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Aaron's Game
Chapter 7: Walk of Shame

by Redspkscott

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Aaron’s Game – Chapter Seven: Walk of Shame

Craig and I carried our goodie bags from the prank shop in one hand and clung to Reuben with the other arm as we slowly limped through the warehouse yard to head home. Reuben laughed at our predicament.

It took us a hell of a long time to get home, Reuben said. And we’re way further from the condos than the stadium was.

I looked over at Craig’s ass. It was heavily bruised, with stripes, welts and blisters all over. I imagined mine looked the same. It was going to take us long time to get home at this speed.

Don’t worry, boys, Reuben said. I’m here to support you.

That sounded suspicious. But I was too tired to react when I felt his right hand trace its way down my back. I fully expected him to start smacking my blistered ass with his hand. Instead he reached into the cleft between my cheeks, took his three longest fingers and quickly, roughly shoved them up my ass. I yelped in surprise. Based on the gasp that came out of Craig, Reuben did the same to him. We both stopped and squirmed in place as he forced his fingers all the way in.

Keep walking, boys, it’s a long way home, Reuben said, chuckling.

I wriggled in discomfort. He cupped his palm and pulled upward, causing me to have to stand on the pads of my feet.

Dammit, I croaked. Craig moaned. I slowly started to walk again, with Ruben’s fingers firmly up my ass. Craig did the same. It was uncomfortable, but at least we weren’t getting our asses beaten. However, because our big, muscular bottoms tended to bounce with every step we took, as we walked, our asses slid up and down Reuben’s fingers on their own. They didn’t bounce up enough for us to free ourselves, of course. Just an inch or so. Just enough for Reuben to force us to mercilessly finger-fuck ourselves all the way home.

At this point I noticed a producer with a camera tailing us, recording the humiliation. My cock stirred just a bit at the voyeurism.

Are you Victor? I croaked at the guy. My voice sounded like it was slowly recovering.

Naw, I work for him though, the man said. I nodded and continued limping home, my ass bouncing up and down on Reuben’s thick fingers. At least I still had some of Joss’s cum inside me to lubricate.

Along the way home, Reuben told us what he’d been up to since losing his match at the arena.

Unlike you boys, none of us had any idea how long we were gonna be punished, Reuben said. They were sealed off from all the noise and the timer didn’t show inside. For all we knew we could have been there for days.

After they got out, they all limped home a caught up on the sleep they missed for having been beaten for 24 hours straight.
When I woke up ... well, you two will discover what happens. I don’t want to spoil it, Reuben said. That sounded interesting.

Later on I was able walk well enough to go visit that fort where all the green guys hang out. The commandos, he explained. Green was Reuben’s secondary color instead of the purple that I and Craig wore.

So commandos and us green guys in general believe that this great big world has a pecking order, you see, Reuben said. Your place in this pecking order determines whose ass you get to lay claim to and who you have to submit to. The commandos, of course, see themselves at the top and us brothers in green as allies to help them out. So right now they’re going around town showing their dominance over those lesser boys in blue and orange and such. I don’t know what they think about us golden boys. There might not be a problem, because we have our own pecking order, don’t we, boys? He pushed his fingers up an inch further somehow, and we both moaned as we were forced to stand on tip-toe for a few seconds.

Of course, our pecking order was subject to change based on our competition. It sounded like the commandos had in mind a more permanent arrangement. Any golden boy would submit to a commando if the commando successfully beat him, but I wondered how they’d feel about having to go through the fight every time, and also about being forced to submit if they lost.

Anyway, Reuben said, You may be wondering why that matters for us? I nodded at him. Let me be clear: There is only way this rivalry will ever end. And that’s with you accepting me as your superior on the field and submitting to me for good.

Not gonna happen, I croaked.

We’ll see, Reuben said. We’ve got all the time in the world. I’m gonna come for your perfect ass any way I can get it. You can expect a fun walk home like this after every loss. I’m going to do everything to make sure that losing to me hurts much, much more than simply submitting to me.

Hot, I hoarsely whispered. Reuben laughed. I think he suspected deep down that there was no way I would ever permanently submit to him, but it was going to be in nature to try to dominate me as much as possible both on and off the field.

So who’s your buddy? Reuben asked. Since he was stuck in the punishment tube, he hadn’t heard our conversation with Derek.

I’m Craig, he said, his voice as weak as mine.

Craig, pleased to meet you, Reuben said. Any friend of Aaron’s is on my permanent shit list. Think you can handle it?

Bring it on.

Welcome to the rivalry, Reuben said, laughing. You’re the other purple guy, looks like. A couple of the other gladiators filled the four of us who lost in on the meeting with Derek. So the two of you are going to be responsible for making our matches all the more interesting, yes?

Yup, I said.

You boys better go hard with it, Reuben said. No mercy. That way I can really laugh my ass off when I force the two of you into your own punishments.

It’s gonna be way hotter than a spanking tube, I said.

Yeah, that was intense but really boring after a while, Reuben said. The punishment you two got was a lot hotter.

That’s what it should be like when we lose, I said. My voice was growing stronger. The humiliation of the crowd. Seeing them watching you be punished and them enjoying the look on your face. That’s what losing should feel like. I bet ours felt like it hurt more than yours.

And when Joss made us look him in the eye when he punished us, Craig said.

That was intense, I said. Those hunters seem to know what they’re doing.

Reuben chatted amiably enough with us as we slowly made our way home. At no point did he provide us any relief from the fingers up our asses. Up and down we bounced as we walked, getting fucked with every single step. He realized that Craig’s belongings were in the room next to mine and said that he had brought in Max’s two new football buddies, Jeffrey and Rico, and they were now his tenants.

I took a few liberties with Max while you were gone, Reuben said, smirking, He’s a loyal boy, though. I had to fight him to get him to submit. I grinned. Max wouldn’t fight against my dominance for another month until he had a second chance to free himself.

But now I have my own boys, Reuben noted. How’s this for a rule? Keep your hands off each other’s tenants unless we beat each other in the arena. Then they’re fair game until the loser returns.

I like it, I said. Sounds fair. Craig, you get access to my boys, too. Though after you see Max’s cock, you may want to order him to fuck you instead. Craig likes his sex rough, I explained to Reuben.

Yeah, I’m kind of getting that, Reuben said. Look at his cock. Reuben’s finger-fucking had made Craig very horny. His hard dick flopped out of his jockstrap and was bouncing around free as we walked. This was supposed to be punishment, and here is enjoying it. Surprised he doesn’t have pink as one of his colors instead of purple. Craig managed to laugh between the moans.

Dozens of guys stopped to watch us walk by as we approached the road alongside the beach that led back to the condos. I could see by the smiles on their faces and the erections visible in their pants or shorts or whatever they were wearing that they were enjoying watching our humiliation. I started getting an erection of my own.

You get off on being watched, don’t you? Reuben said as my own cock joined Craig’s in flopping out of my jock. Win or lose, the crowd gets you going.

Yeah, I moaned as we approached our condo. I was beginning to realize it was true. I got excited when I discovered our condo was televised and hoped I had an audience when I was punishing Levi and Max, and I was aroused at the idea that people were watching Reuben punish me. And then last night, when that video camera swooped around while Craig and I were getting beaten, that enhanced the whole scene.

That will do good for us building fans then, Reuben said. The two of you better work your asses off making the gladiators the biggest stars in this city. Our rivalry deserves the attention.

We made our way into the condo. Reuben still wouldn’t remove his fingers. As we headed through the lobby, we saw that we now had a staff here. There was an executive, a few pretty boys and a few blue collars doing work. I craned my head to look at them. The best I could tell, they all had gold as their second color. They want to work with golden boys.

You’ll meet those guys later, Reuben said. For now, you two sleep. He forced us into the elevator and up to the penthouse. Even then he would not remove his fingers. He fuck-marched us into my bedroom, where I saw Max laying on my bed, his arms tied behind his back and his pants pulled down to show a nice deep red bottom. Reuben pushed both Craig and I onto the bed, finally letting our asses go. We both sighed in relief as we flopped down next to Max. We saw that he was gagged.

Max is there for a reason, Reuben said. You’ll figure it out when you wake up. I rubbed the back of Max’s head and he moaned in recognition of my return. Craig tried to protest that this wasn’t bed.

I know, Reuben said, But the three of you look hot in bed like that with your blistered asses up in the air. It’ll look good on television.

Let’s just go with it, I said, wrapping an arm around Max. This is Craig, I told him. He’s going to be staying here, too. Max nodded. I tried to explain more, but before I even realized it I was nodding on. The lack of sleep had finally caught up with me.

I was in the light again.

Very impressive, came the Painfather’s voice. I felt myself beaming at the praise.

Have I honored you with my games of pain and dominance? I asked.

You have taken well to this world, as have all my creations, he said.

I saw glowing forms appear – gold, purple and black. Suddenly Derek, Luis and Brick materialized.

Competitive, fun, and mean, I said. That’s me. I know who I am, Painfather. The three patrons nodded. Derek and Luis smiled. Brick did not. Brick only smiled when he was punishing somebody.

That is good, the Painfather said. Know that you and Craig are the only men of your exact type in this city. You’ve met Joss and you’ll meet Victor soon. You’re all influenced by these three patrons but in different ways.

There are others like me and Craig though elsewhere, right?

Yes, of course, the Painfather said. Eventually you will come to meet and possibly compete against these other gladiators in other cities.

It will be a few years though, Derek chimed in. I want each gladiator arena to establish itself. That means that each arena will end up with its own rules. That should make things fun when we start having city versus city matches.

That was my idea, Luis said. Avoid stagnation. Give the fans new things to look forward to down the line. Brick looked over at Luis.

I’ll have to admit, Brick said in his deep, threatening voice, I thought the Painfather was making a mistake with Luis here. What does fun have to do with pain and domination? But the Painfather, in his wisdom, proved me wrong.

Fun doesn’t mean nice, Luis reminded.

I understand now, Brick said. Derek and Luis have given you and Craig tasks, Aaron. Now I will give you mine. Joss was immediately drawn to you and Craig, you no doubt noticed.

Oh, yes, I said. His dominance was the highlight of my punishment.

Good to hear. I must confess that I am not as creative as Derek and Luis.

That’s not true, Luis broke in. Your hunters were quite creative in putting on that show with Craig and Aaron.

True, Brick said. But our creativity is limited to the actual punishment itself. My point is, I’m not entirely sure how I want Joss or the hunters who share your colors to work with the gladiators. The bounties are fun, but not enough. You are all brothers in pain. All gladiators bear the black. I want you and Craig to work with Joss to develop a relationship between the gladiators and the hunters.

I would be proud to do so, I said. I definitely see the possibility of the hunters assisting us somehow in punishing gladiators who fail to perform.

Good, Brick said. Don’t let me down. If you do ... He strode over to me and quickly grabbed me and bent me over at the waist. He was amazingly strong. I couldn’t resist even if I wanted to.

In your dreams, your butt is nice and smooth and unmarked, he said. He pulled out his vicious metal paddle and suddenly — WHAM! He smacked the paddle hard across my ass. He gave me a furious set of 100 swats as I cried out in pain and squirmed to no avail. His armlock around my waist was steel.

I can beat your ass raw in your dreams and your bottom will feel it in real life, Brick said. It won’t mean much this time because your ass is already looking as bad as it gets. You won’t feel any different when you wake up. But in the future, now you know what happens to boys who disappoint me. Imagine getting paddled for hours and then getting paddled even more in your dreams.

Yes, sir, I said as he let me go.

He’s already fantasizing about what that might feel like, Luis said. The three patrons laughed.

It is time for us to say goodbye for now, the Painfather broke in. The three patrons nodded in reverence and then faded away.

As for you, the Painfather said to me. This will likely be our last direct conversation for some time. As you said, you have found yourself and feel at peace and inspired.

Yes, Painfather, I said.

I will always be watching, of course, and I may check in with you now and then, every few years or decades or so, the Painfather said. I have one last present for all of my men. You will sense it later on tomorrow. That will be the last direct urge coming from me. After that, you will all be free to develop the world the way you please, watched over by your patrons.

Thank you, Painfather, I said. I am looking forward to what happens next.

I am as well, he said. Farewell, Aaron. I am looking forward to your games.

The light exploded, then faded into darkness.

I felt the pain even before opening my eyes. My ass was still wrecked from my punishment (and the additional dream swats by Brick). But it wasn’t the searing heat from the swats. It had faded into this deep warmth, like there were coals slowly cooking my bottom. It was a constant moderate level of pain that felt really, really good. Really good. I looked over at the clock to see we had slept all night. It was now 7 a.m.

I felt Craig and Max rousing in bed and looked over at them. I watched Craig’s face as he adapted to the way the pain felt now.

Oh my ... , Craig said. Do you feel ... ?

Very horny? I asked.

Yes! He shot back. I nodded. Then I looked at Max, who obediently slept with us all night, bound and gagged. I slipped his gag off.

Morning, I said.

Morning! he said, smiling. Thanks to Reuben, I know what’s coming next.

We’re both going to fuck the hell out of you, I said. He simply nodded and raised his ass up obediently.

He’s yours, Craig said. You first!

How generous! I said. I started to lube up, but then remembered our new bags of fun. I looked through mine and pulled out a bottle of the Fire Oil. Craig grinned. Max looked back at it.

What is that? he asked.

You are about to find out what it feels like to be fucked by you, I said.

Uh oh, he said, but he kept his ass up in submission. Carefully I drew out and dripped two drops between his ass cheeks, right on his hole.

Hold him down, I said, just a second before Max started yelping and squirming on the mattress. He did not scream the way Tucker had but clearly the pain was very intense for him.

It fucking burns, Max growled.