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Aaron's Game
Chapter 11: Paddle Party

by Redspkscott

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Aaron’s Game – Chapter Eleven: Paddle Party

The next morning I got up and headed into the shower to find Max there cleaning off. His big bottom was nicely bruised, and just looking at it made my morning wood even harder. I walked up to him under the shower and pulled his hips backward. He obediently took my cue to take a step backward.

Show me a three-point stance like a good lineman, I ordered. He knelt down, bent over and put his right hand on the tile floor, raising that magnificent ass of his up for evaluation. He winced as I rubbed it.

New coach do this? I asked.

Yeah, he said. Coach Adam.

Spanking tubes? I asked.

No, he did this himself! Max said, not without admiration. He has a big, thick paddle that leaves bruises.

Since he was nice and wet from the shower, I figured I didn’t need lube. I stepped forward and slowly began pushing my hard cock in. He grunted in pain.

Stay in position if you want me to let those bruises fade, I ordered. He quietly complied. I fucked him slowly, letting him enjoy how it felt to have my hips slam his bruised cheeks.

Why’d he bust your ass so hard? I asked.

To prove he was strong enough for us, he said. The Pain Pigs wanted to make sure we had coaches that will go tough on us.

Did he meet your needs?

We signed a contract for a season with him and five assistant coaches.

All with black as their third color?

All six of them.

I’m impressed. Your asses are going to suffer.

If we win, it will be worth it. If we lose, we’ll deserve it.

Your ass going to look like this a lot?

Probably. I’m the defense captain.

What does that have to do with it?

Whenever anybody on the defense fucks up and gets paddled, I get my ass beat, too.

Really? I said. I started to speed up my fucking and he began to moan when he wasn’t talking.

Yeah, but since we’re all in the building, Coach Adam ordered everybody on the defense to submit to my strop.

Oh, so you get to punish them? I asked.

I’m expected to keep them in line off the field so they stay disciplined. Making me share their paddlings is to force me to keep an eye on them.

Clever coach, I said.

He’s really good, Max said. He seems really smart. Nice and mean, too. Just how we need him.

How mean?

We’re not allowed to fuck anybody any more until we win a game, Max said.

That’s pretty damned mean, I said. Obviously, you’re still gonna get your asses fucked.

Yeah, but me and Rico and Jeffrey can’t fuck anybody else. And when we do win a game, we’re only allowed to fuck for the following week. We have to keep winning in order to keep fucking guys.

What happens when you lose? I asked.

He didn’t tell us yet, Max said. But we know it’s going to be bad. Besides getting our asses busted and fucked by the other team, of course.

I worked myself up to an orgasm just as Craig wandered into the showers.

Stay in position, I ordered as I finished up. I nodded Craig over and he took up position behind Max, starting up a new fuck.

Today’s the party, right? I asked Max as I showered next to them.

Yeah, I made arrangements, he said while Craig fucked him. We’re gonna have music to entertain us and every golden boy in the building is invited.

Good. Looks like you’re going to be pretty occupied soon, I said. As much as I enjoy tormenting you, we need some other guys to spread our love around.

We’re not going to stop fucking him, though, right? Craig asked.

Absolutely not, I said. Max, you are now and forever the official cure for our morning wood.

Unless I outfight you and become the landlord, he noted between moans.

If you manage that we will both raise our asses up and accept that massive cock of yours, I said. Assuming Coach Adam allows it.

Craig thrusted his way to orgasm as Max obediently held position. Afterward the three of us showered off. We wandered back through the penthouse. Reuben was in Jeffrey’s room, fucking him as he recovered from his punishment yesterday. Rico was swimming laps in the pool as exercise. Max told him to show us his ass so we could it was well-bruised as well.

I was really hoping to get to fuck one of the other jocks at the party tonight, Rico complained.

We’ll just have to plan victory parties when we win games and go to town, Max said. Lenny and Trip will love to put them together. They’ll be here tonight helping out, doing whatever we need. They said they had some sort of surprise to us. A gift the Painfather gave to the pretty boys to share. Besides their asses, I guess.

We can have them offer up their asses anyway so we can evaluate the punishment skills of any potential roommates, Craig said as he fired up his laptop.

Yeah, in the unlikely event any of them manage to beat me, they better be able to put out, I said. Give Reuben some competition, maybe.

Hey, we’re getting responses in to our surveys, Craig said, looking at his laptop.

Great, but let’s attend to some business, first, I said.

Want revenge? Craig asked. Let’s go spar.

We headed down to the exercise area the gladiators had claimed out on the beach. We fought it out again, and it was a really tough fight, yet again. Craig and I were really evenly matched. We beat each others’ asses raw along the way, but I was finally able to force out a victory.

Aw, dammit, Craig muttered as he raised his ass in submission. I grabbed his pouch of prank toys. What are you doing?

Don’t worry, I said. I’m only interested in one of your items. I pulled out the itching powder. I really wanted to see it at work when I was the punisher, not the victim. I yanked his shorts down and sprinkled the itching powder down his ass crack, focusing right on his asshole as well. Let’s get to work!

Unlike Craig’s torment that he inflicted on me yesterday, I decided I was going to paddle Craig’s ass as well. He was going to suffer two hours of itching and spanking. As was the case when I was tormented, even though Craig’s body had surrendered to the punishment, the itching powder made it impossible to relax. He kept trying to reach back with his right hand to scratch his itchy ass crack.

Knock it off, I ordered, grabbing his wrist and beating his ass even harder.

Fuck, I can’t help it! He whimpered. You did the same thing yesterday!

Sure enough, for the entire two hours as I beat Craig’s ass good and raw, he kept trying to scratch his ass itch and I had to forcefully hold his arm behind his back. He even kicked his legs in frustration at his inability to do anything about his torture.

When the paddling was all over, he whimpered and immediately began furiously scratching his ass crack.

It doesn’t do any good, I said. But maybe this will. I pushed him down into the sand, lubed up, and began fucking him. He began yelping and crying in pain again.

Dammit, he said. It still fucking itches!

Now you know what it feels like, I said as I continued fucking him. I loved the reactions. I knew I wanted to find a way to incorporate the itching powder into my life as a gladiator, but it depended a lot on what sort of feedback we were getting on our surveys.

I took my time fucking Craig while he wriggled and writhed in the sand. I knew he liked his sex rough anyway, so I figured some of his complaining was just for show. Finally I blew my wad in his ass and rolled off him. He started scratching his ass furiously and ran off into the ocean to try to wash it off.

It won’t help, I called after him. He knew, but he was going to try anyway. Eventually, he waded back to the beach, pulling his shorts back up, but still rubbing his ass crack.

You’ve got about another hour of suffering until it wears off, I told him as we both made our way back to the penthouse.

It’s potent stuff, he said. I love it, though.

Me, too, I said. If things work out the way we hope I call dibs on using it in our matches.

As long as I get my fire oil, I’m good, Craig said. My bottom clenched in response.

Ouch, I said.

We made our way back up to the penthouse, Craig scratching his ass the whole way up. During our sparring session, our music providers had arrived.

Levi! I called out, stepping off the elevator. You’re our DJ, tonight?

Me and a couple of my punk buddies, he said gesturing to his friends as they were setting up equipment. They both had gold as a secondary color like him. Not that you deserve us, leaving our asses to hang with the commandos. I shrugged.

If you want me to teach you boys how to fight, we can make arrangements, I said. But I’ll be just as mean to you boys as those soldiers.

They’ve been busting our asses every single day, Levi said. He turned around to show me. He didn’t have to pull down his jeans. The rips showed glimpses of his bare bottom, which was nice and red. They said they wouldn’t stop until we agreed to do what they said and stop causing trouble. Fuck them. He stuck up both middle fingers as emphasis. I walked over to him and started feeling up his ass.

But if I threaten to beat your ass every day... , I said.

You’re different, he muttered. He moaned as I rubbed his bottom. Levi and I shared two colors, different from his commando tormenters. It had to make a difference. Plus, I didn’t want Levi to change. I thought his attitude was fun and made spanking and fucking him all the more enjoyable.

So what are you going to do? I said.

We’re figuring out our options, Levi said. We have some ideas.

Where’s Max? Craig asked.

He’s out arranging for our payment, one of the other punks said.

What does that mean? Craig said.

You’ll see, Levi said with a smirk.

While the punks set up, Craig and I looked over the survey results we had been getting from our gladiator brothers.

Are you seeing what I’m seeing? I asked.

Yes, Craig said. I’m liking these results.

It’s pretty much what we’re hoping for, I said.

Craig and I were feeling out exactly how rough the gladiators wanted the competition to be. The answer: Really rough. Like Craig and me, they didn’t want these slick, quick fights followed by hours of faceless punishment. They wanted a lengthy battle to win, complete humiliation when they lost, and best of all, they were perfectly fine with this harsh life to continue to play out away from the arena.

Some choice responses:

We should have to fight like hell to make it to the top and fight even harder to stay there.

We should be constantly challenged to prove ourselves and get our asses busted raw if we fail.

I want the gladiator I’ve beaten to really know that I’m the one who beat his ass, even if we have to have a machine do it.

The fans we’re getting are great. We need to get them more involved.

At any given time, at least 10 gladiators should be getting their asses beaten somehow.

The fights should have some surprise element to keep us on our toes.

Winning should only provide temporary safety from our asses being a target, if that.

At the end of the season, there should be one winner and 119 losers.

That last response came up a lot. Nobody wanted there to be a second or third place. And everybody wanted those 119 losers to spend the off-season paying for their failure with their asses.

We can make this work, Craig said.

This is going to be great, I said. We’ll definitely have use for Joss and the hunters, the way these guys are talking.

We’re going to end up punished more than those blue collars, Craig said.

And the crowds will love it, I said. We both agreed that based on the survey responses we would be able to put together a good proposal for how the first season would work to present to the council. The exhibition season was scheduled to begin in five days under the guidelines Derek has organized to start us off. Craig and I wanted to cut off the exhibition season as soon as we could because we didn’t want people to get bored, so we needed to start getting our plan together as quickly as we could.

Reuben returned from his own workout as we worked on our proposal and the punks continued setting up their equipment.

Punks, Reuben said, as he came in. They’re not going to cause any trouble, are they?

They’re here to play music for the party, I said.

Serve you right if we did cause trouble, wouldn’t it? Levi muttered.

I remember you, Reuben said, walking over to Levi. Before he could do much, Reuben grabbed him around his waist and bent him forward.

Stop that! Levi demanded, Reuben reached down and poked his fingers through a rip in the seat of Levi’s jeans.

There go the magic fingers, Craig said.

What are you ... OW! Reuben’s fingers found Levi’s hole and forced their way in. Levi yelped in pain, but wasn’t strong enough to stop Reuben from finger-fucking him.

You helped me track down Aaron, here, didn’t ya? Reuben asked.

That’s right, I said. Reuben beat the hell out of me for that. You should count yourself grateful we don’t bear grudges.

Except for our rivalries, Reuben pointed out.

True, I said. But I’m feeling nice today and we need to play together well for the party. Feel free to do what you like with Levi. We’ve got plenty of time before the party.

Where are Rico and Jeffrey? Reuben asked, ignoring Levi’s complaints about me handing him over like a sex toy.

They’re with Max arranging our payment, one of the punks said.

Well, until they get back I’m taking Levi here to my room, Reuben said.

The commandos already beat my ass once today, Levi whined as Reuben muscled him down the hall, his fingers still up the punk’s ass.

Don’t care, Reuben said.

We all watched for a few minutes through the glass walls as Reuben tied Levi bent over a chair in his bedroom, pulled down Levi’s jeans, and began paddling him. The other two punks shrugged and continued their work.

He’ll get over it when his payment arrives, one said.

What is the? ... You know what, I want to be surprised, Craig said.

Heh, me too, I said.

Then Craig snapped his fingers.

Remember those electropads from my prank shop, the ones that make your butt bounce? I nodded at him.

They’d be great for this party. You boys are playing dance stuff, right?

Yeah, tech groove stuff, one said. Craig fired off a note to his shop to deliver a box of those electropads.

Remember they can be set up to bounce along to the music, Craig said.

That sounds like fun, one of the punks said.

I’ll let you boys try them out, too, Craig said. Careful though, you’re liable to end up sharing Levi’s fate over there if those butts of yours get too sexy.

At least you guys aren’t commandos, he said.

Craig and I worked on our proposals for another hour while Reuben tormented Levi until he was crying and then fucked him while he was still bent over the chair. He was wrapping up right as the elevator dinged and Max, Jeffrey and Rico returned. To our surprise, they each had a commando bound up and gagged, carried over their shoulders.

They actually got them! one of the punks said, amazed.

Is this your payment? I asked. The two punks nodded.

Three commandos as ordered, Max said. I have a special surprise for Levi.

Reuben had let Levi go and he limped out to join us, pulling his jeans up and wincing as his bottom stung from the pain. Max winked at him and grabbed the head of the commando over his shoulder and pulled it up for Levi to look.

That’s the commando who beat my ass at the park! Levi said. He fucked me in the ass and down the throat after you guys abandoned me.

We caught him and a couple of his buddies here out alone, Rico said. They’re getting better at fighting, but they’re still no match for us one-on-one.

They kept promising that their squad would retaliate, so we gagged them, Jeffrey said. It started getting annoying.

The equipment’s set, one of the punks said. Can we punish them now before the party?

Sure, use our space, I said. I was looking forward to seeing commandos get their asses beaten and to see the punks actually dish out punishment for once. I want them out before the party, though.

The punks dragged their victims out to the pool deck. Levi and the other punks weren’t physically weak, it looked like. They had a decent amount of muscle and were able to pick up and put down the bound commandos to get them into punishment position. They just didn’t know how to use their strength to get what they wanted.

Once they got their commandos dragged helplessly over their laps on the pool lounges, they pulled out their punishment toys. One punk used a thick belt with studs on it. The other punk used what appeared to be a metal radio antenna as a switch. Levi pulled out a length of thick rubber cording wrapped on one end with electrical tape to make a handle.

What is that? I asked.

It’s an extension cord, Levi said. We’ve got lots of it for our equipment.

How does it feel? Craig asked.

Watch once I get his pants down, Levi said with an evil grin.

The three punks then went to work on the seat of the commandos’ tight-fitting camouflage pants. THWAP! THWAP! THWAP! It was a different, sharper sound than the paddles and heavy strops we all used up here. The commandos all squirmed and yelled into their gags as their asses began to suffer.

Same rules as they do to us, Levi said. Beat their asses until all three are crying, then bare bottom.

Us golden boys got to stand around and enjoy the first punishment to take place up here that didn’t involve any of us. I flipped on one of the televisions inside to make sure the punishment was being picked up by the cameras. It was. The commandos probably weren’t going to be happy about this being televised. I wondered what they would do.

It took about twenty minutes to get all three of the commandos crying into their gags. They squirmed and struggled as the punks unfastened their belts and pulled their pants and boxer briefs down. Their butts were nice and red already.

Watch, Levi said. He whipped the cord loop down and we could hear a whooshing sound as it struck hard across the commando’s bare cheeks. He stiffened suddenly and then screamed into the gag and shook his head furiously. Levi waited a moment and pointed to the commando’s butt. A darker red loop slowly appeared on his ass where the extension cord struck.

Ow, Reuben said, with a bit of surprise. I didn’t know you boys had that in you.

Against these assholes we sure do, Levi said, growling as he really laid into the commando’s exposed bottom. The three of them went to work again. The three commandos refused to surrender from their struggles.

They won’t submit to punks, I noted. Different from how Commander Grady said they’d respond to being punished by golden boys.

That’s fucking fine with me, Levi said as he lashed away. I love watching their asses bouncing around all helpless.

The punks punished the commandos for another 20 minutes until they were bawling.

Grab some lube so they can finish these guys off, I said to Max. He obediently fetched a bottle for us.

Go bend them over the balcony ledge, I suggested to Levi. Then folks on the street can watch you rape the commandos. See the punks getting the upper hand.

That’s a great idea, Levi said. See, this is what makes you fun to be around. They dragged the commandos over to the railing and bent them over so that they were looking down at the street several stories down. They lined up behind them. I peered over the balcony to see guys wandering around the neighborhood and hanging out on the beach.

Hey everybody, Levi yelled at the top of his lungs. Today the punks turn the tables and fuck us some commandos! Some of the guys turned and look up to watch. They probably couldn’t see much. But Levi and his buddies fucked the commandos good and hard, slamming their hips against their butts, now decorated with purple welt stripes. The commandos complained in the gags but after a few minutes, I heard the telltale moans that they were enjoying being fucked. Their struggling stopped and they lay there limp over the railing, letting the punks have their way with them.

After about 15 minutes, the three punks reached orgasm, squirting cum into the commandos’ tight holes.

Stop fucking with us, Levi growled at the guys as he and the punks pulled their pants back up.

You done with these guys? I asked as the commandos hung over the rail.

Yup, Levi said.

Should we drag them out and untie them? Max asked.

Nah, I got this, I said. I walked over to the railing, reached between the cheeks of the first commando, lifted up and sent him tumbling over the railing. I watched as he fell eight stories to the sidewalk below. He’ll be fine as long as he doesn’t land on his ... WHUMP! I could hear the muffled scream as he landed right on his ass. The other two commandos squirmed to get free of the railing.

Oh, no you don’t, Craig said. He and Reuben came up behind the other two and repeated my trick. Both of them went tumbling off the roof, down to the street, also landing on their very sore butts. They wriggled around in pain on the sidewalk, still bound. The punks all cheered and laughed.

That’s how we deal with guests who outstay their welcomes, I said. So the three of you remember you’re here to work or you’ll be joining them.

As the sun began to set, Lenny and Trip showed up bearing trays with glasses full of liquid.

Alcohol, my mind suddenly filled in.

Booze, Reuben said out loud. Why did I know that?

Lenny and Trip brought the trays over to us.

Give it a try, Trip said.

What is it? I asked as I slowly began to sip it.

The Painfather explained it to us, Trip said. In other worlds, people have to eat and drink in order to live. We don’t, but apparently drinking and eating certain things can be fun, so the Painfather has gifted us Pretty Boys with the knowledge to make and share alcohol drinks with you. This is beer.

I drank from the glass. It tasted bitter, but I liked it.

What does it do? Craig asked.

It helps guys relax and socialize, Lenny said. It helps make things fun! We’ll be supplying you guys with drinks all night. Be sure to have everybody try and enjoy them.

Levi and his punks started playing some dance groove, not too loud, as the guests started to arrive. Golden boys came up from the lower floors to say hello, look around, and maybe impress me, Craig and Reuben. Max, Jeffrey and Rico were on intro duty, greeting the other guys as they came in. Craig, Reuben and I casually circulated, introducing ourselves to the guys, checking out their bodies, especially their asses. Craig and I had talked before the parties and decided we wanted other guys who could potentially challenge us the way Max could — guys that weren’t quite up to gladiator level, but who we shouldn’t just turn our backs on. We wanted our landlord game to have some teeth.

There were so many hot options! I practically felt overwhelmed. We had players of all sports, much of whom I hadn’t had the chance to pay much attention to because of our own roles with the gladiators. I was immediately drawn to the wrestlers, who were built much like us, but a little more compact. The basketball players had huge hands and preferred to use them to spank with, rather than any paddle. I had one demonstrate his spanking skills on Trip, and he raised sexy red handprints on Trip’s backside. The baseball players were very friendly, with a bit of a reputation for being big sluts. I did notice that pink was a common third color among the ones up visiting us. The gladiators weren’t the only one who wore the sexy short-shorts we picked up at the sports gear store. Soccer players and rugby players wore them, too. The soccer players wore tight-fitting polo shirts to match while rugby players wore tank tops. And it turned out all rugby players had the exact same color combination: Gold, orange, then blue. They all looked kind of like sporty versions of punks, with tattoos and piercings. The ones who came to the party were boisterous and flirted with Levi and the other punks. They loved the beer that Trip and Lenny brought around. We had a couple of surfers and swimmers who seemed really easy-going. They didn’t really seem that interested in joining the penthouse and were happy just to socialize.

The booze started kicking in and everybody started having fun and dancing and flirting. Craig’s electropads arrived and we sent Trip and Lenny to bring them around and show everybody how they worked. Craig and I even joined in the fun. Soon all our asses were bouncing along to the music as we danced. Reuben resisted for a bit, but eventually the booze made him relax enough and he joined in.

Craig and I decided we’d pick out two guys who caught our eye separately and bring them back to each other for evaluation. There were so many guys to choose from. I fondled and spanked a few butts in a friendly manner (for now), as I got to know the apartment’s residents better. My eye ended up drawn to Will, a dark-skinned wrestler with a short, tight afro and a bunch of piercings on his left earlobe. He wore a white singlet, which like my own shorts, really made his butt stand out. His colors were gold, orange and purple, so we had two colors in common.

What do you think of the place? I asked.

Love it, he said.

Can you see your ass in one of those beds? I asked, cocking my head.

Can you see my ass in one of those beds? he responded, slowly turning around to give me a look.

I can see that ass in all sorts of situations here, I said. I reached out and gave them a good feel. They were bouncing around thanks to the electropads. They were nice and big and round, just like ours and Max’s.

Did Max tell you the rules about living here? I asked.

He sure did, Will said, turning back around. I’m not some football player, though. I don’t just depend on running a guy over. He reached over and grabbed my own ass and grinned. I’m not gonna be so easy to pin down. I felt myself getting hard.

You’ve said the magic words, I said. Craig and I like our spank toys to have some fire. Come with me.

I pulled him inside over to the couch to chat a little more while we waited for Craig to bring over his choice. After a few minutes he came over, trailed by a wrestler of his own, a beefy blond with ruddy cheeks and a Caesar-style haircut. He was wearing a red wrestling singlet and his colors were gold, gray and green. Will’s demeanor suddenly changed.

Him? Really? Will asked.

Not you, the blond responded wearily.

Um, this is Lance, Craig said.

This is Will, I said. Looks like they know each other.

We’re in the same weight class, Will said.

Are you two rivals? Craig asked. Both of us grinned at each other.

I guess you could say that, Lance said.

We’ve busted each other’s asses a few times, Will said.

How do you think you’ll behave if you’re both living here? I asked.

We’ll probably be fighting all the time, Lance said.

Yup, Will agreed.

Sounds good to me, Craig said.

Me, too, I added. Congrats guys. You’re both in. Try not to break the furniture too much. I smacked Will on the ass good and hard and Craig did the same to Lance. They both eyed each other warily.

Go grab your stuff and claim your rooms, I said. I’ll go announce our picks. They headed over to the elevator, continuing to eye each other as they got on board. I wondered if they’d get into a fight on the way up.

I headed over to the punks and grabbed the mic after they were done with a set.

Hey, Golden Boys, are we all having fun? I yelled. The crowd roared.

Please enjoy all the beer, and feel to enjoy the pretty boys bringing them around, I said. Give ’em a few love taps to show him who’s boss. I wanted to let you all know that Craig and I have filled up two slots with a couple of sexy wrestlers. Some in the crowd moaned in disappointment. But we have one more bed open and Reuben over there is filling three. You gotta have a tough ass if you want to hang with him though, believe me. I rubbed my own ass for emphasis and everybody laughed.

The partying continued on. Reuben had taken a seat in one of the poolside chaise lounges like a king overseeing a court. Guys were coming over to offer up their asses to impress him. He alternately paddled and finger-fucked them to gauge their reactions.

Check out Johnny boy, here, Reuben said when I wandered over. What do you think? Johnny was baseball player with shaggy brown hair and an adorable smile. His colors were gold, blue and pink. He had his hands on a nearby wall and was jutting his spandex-clad ass out. He had cranked up the speed of the electropads and his nice round bottom was bouncing away, begging to be spanked and fucked good and hard.

C’mere, you, Reuben ordered. Johnny walked over, grinning. Reuben spun him around and buried his face between Johnny’s cheeks as they bounced away. Johnny laughed and put his hands on his hips as his ass cheeks gently smacked Reuben’s face.

You’re in Reuben said eventually, pulling back and smacking Johnny on his vibrating ass. Go get your things, get your ass back here, and help entertain the guests.

Yes! Johnny said, pumping a fist. This will be awesome! He said as he headed off.

I wonder if Johnny realizes he won’t be sitting comfortably any more? Reuben asked

He doesn’t look like he’ll mind, I said.

I chatted with Reuben for a little bit. He seemed drawn to the baseball and soccer players. I thought that was interesting because they’d never realistically be able to challenge Reuben’s dominance like a wrestler or football player. That seemed to be part of the effect of green as Reuben’s secondary color. He wanted guys he knew he could dominate. Because Craig and I had purple as our secondary color, we wanted those new, fun experiences that could come from having roommates that could actually challenge our control.

The party continued on, and once Lance and Will returned, I dragged Max over to them for a friendly competition. They were both paddle lovers, like Craig and me. I brought over two stools and sat them facing each other. Then I bound Max’s wrists behind his back and forced him over their knees, much like the position the Hunters used to punish Craig and me. I pulled his pants down. His bruises from his coach’s punishment had faded quite a bit over the course of the day.

So Max here isn’t just your victim, he’s your judge, I said. I want to see which of you paddles harder. You’re going to paddle Max’s ass here for the next hour. When it’s over, Max is going to decide which of you is the meaner punisher and he’ll be declared the winner.

What does the winner get? Lance asked.

What does the loser get? Will asked, raising an eyebrow.

Both good questions, I said. The winner gets to fuck Max tonight. The loser replays this little scene here in Max’s position with Craig and I dishing out the swats. Then he gets fucked by both of us.

We haven’t our fight to pay the rent yet, you know, Will said. You can’t just order us to submit yet.

Well, if you want to fight both me and Craig afterward to avoid the punishment, you can do that, I said, folding my arms. Or you can just accept it tonight and fight only one of us tomorrow for a better chance of winning.

Well, regardless of whether we win or lose, we get to paddle Max’s ass, here, Lance pointed out.

He takes the paddle very well, I said. Blame it on the blue.

Only because you won, Max reminded as he raised his bottom up for punishment. A couple more weeks and it’ll be time to fight again.

Enough chatter, I said. Get to work, guys! Will and Lance grinned to each other, excited at the chance to express their rivalry in another way. WHACK! Lance’s paddle slammed down across Max’s ass. Max yelped in pain. CRACK! Will followed up a couple of seconds later. Max’s ass bounced with each heavy swat. The two of them took turns trying to punish Max harder than the other.

I wandered off to see that in the meantime Reuben had lined up a bunch of guys at the balcony wall bent over, like the commandos were earlier. They were all soccer and baseball players. He was looking over all their asses, pinching them, smacking them with his paddle, evaluating them. Sometimes he’d pull their shorts or pants down to insert a couple of fingers up their asses to evaluate their reactions.

After a good thirty minutes of this, he scratched his chin for a moment. Then he stepped forward and smacked the bountiful ass of a soccer player whose colors were gold, blue and gray (just like Max’s).

Hayato, you’re in, Reuben said. The man, moderately muscled with wavy black hair and golden skin, gave Reuben a quick informal salute of appreciation.

You won’t regret it, he said.

You might though, Reuben said, grinning. He grabbed Hayato and quickly smacked his ass a good 20 times in just a few seconds with his paddle. Hayato yelped and squirmed around in pain. Then Reuben told him to go fetch his stuff and pick a bed.

That left Reuben with one more pick. He wandered up and down the men again.

So many beautiful bottoms, he mused. Finally he settled behind a blond baseball player who seemed pretty tall, compared to the others.

Take a step back, Kyle, he ordered. Kyle (whose colors were gold, purple and blue) did as commanded. Now bend over and grab your ankles. He again complied. Reuben stood behind him so his crotch touched Kyle’s ass and grabbed his hips.

Yeah, that’s a perfect fit, Reuben said. I can just stand here and fuck you without any height issues. He took a step back and gave Kyle a hearty smack on the ass. Go grab your things, Kyle and then we’ll give you a real test run. With that, Reuben picked his last tenant. The other boys were a little bit disappointed, but we were all feeling the fun of each other’s company and the booze Trip and Lenny had provided. Some boys started to horse around with each other. I figured a spanking party and orgy was an inevitability at this point.

But I still had one more choice. Craig had told me that he was leaving the last guy completely up to me, since this was all my idea in the first place. I wandered around the place until I saw him: a rugby player, bulky, built like Max but several inches shorter. His hair was just brown stubble, almost shaved but not quite (like my face). He had a couple of eyebrow piercings and probably a good dozen tattoos all over his body. His shorts were purple and his trim colors were gold, orange and blue, just like all the rugby players.

I noticed him because he was hanging out with Levi up at his turntables. He was drinking happily, whispering in Levi’s ear, and fondling Levi’s backside in his tight jeans. Interesting. I was looking for ways to keep Levi coming around.

I walked over to them and put on what I thought was a stern face.

Levi, when we hired you to entertain our guests, this wasn’t what I meant, I said, frowning.

He responded by shooting me the bird. I wasn’t able to hold character and started laughing.

Dude, you don’t have any of the right colors to try to act like a control freak, Levi said. Don’t even try.

I have one slot left, I said, looking at the rugby player. Levi immediately noticed.

You guys totally need a rugby player, Levi said. These guys are so much fun!

I’m Rodney, the rugby player said, grinning.

You mean they’re so much trouble, I said.

Same thing, Rodney said. The three of us laughed.

You know about our house rules? I asked

About the rent? Rodney asked. Yeah, hot as hell. I love a good scrap. I’ll give you a good fight, too. Just ask my mates. And my coach. And those fucking commandos. Levi grinned at that last comment.

The rugby players fight with the commandos a lot, Levi said.

But I bet they win more than you boys do, I said. Levi flipped me another bird.

How’s that ass of yours? I asked. Rodney turned around to give me a good look, pulling his shorts down for a few seconds. Nice and beefy like the rest of my new tenants.

If you pick him I’ll come around more, Levi said, knowing I enjoyed his company. You said you had work or something for me, right?

Want to work with the producers to do music for our promos and stuff? I asked.

Sounds awesome, Levi said.

What about you, Rodney? I said. You can help me keep Levi motivated when he comes around.

Sounds like a deal, Rodney said. So when do we fight for rent?

Tomorrow, I said. So grab your things, have fun, and tomorrow your ass will be mine.

We’ll see, he said, winking at me as he wandered off. Levi gave me a big grin and thumbs up.

I gave everybody the news that all the rooms were full, but they were all welcome to continue the party. That was the sign that they no longer had to split their focus between me and each other and the paddle party/orgy began. Guys even pushed each other into the pool to try to dominate each other. I wondered if anybody would accidentally break one of the glass walls and how long it would take a blue collar to replace it.

I wandered back into the living room where I left Will and Lance to beat Max’s ass. It was purple and bruised again and Max was crying good and hard. Craig was hanging around watching.

You guys don’t fuck around, I said. All right, it’s been an hour.

Max, what do you have to say? I asked.

They’re both really, really good at beating ass, Max said between gasps of pain.

So which one swats harder?

It’s close, Max said. Really close. But I’m gonna have to go with Lance this time. Lance grinned and flexed a bicep.

This time? Craig noted. Max said that like he expects this to be a recurring game.

Max is getting to know me pretty well, I said. I told them all about Rodney as the final pick. So we’ve got six beefy guys who like to fight for every ass we get our hands on. It’s gonna be a lot of fun.

But not for Will, because he’s getting his ass beat, isn’t he? Lance said, smirking at his rival.

All right, Will said, sighing. I won’t struggle tonight. But expect a good fight tomorrow for rent.

Absolutely, I said. You’ll fight me tomorrow. Lance, you’ll be fighting Craig and he’ll be your landlord if you lose. In the meantime ... . I pulled Max up to his feet. He was still sniffling with pain, but the warm post-paddling feeling had caused his massive cock to start growing erect. I handed him over to Lance.

Claim your prize, I said. Lance directed Max over to his new bedroom, peeled off his pants and pushed him onto his bed for fucking.

As for you, I said to Will. Craig and I both climbed onto the stools. He sighed, but obediently climbed onto our laps. Craig and I each grabbed one of Will’s wrists to keep him from squirming too much.

Mmmph, that ass, Craig said. This is going to be fun.

Nice to be able to torment more boys besides Max, I said.

Damn right! Craig said. He kicked off Will’s punishment, slamming his paddle hard against the seat of Will’s wrestling singlet – CRACK! Will grunted in pain. I followed up with a quick swat of my own – WHACK! This time he yelped. Craig and I set a much faster pace than Will and Lance used to punish Max, but we punished him just as long. For thirty minutes we beat him on his wrestling uniform, which clung perfectly to his bottom the entire time. After that, realizing we couldn’t pull his uniform down, I grabbed the leg holes and pulled up, giving Will a big wedgie and exposing his jock and bouncing butt cheeks. He squirmed a bit as the uniform fabric dug into his ass crack, but he couldn’t escape. We continued the punishment as he yelped and cried in pain.

By the time we were done with the punishment, the party was breaking up. The golden boys who had managed to win their own little fights up in the penthouse were dragging their victims back to their own apartments downstairs to claim their rewards. I dragged Will into my bedroom, where I finally stripped him of his singlet. He was too sore to resist now, and Craig and I took turns fucking him well into the night. He whimpered in pain each time we penetrated him, but eventually the familiar moans came. Despite his struggles, he enjoyed the feeling of having two powerful gladiators forcefully fucking him.

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