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Cy (Part 3)

by Bud Johnson

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Cy (part 3)

Cy would see Bud a third time. His apprehension or nervousness was calm in comparison to their first two meetings. It wasn’t months between encounters either this time. Bud had arranged to see Cy within a few days.

Other aspects were much the same as they were during those first meetings. The two men were familiar now and a friendship has formed. For example, Bud even smoked a cigarette in Cy’s living room. He had not allowed himself to do so before.

In a way, this made Cy feel good but at the same time, a bit tense. He doesn’t like his spankees to feel too relaxed. This became clear once his paddling commenced. Cy set a very serious tone. From the first whack and throughout, there was a fire and the gusto with each smack. From the first whack Cy got a yelp out of Bud neither of the two expected. It quickly turned to tears.

As before, Cy had Bud firmly held between his two legs on the single bed in the guest room, but it felt different this time. The ridged disposition from Bud had relaxed slightly in comparison to either of their other meetings. It was almost as if he fit naturally in place as a bad boy might be with his real father though, he stretched out to the end of the bed.

Oh, the resistance was there. He hemmed and hawed like a teenager would do, but it felt more natural to them both. Bud was taking his spanking but he was clinging more to Cy physically. Cy was really letting him have it hard from beginning to end.

Cy likes it when his young men or boys fit snuggly in a semi curled position wrapped to his own lower torso. He holds them tightly by their center back for their spanking; always bare bottom. He spanks Bud hard. Very hard! He likes to be able to see a boy’s face as the snot and tears run fully and freely. He took Bud there quickly this day.

When his eyes are not fixed on a young man’s bottom as the colors change from pink to a deep crimson-bluish red, he’ll stare directly in the eyes of his young men as they beg, cry, and lament during the spanking. It reminds him of his favorite cartoon depiction.

It is rare when Cy finds such a young man as Bud. Now 21, Bud went into this posture naturally even though he is a larger boy. Cy felt like the boy needs him. Once he does Cy’s paddle intensity crescendos to an unrestrained and controlled punishment.

Giving a good spanking is always arousing for the mid sixty year old man. If real tears begin to flow freely so do the natural instincts of the disciplinarian. It was during this third meeting all became apparent to them both. Cy had lit a fire into this young man’s bare extremities to the point where nothing could be denied.

It was during this third paddling that Bud’s back stretched and contorted to look toward the man as his tears ran rampant. A flash image of that cartoon of Cy’s popped into his mind as he look at Bud’s unbridled lamenting. This was a well disciplined young man letting go of all the barriers. It was a total turn on for Cy. One he has not felt in years.

When Bud softly cried and spoke saying that he was sorry after Cy had finished his spanking. I am very sorry Sir. It caused Cy’s erection to pulsate with no restraint. He stood up leaving the boy sobbing on the bed. He had to go across the room and turn away from the boy before giving his penis the freedom to breath. He remained facing him in the opposite direction.

After a few minutes, Cy slowly turned towards Bud and let the boy see his full erection of 9 inches of throbbing manliness. Bud looks at it and the Cy the man with an innocent naivety of a young man like in that cartoon character that Cy has so often fantasized with often over the years.

He was full of lustful energy to the point that he asked the following trembling slightly, Would you touch it Son?

Bud nodded uneasily that he would. So Cy moved over towering above the young man with his manhood undaunted.

Bud just licked it not sure of what he should do. Cy made a sound of exhilaration as he did. Cy really wants him now. He is beside himself. He hasn’t had the desire to penetrate a man in several years.

With a slight, modest apprehension Cy asks Bud, May I fuck you with it Son? It won’t take long.

Bud never said a word. He agrees with his eyes. Cy motioned for him to roll over. He mounted the big boy from behind. With a slow, gentle entry Cy was inside the young man. He thrusts slowly and gently with deep full penetrations. A few thrusts, Cy’s climax concludes. He held the boy’s shoulders until his manhood relaxed naturally. He pulled out and wiped Bud and himself clean.


Cy turned back to Bud and then asked, How was that Son?

Bud said some cordial things. He liked it though but as many 21 year old’s are, he was unsure of himself. The two went back to the living room, said some pleasant parting words, and then Bud left. Bud did not call Cy for over a year. When he did, the man had moved away.


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