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The Spanking Daddy

by Bud Johnson

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The Spanking Daddy Part 2 (Obsessions)

Oh, he is so gorgeous to me,
I’ll have to let him go,
Yes, he is older and wiser than I,
Strength in and out of himself,
Hypnotic authority inspires.

I could depict his body spot,
Or relate to his mind,
The growth overwhelms me, takes hold and throws,
Me off. Balances awry,
Reason is lost, suppressed, but required.

Oh, just spank me over and done!
But it will still linger,
Outward and beyond what is rational,
It’s just virtual I say,
But lying doesn’t hold the truth long.

Maybe if I hold him kissing,
His lips, his face, his heart,
Oh, passions will never leave me alone,
Virtual or not they burn,
Like the fire embers ’til they’re gone.

He is not even real being,
So far gone. Just mind games,
But oh the burning desire feelings,
Plague me eternally now,
Tomorrow they begin again yet.

Just beat me like a child please,
It’s madness, it’s insane!
Our fixations often act in this way,
Ruminating love? It’s not,
Wane unaided? It cannot I’ll bet.
Thoughts for 3/30/2017

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