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The Apprentice 1820
A Consensual CP Story

by Bud Johnson

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The Apprentice 1820: A consensual CP story

It is an event dreaded by kids throughout time. The peak for the modern style spanking in the Americas and through Europe was likely toward the beginning of the 19th century when parents and townspeople used this form of punishment commonly. Even infants got spanked sadly.

It was an age of religion and superstitions, of daily serious risks for injury, and when the family patriarch was living in a male dominated society. The Mother was often assigned the duty of disciplining the children.

But it was worse from Dad.

I told you about Jacob and Jeffery; a fantasy of a consensual spanking situation from 1820. I want to give you another tale from this time to ponder. It is my belief that, though very rare in earlier times, consensual CP and sexual comradeship did happen between men.

It is also my belief that this was rarely discussed openly. A typical situation where this MIGHT have occurred comes from the fact that older men often had male apprentices and they were known to beat them on a regular basis. Mine vision is a bit more traditional and home style.

Most young men did not run away like Ben Franklin did in the early 18th century. Often times, this occurred up until they were well into their twenties it was more of a put up and shut up about it for several reasons.

Money and the means to live were harder defined by a kid’s status in life. You can still find evidence violently as late at 1912 at the time of the Titanic; except there it was simply accepted by most – driven by fear.

I am going to skip over some of this detail and take my Apprentice story back to the 1820s too. Just remember now Thomas Edison was strapped by his father and even had his ear boxed four decades later!

Our story takes place in old Boston around 1820. Our boy is a slightly mentally deficient sort who happens to be small and boyish in stature. He is actually 22 years old, from a poor family. His name is Charlie. He meets a man named Kaleb near Kenmore Square or closer to Sewell’s Point at the time one Sunday afternoon.

Sewell’s Point, near Chinatown, had a Leather Hide facility where Kaleb worked at for extra money. He was an expert leather designer. The boy happened by to checking this out work opportunities.

Kaleb was about 50 around the time. A single, strong, robust man, he took to the boyish Charlie, befriended the boy, and guided him under his charge within the week. He made Charlie his contractual apprentice.

Charlie worked hard for Kaleb but he wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. He made stupid mistakes in the beginning. It was after one of his blunders that Kaleb warned of how he spanked bare bottom while at the same time, putting his big arm across the boy’s smaller shoulders he said, I’m gonna have to spank your bare bottom!

Charlie got a full erection when he heard this though he weaseled out of a whipping this time. I am sorry Sir!

The 22 year old was frightened. He was also very subservient to Kaleb. He even lay across a barrel ready to take a whipping right then! He was being taught how to cut leather at the time.

Feeling sorry for the boy Kaleb tapped his shoulder when he was over the barrel saying that he would not whip him this time. The truth be known, he admired the boy’s bubble butt. But you never talked about these kinds of feelings. He’d act on them in time.

About a week went by and then Charlie made a chemical fiasco accidentally knocking over a pale carelessly. A deep sound of an angry word saying, What the... was heard out of Kaleb along with his eye glare motioning over to that same barrel.

Charlie looked up at him shakily and positioned himself dutifully across the barrel. Kaleb quickly hovered over him grabbing a thick leather strap off the wall. In one rapid motion he got hold of Charlie’s trousers, yanked them down to the boy’s knees, and commenced with a severe strapping right then and there.

Whipth! Whipth! Crack! Crack! Whoop!

Charlie howled after the first two strokes. By the fifth, he was begging him to stop. It didn’t.

Whipth!!! Whoop!!! Crack!!!) Crack!!!)) Crack!!!)))

And then a final Whoosh!!!)))

Tears and snot rush out of Charlie’s eyes, nose, and mouth. His begs and pleading stopped awhile back, then after the final stroke, his tears turned to a full blubbering. He sounded liked a naughty 12 year old boy though he was a 22 year old man. No erection now.

He trembled, shuttered, and coughed – choking on his own snot and tears.

Kaleb tossed him a shop rag and firmly ordered him to clean himself up, learn to be careful, and get back to work. He had the erection this time.

Charlie said very little after that for the rest of the day. He continually apologized though. Kaleb’s tone turned gentler to Charlie. He barks a few work orders at first as his own disposition settled down. Then things returned to normal with Charlie’s usual boyish clumsiness around the place.

He was markedly more careful that day though than he ever was before.

Towards the end of the day, after Charlie apologized again for the morning’s mistake, Kaleb said, If you apologize again I am gonna strap you again!

Charlie was quiet from that point on.

At the end of the day Kaleb put his arm across his shoulders and consoled the boy. He invited him over for supper. Charlie had a growing erection now. Kaleb noticed.

They left and had supper.

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