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Aaron's Game
Chapter 10: Sweet Revenge

by Redspkscott

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Aaron’s Game – Chapter Ten: Sweet Revenge

Craig was nice enough to let me go back to the penthouse to clean off his cum and the stuff he used on me. As we were warned, the itching powder wouldn’t wash off, but it had weakened quite a bit. I still was unable to stop myself from reaching back now and then and rubbing my ass crack to try to relieve the inflammation. It did no good at all. I had been planning to try the itching powder on Max and hadn’t gotten around to it, but at least I knew now what the experience would feel like.

The penthouse was empty. Max, Rico and Jeffrey must have been off auditioning coaches. Based on what they said they were looking for, they were likely to return back home with nicely blistered bottoms. Reuben was nowhere to be seen.

I jumped into Craig’s car this time and he drove us over to the amusement park. It still didn’t have a name.

Maybe they should name it in honor of Luis, somehow, I said as we wandered in. Yao recognized us from our last visit and waved us over again.

Hey guys, he said. You’ll see there’s a lot more work done. We’re looking at a big grand opening in about a week or so.

That’s awesome! Craig said. We both smacked him firmly on his butt with our paddles as we headed in.

Craig wanted to check out his pranks shop and meet the executive that had arrived to oversee its actual operations.

I haven’t paddled an executive yet, he said, grinning.

We split up and I headed over toward the Hall of Fear. Passing by some of the rides, I saw some of them had incorporated pain into them. There were spinning swings where riders were suspended horizontally in restraints with their asses hanging out. As they spun around, flexible leather straps struck their bottoms. I noted a couple of hunters working with the blue collars to make the ride work to perfection, given their expertise in restraints. And then the blue collars were also recruited to test the ride thoroughly.

There was also a carousel that did allow riders a typical sitting position. Except they did so over large dildos that thrusted up and down as the horses rode in the circle, getting fucked very thoroughly. Riders were restrained (again with the help of hunters) and had no choice once they got on but to accept the ass-ramming until the ride came to a halt. I assumed some of these people who enjoyed these rides were not given much choice on riding them in the first place.

Not all the rides had anything to do with pain though. Some were just honestly fun – a bit of a breather from the pain and domination. It turned out the roller coasters were just going to be roller coasters. I imagined, though, their seats were nice and hard, and riding on some of the bumpier machines with a recently punished bottom might add to the suffering.

The midway looked ready to go. The stands were all in place and it looked like they worked out the restraints to hang the prizes from the ceiling. A couple of them were operating to give people a taste of what the full midway would be like when running. One stand required players to knock over a pyramid of bottles with baseballs in order to win the prize of a previous loser currently hanging helplessly from the roof of the stand, bound and gagged. They had a sign up with the rules, and I noticed they had made a little adjustment. Rather than just the flat two hours of punishment – either handing it out as a winner or receiving it as a loser, you could wager up to four hours. The more you wagered, the fewer chances you received to win, and losing meant more time as a possible prize. But if you won, you got to pick a victim to torment for four hours.

This stand was obviously designed to appeal to golden boys, and there were several gathered around, some playing, some losers hanging as prizes, and some using nearby benches to punish the prizes they had won with both spankings and forced sex. There were also a couple of blue collars and even a few producers as prizes.

There was another stand that seemed designed for the commandos. It was a shooting gallery using these interesting guns that shot round, rubber bullets. The losers of this game didn’t get to just hang helplessly from the ceiling waiting to be chosen. They were bound up and used as the targets, their asses presented through holes in the far wall of the stand. There were small circles painted on the center of each cheek and a third around their asshole. The cheeks scored a point each. Hitting the center scored five points. The higher your wager, the more points you had to score to win. As with the other stand, the wager also indicated how long you’d be tormented should you lose. I watched a commando shoot at the bare bottom of one of his fellow soldiers. Each shot caused the victim to yelp in severe pain. The bullet bounced off his cheek leaving a nice little bruise. Then he hit the guy right in the hole and he howled in pain.

That’s what you get for not being a better shot, son, he said with an unexpected drawl. Gotta work on that aim. I looked the commando over to see that his colors were green, gray and purple. So he was a leader of some sort within the commandos, but what did purple mean for them?

I watched the guy shoot for a little while longer, tormenting the commando’s butt with rubber bullets. By the time it was over he was already crying.

You won! the producer operating the stand said. You can either select your target as a prize or any of the others here.

Well, he’s one of my own men so no point in picking him, he said. I beat his ass all the time already. Gimme that blue collar over there. Nice butt on that one.

Nice aim, I said to the commando as his producer operating the stand pulled a bound up, muscle-bound blue collar out from among the targets for him.

The Painfather saw fit to give me some pretty good eyesight, he said with a nod.

I’m Aaron, I said to him, offering up my hand. He shook it with a smile.

I’m Capt. Cody, he said. He had close-cropped blond hair and sideburns. He was well-tanned with what seemed like an easy-going nature that was a little calmer than the commandos I’d seen so far. I noticed that the other commandos here also had purple as secondary colors.

You guys are the first commandos with purple I’ve seen, I said. What’s your role?

Intelligence and communications, Cody said. Keeping an eye on the other factions, serving as community liaisons, that sort of thing.

Looks like you guys know how to fight, too, I said.

That we do, Cody said.

So did your squad arrange the plans for that assault on the punks in that park? I asked.

I can’t discuss specific operations, Cody said. But that is the kind of thing we do. He gave me a quick wink.

Did you guys come up with this? I asked, pointing to the shooting gallery.

That, I’m happy to take credit for with my team here, he said. What do you think?

It actually looks like fun! I said.

You sound surprised, he said.

Well, you’ve kind of developed a reputation for being a bit serious, I said.

Maintaining order is our duty, and we do take it seriously, he said. But the Painfather saw fit to make Luis and stick a few of us fun-loving, creative types into the commandos. As long as everybody accepts his role where the Painfather put him, there’s some wiggle room. Especially for a nice ass. We both laughed.

So is this park on your potential list of targets for domination? I asked.

I think we both know I’m not gonna answer that kind of question, he said. I nodded.

Well, it’s good to see that there’s come creative minds among you guys, I said. If your guys come after us, I want the fight to be interesting.

I’m betting it’s gonna be, he said. Not that I’m saying we have anything in planning, mind you.

I winked back at him and started heading over to the Hall of Fear. After a few steps I quickly turned my head to look back and noticed him checking out my ass. I gave him a thumb’s up and kept walking. He laughed. I felt a little better knowing that there were fun types among the commandos. It seemed likely that our two factions were going to clash eventually. It was good to know that there could be fun to be found in the fights. I mentally added Cody to the list of commandos I wanted to get my hands on.

I headed over to the Hall of Fear to see Joss and the hunters had already started leaving their marks on it. There were a couple of punks doing some painting on the exterior of the large building. Rather than just the bloodshot eyes, the punks were painting outlines of men in black robes, faces cloaked in shadow, all holding paddles at the ready. When the punks were done, the entire building would be decorated with a threatening crew of men waiting to beat visitors’ asses. I noticed the punks’ colors were orange, black and, blue. Orange and blue seemed a little contradictory to me, but the black indicated an interest in helping out the hunters. Levi and I shared both gold and purple, so that must be why he seemed less rebellious toward me than the commandos.

I walked up to the front to see that there was a small line of guys waiting to enter the hall. It was a good mix of golden boys, producers, blue collars, and there were even a couple of commandos. They all wanted to test their luck to see if they could make it through with their asses intact.

The hunters had also added some loudspeakers near the entrance that sounded like they were feeding sound from inside the Hall of Fear. Guys were able to hear in line those who had failed to navigate the traps inside and were being punished. I stopped for a moment to listen. The hunters had definitely amped up the harshness of the punishment inside, if the cries were actually coming from the hall’s victims.

A couple of burly men in black robes were now overseeing the entrance to the hall. Based on their rough demeanor, it was obvious they were hunters, not producers. They also no longer offered visitors the choices Craig and I were offered. They just grabbed the next guy in line, bound his arms behind his back, blindfolded him, and forced him through the entry to the Hall of Fear with a firm kick in the ass.

Is Joss around? I asked one of the guys at the gate. Now that I was close, I remembered him as one of my tormenters that fateful night, but I didn’t know his name.

Give me a minute, he said and headed inside the hall. I waited and watched as a couple of guys stumbled out of the exit. They were producers, and the seats of their tight jeans had been ripped off and their asses blistered. Their eyes were red from bawling. They whimpered in pain as a hunter roughly removed their restraints.

How long were we in there? one asked.

I think about six hours? the other said, clutching his bottom after his arms were freed.

Wait, where’s Gary? The first one asked. They both looked at the dark doorway they came through.

Looks like the hall claimed a tribute, the hunter said.

What does that mean?

It means you’ll have to come back later when the hall is done with him, he growled. Or, you could press your luck and go back in to try to rescue him. He held up the arm restraints again. I’ll even move you to the front of the line!

Then above them all, the door to one of the balconies of the building burst open. A hunter dragged out a bound producer, ripped the seat out of his jeans just like the other guys, bent him over the railing, and started paddling his already red ass very, very hard. His howls of pain echoed across the plaza in front of the building.

Um, let’s go check out some of the other rides, the second producer said.

Yeah, um, let Gary know we’ll be back in a bit. The two of them hustled off quickly while the hunter smirked at them.

By that point, the hunter at the entrance returned with Joss following behind. Joss was wearing the same black robes as the others, but pulled his hood back so he could look me in the eye better. Of course, he still had that same penetrating stare that made it hard to look away.

Here to see what we’ve done with the place? he asked.

Not yet. I promised Craig we’d try it again together, I said. I wanted to talk to you about Patron Brick’s orders. Do you have some time to chat?

Sure, he said. Wait just a moment, though. I have something to show you. It’s too bad Craig isn’t here.

What do you mean?

He walked over to one of the shutters that concealed windows on the first story.

Wait a moment, he said. We stood there for a minute or two. Suddenly the shutters swung open. A hunter in robes had a bound man with a beefy black bottom across his lap and was paddling him good and hard. After a second I realized the hunter was Joss’s buddy, Edgar. Then I noticed the victim’s shorts pulled down. They were red.

Reuben? I yelled. Is that Reuben?

Yup, sure is.

I didn’t think he’d be the type to try out the Hall of Fear.

We didn’t give him a choice.

Is this a bounty?

Yup. Seems like some fans of Craig’s were upset that he got dragged into your rivalry and got punished and decided to get back at Reuben, Joss said. I laughed. It’s not as rough as what you boys went through. It’s only five hours. Craig needs to get some more fans, still.

I watched for a few minutes as Reuben’s ass bounced in pain from Edgar’s Lexan paddle. He yelled and demanded to be let go, but Edgar just laughed. It was a shame he was blindfolded. I would have loved to see his reaction if he knew I was watching him.

Well let’s talk while we head over to Craig’s prank shop, I said. We can tell Craig and he can come see Reuben get his ass beaten himself.

As we walked, Joss filled me in a little bit on some of the changes to the Hall of Fear. As it appeared, there was now only the cruelest mode of exploring the halls. Doing so allowed them to use the entire building for the maze, which extended the length of the journey, the amount of traps, and the potential amount of suffering visitors would face.

So did you boot the producers out entirely? I asked.

Nah, they’re our brothers in purple, after all, Joss said. They set it up to record guys’ journeys through the Hall and then provide them copies they can watch so they can see what they missed because they were blindfolded.

Cool! I said.

And they’re going to do a little show about Hall on the purple channel showing how we keep it fresh with changing traps and beating guys’ asses and stuff. It’s only once a week though, not like your gladiator network. That’s okay. We don’t want to give away all the secrets in there and ruin the fun.

So you guys are good with tech and engineering it seems like, I said.

Yup, Joss said. Especially when it comes to anything that restrains or puts a guy in a situation where we can inflict some nice, fun pain. Edgar and I really like traps. I think that must be our purple influence.

Good, I said. You’re hired. Edgar, too.

For what?

To use those sexy mechanical skills to help make sure gladiators get our asses beat good and raw, I said.

What about the spanking tubes? he asked.

Those are awful for us, I said. I went over our position with him that the spanking tubes separate the fans from seeing the gladiators’ response to pain and he nodded in understanding.

Yeah, everybody’s talking about the way we punished you and Craig, Joss said. But hardly any buzz when gladiators get put in the spanking tubes.

We want all our losses to be like when you guys got your hands on me and Craig.

That’s not realistic though with so many of you guys, Joss said. I mean, there’s a lot of us, more than there are of the gladiators, but you guys are going to be fighting so often, you’d end up taking up all our time. I mean, I would love spending all my time paddling gladiator ass, but that’s just me.

Yeah, I heard you talking to Brick while I was being tormented, Aaron said. I didn’t understand then but when he came to me to order me to work with you, I got it.

So what are you proposing?

I have a plan for punishment that you guys will be able to help out with, depending on how the other gladiators respond to a survey we’re putting together. We do need spanking machines, but they have to be different from the spanking tubes. I was hoping you guys would be willing to help us with that, and maybe some tech stuff for the actual fights themselves. Craig’s putting that together.

Sure, sounds like it’ll be hot, Joss said. I can’t exactly say no, anyway, given my pledge to Brick.

Brick demonstrated to me what happens to guys who disappoint him, I said.

Yeah, Joss laughed. I haven’t gotten my ass beaten by him yet. But I’m s