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Aaron's Game
Chapter 6: Twenty-Four Hours of Torment

by Redspkscott

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Aaron’s Game – Chapter Six: Twenty-Four Hours of Torment

My ass began quivering on its own as I stared up at the timer reading 24 hours. I started struggling hard in the restraints, without luck. The only thing that happened is that my butt put on a sexy show as it wiggled back and forth and bounced around in place, and the punishment hadn’t even started. The two hunters whose laps I had been laid across laughed as they slowly pulled my shorts down. My butt was still a bit pink from our visit to the Hall of Fear. Things were about to get much worse.

Let’s get started! Brick roared and the timer started counting down. I winced and closed my eyes in preparation. CRACK! A paddle smacked across both cheeks with vigor. As I was still reacting to the pain of that blow, WHACK! The second hunter’s paddle came down just as hard. I yelled into the gag as the men quickly achieved a paddling pace that was the same as the punishment machines Reuben and the three other gladiators had been locked into.

The pain began to grow and grow with each swat and I was helpless to do anything. Because there weren’t any gaps between blows, there was no opportunity to catch my breath or prepare myself mentally for the next swat. I hollered and yelled, all of which was muffled by my gag. My head shook back in forth in denial of what was happening. What if the pain never stopped getting worse? I struggled one more time to see if there was any weakness in the restraints that I could exploit. I pushed my muscles as hard as I could. I tried to yank my chest forward or backward. It wouldn’t budge.

Then I felt that internal surrender again. It happened before when I finally accepted Reuben had beaten me. I stopped pushing against the restraints and my body decided to accept the punishment. At the same time, the tears began to flow. Through blurry vision I looked up at the clock. Only 15 minutes had passed and I was already broken.

Once I accepted my fate, the pain didn’t ease up at all, but my mind cleared a bit from thoughts of fighting or escaping or resisting in some way. The pain became a part of my body, like my mind or my arm. I was able to look around a bit more and focus just a bit, though it was a huge struggle. I could crane my head and watch Craig’s reactions. He was still struggling against the inevitable. His face was shaking back and forth and I could tell that he was trying to yell Nooooo! into the gag over and over. I winced watching him for a few minutes until finally, his head sagged for a moment and his eyes relaxed. He had just surrendered, too.

I was able to crane my head back enough to look over one of my shoulders and watch my own punishment. The two hunters had grim smiles on their faces as they smacked my ass hard. They had cigars stuck in the corners of their mouths and were puffing away. Occasionally I could hear one of them mutter Yeah! or Look at it bounce! after swats. I could feel their erections pressing against their pants and into my sides.

I could barely see my own ass out of the corner of my vision, with my head craned all the way to the right. It was indeed bouncing very nicely after each swat. The angle we were restrained in prevented either of us from squeezing our cheeks together in reaction to the pain. Our buttocks appeared to be very accepting of each and every swat, no matter how hard.

As the end of the first hour approached, Joss took position up in front of me, while Edgar stood in front of Craig. I looked at him, tears streaming down my face and whimpered.

Don’t worry, Joss said. Edgar and I will be getting our turns, too. I can’t wait! He held up a thick Lexan paddle with holes in it and gave me that now-familiar dark look.

Okay guys, Joss said. Get ready for a shift change. Four more hunters stepped up and took position behind their brothers. When the clock signaled an hour had passed, Joss grabbed me by the back of my head and pulled upward. Edgar did the same to Craig. At the same time, the hunters paddling us stopped and lifted our bodies up and slid off the stools. The replacement hunters took their spots and we were lifted back down. The whole change-over took less than a minute, but enough for me to start feeling that post-punishment warmth spread across my bottom. I even started getting an erection.

And so then it was unfortunate that the punishment then resumed, because suddenly it felt like it hurt more and my body started resisting again. WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! I realized they weren’t using paddles this round. They had narrow hand-held straps, so the pain was different. I ended up going through the same struggle as I did an hour ago, bawling and screaming until my body finally surrendered again. I watched Craig go through the same thing. Was I going to do this every single hour?

Once I settled into the pain again the best I could, I was able to take note of the surroundings just a little more, at least for brief moments. Folks were circling around, watching our punishment, enjoying it. The producer with the camera focused on my face for a few minutes and then slowly walked around me to show my punishment. We saw several of our fellow gladiators come over to smirk at us. Probably nobody was going to enjoy seeing a gladiator being punished more than another gladiator.

In the meantime, as more visitors had come, Brick returned to his spiel. He had the hunters drag up some random producer to take the place of the commando. He treated the poor guy the same, tying him down, ripping the bottom out of his jeans with his bare hands, and spanking him viciously with his big metal paddle. He explained the bounty system again and introduced everybody to Craig and me as examples of the system at work.

The afternoon wore on into the evening. As I feared, each time they shifted hunters on us, they switched spanking implements, which caused the pain to flare up harder for the first fifteen minutes of punishment each time. The cameraman came back around to catch us right after a shift change to be sure to document our squirming and gagged screams and yells.

When the sixth hour came along, Joss wasn’t there in front of me to oversee the shift change. I looked over my shoulder to see him and Edgar waiting to take their seats and finally get their hands on my ass. I suspected this was going to be a rough ride.

I was lifted up briefly as they all switched seats. Joss and Edgar sat down and I was lowered down. They each stuck cigars in their mouths and lit up. Joss rested his paddle right across my ass in the spot where I sat down.

Got my mark? He asked Edgar.

Yup, he said.

Good. Then Joss reached over with his free hand and grabbed the back of my head. He forced me turn and look directly at him, with my ass barely visible in the corner of my eye. Rather than staring at my ass, he stared directly into my eyes. Then he lifted the paddle and CRACK! The hardest swat I had received so far. I screamed and tried to wave my head around in reaction, but Joss held it firm. I had no choice to watch him staring right me as he and Edgar paddled me hard, each with vicious Lexan paddles.

And after 30 seconds I realized how truly harsh this was going to be. The other hunters had beaten my massive bottom all over, getting every square inch, hitting every point where I could feel any pain. Joss and Edgar weren’t doing that. They were hitting the exact same spot over and over again, the spot that I sat on. The pain rose and rose in that one spot, and I quickly realized I would not be able to adapt to it. I truly began bawling and pleading. He just stared into my eyes with his menacing look and continued the paddling. He never said anything. He never slowed down. He never smacked my ass anywhere but in that exact spot. I knew I was pleading at him with my eyes (and my words, but he couldn’t hear them) for relief. There would be no mercy. He stared back at me, in total control, completely dominating without saying so much as a word. I cried harder than I had so far and kept trying to look away in humiliation, but he wouldn’t let me. When the cigar burned down, a nearby pretty boy calmly plucked it out of his mouth for him and put in a new one so he wouldn’t have to let go of my head. He didn’t even have to look away.

For sixty minutes I endured Joss’s complete dominance and the most vicious paddling I’ve gotten so far from him and Edgar. I was choking with sobs by the time they were done, and the short break as they slid out to allow two new hunters to take over was like a brief visit to heaven. As the new hunters positioned themselves (these two were using a couple of wicked switches that were going to leave angry stripes on my blistered ass), Joss casually walked back up in front of me.

Thanks for telling us about the Hall of Fear’s problems by the way, he said. You’ll be pleased I decided to try to help them out with their issues by taking it over, just like your buddy, Craig, took over the pranks shop. I’m looking forward to your next visit.

Before I could react to that news, the next shift started. I strained again to adapt to the new type of pain as lines of scorching heat criss-crossed my bottom. After a few minutes of helpless struggle, I was able to surrender again. I was able to overhear some nearby discussion. The intense pain and domination of Joss’s session drowned out all outside sounds for me for that hour. There was just his face, his dark eyes, and his relentless paddle swats.

Did you see that one session? I heard somebody mutter.

The way he just stared at him the whole time, somebody else said. I know it’s only been a couple of days, but I’m going to have a hard time imagining anybody topping that. I got an erection just watching.

Notice they have the same colors? Black, purple and gold. Does that mean they get extra intense with each other?

I hope nobody ever turns to him to put a bounty on me.

I kinda honestly hope they do. I mean, I want to try it once. Maybe only once.

Two hours later, I saw Joss and Edgar slide in for a session tormenting Craig. Joss did the exact same thing with him that he did with me. He grabbed Craig’s head and forced him to stare into his eyes while he beat his ass. Even within the gag, Craig’s cries could be heard through the warehouse. Was I that loud, too? The punishment was exactly as relentless. I spent the entire hour watching them even as my own ass burned up. When it was over and the next shift took over, I looked at Craig’s face and actually laughed in my gag. He had cried so much and his face was so red that you couldn’t even tell he had freckles any more.

We reached late night and fewer and fewer people were coming to visit. By the time we reached the 12-hour point, it was just hunters around Craig and me. Joss returned to continue overseeing my shift changes. At times he again would grab my head and force me to look up into his eyes. I found myself no longer trying to look away. He periodically would walk over to Craig and do the same.

So, my boy, I heard Brick address Joss. Think you want to direct your attentions to the gladiators? They’re a tough bunch and will keep you on your toes. Of all the men here, they’re the most likely to turn the tables on you.

I know, but get those big tough guys under your control, and they act just like blue-collars, Joss said. The fight is definitely worth it.

I didn’t really understand what the conversation meant. Exhaustion began to set in. I wanted to sleep, but could not, due to the pain. But I could no longer extend any energy to focus on the surroundings. I just lay there limply in my restraints, feeling the pain and listening to the sounds of my swats, lashes or whatever was being used to punish me.

The exhaustion actually worked out in my favor. My inability to focus caused the next few hours to feel like they went by faster. Even though I couldn’t sleep through all the pain, I was able to zone out for a few minutes at a time. But then, every shift change forced me back to full attention as the new pain caused me to struggle again.

When next I checked the clock, I saw that six hours had passed. It was late morning now and I wondered what other people were up to today. At some point Brick took his leave and left the warehouse to his followers. I was supposed to be sparring Craig right now. Instead we were both suffering terribly. I looked over to him again to see his head hanging around groggily like mine. We made eye contact finally. He nodded at me and I nodded back.

Well, look what we have here? I heard from behind me. Oh, terrific. I wondered if this would happen. Reuben stomped his way to the front to look me in the eye. He was accompanied by the other three gladiators we defeated, Li, Jordan, and Bruce.

I was at home recovering from my punishment and wondering where the hell you were, he said. When you didn’t come back last night and Max didn’t know what you were up to, I flipped on the television and this was all the rage on both the Gold and the Black channels.

There was nothing I could do to respond, of course, so I just looked at him.

Look at that red, sad face, he said, tilting his head to look at me. You should see what your ass looks like. In fact, let’s show him what his ass will look like tomorrow, guys. The four gladiators turned around and dropped their trunks. All of their bottoms were still black and blue. Reuben grabbed my head and then shoved his ass right in my face to give me a good look, he said.

Just a tip, do not try to sit down for a while, Reuben said. You know, I think I’m gonna hang out and watch the end of the punishment. I was so furious with you for the first few hours of my paddling. But I was able to get over it and accept my loss. Now I get to watch you get it! I just wish I had played a bigger role, but I guess I’m getting my own fan base.

The four of them parked themselves at the front and watched the rest of my punishment. Eventually a cameraman came over and asked Reuben some questions, but they were too far way and I was too exhausted to overhear the conversation.

The punishment brutally marched on until I looked at the clock and realize we were close to our last hour. I looked over at Craig and nodded to him to indicate we were almost through.

Then it came time for the last hour. I felt myself being pulled up again, and set back down for the last session. Then I felt a hand grab me and force me to turn my head. It was Joss and Edgar. They were going to be my final punishers. I began to cry in defeat as I realized what was about to happen. Sure enough, the final hour of paddling was exactly the same as my last session with Joss. He forced me to stare into his intense brown eyes for the entirety of the hour, and he and Edgar paddled me in the exact same spot on my ass. The four gladiators laughed as I screamed and cried into my gag helplessly.

This was actually much worse than our punishment, Li noted.

Good, Reuben said.

The timer counted down as Joss and Edgar relentlessly paddled my ass. I could see out of the corner of my eye that it was now completely black and blue in the center and the middle of the cheeks with deep redness around the sides. Eventually I heard a loud buzzer and the paddling stopped. For good. At least I hoped.

Your bounty has been fully claimed, Joss said. It will be recorded in your file we’ve started for you. You are protected from any new bounties for one week. I laid there across his lap, panting. The hunters started detaching the pieces of our restraints.

Leave the gags and arm restraints on them, Edgar said. We’ve got one last going-away present. I whimpered at the possibility of more punishment. I had suffered an entire day’s worth of beating. What more could they do?

Craig and I were pulled off the hunters’ laps. We could barely stand. Our asses were still pulsing with pain that was going to take a while to fade, but I already felt that delicious after-tingling teasing me with warmth and desire. Edgar walked over to Craig and forcefully directed him to a nearby table.

Joss meanwhile simply grabbed me and flipped me over onto the floor on my back. I looked at him in confusion. Then he grabbed my thighs and lifted my legs up until my ass was in the air upside down. He then unzipped his jeans and his large, fully erect cock flopped out. I realized what was going to happen and I was too exhausted to even consider trying to resist. He was fucking me in such a way that he would be able to look me in the face while he was doing it. He positioned his cock over my hole and I felt the blossom of new pain as he pushed his way in.

We don’t believe in lube, by the way, he growled as I whimpered. He rested his hands on the floor by my shoulders and his harsh fucking kept me pinned in place. Over across the table, Edgar was fucking Craig as well. Getting fucked without lube was about as bad as getting fucked by Max with lube. Thank god they didn’t use the Fire Oil on us. I yelped in pain and growled in my gag. I could hear Craig moaning.

This guy likes it rough, sounds like, Edgar said. He writhed around on the table as Edgar thrust hard.

Joss stared deep into my eyes again while he fucked me. Again, he said nothing. Again, I felt his dominance. When my ass relented and let him in deeper, the pain didn’t fade at all, but it was mixed with some small amount of pleasure. The first bit of pleasure I had felt in a full day. I began to moan in my gag. Joss began to thrust harder. After a few minutes, he finally came and the spraying of his cum in my ass helped relieve the pain caused by lack of lube. But of course, it was almost over by then.

Finally he pulled out, as did Edgar. Craig definitely appeared to enjoy his rough fucking a lot.

Remove the rest of their bonds, Joss ordered. You two are free to go. You will receive a survey in a few days to ask about your experience. Please be honest. Your feedback will help us improve our service.

I stared at him in disbelief as my gag and arm restraints were removed.

Are you serious? I tried to say, but my voice came out all hoarse.

Yeah, don’t try to talk for a few hours, Reuben said as he walked up to us. All that screaming and crying wore out your throat for a bit. You’re not injured, but I guess we can exhaust ourselves in all sorts of ways.

Craig was slowly pulling up his shorts.

I wouldn’t do that, Reuben warned. Craig ignored him, only to start yelping in pain after pulling them all the way up.

Yeah, just the pressure of contact inflames the ass, Reuben said. Might as well just take them off and we’ll walk home in your jocks. I’ll let you boys lean on me for support. He smiled generously at us.

We both accepted his suggestion and stood around in just our jocks.

All right, Reuben said. Let’s head home. Craig and I limped up to him and leaned against his shoulders, one of us on each side, as we started heading back home.

Be seeing you around, Joss said. I stopped for a moment and turned to look at him. Then I gave him a thumbs-up and smiled through my tears.

That is what it should feel like when we lose, I said, croaking out the words.

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