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Syd Meets Billy
Part 5

by Bud Johnson

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Syd Meets Billy (Part 5)

At the diner, Billy was sullen and anxious after last nights beating. You have to call it a beating, not a hard spanking. Syd was emotionally removed that night. At the diner, he starts to come back to his usual self.

Syd asked Billy to pass the sausage gravy as he said, I am sorry I was so rough with you last night. But you’ve been working up to it you know.

Softly, Billy agrees with Syd and goes on to talk about how hard it has been losing his job as a disabled 42 year old. He talked about how he needed Syd emotionally now more than ever. He was tired. Billy was tired of being grown up so early in his life.

Syd knows how Billy’s condition hit him right around age 20; and that it had been rough for him in those early 20s years. Syd said, I can say that I understand. In a way I can but in another way I can’t really. As your partner what should I do?

Billy starts choking back real tears. When he said the word partner, Billy’s heart just melted. He said, I don’t know. I wish that I did but I don’t

Syd sits back in his booth seat and crosses him masculine arms much like a father might do when having a serious talk with his boy. After a few minutes of food and reflection, Syd said, Why don’t I treat you like the teenager you never felt like you ever were? I can set some harsher rules for you that you have to follow for awhile. We can also keep talking too.

Billy gets a confused reaction at his groan. He got hard as a rock. This totally threw him off. But he agreed to Syd’s idea. He’ll try anything to get his life back on track.

Syd looked at Billy with his usual penetrating stare like the times just before he spanks him. He gets a sort of twinkle in his eyes as this is always exciting for him. Billy too.

After breakfast on the drive home, Syd begins to lay out some very strict guiding house rules. Billy raises objections to some like, no self masturbation and early bedtimes, etc. But in the end he agrees to them much to Syd’s satisfaction.

The rest of the day is a quiet one for the two men. Syd has a seemingly satisfying calm disposition. Billy has thoughts all day like is he really going to be able to handle being treated like a 15 year old kid again?

The next few days were routine. Billy was pretty marked up from that beating and it took a few days for the bruising to heal. Syd wasn’t really enforcing the new rules during that week. But the following Friday night he reminded Billy of his strict curfew and early bedtime. He was intending to enforce the rules from this point forward.

Billy was good about following the rules that weekend. But by mid week he blew both the curfew and the early bedtime. Shortly, he’d blow the controlled masturbation rule, but that is another story.

Syd had picked 9 pm for the time during the weekday curfew and 10 pm for his bedtime. Billy was home 15 minutes late, hid in the computer room, and didn’t go to bed right at his specified time.

He was in for the strap.

At around 10:15, Syd barged into the bedroom. He ordered the pajama wearing Billy into the guest room, and proceeded to chew him out like a very bad teenaged boy. Billy? Explain to me why you were late getting home tonight!

Billy stammered his speech. Well...I...I didn’t mean to...

The stammering was real. After that beating a few weeks ago, Billy was plenty scared of how bad this was going to be.

Syd took the thick razor strop off the wall that he keeps specifically in the guest room. He said, Billy? You lay across the end of the cot and hold of to the sides until I’m through.

He stood behind the trembling 42 year old boy, yanked his P.J. bottom’s down below his knees, and began giving him a hard strapping on his naked bottom. Billy was kicking so much that Syd ended up taking to pajama bottoms off and tossing them o the floor.

Whipth! Whack! Whipth!!! Whop! Whack!!!)))...

These licks were very hard but expertly placed in a controlled manner. What surprised Syd is how Billy screamed and hollered so early into his whipping. Syd finished up after 20 to 25 stripes and sent him without pajama bottoms to bed like a bad teenager. He pointed to them on the floor. Billy picked them up and carried them back to the bedroom.

When Billy got up he tearfully waddled back to the master bedroom like a whipped bad boy. His tears were real.

Syd came into bed about an hour later. Billy was still awake – not crying any more, but awake.

He apologized for having missed his curfew and hiding in the computer room as he falls into the older man’s open arms. Shortly, the two men were having sex in a way like they haven’t in some time.

It was a couple of weeks before Syd found...

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