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Aaron's Game
Chapter 14: Let the Battles Begin!

by Redspkscott

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Aaron’s Game – Chapter Fourteen: Let the Battles Begin!

I woke up early in the morning and headed straight for the shower. No fucking around with Max today.

My mind was on my first real match against Reuben. He and Craig soon joined me in the shower. We didn’t talk. Reuben and I didn’t even tease each other. The tone of the whole penthouse had changed. We were a lot more serious.

Today was the first day of preseason competition. Us gladiators were launching the city’s sports scene, but the other sports would all be having their first games over the next week. The Pain Pigs would be having their first preseason game tomorrow. They had been selected to play in our arena for their first game, but their regular season would generally take place in smaller stadiums around the city because there were about a dozen different football teams. We had that many players here.

Victor and Paul showed up to film us and ask us a few questions before we headed out to the arena.

No matter what happens, at least one of you guys will not be coming home tonight, Victor said. Any worries about the fates of those big bottoms of yours?

Putting our asses on the line is our job, Reuben said. If Aaron gets the best of me, I’ll deserve the torment. Then he smiled. But he won’t get the best of me.

The fans are excited about this matchup, Victor said to me. Anything you want to say to them?

Keep your eye on Reuben’s ass, I said. You’re going to see my paddle marks all over it.

With that, the three of us, accompanied by our housemates, headed out to the arena. When we got to the lobby of our building, we found Levi down there waiting for us.

What’s your punk doing here? Reuben asked, towering over him.

I’m not his punk, Levi sneered back at him. But I am in his fan club. I’m coming along as support.

I simply shrugged as he waved at Rodney and joined him for the walk over. The reason Levi wanted to join us became apparent very soon as we started walking down toward the stadium. The commandos had posted street signs on every block that read WARNING: All punks will be punished! The background of the sign was green in case there was any question as to who was making the threat. Obviously Levi was concerned about getting caught out alone.

They weren’t kidding last night, Craig said.

I was there at the concert, Levi said. Got my ass beaten by three different guys. It’s still sore. He turned to show us his ass in his tight jeans. We could see through the sexy rips that his butt was a nice deep pink.

Those boys have your number, Reuben said, with clear approval. Gonna enjoy watching those punk butts bouncing under the commandos’ paddles.

Yeah, well I’m gonna enjoy it when your ass bounces when Aaron takes you down, Levi said.

As we walked along we saw a couple of Levi’s fellow punks here and there, having been caught out by packs of commandos. They were each being tormented mercilessly, either being paddled good and raw or being forcefully raped over a bench or nearby fence.

I know you’re my buddy, I said to Levi, but I have to admit it’s really hot seeing you and your buds get tormented. Levi responded by shooting me a middle finger. I laughed. He didn’t know it yet, but my punishment plans for the gladiators during the official season would give him the opportunity get us treated by the hunters the way the commandos treated him.

When we got to the stadium, we discovered it was surrounded by a ring of commandos.

Uh, oh, Levi muttered.

Security, Craig said. To keep you punks from causing too much trouble.

We were so early that there weren’t very many people arriving yet, besides our fellow gladiators. We approached the guards, who all had either gold or blue as their second colors.

Welcome, gentlemen, a gold commando said to us. Head on in to get ready or get your seats. But the punk stays with us.

What? Levi yelled.

We need to make sure he’s not going to cause any trouble, the guard said, smacking his wooden paddle against the palm of his hand.

Oh, no you don’t, Levi said, protecting his butt as he backed away. Unfortunately Reuben was right there. He grabbed the punk and forcefully shoved him over to the guard.

Thank you, sir, the guard said. He snapped his fingers, and one of the commandos with blue as his second color carried over to him a tall stool. He sat down and forced a struggling, squirming Levi across his lap, ass up.

Resistance just increases the duration of the punishment, the guard said. If you take your swats and behave, you’ll be able to enter the stadium and see your friends compete. Otherwise you’ll be out here all morning getting blistered.

Fuck you, Levi growled, but stopped struggling as much. Then he immediately started yelping in pain and kicking his legs as the guard’s paddle smacked hard against his ass – CRACK!

OW! DAMMIT! Levi whimpered. My ass is still sore from last night from you guys.

Good, the guard said and continued paddling. We watched for a few minutes and then headed in once Levi started to cry.

I’ll save a seat for him, Rodney said.

If he’s even able to sit afterward, Johnny pointed out . We all laughed.

Once we made it in, Reuben, Craig, and I split off from our buddies and headed out to the field. They all wished us luck.

Kick Aaron’s ass! Johnny yelled over to Reuben.

If I win, you’re gonna be the first over my knee when I get back, I yelled back to him. Johnny responded by turning around and wiggling his flawless backside at me in his tight, white baseball uniform.

Out in the arena, we saw that the gladiator council had already gathered, and standing tall among them was our patron, Derek, joined by the patron of the hunters, Brick. Derek smiled at us as we walked over to them. Brick had his arms folded, holding his big metal paddle.

Good to see you guys, Derek said to us. Looks like our season is starting with a blast. You guys got organized faster than I thought! Already giving up the spanking tubes. He gestured over to the sideline. As Joss had promised, there was a line of paddling machines ready to torment today’s losers. Joss was over there with a pack of blue collars, giving some final mechanical checks.

Thank Brick’s boy over there, I said to Derek, pointing to Joss.

Glad to see you two working out well, Brick said. I know about your proposals and I’ve told your council here I want to see it happen. Still your choice, but Derek’s on board, too.

You boys are going to be living a tough life with your plan, it sounds like, Derek said. I may be your patron, but you’re certainly taking your ties to Brick and the pure love of inflicting pain seriously.

That’s exactly what we want, sir, Brent said, joining the conversation. We’ll have to be stronger, tougher and faster than everybody else or our asses will pay and pay hard.

Derek and Brick both shook our hands and circulated around, talking to the other gladiators as they arrived. I wondered if any of the other patrons would come to watch. Certainly, Luis’s creative influence on me, Craig, and Joss played a role in what was to come in the regular season, but I know his followers were working on getting the television coverage launched and the theme park opened. I just hoped he’d come to the opening of the regular season so he can see the full combination of competitive, fun and mean brought to bear.

Craig and I stretched and warmed up together while Reuben headed over to another part of the field and chatted with some fellow gladiators who had green as a secondary color like him. It looked as though he had become friends with Li, one of the other gladiators who had developed a big fan following due to his great strength. Li was also a green gladiator, so they seemed to have developed a bond beyond both getting stuck in the spanking tubes during our debut fight when we first met Derek.

Looks like Reuben made friends with some other gladiators, Craig said. His buddies have developed rivalries with some of the gladiators influenced by orange. He pointed to the guys warming up in another part of the arena. But I’ve heard Reuben is focusing entirely on you and me.

I can’t wait to see how this all plays out, I said. The crowd started to fill the stadium. The big televisions dotting the stadium showed various images. Some were affixed on us warming up. Some were showing crowds. Some were even showing outside, where we saw the commandos taking down every single punk who tried to enter the stadium, beating their asses until they were bawling, and then letting them in to watch the matches.

Our buddies in the penthouse had gotten good seats right up in the front. Levi had rejoined them. Amusingly, it appeared as though Johnny was right – Levi’s ass was too sore to sit down. So he was lying across Rodney’s lap. But instead of being paddled some more, Rodney was massaging his blistered bottom for him.

There was so much activity going on that it was actually a little hard to concentrate. Producers and blue collars were scurrying around all over making sure everything was working okay. Pretty boys were wandering through the stands with trays of drinks for the crowd. There were more commando security guards, eying the punks, mostly. They were ready to give them yet another beating at any sign of trouble. Some fans had brought signs to cheer on their favorite gladiators. I saw a couple for me and Reuben, held by football players and wrestlers, and a few for Craig, held by producers. I pointed them out to Craig.

Those are guys from the park, Craig said. Since I’m the one with connections out there, I’ve got their support. Gotta figure out how to play that up to develop my own personality.

Go with the prank stuff, I said. Works good for you. He grinned and nodded.

He and I wrestled for a while to get ourselves in the competitive mindset. I could hear some guys in the crowd cheering us on. We even smacked each other’s asses when possible, to make the sparring look a little more real.

After about an hour, we heard an announcer’s voice order guys to take their seats. We were ready to get started.

Gentlemen! The announcer boomed. Welcome to the launch of what we are sure by now is going to be the pulse of our fair city – athletic competition! The crowd cheered and applauded wildly, quickly jumping to their feet.

To start our preseason off with a bang we bring you Patron Derek’s favorites – the Gladiators! Again the crowd went wild. We all stood out on the field drinking in the support. The launch of the actual season was going to have a lot more ceremony to it, but that took some time to put together. The producers and blue collars were working on it. For now, though, we all just stood on the sidelines of the field and waved to the crowd. The announcer introduced us one by one. He went in alphabetical order, which meant that I was first. I smiled and gave a pretentious little bow to the crowd. Then I turned around and wiggled my ass at them a bit and smacked it firmly with my own paddle. The crowd went nuts. Craig laughed while Reuben rolled his eyes at me and shook his head over with his own buddies.

As each gladiator was introduced, he got wild cheers, though you could tell that the loudest cheers were coming from different parts of the stadium, depending on the guy. Each of us had our own crew of fans. After we were introduced, the announcer acknowledged Derek and Brick where here to witness the launch of competition. The two patrons were given special boxes about halfway up the stands to watch the fights. They waved at the crowd (with their paddles, no less), and everybody took to their feet and cheered again for the patrons.

I am pleased to announce the games of our fair city shall commence, Derek said, his voice booming across the stadium without any need for loudspeakers. Each winner today, if he hasn’t already earned one, will be given his own victory paddle to memorialize his accomplishment. And those who lose ... .

WIN OR SUFFER! the crowd began chanting.

Their asses will suffer more than anybody’s in this city, Brick yelled, his deep, angry voice scaring the audience into ending their chant. That is my demand of them as bearers of my color. Gladiators who lose will envy those punks being harassed by commandos out there. This brought out some laughter from those who had been paying attention to the growing struggle between the two factions. Even the punks were laughing.

And now! Derek declared. Let us begin the games! The crowd cheered again. The first two gladiators to compete took to the field and circled each other warily as the announcer explained the rules to the crowd. The fights matched the rules Craig and I had set up for our sparring. A successful take-down happened when a gladiator got his opponent into a position where he could smack his ass 100 times within 90 seconds with his paddle. The gladiator who managed to force his opponent to take the swats three times would be declared the winner. The winner would force the loser into the paddling machines on the side. Then apparently there would be some concluding ceremony acknowledging the winners and losers before the paddling machines were turned on, torturing the losing gladiators for 24 hours non-stop. A trio of executives would serve as referees for the match, making the determination if there was any question whether the loser of a round had taken the full 100 swats within the time frame.

Since Reuben and I were the final fight, we got to watch everybody else’s matches, a great opportunity to see everybody’s techniques. Li was first to take the field against Cal, who was one of the punk-oriented gladiators with a scruffy blond mohawk and some tattoos. Though Cal put up a good fight and even won the second round, Li was definitely the stronger fighter and took him down in for good in the fourth round. Li yanked Cal’s shorts down after he was declared the winner and started paddling Cal’s bare ass to the cheers of the crowd. After a minute or so of this, one of the referees directed Li to carry Cal over to the spanking machines. Cal, defeated, reluctantly submitted and was strapped in, his exposed jock-strap-clad ass no raised up in the air nicely. Li fitted Cal with a ball gag, and then following orders the council had given us just this morning, he walked behind Cal, reached down beneath his crotch, and pulled the loser’s cock and balls out behind him, exposed, resting on his thighs. I watched Cal’s face for a minute. Sure enough, after a few seconds he began to blush and struggle a little bit in his restraints. There was nothing he could do about his humiliation, though. His cock and balls lay out there on full display for the cheering crowd. Li smacked Cal’s already pink ass a few good hard times so the crowd could see how deliciously it was going to bounce once the paddling machine was turned on. Then Li raised his arms in triumph to the cheering crowd and stood in position behind Cal to wait for the competition’s end.

In the meantime, a small pack of punks in the crowd were not happy that their favorite gladiator had lost and were starting to act up in the stands. Quickly a group commandos descended on them, wrestled them into submission, and started paddling them right there in the stands.

Looks like a pack of Cal’s fans want to share his fate, the announcer joked as we moved to the next match.

And so the matches went. Some matches were closer than others. Amusingly, when a gladiator with orange secondary won the punks in the crowd got just as excited as when they lost and inevitably drew the attention and punishment of the nearby commando security crews. But as much trouble as they caused, the punks really kept the energy of the crowd up as the battling went on. They were definitely an important part of the scene, and once you saw them in action, it made sense to put punks in charge of putting together fan-based stuff. They were even inventing special cheers for individual gladiators that others in the crowd started to pick up.

Craig’s match came about halfway through. His opponent was Daniel, one of the members of the gladiator council with gray as his secondary color. It was a long fight, partly because Craig pulled the same stunt he tried on me before. He got Daniel into a good hard lock he couldn’t escape and beat his ass to 90 swats, then stopped so he wouldn’t win the round. He kept this up four times as Daniel squirmed in pain. The audience was confused at first, but eventually the announcer explained that this tactic would weaken Daniel in future rounds and the crowd laughed in cheered. He ended up defeating Daniel, and his stunt seemed to draw him some new fans. He smacked Daniel’s ass a few times as he dragged him over to the paddling machines. After he strapped Daniel down and gagged him, Craig produced a small, familiar bottle. The fire oil. He parted Daniel’s cheeks and carefully dripped it right onto Daniel’s hole. After a few seconds, we could hear Daniel screaming in his gag and trying to struggle in his restraints as his rectum burned in pain. The announcer explained where Craig’s fire oil came from and even promoted Craig’s prank shop at the amusement park. Craig, like all the other winners, also pulled his victim’s cock out and left it dangling down helpless behind him for everybody to look at.

The line of losers restrained in the paddling machines slowly grew. I wondered what was going through their heads while they waited for the competition to end and for their true punishment to begin. The machines were set up so that they were all facing into the arena, so they were able to watch the other matches. Their big exposed bottoms were visible from all sides, though the fans sitting behind them could also get a view of their big dicks dangling helplessly down, resting on their large thighs. The big paddles hung menacingly above their asses on mechanized arms, just waiting for the command to start the torment. The losing gladiators, though restrained, were able to look around and move their heads and necks. They occasionally looked over at each other, to the fights, and up to the crowd cheering their pending punishment. They were all blushing with humiliation, but eventually their faces will be red from crying.

Finally, hours after starting, it was time for me to face Reuben. We hadn’t really fought since our confrontation in the sporting goods store on our very first day here. I couldn’t really count the group match we had before here, because I really ambushed him in order to win. Despite our rivalry, this was actually our first real honest-to-god fight.

Reuben had a confident smile as we circled each other on the field, waiting for the fight to start.

Gonna bust yer as good and raw, boy, he said. You ready?

Have you even been practicing? I asked in response, smirking. He laughed.

You have no idea, he said. What did that mean? By that point, the referees had joined us on the field to watch the fight.

Time for our final match of the day, the announcer declared. We saved the best for last. It’s our very first rivalry among the gladiators – Aaron versus Reuben! The crowd’s cheers were nearly deafening. I raised my arms to show my thanks to the crowd. Reuben just stared at me.

Then a referee blew a whistle indicating the start of the fight. We continued circling for a little longer. Then I made my move. I remembered Reuben’s aggression and figured if I put him on the defensive quickly, I could control the pace of the fight. But as I lunged in, he dodged to the side, grabbling my calf and quickly flipping me on my back. I wasn’t expecting that. I rolled away figuring he was going to try to jump in and wrestle me down to beat my ass, but he didn’t follow through. His behavior was different from what I remembered.

After some more modest sparring, Reuben made his move, going in much lower to the ground than I expected from him. I tried to jump over him, but he snagged my ankles and pushed me over. Now he jumped on top of me and we grappled. WHAP! He got the first paddle whack in as we tumbled around on the field. I tried to get my revenge on him, but he was expecting it and grabbed my wrist. Soon I found myself being forced into a submissive position, face down on the field with my right arm forced behind my back and Reuben’s weight on the backs of my knees. Suddenly WHACK! CRACK! WHACK! WHACK! A flurry of hard swats rained on my vulnerable ass. The referee came over to count and time the swats. I was unable to escape and after just a few minutes, Reuben claimed the first round.

I rubbed my stinging bottom as we both returned to our feet and prepared for the next round.

Just a warm up, I said.

That’s for sure, Reuben growled, smiling. I started getting the feeling that there was something going on I didn’t quite understand. The referee whistled for us to start the next round and we began circling each other again. We started grappling again, and Reuben just seemed to be able to respond to everything I tried to pull. He was extremely prepared. But how? I never saw him sparring. Often he wasn’t even at the penthouse!

We fought hard, and I was able to get in a few swats on Reuben’s ass, but once again Reuben was able to force me to the ground. He pinned my legs between his strong thighs and beat my ass again. He blitzed through 100 swats and my ass swelled up in pain.

Guess what? He growled in my ear, as the referee blew the whistle to declare Reuben the winner of the second round.

What? I asked. He grabbed my hair and yanked me up to my feet. I pushed him away and he laughed as he began circling again.

I know your moves, he said. Ever think there’s a down side to your exhibitionism?

What do you mean?

You let Victor and Paul film your sparring matches with Craig to show on television, Reuben explained. My buddy, Li, recorded them and I’d go watch them over at his place. He and I both watched your fights over and over and over again. I know how you fight. Craig, too. You’re gonna lose.

His grin was so wide I thought he was about to double-over laughing. I just stared at him, trying to think this through. No wonder I never saw him fight! He probably didn’t want to be filmed. I wondered if he and Li were sparring partners, but I was so caught up with stuff with Craig I didn’t even know.

The referee blew the whistle to start the third round and Reuben immediately went on the aggressive. His hands seem to know in advance exactly what I was going to try to do and was able to block me every time. Reuben was in complete control of the fight. He had prepared specifically just to fight and beat me. His obsession with dominating me for this rivalry had given him the upper hand, literally. I struggled as hard as I could but Reuben was relentless. He got me into a hold where he grabbed me around my waist with his strong left arm and held me up off the ground like I was a sack he was carrying, my legs dangling and kicking. Then, to my shock, he reached over with his right hand and yanked down my shorts, exposing my jock-clad ass. He hadn’t officially won yet! But I wasn’t able to escape. He administered the final 100 painful swats to my bare ass while the crowd’s cheers were absolutely deafening.

I lost.

I lost badly. I lost worse than any other gladiator. I was the only shutout. Every other losing gladiator won at least one round.

I just lay there limply in Reuben’s arm, in shock, as the referee blew the final whistle and the announcer declared Reuben the winner.

That was a complete rout! The announcer declared. I bet Aaron’s fans are not very happy right now.

Reuben carried me over to the paddling machine, still holding me underarm and paddling my ass during the walk over.

You’re going to get what you deserve, boy, Reuben said. I was quivering, but not struggling. I knew why. I lost. I deserved to be punished. Reuben could do anything he wanted to me right now and I wouldn’t resist. My ass bounced and stung from his vicious paddle swats. As the crowd cheered, he forced me into the final paddling machine, gagged me, then locked me down with the others. My ass was up in the air, exposed and ready. My head was at ground level. I was able to swivel my head around to look over my own shoulder. I could see that my ass was already a nice bright red. It was only going to get much, much worse.

Then I felt Reuben’s hand on my crotch. I felt him pull my cock out from my jock and pull it behind me through my legs. Like all the others, he pulled my cock and balls out so that they were resting exposed on the back of my thighs — showing the crowd that I failed to dominate. I would not be fucking anybody with that dick. I felt the breeze on my cock and balls and felt my face flushing. I wriggled a little bit. I blushed. I felt the humiliation. Everybody was looking at me. I looked up and saw my ass focused on one of the monitors. They were shooting me from behind me, so I could see my cock and balls too. Then I started feeling my dick getting hard. Of course. Everybody was watching my humiliation. Even though I lost, my exhibitionism still managed to make me horny.

Aaron may look as embarrassed as the other losing gladiators, The announcer noted. But apparently his cock is happy to see his total humiliation. The crowd started laughing. I must have been the only gladiator to get an erection over the exposure.

While I was adjusting to the fact that I lost, Derek and Brick came back down to the field to congratulate the winners. Reuben walked out in front of me to make a line with all the other winners. Derek came down the line presenting each gladiator with his victory paddle. Now Craig and Reuben had paddles to match mine.

I looked around a little bit. I was dreading what was going to come next, but I had to admire what Joss did with these restraints. I was able to look at the crowd and the crowd was able to look at me. I looked to my right at the gladiator stuck next to me. It was Bruce, one of the guys Reuben and I beat in our very first group fight. Poor guy lost again. He kind of shrugged at me. I laughed a little in my gag. I found myself realizing that I did not actually dislike my predicament. I knew that I deserved to be punished for losing. But I also oddly felt like my secondary fetish was being pandered to. I wonder how the other guys felt about their public humiliation.

Now that the winners have been rewarded, it is time to deal with the losers, the announcer declared. Yes, they will be paddled for 24 hours, but before we do, let’s make sure they really understand what losers they are. Patrons Derek and Brick have asked to personally demonstrate their disappointment.

My eyes widened a bit as I saw the two muscular gods heading our way. Derek walked over to the very first loser, Cal. Brick headed over to the last loser, me. He was smacking his massive metal paddle in his hand as he walked my way. We made eye contact and he grinned. I craned my head to look over my shoulder as he positioned himself behind me. Bruce looked over at me to watch as well.

I felt Brick’s cold metal paddle resting across both cheeks. My ass was nice and relaxed, ready to accept each and every swat, unable to clench or do much but wiggle just a little bit. He reared his arm back and CRACK! My head whipped back forward and I screamed into my gag. He was so strong! Even several seconds after the swat my ass burned just as hard. Before the pain faded much at all – WHACK! The second swat. He only gave me ten swats, but I was crying when he was done. Then he moved down to Bruce. I watched as Bruce suffered his own punishment at Brick’s hands. I tilted my head up to watch Bruce’s ass bounce with each swat. It must have been amazing to the crowd to see our big bottoms react, and it was probably very hot watching on the monitors or on television at home.

Derek and Brick passed each other – it must have been brutal being the guys in the middle getting swats back-to-back from the two patrons. Derek made his way back down our direction. I watched him torment Bruce with his big, golden paddle. Then it was my turn.

Looks like you may have split your focus too much, Derek said to me as he rested his paddle against my ass. The audience sure seems to appreciate what you put together though. Let that knowledge comfort you over this next day. Then he raised his paddle up and KER-RACK! He felt just as strong as Brick! It almost felt like my eyes were bugging out from the pain of each swat. I looked up on a monitor to watch my bottom bounce and turn dark red from the blows. And this was just the beginning!

After the patrons finished their punishment the audience regaled them with another round of cheers.

Winning gladiators, the announcer declared. You have one last reward before we turn on the paddling machines. Please stand behind the gladiator you defeated. Reuben grinned and took position behind me.

Now, winners, the announcer said. Please fuck the losers.

Aww, yeah, Reuben said as I felt him clutch my cheeks. Been waiting for another chance at this ass. He squirted some lube on his fingers and roughly thrust them in my asshole. I winced and my ass quivered at the intrusion. He worked my ass roughly for a few seconds with his fingers, then pulled down his shorts. A few seconds later I groaned in pain as I felt his cock push against my ass, then force its way in. I could hear the other gladiators moaning and groaning as we were all raped in tandem. My dick stayed hard the whole time, especially when I heard the audience cheering Reuben on. Fuck his loser ass! I heard a guy behind us shout. Eventually the pain faded into pleasure and I knew to enjoy it while it lasted. It was the last bit of pleasure I was going to feel for at least a day.

Yeah, you better like it, Reuben said when I moaned. Don’t forget I’m gonna be back here tomorrow to help you walk home. Can’t let the spanking machines have all the fun.

After a few more minutes, the winning gladiators all began cumming in the losers’ asses. Reuben milked it as long as he could, but eventually I felt his warm cum squirt inside my ass. He pulled out, then took his paddle and started beating my ass some more, taking advantage of the little time he had left to beat me before the machines were turned on. The pleasure from being fucked quickly passed and soon I was yelping and crying in my gag again from Reuben’s assault.

Eventually all the gladiators finished up the fucking and the announcer ordered them to back away. Then all the monitors in the stadium displayed 24:00:00. I couldn’t see the timer on my own paddling machine, but I looked over at Bruce to see it on the side of his bench. I felt the sense of dread increasing, but at the same time, the sense that I was about to get what I richly deserved also grew. I wanted my ass to suffer brutally, as much as I knew I would hate it the whole time. Though I always accepted my ass getting beat whenever somebody got the better of me, this was the first time that I felt as though I was truly getting what I deserved. It must be the influence of Derek and our competitive attitudes. I looked over to Bruce to see that he was nodding slightly. He noticed me looking at him. I nodded at him. He nodded back. It wasn’t just me. We both lost a major athletic challenge. We both accepted that we deserved this torment.

Let me hear you cheer for the losers to be punished, the announcer ordered. The crowd went wild. Count down from ten! He and the crowd all counted down together. When it hit zero, the timer started and CRACK! CRACK! WHACK! CRACK! The paddling machines began, quickly, viciously. I knew that Joss wouldn’t hold back on us. I had never been in a spanking tube, but I suspected these swats were much harsher than what the tube provided. There were actually two paddles for each cheek, alternating slamming vertically down on our bottoms. They had a slight bit of variation on the arms so that we weren’t being hit in the exact same spot with each swat. It was goddamned fast, too, a swat every half-second. The pain ramped up very quickly until we were all yelling into our gags, our heads shaking back and forth as our bottoms bounced and bounced in place. Soon all I could focus on was the immense pain in my ass. I could vaguely hear the announcer saying something to the crowd, but I couldn’t grasp what he was saying. I was just bawling and whimpering.

Men in the audience took to the field to get a closer look at the suffering losers. That must have been what the announcer was talking about. I tried to get some focus back and pay attention, but the blistering pain made it too hard. Eventually I noticed my roommates gathered in front of me to watch my paddling. Craig and Reuben were both standing there, gripping their victory paddles and laughing at me. The other guys were all watching. Max shook his head sadly at me. I tried to shrug in response, the way Bruce had.

Don’t worry, Reuben said. I’ll take good care of your tenants.

Lance and I offered to help, Craig said. I laughed a little bit despite the pain. I’d call it a betrayal, but he did win and I lost. Rules were rules. Lance wanted to get his hands on Will, while the others will enjoy tormenting Max and Rodney. They’d resist, no doubt, but the three of them were well outnumbered.

Reuben walked up and sat down right in front of me so he could talk into my ear over the sounds of all the paddling.

Do you feel like you’re really getting what you deserve? He asked, smiling, but not entirely in a mean way. I nodded.

You don’t want the machine turned off, even though it hurts like hell, he said. After a moment I shook my head no.

Yeah, I didn’t tell you, but that’s how it felt when I lost that match and ended up in the spanking tube. He looked over at Bruce. You know what I’m talking about, Bruce. He nodded.

We submit when the hunters take us down or when you lose a sparring match, right? Reuben said. But losing an actual match like this, it triggers this need to be punished. It’s like we turn into blue collars when we lose. We absolutely have to be punished.

I nodded again. He was right. When Joss and the hunters took me down and beat my ass for a day, I accepted it and felt like that was supposed to be my fate when I was outmatched or outmuscled. But this felt different, stronger. I really, really deserved this punishment. I, of course, wanted this pain to stop, but I knew deep in my bones that it should not, must not stop. In fact, there was a part of me that felt that I deserved to be punished more than the other losers because I lost to Reuben so badly.

Well, we’re going to head home, Reuben said, getting back up. We’ll be back here tomorrow not just to pick you up, but Max, Rico and Jeffrey have their first game here tomorrow. I nodded over to Max to try to show him support. I kind of laughed again realizing that I was going to get to watch them play while trapped here in the paddling machine.

As our punishment continued, the crowd in the stands continued to come down and file by for a look at our suffering. I could hear men expressing amusement that I still had my erection, despite all the pain. I was helplessly aroused by watching them all watching me getting my ass beat. Thousands of them came and went!

As the sun began to set, the crowd mostly dispersed. A crew of commandos stood guard around us to make sure nobody caused any trouble or tried to free us. Of course, nobody wanted to free us, but commandos had their ways. I noticed they’d grab any punks who came out to see us and beat their asses before letting them come over to look. They weren’t fucking around with their new policy. The face of each punk who came to look at us was as red as ours (and their asses undoubtedly were, too). If they mouthed off to the commandos, they were punished even more, then bent over a seat in the stadium and gang-raped. That shut them up, at least for a little while.

Eventually the crowd was almost entirely gone and all we could hear was the sounds of 60 massive bubble bottoms getting blistered raw and our muffled moans and cries of pain. Victor and a camera crew came to film our suffering for the gladiator network, Victor providing the narration as the cameramen got lots of good shots of our asses.

And the biggest loser today has to be poor Aaron, here, Victor said when got to me at the end. Aaron was the only gladiator to fail to win even a single round. Reuben had complete control of the entire fight. We’ll be interviewing Reuben at their shared penthouse later so he can tell us his strategy while Aaron here is left to suffer in punishment machines he’s responsible for introducing to the arena in the first place! I looked directly into the camera and whimpered. I watched as the camera slowly panned up to show my ass as the paddles cracked away.

Evening continued into late night. We were left alone with just a few commandos keeping guard. Occasionally I would look over to Bruce and he would look back at me. We would nod to each other in acknowledgment of our shared suffering, but also in the agreement that we were getting what we earned by losing.

I slept in fits and starts. Sometimes I’d get used to the pain enough to nod off for a bit. But then a slight shift in the positioning of the paddles would startle me back awake. In the darkness, some of the monitors showed the time remaining so we could keep track of how much suffering we had left. Other monitors were attacked to cameras that were slowing panning back and forth across our collected suffering asses. Now that the crowd was all gone, I finally lost my erection. We all whimpered and cried through the night.

Eventually the sun began to rise and the new day began. We still had most of the day to suffer. It wouldn’t be until after the two football games being played in the arena today that the full 24 hours of punishment would be completed and we would be let go.

Eventually, the football players started showing up, as a new crowd of fans started to fill the stadium. The Pain Pigs arrived together, since they all lived in our building together. They would be facing the Rough Riders, a team from elsewhere in the city. The Pain Pigs all wore red shirts. The Rough Riders wore brown. All of them had sexy white football leggings showing off their big butts. And of course, the sheer fabric let you see their bare backsides in their jocks. It was very clear that the Pain Pigs were coming into the opening game with already sore bottoms, compared to the Rough Riders. I watched for Max and saw that his ass was already a good dark red. No doubt Reuben and the others had their way with Max last night, but if the pain was too much for him to handle, it didn’t show. He didn’t even seem to have a limp. Coach Adam was already barking orders and laying down hard swats on the ass of any football player too slow to respond.

I was in too much pain to really play close attention to the game. Henry, the patron for the blue collars, joined Derek for the opening rather than Brick. All the football players had blue as a secondary color, making them obedient to their coaches’ demands, so Henry was showing his support. I could make out the announcer mentioning that the Pain Pigs had already developed a reputation for using harsh punishment and that everybody was curious as to whether it paid off or actually made them too sore to play well.

And their punishment continued during the game! Whenever anybody got a penalty, Adam ordered him back to the sideline and gave him good hard swats, one for each yard of the penalty. And both the offensive captain and the defensive captain (that was Max) received matching swats if it was one of their guys. By the time the game was over, Max’s ass had to have been as red as mine was right now.

But it worked. The Pain Pigs kicked the Rough Riders’ asses, 35-14. I could occasionally hear the announcers singling out Max for putting up such a tough defense. And so the Rough Riders were required to submit to the Pain Pigs. In this case, that meant a big punishment orgy was going to take place right out on the field. The losing players had their wrists tied behind their backs and were dragged out onto the field to be paddled, strapped and fucked by the winning team.

To my amusement, amid all my pain, Max dragged a beefy black linebacker right over in front of where I was imprisoned so I could watch him torment the loser. He took his strop to the player’s big butt, first on the seat of his uniform, and after a good twenty minutes, bare ass. The loser cried and quivered, but raised his ass up in submission the whole time. After a good hour of torment, Max yanked down his own pants and let his massive cock spill out. The loser’s eyes widened when he saw it, and he began to shake his head no and tried to crawl away with his hands tied behind his back. Unfazed, Max lubed up, then grabbed his victim by the ankles and pulled him back toward him so that the two of them were right in front of me. Then Max turned and gave me a quick wink before dropping to his hands and knees and viciously mounting the Rough Rider. I was able to watch as Max’s huge dick forced its way into the loser’s squirming ass. His yells of pain and surprise bounced around the stadium, clearly louder than those of his teammates. Max fucked him nice and slowly, milking the pain of the Rough Rider’s hole being stretched wide. The fucking went on for a good half hour, the Rough Rider pleading with Max to take it easy on him. Max refused. He hadn’t been allowed to fuck for days by their coach. It was so hot to watch. A camera man made sure to highlight the action for the monitors. I was also able to notice that the coaches of the winning team were also punishing and fucking the losing coaches. Everybody put their asses on the line for these games.

After the orgy, Max gave me another quick nod before retreating from the field with his teammates. Eventually the sore, suffering Rough Riders limped their way off the field to make room for the next game. The next game was a total blur. I knew the end of my suffering was finally approaching and I could no longer concentrate on anything but the paddles beating my ass. I craned my head around to look back up over my shoulder again. My ass was bruised deep red and purple all over. I looked over at Bruce and his ass was in the same, sorry shape.

It’s what I deserve, I thought to myself. I watched our asses bounce away under the paddles. Even though the paddling was over soon, my suffering would be extended by a gleefully sadistic Reuben. I deserved that, too. He really outsmarted me. It was embarrassing.

The second football game ended and there as another punishment and rape orgy out on the field. After it was all over and everybody started to leave again, Reuben and my housemates returned out to the field to witness the end of our punishment. Victor and his cameramen were on hand to record our reactions once we were released from the punishment machines. The time counted down and when it reached zero, there was a loud buzz as the paddling stopped instantly. You could hear all of our moans of relief as the beating finally ended. Then the latches on the restraints opened, freeing us from the spanking machines. Max and Craig both carefully helped me get back to my feet. Reuben watched with his arms folded.

C’mere, he ordered. I nodded as Craig removed my ball gag.

No mercy, I croaked as I limped over to him. My ass was still buzzing with pain.

No mercy, Reuben said. He slung my left arm over his shoulder to help me walk. Then he showed me the three middle fingers of his right hand. I nodded. He reached behind me and I felt the new burst of discomfort as he forcefully pushed them up my ass. He went all the way in and then pulled up enough so that I would have to slowly walk home on tip toe.

Victor came over to talk to us as we slowly began the walk home.

Do you have anything to say to your fans about your performance in the arena? Victor asked. I struggled to talk, my throat hoarse from all my crying for the last 24 hours.

I failed and I got what I deserved, I said. I’m still getting it. Paul panned down to show my ass with Reuben’s fingers shoved in.

Was starting this rivalry with Reuben a mistake? Victor asked. He completely dominated you out there. How can you come back from such a devastating loss?

I lost focus with other things, I said. The whole point of being a gladiator is that our lives revolve around these fights. Reuben never lost sight of that, but I did. I will get my focus back. When we meet again for the regular season, you’ll see.

Are you worried about retaliation, Reuben? Victor asked him.

Hell no, Reuben said. I’m going to dominate this boy for good. His ass is gonna belong to me after the season’s over. I’m gonna turn him into my own personal pretty boy.

With that, Reuben started pushing his hand forward, making me walk. Just as before, my big bottom bounced up and down on his fingers as we walked, making me finger-fuck myself. Reuben forced me to take a very long route home, making me circle blocks and parading me down the beach past the winning gladiators who were training for their next match. They clapped and cheered for Reuben as we went by.

My ass was still blistering and raw from the punishment, but the beginning of the tingling recovery feelings were already starting. After I rested, I knew that I would wake up with an erotically warm ass and a massive hard-on. But for now, I wallowed in my pain and discomfort. Reuben enjoyed his full dominance over me, forcing me up to the penthouse and into his bedroom this time instead of mine. He pushed me onto the bed and raped me again. There was nothing I could do stop it, but then I was still feeling like I deserved my punishment. I raised my ass up and accepted Reuben’s dominance over me for the day. This time he earned it.

But only this time. Next time would be different.

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