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Aaron's Game
Chapter 12: Fresh Meat

by Redspkscott

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Aaron’s Game – Chapter Twelve: Fresh Meat

Yeah, Bossman! Yeah! Come on! Fuck, yeah!!!

Faster, boy, or you’ll get the paddle again!

My mind felt a little fuzzy as I woke up. I realized this was due to the beer. I shook my head as I sat up in bed and looked around for the noise. Through the glass walls I could see Reuben being serviced by his new baseball-playing tenant, Johnny. Reuben was lying on his bed on his back. Johnny had straddled him and his ass was bouncing up and down on Reuben’s erect cock. So Reuben was able to fuck Johnny while still making Johnny do the work. Johnny’s bare ass was nice and red. Reuben still had his paddle in hand as he fucked Johnny, and occasionally he would reach up and swat Johnny’s ass.

I got up and padded my way over to the shower as memories of last night came back. We were a full house now and there were guys wandering around everywhere in states of undress. Producers Victor and Paul were here, too, interviewing the new tenants, getting profiles of them for our television show.

To my amusement, I found Craig and Lance wrestling on the floor of the shower, naked, surrounded by hot water and steam. I watched them as I washed off. This was their fight to determine who the landlord would be. While Lance was an extremely skilled wrestler, the difference between his style and the gladiator form of grappling soon became clear. Wrestlers won through points, showing their skills in holds and reverses and throws. Gladiators were just interested in forcing their opponent into a position that allowed unfettered access to his helpless ass. It didn’t have to look pretty. Craig had his paddle in hand and pounded Lance’s bottom whenever he had any sort of control. After a while, Craig forced Lance onto his stomach on the tiles and clinched his victory by raping the squirming wrestler.

Who’s the landlord this month? Craig growled in Lance’s ear. Lance continued to struggle and yelp in pain for a little bit, but when it was clear to him that he couldn’t escape Craig’s hold, his body relaxed and his ass raised up in submission.

You are, Lance said. He winced as the Craig fucked him good and fast.

Damn right, Craig said. I’m sick of getting sloppy seconds with Max – no offense, Aaron – so you can expect to be dealing with my morning wood every day.

Speaking of which, Max said as he came up behind me in the shower, naked, and craned his head over my shoulder to watch. I have to get to practice, so I need my morning fuck.

Need it, do you? I said as Max grinned at me. You sure you don’t secretly have pink in you somewhere? I directed him out to the pool and ordered him to lay on his stomach on a lounge so I could mount him. He moaned as I fucked him, his ass raised up just slightly. I leaned my head forward to nibble on his ear and whisper into it.

You like being fucked by me? I whispered.


You want to fuck me again, though, right?

Yeah, yeah I do.

Good. I wasn’t kidding about you taking that giant dick to my ass if you ever beat me.

I know.


If I ever beat you, I’m going to fuck you every single morning, just like this, he said. For as long as I can keep control.

Good, I said. I’m not like Reuben over there. You saw the guys I picked.

Yeah, he said. I like them.

All of them have the potential to top me. You, too.

You think so?

I do. The idea of you beating me turns me on, I said.


Yeah, but don’t expect me to throw any of these fights. You have to earn it. That’s what makes it fun. Just like when Craig or Reuben beat me.

I began to kiss his neck and fuck him faster. We both began moaning together until I reached climax and squirted a load between his cheeks, still a bit bruised from last night’s party punishment. We uncoupled, and when he got up, his huge cock was at full attention, just begging to fuck somebody. He stared at it and sighed. His coach told the team they weren’t allowed to fuck anybody until they won a game.

You better win that game, I said, laughing. Max went to the showers and washed off, then turned the water ice cold in order to force his hard-on to go away. His cock reluctantly went limp again. He got dressed, then joined Jeffrey and Rico to head a practice field their coaches had secured.

Victor and Paul had captured Craig’s victory over Lance. They came over to me to ask me some questions after I got dressed.

Your choices to join you up here at the Penthouse are a lot different from Reuben’s, Victor said, sticking a microphone in my face. What do you make of that?

I like a good challenge, I said, shrugging. Wrestlers and rugby players – everybody I’ve picked is gonna keep me on my toes. Reuben wants boys he can easily dominate. His choice, I guess. But my tenants’ skills actually help me out on the field. We’ll see how that plays out.

Speaking of your rivalry, Victor said. The Gladiator council put out the schedule for the first exhibition games this morning. Guess who you are facing?

I laughed.

Reuben and I going toe-to-toe this time? I asked.

Yup, Victor said. They have you two scheduled as the final showcase battle. Best of five falls.

I’m looking forward to it, I said.

So am I, Reuben said, walking out to join the interview. I’m gonna bust your ass good and then you’ll get to find out what it’s like in those damned machines overnight. I responded by turning around and smacking my ass.

Bring it on, big guy, I said. Show me what you’ve got!

We’ll see who’s the better fighter in two days, Victor said to the camera as he and Paul wandered back through the house to finish the segment.

Of course it would be us two, I said, after Victor left.

They just want to make sure it starts off hot, Reuben said. Other rivalries are developing, too.

Does that mean we’ll also have to compete to make sure ours is better than theirs, too? I asked.

I think that’s what’s really going to keep you on your toes, Reuben said, laughing. He walked through the penthouse, tracked down Hayato, dragged him over to the living room couch and began paddling his ass through the seat of his soccer shorts.

I looked around for Will and Rodney. We needed to settle who was landlord (me). I asked Kyle, who said they had gone down to the gym in the building to work out together. In the meantime, I popped onto my computer to confirm what Victor told me about the scheduled. Reuben and I were, indeed, the final fight. Craig would be fighting one of the members of the gladiator council, possibly a good chance for him to develop his own fan base by beating one of the leaders. There was also an e-mail from Brent to both me and Craig telling us to plan to give a presentation to the council in a week’s time (following our second set of exhibition matches) for what actual league play should look like. I confirmed the scheduling as Will and Rodney came up off the elevator, chatting with each other. They looked friendly, which shouldn’t be a surprise, as they shared both gold and orange colors.

You guys ready to pay the rent? I asked, folding my arms.

You ready to fight for it? Rodney said, folding his in return.

That’s what I like to hear, I said.

Who’s first? Will asked.

You, I said. Out by the pool. I grabbed my paddle, restraints and lube and headed out to the deck. We cleared some chairs out of the way to make an impromptu wrestling circle. Victor and Paul wandered back out with the camera to follow the fight.

We grappled in the middle of the circle, with Victor, Paul and Rodney watching. Much like Lance, Will was a very good wrestler but too caught up in using the same style that scored points in the real ring. I used my strength to keep pushing him down and whacking his big round ass good and hard at every opportunity. We wrestled for a good thirty minutes. He got me into some good locks where I really had to use all my strength and leverage to escape. He should have used the opportunity to beat my ass, but he had the wrestler’s mentality that he was going to win the fight and then punish me afterwards. Wrong approach. I had more endurance than him. Punishing my ass would have weakened me from the pain. Since he refused to do that, eventually I was able to wear him down until I had him in a leg lock with an arm trapped behind his back. I put down my paddle in my free hand for a moment, then roughly ripped the seat out of his white singlet. His beefy, black bottom popped out and I picked the paddle back up and went to work. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! He continued to struggle as he yelled in pain. He hadn’t yet weakened to a surrender point. He believed there was still a chance he could reverse the situation.

Give up, I ordered as I whacked away on his bouncing bottom. Tell me I’m the landlord.

Nope, Will growled, continuing to struggle. I paddled for a good ten minutes but he was still attempting to escape.

Come on, I said. You know I won. Say it. Will shook his head no and looked over his shoulder at me.

Not a chance, he said. I don’t cave easy like Lance did.

Oh, I see, I said. He wanted to prove himself better than his rival. Fine. I carefully rolled over (still grappling Will) to the restraints I had brought out. Will nearly managed to escape, but I caught him again and managed to bind his wrists behind his back. Then I forced a knee onto his back, pushed him down on the deck and attached his ankles together.

Now you can’t possibly win, I said. I dragged him over to the side of the pool, sat on the edge, and forcefully pulled him across my lap. I began paddling away good, hard and fast: WHACK WHACK WHAP SMACK!!! Finally Will began to cry, and while he didn’t verbally surrender, his ass did, relaxing and raising itself up in submission.

There we go, I said. Your ass knows it lost. Now say it. Say I’m the landlord.

Fine, Will muttered between swats. I give. You’re the landlord.

Yes, I am, I said as I really started laying into Will’s fine ass.

Okay, my turn, Rodney said as I continued punishing Will. I turned to look back at him to tell him I wasn’t ready yet when he charged me and pushed both of us into the pool with a loud splash. I dropped my paddle into the water and quickly swam back up to the surface. Will, still bound, struggled to stay above water, not that he was able to drown or anything. I looked up at Rodney, who stood there with his hands on his hips.
What are you doing? I demanded.

Taking advantage of the situation, Rodney said with a big grin. I swam over to the edge to pull myself out of the pool, but Rodney took his foot and pushed me right back in.

You keep treading water for a bit, wear those muscles out, Rodney said. Will had managed to flip over on his back so he could float on the surface of the pool, despite being bound.

Got him good and tired out, Will said. Get these restraints off me and maybe you can use them on him. I looked over at Will and my jaw dropped.

You two planned this out! I said. Rodney responded by waggling his eyebrows.

There’s no rule against it, he said. We thought up a plan while we were working out. Whoever you picked first was going to tire you out as much as possible and the other guy was going to ambush you before you were ready. I couldn’t help but grin, but Rodney is going to have to do a lot more than this to win. I pulled Will away from the pool’s edge so that Rodney couldn’t grab him and steal my restraints. Then I flipped Will over and yanked him down under the pool’s surface to one of the metal drain gratings on the bottom. He was too weak from his punishment to resist. I attached the arm restraints to the grating, leaving him stuck underwater, and quickly resurfaced. Rodney was walking around the pool, holding my own paddle. I swam over to the shallow end so I could touch bottom and not burn up more endurance.

You’re going to have to come in to get me, I said, walking until I was only waist-deep in water. This is where Max learned who was in charge around here.

I was definitely tired though. The water was a good place to fight Max because it sapped him of his speed and inertia. I’m not sure it would have the same effect on Rodney. Rugby wasn’t quite the same as football and Rodney appeared to be a bit more nimble than Max. Rodney approached the stairs into the shallow end. I darted forward and grabbed for his leg. He tried to jump back, but I wrapped a hand around his ankle and dragged him into the shallow end.

Rodney was not a wrestler like Will, but because I was so exhausted, he was able to put up a very good fight. We threw each other around in the shallow end and unlike Will, Rodney had no qualms about smacking my ass with my own paddle when he could. Soon I was breathing heavily and my ass was burning with pain from Rodney’s swats. I began to realize that there was actually a chance I could lose this. I started developing a bit of an erection at the idea. I wanted other Golden Boys who could challenge me besides other gladiators and I was getting my wish.

But like I warned Max, I wasn’t just going to throw a fight because the idea of losing turned me on. I ducked under a grab and splashed water into Rodney’s eyes. While he wiped it away, I used my superior strength to flip him over and force his head under water. He struggled as I dragged him over toward the steps. I didn’t pull him all the way out of the water, though. We reached a point where the pool water was a foot deep right at the edge. I had him forced face down so he couldn’t talk or see. His ass, in his spandex shorts, was above the surface of the water. I couldn’t spank him like this, but I could win the way Craig beat Lance earlier. With my other hand I pulled his shorts down. He struggled but I mashed his head into the floor of the pool. He fought as hard as he could, but I was able to straddle his body and after some careful positioning, grabbed a wrist with my free hand, force it behind his back and then mount him. My erect cock found his hole easily and I forced my way in. I was rewarded with his body bucking in place and splashes of water. Bubbles appeared around his head as he cried out in pain with his face still underwater.

I fucked his ass good and hard, keeping his face pushed underwater the whole time. He struggled and squirmed for several minutes, but eventually he surrendered. His struggling stopped and he raised his ass in submission. I kept his head underwater as I continued fucking him in the shallowest part of the pool. I pulled Max’s trick on him, refusing to push in when his rectum relaxed, denying Rodney the pleasure of the deep fuck to soon. He started squirming again when he realized I wasn’t going to let him enjoy being fucked yet, but he had no leverage or strength anymore. After about 20 minutes, I finally pushed all the way in so he could enjoy being fucked. The struggling stopped again and after another 10 minutes, I reached climax, squirting a nice long stream inside his ass.

I got up, grabbing him by the next and pulling him out of the water to his feet.

Nice try, I said, as he gasped for air. But who’s the landlord?

You are, Rodney said, weakly. This month.

This month, I said. I’ll keep an eye out for what the two of you plan for next month. Go fetch Will and get your asses cleaned up.

Rodney dragged Will up from the bottom of the pool and set him free.

Better luck next time, I said as he and Rodney headed back inside. They both showered and Will replaced his singlet, rubbing his sore bottom. Inside, Craig had dragged Lance into his room to continue Lance’s punishment. He had Lance on his stomach on his bed. Craig was sitting on Lance’s broad back facing his ass, smacking him hard with his paddle. Lance was bawling from the pain.

You know his face turns totally red just like yours when he gets his ass beat, I said.

Heh, yeah I know, Craig said. Glad to see it’s not just me.

I want to go look at the other sports venues, I said. Now that we have these other boys here. You two wanna come along?

I don’t know, Craig said. I think Lance might prefer to be paddled instead. What do you think, Lance?

I want to go with Aaron! He wailed. Craig responded with a flurry of really harsh swats.

Oh, fine, Craig said finally.

It turned out rugby players were given vans by the Painfather, just like the punks, so Rodney was drafted to drive. We headed out first to the indoor arena where the wrestlers and the basketball players competed. This is where Lance and Will would be trying to beat each others’ asses. One of the basketball teams was currently practicing. An executive coach was yelling orders from the sidelines.

So we’re going to support you both and join your fan clubs, Craig said.

But when you wrestle each other, I’m going to support Will and Craig will support Lance, I said. The other guys can make their own choices.

I’m going for Will, Rodney said.

I’m not surprised at all, Lance said dryly. Lance had green as one of his colors, marking him as a supporter of the commandos and rival of the punks.

Max will probably support you, I said to Lance. The two of them shared gray as a secondary color.

We watched the practice for a few minutes and then headed off to the nearby baseball field. This is where Kyle and Johnny’s team would be competing. They were on the same team. Currently a different team was out of the field practicing. A coach was beating the ass of a poorly performing player with a big, thick paddle.

Even though they’re on Reuben’s side, we’re still going to support Kyle and Johnny, I said.

We need to have more parties whenever one of us or one of our teams win, Will said. Rodney nodded in agreement.

Get Levi and his buddies over for more music, Rodney said. Get those Pretty Boys up there serving beer.

That’s a lot of partying, I said. Max will need help organizing. Will immediately pointed at Lance, who rolled his eyes.

Lance helps the wrestling coaches with the scheduling, Will said.

Fine, as long as I’m not busy, Lance said.

No, you’ll help out and you’ll like it, Craig said, smacking Lance’s ass as a warning.

There were practice fields for soccer and football teams dotting the neighborhoods near the beach. There were a couple of stadiums for teams to have games, but major playoff games would be taking place in the big golden stadium where we gladiators also competed.

Let’s go find Max, Rodney suggested. He headed back toward the apartments. Since Max’s whole team all lived in the building, they found a field close to where they lived. We parked back at the garage and walked over.

There we saw the team being put through their paces by their head coach, Adam, and his assistants. Adam was a rugged blond man with dark blue eyes and an intimidating frown. As Max described, he had a huge, thick paddle designed to bruise the muscled bottoms of the football players. He yelled on the sidelines during every play. After every one of them, he yelled for a couple of guys to come over to the sideline and assume three-point stance. He and his crew of assistant coaches (each also with massive paddles) would line up behind them and give somewhere between five and ten swats. Not a lot, but the paddles were so heavy they sounded like shotgun blasts when they cracked against their massive asses.

There’s Max, Craig pointed out. Max was lined up with the other guys getting his ass busted. He kept his ass up perfectly for each swat.

Damn, that has to smart, Rodney said.

Doesn’t your coach punish you guys, too? Lance asked.

Not that hard, Rodney said. Our guys are gray, gold and either blue or orange. Big on teamwork and stuff. Not as mean as these guys.

They deliberately picked out the meanest coaches, I said. They’re all gray, gold and black. Rodney whistled and rubbed his ass.

This is where our team practices, too, Rodney said.

What’s your team name? Craig asked. So we can support you guys.

We don’t have a name yet, Rodney said. We’re letting the fans vote. Mostly punks. It will probably have the word fuck in there somewhere.

Now taking the field in the purple trunks, it’s the Fuck the Commandos! Will fake-announced. The others laughed.

That wouldn’t actually surprise me, Rodney said.

I was watching Max while the guys chatted. It seemed like hardly a play went by where he did get pulled aside and his ass swatted. Adam was a pretty loud coach. At one point I heard him say, Your boys are fuck-ups, Max. You take that strop of yours to their asses, understand?

Yes sir! Max responded between swats.

Man, that Max is one tough customer, Will said. I smiled. I realized he was at the moment taking more punishment than us gladiators, though that was bound to change once the season got started. I loved how tough his ass was and how fearless he was about taking punishment. If he learned how to fight, he could very well pass for a gladiator.

Max caught our eye as he headed back to the field, refusing to rub his bruised backside. I gave him a quick wave and he nodded at us, businesslike, as he returned to the line.

Let’s head back, Craig said. Aaron and I haven’t sparred yet today.

Oh yeah, I said, trying to sound casual, as we started walking back to the apartment. The fact was, I was still very tired from my struggles with Will and Rodney, but I didn’t want to admit it to Craig. We made our way up to the penthouse. Reuben and his boys joined mine to watch me battle Craig by the pool, circling around us in the same space I had set up earlier to battle Will.

Though I may have sounded nonchalant on the way over, my weakness quickly showed. It was our shortest fight ever. Craig took me three rounds in a row, each round lasting only a few minutes. He forced me down and beat my ass good and hard each time, the other guys cheering him on. Will and Rodney were happy to see me get my come-uppance.

Hope you boys took notes, Craig said to Will and Rodney as he attached my restraints to my wrists and ankles. Now, what to do with you?

Beat his ass!’ Johnny said.

Well, yes, eventually, but it’ll be my way, Craig said. Lance, go grab my bag of tricks.

Oh, not again, I said.

Don’t worry, Craig said. It will be different from last time.

I started getting hard at the news. Craig and I both wanted each punishment to be different, apparently an influence from our purple, creative side. Lance came out with Craig’s various torment toys from his prank shop. Craig said it may be different from last time, but it seemed to start the same. He forced me to swallow several farting pills and rubbed my ass cheeks with the activation cream. Then, of course, he parted my cheeks and dripped a couple of drops of fire oil on my quivering asshole. The scorching heat kicked in and I started yelling and bucking in the restraints as he pulled my shorts back up.

No itching powder, Craig said. Aaron claimed it for his own fun, so I’ll take it off my list. Lance, help me drag Aaron to his feet.

What are you doing? I asked as my asscheeks flexed uncontrollably from the rectal pain.

The ultimate punishment for guys like us, Craig said as he and Lance pulled me and dragged me over to the pool. I’m giving you a taste of your own medicine.

What do you mean? I asked. In response Craig and Lance shoved me into the pool and jumped in after me. In my restraints, I could do nothing but splash around helplessly. Craig floated me over to the shallow end.

I watched how you deflowered Max on television, Craig said. I thought it was really hot. I think it’s only fair to let you experience it from the other side.

Oh, no, I groaned. Craig grinned and grabbed my wrists, pulling my arms and head under water. He attached my restraints to the grating on the floor of the shallow end of the pool, then did the same to my ankles, forcing me to stand bent over with my ass up in the air, nearly grabbing my ankles. Just as with Max, my ass, thighs and torso were above the water. My head, arms, chest, calves and feet were underwater, and with the restraints holding me down, I was stuck in this position.

I could hear that guys were talking with my head stuck underwater, but I couldn’t hear what anybody was saying. Then I felt the farting pills kicking in. I knew one was coming and couldn’t stop it. I could hear it underwater and then seconds later the searing pain across my entire ass from the activation cream Craig rubbed on me. My ass squirmed in place and I tried to yell, pointless under water. I sucked down some pool water as my scream made bubbles that floated their way up to the pool surface. I could hear the other guys laughing above water. My fart punishment went on for a few minutes before I felt Craig position himself on my left side so he could beat my ass for real. Then I felt more splashing in the pool. I could tilt my head up a bit to see muscular legs and a lower body wearing red singlet. He waded over to my right side. Lance? Of course, I realized. My guys agreed that they couldn’t torment me until they beat me in a fight, but Craig was Lance’s landlord, not mine. Lance didn’t have to submit to me at all (unless I forced him to, of course).

I braced my ass for double-punishment. I knew this was going to hurt like hell, but I couldn’t resist teasing them by waving my ass back and forth. Then I farted and yelped again in pain. That was it for my oxygen, so I was going to have to endure my beating in silence until they let me up for air, probably after it was all over.

The water muffled the sound of the first hard paddle swat, making it sound kind of like SWUMP! to my ears. But the vicious sting was instantly recognizable. Lance followed immediately afterward. My butt bounced back and forth with the swats. I remembered Max doing this as well. Even though I had surrendered to my punishment, this position caused my body to wobble back and forth anyway. I remembered how sexy it was watching Max’s ass bounce around helplessly as the pain got worse and worse and wondered if my roommates were equally enjoying the view.

I really hoped they were. That was definitely my thing as much as Reuben loved finger-fucking and Craig was turned on by torturing the asshole. That there was an audience watching me be punished caused arousal even as my ass burned more and more. Above the painful swats I could hear the sounds of the other guys talking while I was getting beaten. The fact that I couldn’t hear what they were saying somehow even managed to arouse me further. My imagination filled in the details. Maybe Rodney and Will were talking about their own contributions to this punishment by wearing me down. Reuben was probably bragging that he’s going to beat my ass much harder than Craig was right now when he fights me in the arena. The important thing was that my utterly helpless ass was the center of everybody’s attention.

They beat my ass non-stop for two hours, as per the rules Craig and I came up with. They left my shorts up the whole time so the fart punishment added to the torment. Because they tossed me in the pool, the shorts were wet anyway, causing the swats to sting just a little more than they would have on my bare ass anyway. I could feel myself crying underwater, not that it would show. My eyes would certainly be nice and red when they let me out, along with my ass.

After the punishment ended, there was silence for a few minutes and I could hear some more discussion. Eventually I felt my shorts being yanked down. I could feel the afternoon air blowing on my exposed ass. It felt good. The tingling started kicking in that comes after a punishment. The sharpness of the pain faded a little bit and that dull ache and warmth started taking its place. I felt my cock growing erect.

Then suddenly I felt a cock force itself into my ass as hard and fast as possible. My entire body spasmed in its bonds and I choked down water trying and failing to yell. Craig loved his sex very, very rough, both as top or bottom. And my hole was still in terrible pain from his fire oil. He held onto my hips and rode me good and hard. Because I was in such a fixed position, he tormented me further by pulling out completely every few thrusts. That meant I had to endure the pain of initial penetration over and over again. It was vicious and cruel, but also amazing. Finally after a decent amount of time, he pushed all the way in to let me feel some pleasure. My cock grew harder underwater, and after a few more minutes he finally came, easing the heat caused by the fire oil and filling my ass with feelings of pleasure.

Craig pulled away and I watched him wade his way back up the steps out of the pool. Then I felt another set of hands on my hips. I looked between my legs and saw that Lance was standing there behind me. Craig was having him fuck me, much like I had Max fuck Craig the first time I took Craig down. I relaxed and raised my ass up. I felt the sharp pain of Lance’s entry, but it wasn’t nearly as rough as Craig’s vicious thrusts. Lance took his time and my ass quickly relaxed to let him thrust deep. It felt really, really good, thanks to the transformation of the fire oil. I could feel my own cock slip out of my jockstrap underwater from the strength of the arousal. Eventually I felt Lance cum inside me, too. Then I watched under the water as he waded past me out of the pool, leaving me in bondage, my exposed ass dripping their cum slowly into the water.

I waited for Craig to come release me, but that never happened. I guess he decided to compound my humiliation by leaving me there for now. I just stood there, ass up, for a couple of hours. Since the pool was outdoors, I could watch as the sunlight started to fade and night fell.

Eventually after a couple of hours, I felt and heard somebody splashing into the pool. I looked up and saw beefy legs encased in white spandex. Max. He walked behind me and I felt him rest his hands on my ass. Was he going to fuck me, too? Or punish me? Technically it was against our agreement, but it wasn’t as though I could stop him. Part of me wondered if he would. I even hoped a little bit. But if he did, he wouldn’t be Max, of course. Max was a good boy and would remain my loyal bottom until he proved he was better than me. After a couple of minutes, he leaned down into the water next to me and detached my restraints. We both stood up. I gasped for air and leaned on Max for support. The rest of the guys in the penthouse had gathered around the pool and were socializing. Trip and Lenny had even showed up with drinks. They applauded me as I shook off the water. I gave a flourish and a bow and then Max helped me out of the pool.

I wanted to leave you for Max to see when he got home, Craig said. The cameras recorded the whole thing, too, so Max can watch later for his own amusement.

Be careful, I said as I limped out up the stairs. It might just make him horny and he’s not allowed to fuck. I turned to look over my ass. It was a nice, sexy dark red. There were bruises forming within the ass crack and at the base of the cheeks at the top of my thighs.

Nice work, I added. I gave Lance a wink. Craig did warn you that whenever we lose our matches in the arena, our tenants are at the mercy of any of the winning gladiators until we get back, right?

That means if I lose and he wins, he’s come back here to get his revenge on you, Lance, Craig said. Lance just shrugged.

We’ll see what happens, he said.

Your eyes are good and red, Max pointed out.

So are yours, I shot back. We saw Adam giving you the business. How’s your ass? Max turned around and pulled his pants down so we could see a deeply bruised bottom.

Wow, I said. Will whistled, impressed at the damage.

It’s what we asked for, Max said. That reminds me, I’ve got to get my strop and visit a few guys in the building. That includes you, Rico! He pointed at his teammate, who muttered Dammit, and quickly looked down at his feet.

You have any problems with Max disciplining Rico or Jeffrey? I asked Reuben.

As long as it’s for the team, Reuben said. And only if I’m present.

You can even help, Max said. Coach Adam was glad to hear we were living with gladiators. He said he knew you guys would keep us sharp.

Max, Reuben and Rico headed inside and soon we could hear Max stropping Rico good and hard on his bed. I gingerly relaxed on a lounge chair and Lenny brought me over a beer. I grabbed one.

The two of you going to be regulars up here? I asked him.

Marcus’s orders, Lenny said.

Who’s Marcus? I asked.

He’s the Executive who oversees the Blue Collars and Pretty Boys who work for the building, Craig said. He gives them orders and keeps them organized.

I haven’t met him yet, I said. Be sure to invite him up for the next party, Lenny. The blue bollars, too. I want to meet them.

I’ve already worked my way through a few the blue collars, Craig said. The asses on those boys. Amazing. And they have to be punished a lot or they start getting clumsy and lazy. It’s hot.

We relaxed for the evening. After getting a nice buzz from the beers, I dragged Rodney across my knee for punishment under the moonlight. Despite submitting, he squirmed and struggled a lot under the paddle and eventually I used my restraints on him. Definitely the punk influence on him. I liked it. It was a contrast from Max. He also cursed softly, under his breath, and grunted rather than yelped.

It was a great first day with the new guys, and the penthouse really felt alive now. After a couple of hours, Max returned from visiting some other floors in the apartment and laying hell across the asses of some of his teammates. I was starting to get sleepy, but I was still a little bit horny from my earlier punishment. I dragged Max to my room for bedtime.

I made him strip down to his jock and pushed him across the bed.

Get comfortable, I ordered. He lay on his stomach and raised his ass up. No, relax all the way down.

What are you up to? Max asked as he lay all the way down. I climbed on top of him like I usually do.

You’re my mattress tonight, I said. I’m gonna try something and see how it goes.

I grabbed onto his shoulders and then pushed my cock between his cheeks. He winced and moaned as I forced my way in. I slowly pushed as far as I could, until my hips pressed into his still-warm, bruised butt. Then rather than fucking him, I grabbed the sheets pulled them up over us, and lay down on top of him. I started nibbling his earlobe.

You’re going to sleep with your dick up my ass? Max asked.

I like how it feels, I said. Don’t know if it will work, but I’m gonna try.

It hurts, Max said.

I don’t care, I responded. He chuckled. Settle in and try to sleep. He turned his head to the side to lay flat on the bed. I kissed his cheek a few times again, then reached over to the end table and turned off the light. I relaxed on top of his beautiful, muscular body, my cock nestled tightly up his ass, kept warm and hard. The motions of our bodies breathing caused a little bit of jostling in his ass and he would moan a little bit now and then, but eventually I heard the soft sound of Max snoring, and I followed him into sleep soon after.

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