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The Babysitter
Part 3

by The Babysitter

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Summer was finally coming to a close when my folks broke the bad news to me: Dad had a new job out of town, and we were going to be moving right at the start of the new school year. I was pretty well bummed by the whole thing, and spent most of the time with my friend, Chuck.

When I told Andre that I was moving he actually looked pretty bummed. I knew we had our tough times, but all-in-all we actually had more fun than not.

While I was over with Andre, Eddie and Aaron came over to hang. Andre told them that I was leaving town. Eddie slyly looked over to Aaron and laughed, then both looked to Andre with the biggest shit-eating grins I had ever seen. I didn't think I liked that look.

"Gee, that's to bad!" Eddie said. "Because we had a special birthday present for you for your birthday."

Aaron started cracking up. Instantly Andre's mood went from glum to glee, as he suddenly caught onto what his buddies were talking about.

"Yeah," Aaron said. "Why don't you go upstaits, Andre, and get him his gift now." Andre turned and sprinted up the stairs, as the two older boys stood there with their arms crossed. I had a horrible, sinking feeling in my gut. I didn't know what this could be, but I knew I would hate it.

Andre came back down moments later.

"You only brought one of them, right?" Eddie asked.

"I'm not stupid!" Andre said back, with a laugh.

"Well then give it to him!" Eddie said, as Andre handed me a Poloroid picture of me getting my bare butt spanked by Aaron. My mouth fell open as I tried to remember when this could have been taken: THAT must have been those flashes of light I had atributed to the pain.

"Go ahead and tear it up!" Andre said, seeming to read my mind. "I've got a back-up up stairs."

Damn! I was doomed!!

"Yeah, we were all looking forward to giving you a nice, healthy tan for your 16th birthday..." Aaron said, looking over my shoulder at himself in the picture.

"But we'll have to do it now!" Andre said.

"Oh, come on guys!" I said, putting that rotten picture away. "Wasn't that all enough!" I sounded sp much like a little boy begging his folks not to go ahead with the spanking he knew he couldn't talk them out of.

"Sorry, pal!" Andre said, slipping off his belt. "No can-do!"

"Yeah," Eddie chimed in. "If you don't do this now, we'll make sure all of your friends get a good look at the other picture before you leave!"

"Yeah, the other one is a much better picture of me!" Aaron said, laughing hard. The little fuckers...

Without saying another word I walked over to the couch and sheepishly undid my cut-offs and took them all the way down. I think sighed and stepped out of them.

"Could you at least close the window?" I asked Andre who shrugged a "why-not" and went and closed them.

"Off with your shirt too!" Eddie ordered.

"Yeah, you should be 100% bare!" Aaron added.

Damn! I took off my shirt, and restless played with the inside of the elestic of my underpants: I really was mortified whenever Eddie saw my small cock, because I knew what he was going to say.

"What are you going to do, exactly?" I asked, in no hurry to drop the underwear.

"Well," Andre said, in his best passive aggressive tone, "I think each of you will give you sixteen swats with the belt..."

"Each," Eddie pointed out.


"And then," Andre said, smiling like the little creep he really was, "we'll give you some hand swats to grow on."

"How many?" I asked, nervously. I didn't want another assshredding like the one I had before.

"As many as we want!" Andre said, so tickled with himself.

I took a deep breath, and without pausing any further I slipped the underwear down my legs and bent over the back of the couch, ready to receive another spanking from these brats.

"Just get it over..." I began.

SLAP!! Eddie began with the belt. His hard swing pushed my crotch right into the fine vinal of Andre's parent's...

SLAP!! "Ouch!"...couch. Oh my goodness! This was promising to be quite a tanning. I closed my eyes and waited for the next...

SLAP!! SLAP!!! SLAP!! SLAP!! SLAP!! "Owwwe!" I cried out and water started forming in my eyes. Those last five were given so fast I hardly had the time to react.

"Come on!" Eddie yelled, laying down another fast five. "Cry for us, dude!!"

I was determined not to. Not today...

SLAP!!...Aww, shit...SLAP!!, this is really bad...SLAP!!

"All right, Aaron," Eddie said to his buddy. "You're turn!"

Aaron reached over and felt my bottom, then placed his arm over my back, making me double over the back of the couch so that my face was in the front cushions. He then went to town, cracking that belt down as if it was an old style western whip. I was kicking and fighting to get up, but he had me at such an awkward angle there was nothing I could do bu wiggle and accept his sixteen smacks with the belt.

When he was done, all three were laughing up a storm. I decided to stay put, because I didn't want them to see my eyes and know that I was already crying like an infant. Besides, now it was Andre's turn:

He took the most delight in adding his stripes to the 32 given to me by his friends. I was shaking and quivering under each one of his. It was the pits. Especially considering how young these boys were. I gave up counting, knowing Andre may be a sadist, but he was an honest one.

After the 48 slashes with the belt, the boys made me stand in the corner to wait for the "ones to grow on." Meanwhile, they made themselves busy playing video games and buying a pizza with money they found in my wallet.

After an hour, I was beginning to feel a little feeling back in my rump, and the boys were feeling fat and sassy from their pizza (the ass-holes didn't even save me a slice!)

The ones to grow on were horrible. Eddie gave me about thirty, hard long hand slaps. Aaron's forty were just as painful, but it was Andre who out did everyone by giving me a solid hundred!! My buns were as warmed over as they were before, but at least I knew this would be the end of my stay as a babysitter.

After another hour of "corner time," I was finally allowed to put my clothes on and leave. Naturally I was allowed to take the second picture (in that one, Aaron was actually looking in the camera and winking as he was smacking my blazing bottom) as a "reminder of your friends" (photos I quickly destroyed).

After that last time I thought I had had seen the last of those boys, but the night before I was going to leave town Andre's father called my mom to see if I was free one last time...

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