Craig said.

Yeah, definitely, I said. But this actually makes it even more important that we not use them. Our punishments have to be special and different to keep the audience’s attention. We can’t just stick each other in the same punishment machines that our fans see wherever they work.

You know, as much as I like the idea of fighting for it, I’m kind of turned on by the obedience of the blue collars, Craig said. I need to get me one.

I know, I said. Max is a golden boy, but blue is his second color, and once I had him beaten he accepted his role as a sub for me pretty quickly. We can use him to practice punishment ideas for losing gladiators.

Nice, Craig said. I think the prank store is over there. He pointed over to a fairly large building within a row of souvenir shops. The sign simply read Pranks.

Nothing has real names, I said. We need to work on that. The stadium doesn’t even have a name.

We wandered inside and looked around. Some of the goods were familiar. There were paddles and lube for sale. But there were all sorts of interesting products we hadn’t seen before. A beefy blond producer appeared to be overseeing the store. He smiled when he saw us and waved us in.

Hey there, guys, he said. Come take a look around. I can answer any questions. He introduced himself as Tucker.

Craig immediately started looking over the merchandise.

So what’s the goal here? I asked.

Well, there’s fun stuff you can do with your ass, Tucker explained, or somebody else’s unwilling ass that doesn’t just involve spanking and sex.

What are these pills? Craig asked, holding up a large bottle. Farty Party, he read.

Those are farting pills, Tucker said. We looked at each other. I shrugged.

What is farting? I asked.

It’s a funny sound your butt can make, Tucker said. The Painfather actually told me about it in a dream.

Craig popped open the bottle and quickly downed a pill. He offered me the bottle.

I’ll wait to see what it does to you, I said. I noticed some mesh metal gloves and put one on.

What do these do? I asked.

They heat up scorching hot, Tucker said. If you like spanking by hand but want to add a little more to the experience, this will do you good. Let me show you. He flipped a switch on the wrist. I felt it heating up, but of course I couldn’t feel any pain. Then he leaned over a display table, dropped his jeans and briefs and wiggled his bare bottom for me.

Give me a couple of swats and see, Tucker said. I walked over and swatting him firmly on the right cheek with my hand. After the sound of the smack, there was a sizzling sound. He stood back up and yelped in pain. I pulled my hand away and his ass now had a visible red handprint. I gave him a few more smacks until he was gasping in pain.

That one’s real popular with the hunters, Tucker said, carefully pulling his jeans back up and rubbing his butt once I was done. Then, suddenly we heard, PBBRRRRT!

That was my butt, Craig said. Was that a fart?

Yes! Tucker said.

Does it hurt? I asked.

No, Craig said. It’s like my ass is breathing out. A few seconds later there was another one, BLBBBRT! He laughed.

I like it, Craig said. But what’s the point of it?

It can be just for fun, Tucker said, but there are some mean things to do with them. You can’t control the farts. They come out whether you want them to or not. Some guys don’t appreciate those kinds of humorous interruptions, like say a commando’s supervising officer. Force a commando to swallow one and then he starts farting during the morning lineup.

He’s gonna end up with his ass busted, I said. But we don’t deal with commandos a lot.

I bet the coaches won’t be happy when their golden boys keep farting when he’s trying to go over game strategy, Craig said between farts.

Ooh, I said. That’s brilliant.

There’s something else, too, Tucker said. There’s some chemicals that interact. He picked up a nearby jar of something and handed it to Craig.

Activation cream, Craig said. What does it do?

Rub some on your butt. Just a little bit, not a whole lot.

I don’t do a little bit of anything, Craig said. He pulled his shorts down and rubbed a palm-full of the cream on each of his buttocks. Then he pulled his shorts back up and folded his hands, waiting.

Nothng’s happening, he said. Tucker raised a finger. Suddenly Craig farted. Then his face changed. His eyes widened and he bellowed Shit, it burns! Shit! SHIT! He grabbed his ass cheeks and bounced around the store.

Your farts interact with the chemicals in the activation cream, causing it to heat up. He farted again and yelped in pain again.

I can’t stop it, can I? Craig said, rubbing his bottom.

That’s why I told you just a little bit, Tucker said. It wears off in a bit, but the more you use, the longer it takes.

Well, that’s what I get, Craig said, then yelped again as another fart made his ass burn.

I see plenty of use for that combo in the future, I said. Definitely fun and mean.

We looked at some more fun prank items as Craig struggled with his burning bottom. I suggested to him that he pull his trunks down so the farts don’t get trapped there, but he insisted on being tough about it. He nevertheless yelped every time he farted and wriggled his ass around in pain.

Here’s something fun that doesn’t hurt at all, Tucker said to me. Drop your shorts. He was holding two small rectangular pads.

I did as ordered, but warned, If you’re lying, you’re going to be dancing around here just like Craig here with your ass on fire. I dropped trou and bent over the display table. He stuck one pad on each of my butt cheeks.

Okay, now pull your shorts back up, he said. I did as ordered. Then he pulled out a small remote control and pressed a button. I felt a throbbing feeling in my butt, but not a painful one. Then I felt my butt cheeks bouncing around.

Your ass is dancing on its own, Craig said. It looks like you’re being paddled, but you’re not.

It doesn’t hurt or anything, I said. I looked at my ass in a nearby mirror. It was happily bouncing in place like it was being spanked.

That’s really hot, Craig said. It’s like an invitation to be spanked.

That’s kind of the idea, Tucker said. An invitation to be dominated, at least for this setting. There’s other settings, too. He pressed another button and my ass cheeks started bouncing together rather loudly.

You’re clapping your ass, Craig said.

That’s a fun one to make guys do and then put them in one of the spanking tubes, Tucker said. You can have it active while being punished, by the way. It operates through electrical currents and overrules your butt muscles’ natural reactions.

So you can control how the ass responds when you’re paddling it? I said. That’s great.

You can even force a butt to relax and take the swats if they squeeze their cheeks together to resist, Tucker said. I know you golden boys don’t do that, but some other guys do. There’s one more setting here you may be interested in if you plan to attend any punk shows.

Hmm, I might, I said. That reminded me I was hoping to see Levi around here today, maybe, as purple was one of his secondary colors, but so far no luck.

You can set it so that it reacts to music, Tucker said. Your ass will bounce along with the song. Fun at concerts.

Also potentially fun at home, Craig pointed out. Play some music and make his ass bounce to it while you paddle him.

Wouldn’t it be embarrassing if you, as a big manly gladiator, had your ass forced to bounce long to some song while you got your ass beat because you lost a match? I asked.

Interesting, Craig said. He reached out and smacked my ass with the paddle as it bounced. He was getting a hard-on watching me. Tucker finally turned the pads off.

I’ll take those, I said. Hell I’ll take some of everything, I bet. I looked around some more.

Itching cream? I said, looking at some tubes.

Our asses can feel itching, Tucker said. Especially in the ass crack. It’s another way to make your victim squirm. I grinned and started grabbing several tubes.

How long does this stuff last? I asked.

Hours, and it’s not water-soluble, Tucker said. It can’t be washed off. You just have to wait it out.

I intend to make use of this, I said. Those odd urges came back suddenly. The itching cream just felt right. I couldn’t wait to use it on somebody.

What’s this stuff? Craig asked, holding a small bottle with a red liquid inside. Fire Oil, it’s called. Tucker sucked in a deep breath in response.

That stuff is vicious, Tucker said. I’m half-afraid to tell you what it does.

We both gave him a look.

Well, now I really want to know, Craig said.

If you really want to punish a guy’s asshole to hurt as much as the rest of his ass, that’s what you use. You just need a drop or two right on his hole and watch his reaction, he said.

I think we need to try it, I said to Craig. He nodded at me.

You won’t be sitting down for a while, Tucker warned.

I didn’t say we were going to try it on us, I said. We both stared at him until he grasped the meaning behind our twin grins.

Aw dammit, he muttered as we approached. You guys are as bad as the hunters. We laughed as we grabbed him and threw him up onto the display table, knocking all sorts of things off. Craig started peeling his jeans down.

Guys, one promise, please? Tucker begged.

What’s that? Craig asked.

You have to promise to fuck me afterward, Tucker said.

Oh, what a terrible imposition, Craig sarcastically responded. Why would I ever fuck that big, gorgeous blond butt of yours? I must rethink this terrible plan.

I know, I know, Tucker said. Just promise to do it.

Okay, Craig said. I promise to fuck your ass good and raw. I walked over to one of the displays and grabbed a bottle of lube there.
You’ll understand why, afterward, Tucker said. Then he ended his struggling and lay down on the table with his ass up in the air. Just a couple of drops. Before you start feeling even more sadistic, additional drops don’t cause anything more to happen. It’s just a waste.

I grabbed Tucker’s cheeks and parted them while Craig unscrewed the bottle. It had a dropper inside to distribute the red liquid. He carefully pulled it out and held it over Tucker’s quivering hole. He squeezed and a couple of drops dripped down onto Tucker’s exposed rectum. Nothing happened for a couple of seconds. Then Tucker began to scream and squirm on the table.

Grab his legs, Craig said. The guy was kicking all over the place as his ass spasmed. I grabbed his legs and forcefully held them down. His ass was bouncing back and forth on top of the table.

God it hurts! He hollered. Please make it stop!

Use those pads to make his ass relax so we can get a look, Craig said. I attached those electric butt pads and fiddled with the remote settings until I found one called submit. His ass immediately stopped bouncing around, though he was still squirming and yelling in pain.

Wow, this is amazing, Craig said, amused at Tucker’s torture. He reached up and parted Tucker’s cheeks to take a look. I peeked in as well. His rectum was a deep, dark red and it was quivering on its own, opening slightly and closing.

God, please fuck me! Tucker said as he writhed around on the table.

What, right now? Craig asked.

Please! Craig shrugged at me.

You are hard as a rock, I pointed out.

I think I like seeing the hole get punished, he said. I know I like it when the sex hurts. He pulled his shorts down and climbed on top of Tucker on the table to fuck him. He pushed his way in and Tucker screamed even louder.

Oh god! he wailed and struggled to relax while Craig fucked him. For fun I switched the programming on the butt pads to clap, and made Tucker’s ass cheeks slam together violently.

Holy shit, that makes the sex feel awesome, Craig said. His rectum opens and closes more because of the clapping. Amusingly, Craig was still farting now and then through all of this.

Please hurry, Tucker whimpered.

Hey, I like to take my time, Craig grunted, thrusting good and hard. You’re just going to have to wait until I’m ready. I walked around the table to watch the sex from the front. Tucker’s ass was in the air clapping along with Craig’s fucking. Tucker was bawling as though he had been paddled for hours. That Ring of Fire must be some powerful stuff. I wondered how it compared to getting fucked by Max’s massive cock. Then I wondered how it would feel to be fucked by Max’s massive cock while under the effects of this oil.
After about 15 minutes of fucking, Craig began panting heavily and thrusting harder, pushing Tucker against the table and grunting with pleasure. Finally he came and came hard, the fluid filling up Tucker’s ass and overflowing.

Then Tucker began to pant and moan and his crying and screaming stopped. Something was happening. Soon he began to writhe around on the table, not in pain, but apparently pleasure.

Yes, there you go, he said as Craig finished off his lengthy orgasm. Ahhhh. That feels so good.

What’s going on? I asked.

The oil reacts to cum and reverses itself, Tucker said between soft moans. Then it starts soothing the pain it used to create. He flopped down onto the table as Craig’s semen slowly dripped out of his hole.

It’s a reward for tolerating the punishment, I said. That was the Painfather’s attitude toward sex. Make it hurt to reward the dominant man, but ultimately make it feel good at the end for the victim or submissive, so that he’ll find some sort of acceptance with what happened. It makes it fun for both parties.

How long does the Fire Oil last if you don’t fuck him? Craig asked.

I think about three hours, Tucker said. Like the itching cream, it can’t be washed off. Your rectal muscles absorb the oil and there’s no way to get it out. You need to either suffer or change the chemical make-up by fucking.

Well, it looks like we made a mess of your shop, I said.

No, Craig said. This is my shop. He gave me a grin.

What do you mean? Tucker asked.

I’m taking ownership of this shop, Craig said. I love all this stuff and I have ideas for more.

How do you do that? Tucker said. I’m waiting for an executive to show up to run the place.

Oh, he’ll still run the place, Craig said. But you’ll all work for me. Anybody have a problem with that and I’ll be sure to talk to him. I’ll use short words so that I can get in more paddle swats. You have a problem with it, Tucker?

No, Tucker said in a long moan, his ass quivering.

Good, Craig said. We’re gonna call the place Craig’s Pranks and Spanks.

While Craig explained to Tucker where he lived so that he could tell the executive when he showed up, I grabbed a bag and collected at least one of just about everything. Craig and I were on the same page about this place. It was great. I took a bunch of the itching creams. I had some ideas bouncing around in my head.

When he was done chatting with Tucker and the producer had recovered from his painful fuck, we decided to head out to go visit the warehouse.

You’ll see me again soon, Craig warned. Tucker sighed but also gave a sheepish smile as he cleaned up the mess we made.

I got that idea from you taking over the pent