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Aaron's Game
Chapter 18: The Pain Pigs

by Redspkscott

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Aaron’s Game – Chapter Eighteen: The Pain Pigs

We limped all the way home and crashed into bed (I dragged Max into mine as usual). Many of the other guys had games to play the next day. Reuben, Craig and I still had one more day to recover for our next bouts.

I woke up in the morning, extremely horny from the warm buzz of the blistering Joss gave my ass. I mounted a still-sleeping Max and fucked him awake. He moaned and raised his beefy butt up (his was still pretty red, too) in submission.

After the game it’ll be time to pay the rent again, I growled at him as I nibbled on an earlobe. He nodded his head as I reamed him out with my cock. Eventually I came, and it felt amazing after a full night of torment.

Bet you’re horny, too, I added. We could grapple Will or Rodney together and I could hold one of them down for you to fuck.

No, coach wants us to not fuck on game days, Max said. He says it makes us more hungry for a win. I’ll get to dump a big load in some lineman’s sweet ass after I strap it raw.

Last time Max played, I was stuck watching it while being trapped and punished in one of the Joss’s paddling machines because I had lost my gladiator match. This time I’d get to watch it from the bleachers with the others.

I looked over through the glass walls into the room next to mine. It was Max’s, so the bed was empty.

I’m taking your room, I said.

What? Max asked, rousing himself after sex. What for?

We’ll share the room, I said. Share the bed. We do it now anyway. I’ll add it on the list of work for Abel. Have him take down the wall and combine the space.

Ok, Max said as he headed over to the showers. I climbed out of bed and joined him. Max wasn’t a big talker but seemed to have a good attitude about being dominated by me all the time. He definitely enjoyed getting fucked. I don’t know if it would be accurate to say he enjoyed getting his ass blistered very frequently, but he definitely seemed to have embraced it. I know I was really rough on him the when I first broke him in, but he seemed to have quickly adapted to having a constantly red bottom, thanks to not just me, but also sadistic Coach Adam.

Now that the pre-season was well underway, all the other sports teams had settled in to their own little stadiums that dotted the city. They were all over the place, emphasizing that the golden boys were the dominant faction of the city. The Pain Pigs were playing at a stadium just a few blocks away, the same place where Rodney’s rugby team (which still hadn’t figured out a name) competed.

Reuben asserted his pre-match dominance on Rico and Jeffrey by finger-fucking both of them in the showers. All of our asses were still heavily reddened from yesterday’s torment at the Hall of Fear. Rico, Jeffrey, and Max were going to have a stinging butt even before Coach Max got his hands on them for their pre-game warm up.

We headed out to the stadium and found some prime seats on the 50-yard line to watch all the action. We were close enough to see the Pain Pigs (including Max, Jeffrey, and Rico) on the sidelines and see the state of their butts through their sheer white uniform pants. After a few minutes of stretching, Coach Adam ordered them all to line-up facing the home crowd and assume the three-point stance. I wasn’t kidding about the warm up. Adam and his assistant coaches went down the lines, taking big, thick paddles to the upturned asses of each player on the team. The Pain Pigs were expected to hold steady, keep those butts up, and not react to the pain.

Impressive, I said.

Yeah, it looks like some of these football teams want to give us gladiators a run for our money when it comes to embracing punishment, Reuben said. But so far nobody has taken to it like the Pain Pigs. Watch the kind of crowd that arrives to cheer them on.

I turned around on my bench and watched the guys filing in to watch the game. There was a bit of a mix, but one faction seemed to dominate the crowd: Blue-collar boys. I saw a lot of guys in blue overalls. The patches on their backs all had gold as one of their secondary colors. Abel even came to watch, along with the other blue-collar boys from our building, with the permission of their boss, Marcus, who had come as well.

Huh, blue-collars, I said. It makes sense. The Pain Pigs kind of act like blue-collar boys on the field.

Yup, that’s deliberate, Reuben said. Coach Adam said he’s gonna treat them just like blue-collar boys. After all, they all have blue as secondary colors.

So this pre-game warm-up made a certain sense, especially if you were a brute like Coach Adam. Blue-collar boys are supposed to be disciplined extremely regularly in order to make them work more efficiently and safely. The pain made them focus better. Adam beating all the Pain Pigs’ beefy butts prior to the game was for the same reason. I wondered if it would actually have the same effect. I watched as Coach Adam himself lined up behind Max and start wailing away on Max’s ass. Max stared forward, furrowed his brow, and grimaced, but held steady and didn’t even so much as flinch at each swat. I started getting a little turned on just from watching him.

They were facing a team called the Northside Bullies. They, apparently, did not hold the Pain Pigs’ training methods in much esteem. In a pre-game interview with some announcers, their head coach said football teams are supposed to be dishing out the punishment, not taking it. He figured the Pain Pigs were going to be too sore to put up much of a fight, and his team would be happy to blister their asses even more once they won.

When the game started, the cameras often lingered on the Pain Pigs’ butts as they lined up for scrimmage. We could all plainly see that their asses were nice and crimson through the sheer white spandex pants. But the opposing coach’s prediction was completely off. The Pain Pigs stormed the field, knocking down the Bullies left and right. The punishment made them tough.

Max’s position was middle linebacker, and he clearly led the defense on the field. When the Pain Pigs were on the offense, Max stood on the sidelines in perfect three-point stance, ass up. The defense coaches had clipboards and would call over teammates to line up next to Max for swats. They did not wait until half-time or after the game to discipline for poor plays or penalties. They were punished as soon as possible. And because Max was the defense captain, he shared each of his teammate’s swats. He was paddled before the game, and he was paddled during the game. I began to wonder what Adam would do to the Pain Pigs if they actually lost the game.

When Max was actually on the field, he was replaced on the sidelines by the offensive captain. It turned out it was the team’s center, not the quarterback. I actually recognized the guy. He had dark hair like me and Max, and pretty much the exact same beefy build and large bubble butt as Max. But he had scruffy facial hair and a bit of a mean expression rather than a friendly one. He was the guy who led the hazing squad who beat my ass down in the basement after losing my first official gladiator match. Like Max, he bent over in the perfect three-point stance, getting his ass paddled along with his teammates for any mistake.

Who is that guy? I asked to Reuben.

That’s Dominic, Reuben said. They call him Dom.

The Pain Pigs joke about him being Max’s evil twin, Craig said. I noticed he had the exact same color combination as Max: Gold, blue, and gray.

Yeah, he’s very aggressive, Reuben said, even though he gets his ass beat as much as Max does. He came up with the hazing squad idea. Group punishment is his whole thing, I think. He loves it when one guy gets his ass tormented by several guys at once. Even if it’s him.

Yeah, if the Pain Pigs lose, us wrestlers are supposed to band up and take over the hazing that week, Will said. He specifically told us, Show my sorry ass no mercy.

Rico’s on the offensive line, I pointed out. Does that mean Dom beats Rico’s ass, too?

Yup, Reuben said. But we double-team him. Reuben wouldn’t want anybody else being too dominant over his boys.

Coach Adam’s tactics appeared to succeed again. The Pain Pigs steamrolled the Northside Bullies, winning 35-10. Max, again, picked out his victim, the opposing team’s middle linebacker, and dragged him over so that the two of them were right in front of us on the field to watch. He bent the guy over and beat his ass good and raw with his thick strop, first on the seat of his uniform, and eventually bare ass. The real yelling, though, happened when Max pulled down his own pants and pushed the guy down onto the grass. Max’s massive hard dick flopped out and caused the guy’s red eyes to widen and for him to shake his head in fear. But he had lost, and regardless of how much he hated it, his ass was raised up in submission. He could not resist as Max climbed on top of him and pushed his gigantic cock, roughly, up his quivering ass. The guy hollered and beat the ground with one fist as Max fucked him good and hard.

In the meantime, Adam and his fellow coaches took great pleasure in ordering the coaches of the opposing team to line up in the center field and assume the three-point stance. For a good 30 minutes the coaches learned what it felt like to be a member of the Pain Pigs. Adam beat each opposing coach’s ass good and bruised. They pulled the coach’s tight-fitting dress pants down and beat their bare asses, too. Then each coach lined up behind their adversaries and fucked them while forcing them to remain in that three-point stance position. Just like with the actual football players, losing coaches had to submit to the winners.

A little later, after all the punishment had concluded, Max, Jeffrey, and Rico came back to rejoin us. I congratulated Max with a good, hard swat on the ass. He grinned and didn’t even flinch. At this point my crew and Reuben’s crew needed to split up. The timing of the wrestling and rugby matches collided with the baseball and soccer matches.

Craig, Max, Rodney, and I headed over to the gymnasium where Lance and Will would wrestle. Then we would come back to this field to watch Rodney’s rugby team play. I hadn’t had the chance to see any of them in action at all yet.

Care to wager on our guys? Craig asked. Craig was Lance’s landlord. I was Will’s. The two wrestlers were also rivals to each other, much like myself and Reuben.

But they aren’t competing against each other today, I pointed out. What if they both win? Or lose?

Whoever scores the most points, Craig said.

What’s the bet? I asked. I mean, we beat each other’s asses every single day sparring.

Good point, Craig said.

Dom wants to incorporate hazing into our parties, Max said. A big hazing orgy. Winners torment the losers. We are having a party tonight, right?

Loser gets tossed in with the other hazing victims? Craig suggested.

Ouch, my ass is still sore from yesterday, I said. And we have our own matches tomorrow. Craig just grinned at me. Our lives as gladiators were supposed to be rough.

Agreed! I said and shook his hand.

The wrestling matches were interesting to watch because they and we gladiators used similar fighting techniques. But there was no spanking during the match. Wrestlers scored points by forcing their opponents into various holds and throws. The punishment was all saved for the winner at the end.

You ever thought about what might happen if Will or Lance actually beat you guys? Rodney asked. They’re pretty good wrestlers.

We like the challenges, Craig said. There’s no point in competing if there’s no possibility of losing.

If Will, Rodney and Max were able to outwrestle me and force me to submit, or if Lance were able to do the same to Craig, our roles would reverse and we would have to accept punishment and cock from the winner for a month before we could fight for dominance again. As we watched Lance and Will, it was clear Rodney was correct. The more they practiced their wrestling, the tougher the fight would be when it came time to pay the rent.

Will steamrolled his opponent, but Lance struggled and lost. In the wrestling matches, the winners dragged the losers off to the side to paddle and rape while other matches continued on, so we got to watch torment and competition at the same time. Will blistered his opponent’s ass for a good 10 minutes, then physically ripped the seat of his singlet to paddle his quivering muscle-bottom for another 15 minutes. Then Will pulled down his own singlet so he could fuck the crying, squirming loser. The reverse happened to poor Lance. Blond Lance had those ruddy cheeks that teased that his whole face would turn red quickly when he was upset. Sure enough, soon it wasn’t clear whether Lance’s face or ass was a darker shade of red.

You’ll be joining Lance with the other losers tonight, I said. Craig just shrugged.

Next time! he warned.

Eventually, Will and Lance rejoined us. Will was grinning. Lance’s face and ass were equally dark red, and with the seat of his singlet torn out, he had no choice but to expose his punishment to everybody until he could return back home and replace it. But first we were going to see Rodney play rugby.

Aww, poor Lance, Rodney said, mocking. Don’t worry, Craig will be joining you in the hazing.

Don’t get too uppity, I said to Rodney. You haven’t had your game yet. You may end up getting it even worse.

We headed back to the stadium where the Pain Pigs played. The sun was setting as Rodney joined his team on the field. The announcers made a big deal about the fact that the team was still very disorganized and hadn’t worked out a name yet. Their opponents were simply called The Wedgers.

The crowd was dominated by punks, with their tattoos, crazy hair, and tight, ripped jeans. For them, this was a chance to get away from being tormented by the commandos. The commandos did not appear to be offering their guard services to the rugby players as they did the other games. All rugby players had orange (the punks’ color) as one of their secondary colors, and they were no fans of the commandos.

Hey, you jerks! Way to take up the best seats! It was Levi, coming to join us to watch the game. He was very happy Rodney was part of our household as a representative of the sport the punks loved the most.

What, no Reuben? he asked. Good. That guy’s an asshole. Reuben shared the commandos’ green as a secondary color and was not fond of the punks. And since Levi was also a fan of both me and Rodney, that just marked him as another target for Reuben’s blistering paddle.

We’re having another party tonight, Max said as Levi sat down next to me. You guys want to DJ again?

Same payment per the usual? Levi asked.

Three commandos for you and your buddies to abuse? Max asked. Levi nodded. You got it, Max said.
Commandos still after your sweet ass? I asked.

Every fucking day, Levi growled. No mercy at all. Not even a grace period once they get us. My buddy, Rennie, got his ass blistered five times in one day. And fucked god knows how many times, since those guys are always in groups.

Hmm, let’s take a look, I said. I grabbed him to drag him over my knee. We still got some time before the game starts.

Goddammit! Levi said. He resisted, but of course I was stronger. No punk could stand up to a gladiator. But I loved that he struggled. Punks seemed to be the opposite of golden boys in that respect. Levi would never surrender his ass and would squirm throughout his whole punishment. I kind of liked that. It was a different experience.

Sure enough, I could see through the tears in the seat of his jeans that his ass was already a nice, dark red. I touched it and it was warm.

That was about an hour ago, Levi muttered. Four of the bastards got me near the beach.

Guess what—I don’t care, I said, grinning. I raised my paddle and slammed it right on the center of his ass on the seat of his jeans. He yelped and bucked, but could not escape my clutches. I paddled him for a good ten minutes on his jeans, wrapping my right leg over his to keep him from kicking too much. Once I got him bawling, I wrestled his jeans down (he fought me the whole time) and raised blisters on his already raw bottom. He cried and yelled, and amusingly, cussed up a storm, as he was punished. But he also had an erection rubbing against the inside of my thigh. He and I shared two colors—gold and purple—and that meant his rebellious nature couldn’t hide the fact that he actually liked being punished and fucked by me or Rodney.

I could tell that the guys around us, waiting for the match to begin, were watching me torment Levi and enjoying it, and that caused me to start getting good and hard, given my exhibitionist tendencies. After 10 minutes of bare-ass paddling, I stood up, and forcefully bent Levi over the back of the row of stadium seats, yanked down my shorts and jock and fucked him good and silly right there. Levi’s cries of pain quickly turned into moans of pleasure. One of the cameras caught us and showed us on one of the big monitors. The audience cheered, which somehow made my dick feel even harder. I grinned into the camera and flexed a bicep while I continued fucking Levi. A few minutes later I started moaning and squirted out a good, long load up Levi’s ass. The crowd cheered me on again. When I was done, I gave a thumbs up. Then I grabbed Levi by the back of his shirt and stood him up and pointed out the camera to him and the fact that he was up on the monitor. He grinned sheepishly, and then flipped a bird at the camera. The punk crowd roared with laughter. Then I let Levi pull his jeans back up and sit back down next to me.

So we were the pre-game entertainment? Levi asked as he rubbed his ass. You know ... we should actually organize some real pre-game fun.

Sounds like something right up the punks’ alley, Craig said. You ought to team up with the producers who work on the game coverage.

Yeah, we’re already helping with music, Levi said.
So what you’re saying is that you are inspired by me beating your ass and fucking you, I pointed out. I’ll keep that in mind. Levi rolled his eyes at me, but he also grinned.

Finally, it was time for the game. Loud punk music played as the teams ran out onto the field to face off. Levi grinned and played air guitar along with the music. Then the game actually started, and Rodney’s team was just a disaster. They did not communicate well at all. The coaches yelled at them in frustration. They had no discipline at all.

What a bunch of fuck-ups, an announcer finally declared after a very bad play. It struck a chord with the punks in the crowd, who all started chanting Fuck-ups! Fuck-ups! Fuck-ups! Fuck-ups!

Did we stumble across a name for this team? one announcer asked and the crowd roared. It sounded like Rodney’s team had found its name. A very humiliating name.

It was also a very humiliating loss. The Fuck-Ups were completely blown out. They didn’t score at all. Then we all found out why The Wedgers were named as such. The teams came together for the winners to pick their victims, just as with the football games. A beefy black man grabbed Rodney by an ear and led him over to a bench on the side. He sat down and pulled Rodney across his knee. Then he took his left hand, grabbed the back of Rodney’s tight shorts and yanked them up his back, giving Rodney an extremely painful wedgie. The Wedgers forced the same humiliation on all the Fuck-ups. Then he paddled Rodney’s ass cheeks, now exposed due to the wedgie, good and raw. The same happened to all of Rodney’s teammates. The wedgies made their asses squirm a bit as they were punished.

The crowd went wild as they watched the punishment. It was a little unusual. The punks seemed to be fans of just rugby in general, not either team. Surely Levi must prefer Rodney’s team to the Wedgers, but he cheered on the punishment nevertheless.

I think punks just love seeing bigger guys getting their asses punished, Max suggested.

That’s not all, Levi said. Watch.

The punishment had reduced Rodney and the other Fuck-ups to helpless tears, so now it was time for the victory sex. The Wedgers now yanked their opponents’ shorts back down. This relieved the losers of the discomfort of the wedgies, but exposed their full asses to be fucked. The Wedgers bent the Fuck-Ups over the benches just as I had done to Levi earlier and fucked away. The Fuck-Ups yelped and grimaced in pain, but as the fucking went on, they began to moan in pleasure.

Meanwhile, the punks in the crowd had started getting up from their seats, but they weren’t planning to leave. They made their way down to the sidelines, cheering the Wedgers as they raped the Fuck-Ups. After a good 10 minutes it was all over and the Wedgers pulled their shorts back up and started to back away.

Then the punks stormed the field. No single punk could take on a rugby player, but with the Fuck-Ups all beaten and exhausted, groups of punks were able to take each loser and drag him off the field, against his will. This included Rodney.

Say goodbye to the Fuck-Ups, Levi said. The coaches will have to negotiate their freedom from my buds.

With their asses, Will noted.

We love punishing executives, Levi said with a grin. I’d join them if I hadn’t already agreed to your party. Maybe afterward. This had happened to Rodney after his first game. The punks kidnapped him and his teammates and tormented them all in a spanking and sex orgy. The coaches had to offer up their own asses to get the punks to free them. Because the rugby teams rejected the assistance of the commandos to guard the games, they didn’t have anybody else to turn to for help.

We watched as Rodney got dragged off to some punk party at some unknown location. Levi took his place as we headed back to the penthouse. Reuben and his boys had returned from their games. Dom was also up there with them, chatting up Reuben and his teammates Rico and Jeffrey.

Much to my surprise, there were a bunch of guys floating in the pool, apparently not by choice. Their wrists were bound behind their backs and their ankles were tied together. They floated around helplessly, sometimes squirming. Good thing we didn’t need to breathe.

Hey guys, Dom said, pointing his paddle at us. Which of you jocks lost today? We pointed to Lance, who meekly raised his hand.

And Craig here bet his ass on that game, I added. He said he’d be hazed with the rest of the losers.

Ooh, Dom said. Getting my hands on another gladiator! We pushed the two of them forward. Since Lance’s ass was already exposed, Dom cuffed his wrists and ankles and pushed him into the pool with the others. He landed with a splash and floated there, wriggling around. Dom then ordered Craig to drop his shorts before being bound and joining his tenant with all the other losers.

He has a match tomorrow, too, Dom said. Stud’s gonna be limping onto the field.

It turned out Kyle and Jonny’s baseball team, now known as the Beach Blasters, won their game. Hayato’s soccer team, the Tropic Tormenters, lost, and Hayato was floating in the pool with the others.

The way it will work is that the winners can just fish anybody out and do whatever the hell they want with them tonight, then toss them back in, Dom said. Teach ’em for being losers.

Speaking of losers, Levi said. Don’t forget about my payment.

Oh, right, Max said. Three commandos, coming up. He nodded over to Jeffrey and Rico to help him hunt down his victims. But before I go ... . Then Max turned around and lunged at me.

Very clever! I had forgotten that we were going to fight to see who had to pay the rent this month. Max grappled me and tossed me down onto the deck next to the pool. If he could beat me, we would reverse roles for the next 30 days. We wrestled on the tile deck. Max was a big guy, but not as strong as I was and certainly not experienced at wrestling.

Grab for his knee! Will shouted to Max from the sidelines. Remember to look for wherever on his body he’s not protecting!

So they were plotting together! I already knew Will and Rodney were working together to try to beat me. That Max joined them made it all the more challenging—and so much more fun. They were bound and determined to beat me one day.

But not today. Despite Max’s assistance, he didn’t not have anywhere near my or Will’s skill at wrestling. Soon I had him on his stomach. I straddled him and held his hands behind his back by the wrists.

I give, he said. You win again.

Nice try though, I said. You three working together. That’s going to get interesting in a while. Anyway consider yourself lucky you’ve got to go deal with Levi’s payment. Otherwise I’d toss you in with the other losers. I let him up. I’d take it out on his ass later tonight after the party.

Max headed off with Jeffrey and Rico while Levi called his two buddies and began to set up in the new stage space Abel had built for us. Some other winning jocks began to arrive at the penthouse. Lenny and Trip started getting drinks together to circulate around and loosen everybody up, not that we needed much loosening up.

Well, I ain’t gonna wait for a chance to get a crack at another gladiator, Dom said. He waded into the pool and dragged Craig back out. He carried Craig over his shoulder to the rail at the edge of roof and bent him over. A couple of other Pain Pigs joined Dom with their massive paddles and they took turns double-teaming him. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! CRACK! There was barely a moment’s pause between swats. Craig’s ass was going to turn a nice dark red really fast.

Levi’s buddies arrived and they started playing music, knowing that Max could be relied on to fulfill his promise. Indeed, about an hour later, Max, Jeffrey and Rico returned, each with a muscular commando over his shoulder, bound and gagged. Levi and his two buddies took turns running the table so the others could get rare revenge on their rivals. I let them use my room. Levi dragged in one soldier and pulled out his wicked home-made extension cord flogger. The commando screamed into his ball-gag as Levi viciously whipped his ass.

The party went on and golden boys took turns wading into the pool and pulling out a loser. I decided to tweak Reuben by pulling out Hayato, sitting down on a pool chaise, dragging him across my lap, and paddling him good and hard. Reuben gave me a look, and then shrugged. If Rodney hadn’t been dragged away by the punks, he would have been in the pool and Reuben could have retaliated, but Max and Will both won. Instead, Reuben waded in and pulled out Lance to torment. Not one of my guys, but it was the best Reuben could do. We locked eyes as we paddled our victims, clearly visualizing paddling each other instead.

After Levi and his buddies were done tormenting the commandos, we did the same thing we did last time. We threw them off the side of the roof. They landed on their beefy asses on the curb below, even bouncing and landing again, bruising them even further. It was clear that the Painfather had arranged it so that we always landed on our butts when we fell, so that it would hurt, given we were invulnerable everywhere else.

The night went on and the party got boisterous. It was becoming clear that we actually needed more space up here if we were going to do these parties on the regular. I was going to have to talk to Abel about expanding. That would give him more work to do and create more opportunities for everybody to beat his blue-collar ass to keep him focused.

In the meantime, I found Max bending Craig over a patio table, fucking him good and rough. Craig was turned on by asshole pain (both giving and receiving), and his response to Max’s massive cock tearing up his hole was to grunt Yes! deeply every time Max thrust.

I noticed that the redness from Max’s paddlings at the game had started to fade. I did promise to punish his ass later on tonight. I walked up behind him and put a hand on his shoulder.

You keep fucking that ass, I ordered, as I rested my paddle across Max’s ass. He nodded quickly. A raised my arm up and CRACK! Across his right cheek. Much to my surprise, he didn’t yelp, but grunted YES! just like Craig. I slammed him across the left cheek. He grunted YES! again and actually nodded his head.

Huh! I said, and then took aim again. This time I let loose with a flurry of swats across Max’s ass, leaving him little time to respond. Much to my surprise, rather than screaming in pain, he began fucking Craig even harder. Both Max and Craig were grunting and sweating.

Looks like we figured out what else turns Max on, I said as I started paddling his ass at a decent clip. We all seemed to have specialized interests besides our love of spanking and sex. I was an exhibitionist. Reuben was into finger-fucking. All those rugby players earlier today were into wedgies.

It looked like Max was into being paddled while he was fucking somebody. I wailed away and watched as his ass turned a darker and darker shade of red. His grunting grew louder and then I heard the telltale moan of him cumming in Craig’s ass. Rather than stopping, I beat his ass even harder. Much to my surprise, Max continued to fuck Craig.

I ... can’t ... stop ... Max moaned between thrusts.

He’s still got a hard-on! Craig growled, still bent over the table.

So I kept going! Both of them grunted and moaned. Max’s ass turned a darker red and he started getting welts. But he wouldn’t stop fucking and after a few minutes, he actually came again! This time I finally stopped paddling. The thrusting stopped and he slowly stood up and pulled out of Craig. Cum was dripping from his massive cock and pooled on the floor. He was covered with sweat.

That was interesting! I said.

I couldn’t stop fucking Craig as long as you were paddling me, Max said as he leaned against the table for support and to recover. Trip came over with a towel both to wipe off the sweat and cum off Max and Craig and to clean the cum Max spilled all over the pool deck. The combination of pleasure and pain at the same time. It just took me over.

That was the most amazing fucking, Craig said as he recovered in his own way. If that’s what losing feels like I’m gonna start throwing my matches.

Hmm, I bet others won’t find get reamed out by Max to be as much of a reward, I said. I looked around and notice that Hayato was back in the pool. I grabbed Craig and pushed him back in the pool, then I pulled Hayato out and bent him over the table in Craig’s place. Hayato had a nice, tight hole, and Reuben loved how it felt to finger-fuck him. It was one of the reasons he picked Hayato as a tenant. He hadn’t yet been fucked by Max, and he was already trembling at the sight of his massive tool. Then I brought over Dom and Will.

Dom and Will, I said. You two bust Max’s ass while he fucks Hayato. I want to see how long he can go on with this. Dom and Will both grinned wickedly at the opportunity.

Max, under my orders, bent over the table and slowly, forcefully pushed his cock up Hayato’s ass. Hayato began to yelp and then actually began to cry just from the pain of taking Max’s dick. I nodded to Dom and Will. They began double-teaming Max with their paddles, causing Max to thrust harder and faster. Max started grunting in pleasure again, but Hayato did not join him. Hayato yelped and whimpered and cried out with each thrust. It’s too much! he wailed, but as Max had said, he was unable to stop fucking Hayato as long as his ass was being beaten.

I took a few steps back to watch my handiwork for a while. Reuben sauntered over to watch.

You enjoying abusing my boy? he asked.

Look at it this way, I said. He won’t complain as much when you finger-fuck him.

I like when he complains when I finger-fuck him, Reuben said. Nevertheless, he stood by and watched for a few minutes.

Next time I get my hands on the two of you, guess what I’m gonna do? Reuben said eventually. I just laughed. Of course he would force Max on me if he got the chance.

We watched Max force-fuck Hayato for a good 45 minutes. As happened with Craig, Max maintained his erection each time he came as long as Dom and Will kept up with the paddling. Hayato was bawling as hard as he would have been from getting his ass beaten, but the pain was only from getting fucked by Max.

Eventually, I was interrupted by a hand on my shoulder. I turned to see it was Captain Cody of the commandos, along with a couple of guards. He and I met over at the amusement park. We both shared purple as a secondary color. For the commandos, that meant he was a community liaison interacting with the other factions.

Here for duty or pleasure? I asked. He looked over the massive punishment and sex orgy that had taken over the poolside.

Sadly, duty, he said. We need to talk. He nodded at Reuben as well.

We went inside where there was a lot less action, though some golden boys had taken over some of the bedrooms for play.

What’s up? I asked.
We goa a bit of a problem, Cody said. Seems like you boys have been snatching some of our guys?

Yeah, so? Reuben asked. They should be fighting back, or they get what they deserve.

Cody nodded quickly. Let me explain. The problem ain’t you guys grabbing our guys, exactly. This city is intended to accommodate you golden boys, and we want to work with you on that. It’s been made very clear to all commandos that this is how jocks operate. You catch us, you beat our asses. We get the upper hand, we’ll make your butts pay. Fair is fair. Reuben nodded.

What’s the problem then? I asked.

The problem is that you handing our guys over to punks, Cody said, with a bit of distaste. It’s disrespectful. Commandos know when we lose to golden boys it’s because you guys are stronger than us one on one. We learn from it. Work at being better fighters. But when you beat us and then hand us over to those little brats, that’s a problem.

So? I asked, shrugging.

We have instituted an order, Cody said. No other faction is to turn over commandos to punks for punishment.

Or what? Reuben asked.

We will consider it a crime, Cody said. He pointed to the green in Reuben’s shorts. He shared a color—and a domineering mentality—with the commandos. You’ve toured our fort. You know that our Patron Rex has given us the tools to punish those who wanna keep breakin’ our rules.

There’s a lot more golden boys here than there are commandos, I pointed out. We’re not like the punks. We could take you and your boys right now and you wouldn’t be able to stop us.

Cody nodded.

I’m not trying to cause friction between us, but we can’t have our efforts to bring the punks to heel subverted by the other factions, he said. I am just here to warn you. There will be consequences if you keep handing over commandos to punks. You guys are free to challenge us and punish us as you can. But you can’t embarrass us with the punks like this. I looked at Reuben and we both shrugged.

Okay, I said. Cody nodded one more time.

Thanks for listening. You boys enjoy the rest of your evening. He and the commandos headed back to the elevator and left.

Was he serious? I asked Reuben.

I don’t think they joke around with stuff like that, he said.

Huh. I wonder what they’ll do? I asked. I doubted Levi was going to relent on what he demanded for us to DJ our parties. He looked forward to his opportunity for revenge.

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