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Cy (Part 2)

by Bud Johnson

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Cy (part 2)

About a year later after Cy turned 66 and Bud was legal at 21, he called Cy again. Cy looked 66 but Bud liked that about him. He kept his arms and wrists firm using hand held weight grippers he kept around the house. He lived alone, had a few steady customers that were sincere believers, and probably got to spank young men a few times a year.

Bud remained an almost a complete sexual and S&M novice. The band we was in was not breaking any new ground. They were a cover band mostly and this adds to Bud’s frustration. The same sex activity would have been perceived by his peers as gay in music circles, even though there had been no sexual penetration or flirty behavior.

His 7-11 job was going well. It was his life blood. Working midnights has its challenges with very little time for a social life, but being the midnight manager has its rewards.

It was early fall when they met the first time and it was early fall again about a year later when Bud called on Cy for another spanking. Their conversation was good. Cy teased Bud saying, I haven’t heard from you in a long time. Real spankings hurt, don’t they boy?

Sheepishly Bud apologizes for taking so long to call him back. He could almost see Cy’s melodramatic grin behind a telephone mouth piece playing the stern Dad and the trusted friend. He also agreed saying, Yes they do!

You really feel like you’d like to get together with me again? Like before, I want you to think about it for a day or two and call me back to request a meeting. Can you agree to that Son?

Bud starts in, But I am sure...

Cy said, What did I just say? Call me in a day or two!

Cy hung up.

Bud let the call and the attitude of the man sink in. He needs this or he’ll never know. He is much closer to knowing now than he was after their first meeting.

Ah the questions that berate the 21 year old! Gay, Straight, Bi? Kinky? Perverted? A Weirdo? Or is this just normal – what ever that is.

Bud calls Cy the next day. They arrange to meet early on a Saturday morning right after Bud’s Friday night shift at 7-11. That will put the time at just before 8 o’clock. He arrives there at around 7:50 but parks his car on the side by the house and waits until 8 o’clock.

Bud noticed the lights were on upstairs and one by one they were shut off. Bud was spanked in a room of the first floor last year. He’d never been upstairs. He was feeling a little grimy after work. He hoped this would not offend Cy. There is much about Cy that Bud didn’t really know. He’d learn more today.

It was now 8 and time for Bud to approach the front door. He rang the bell and Cy greeted him dressed in his bathrobe. Cy was smoking a cigarette like last time. He invited him to sit in the living room like he had the last time. But this time was different.

Cy was using the wrist strengthener continuously while they talked. Cy suggested Bud have a shower upstairs before they got started. With slight embarrassment, Bud apologized for being to dirty but also agreed.

Cy took him upstairs to the shower. As your Dad I can either supervise your shower or help with your showering. It is your choice. Bud was not expecting that.

He started undressing by agreeing to be supervised. Cy ran the water. Bud said, Not too hot

But after watching Cy and getting a slight erection, Bud asked him as Dad for some direction. Cy said, Why don’t you let me scrub you up?

Feeling comfortable with Cy like a Grandpa, Bud agrees. Cy keep direct eye contact to a minimum. He soaped his whole body including his private parts, rectum, and even his ears. Bud already felt like a little kid.

His spanking flowed right along with this. He room next to the bathroom was a small oblong bedded den. Of course Cy had paddle in there too! He flops Bud over his lap while sitting on the small den bed and began the robust ass cracking harder than Bud could remember. Cy is no whimp.

Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!!!)))

O-w-w-w! Please Sir!!!

Whoop! Crack! Smack! Crack! Crack!!!)))

Beg all you want boy. You’ve had this coming!

To Bud’s surprise he felt Cy’s erection beneath his groin under his robe. It was a firm one. Stout.

Whop!))) Crack!!! Smack!!! Whoop!!!))) Whoop!!!)))

Bud hollered uncontrollably. Then a final.


Bud’s tears broke loose. Then the paddle was rested on top of his butt. Bud felt Cy’s arm slip under his belly caressing his man hood. His erection was immediate. A couple of moans then an orgasm let loose all over the crotch, between Cy’s thighs, and bed. Instead of being chastised Cy said, That’s my good boy.

Cy rolled him on his back and took care to clean him up. Bud found his cloths and redressed. Afterwards Cy sent him home saying, Come back anytime.

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