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I Got Spanked

by Bud Johnson

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I Got Spanked

I got spanked this morning. said Ralph to his friend on the telephone. His friend Johnny just laughed. He and Ralph were friends from back in high school. The two had met their respective partners at the same bar maybe 4 years back.

Their partners were both older men in their 40s and 50s, who believed in parental discipline play on a 24-7 basis. A spanking could me anything of a CP nature: From a simple OTK hand spanking to a restrained razor stropping when the howls could be heard a block away. It would feel like that anyway. On this morning, Ralph had received the latter.

The type of phone call that occurred between Ralph and Johnny was typical. Being bosom buddies since high school, living in rural America, and feeling somewhat isolated, the two consoled, laughed, and shared their story as gay men being in their early twenties into this semi bizarre paraphilia. Also, just to bitch and moan, yet adore their surrogate Dads and the big picture.

He could hear Jim prompting him to wrap up the phone call. They needed to leave. Either that or Ralph’s in for another strapping... Johnny didn’t think so.

Pat and Jim were the same way between themselves too. Oh, they didn’t call each other like their boys did but they also felt the sense of isolation living in rural America. But their feelings regarding CP discipline in a way were deeper than the boys are. It was more than just a liaison for sex too. They both have a feeling of pride with a fulfillment of paternal duty. Yes, it’s a bit haughty and a bit of a stretch, but it is what it is.

Conservative by his nature, Pat was a man very involved in music as a performer and teacher. Jim was a mid level corporate business man – less conservative but traditional. Ralph and Johnny were typical gay blades in their twenties, as much as a person can be a gay blade living in a rural area as they do. Everybody works.

These sets of men met each other at different times in a bar about 50 miles from where they live now. Johnny met Pat first a month or so before Ralph met Jim. It was a known watering hole that men who liked men were known to frequent. Each of them found out about it from other gay men that they just happen to know. Secretly, of course, it was a country bar where hunters would meet. Even in the late 20th and early 21st century America, one had to be careful and discrete.

All of these men were very secretive about their kinky passion. Especially Pat. He was a known performer and music teacher for many of the kids that lived near the area where they lived. The truth be known, kids spread rumors about him getting wind that he was a tough disciplinarian, as well as a divorced man. It was rumored he was gay. He moved here 6 months ago.

But the towns’ folk never said too much about it. He was a good teacher and performer in an area where the arts are appreciated and hard to come by. Joplin or Kansas City was the closest artistic areas and they were a ways away from there.

So the night that Pat and Johnny met was unusual and nervy for Pat, but it all worked out. Pat, by nature, is a private man of 55 at this time. It was one of the things that drew Johnny to him that night. Pat was not a drinker for the most part but he was not feeling any pain then. He met Johnny and had him follow him home discretely. He appeared to be a typical John type to Johnny.

He expected no reciprocation and he got none. He enjoyed the sex that night. Much to his surprise Pat called him the next day. They got together a few days later. Johnny got his first spanking that time. It was after he services Pat. They were talking openly and honestly. The subject of past experiences came up. Pat mentioned how about a year earlier; he had severely paddled a music student of his (See The Piano Lesson).

It secretly turned him on.

Johnny lit right up and his erection grew as he heard Pat’s story. Oh you like that kind of thing do you? I should paddle you for being my naughty boy??? Pat said teasing and in jest.

With sullen eyes, Johnny told him that he should. After a few minutes Pat changed his mind decided to engage the boy. Pat paddled him good that night.

With Ralph and Jim it was different – but similar.

Ralph met Jim a month or so later is much the same way. Contrary to Pat, Jim liked it all. The first time came out of playful sexual swats that Jim was giving. Ralph ended up over Jim’s lap and got his ass burned good. He whined and moaned but he didn’t complain. Jim is younger than Pat at age 47.

So that is how it started. In general, Jim spanks more often that Pat does but Pat only paddles and paddles hard when he spanks Johnny.

This morning’s reference to Jim strapping Ralph was not a normal weekend event and Johnny started pumping for details. Ralph was talking about a barbeque they had yesterday afternoon when he suddenly dropped the conversation and changed the subject. Johnny figured Jim had come within ear shot.

What happened yesterday was Jim had a bad day at work and Ralph screwed up big time at home late that night. By bedtime, Jim was spent. As he callously undressed out of his business attire, he simply stated to Ralph, You can expect the razor strap good in the morning. I am too tired right now.

He went to bed next to Ralph, rolled away, and went to sleep. Ralph tried once to talk about it. He heard, Ralphie...!

A clear sign that he had better drop it. He dropped it.

Jim was up early the next morning. There was some scuffling about the room. Ralph could hear but wouldn’t look. He heard that strop come out of its creaky drawer. Shit!

But that was around 5 am and Jim left the house for about an hour. He got back a little after 6. He was busy with Ralph’s behind 5 minutes after that.

Whipth! Whipth! CRACK! Whoop! Whipth!!!)))...

The howling began by the third stroke. It was a lengthy stropping – a good solid 15 minutes of steady strokes. Ralph was bawling and it still continued for a time. Jim doesn’t lay into him like that too often. But he did that morning. It was a long time coming...

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