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Syd Meets Billy
Part 6

by Bud Johnson

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Syd Meets Billy Part 6

[...]the bag of stained rags of dried cum hidden at the bottom of the bedroom closet floor. Now Syd was pissed! He would paddle him good this morning. Syd was angry; really angry, but he knew that he needed to be calm when playing the fatherly role. He could do that too and enjoy it, so he breathed deeply for some time.

This was more serious in a genuine way. Billy is a lot of things but he isn’t usually deceitful. Billy had even boasted to Syd how good he has been by not masturbating without him being there.

It is known as cum control and often is played out in master and slave relationships. Syd and Billy practice a DD or domestic discipline type of relationship; not master and slave. Games are games and lying is not a game Syd ever wants to play ever with anyone.

Billy is going to get it and get it good with that big hard wood paddle Syd knows he absolutely hates. Syd will give him a reminder spanking just before bed too that same night. Syd was pissed off but not out of control.

Damn if Billy isn’t acting like a spoiled teenager! He is! He is coming up on his 43rd birthday too. At 63, Syd was getting really tired of these attitude games. Though it is not exactly and attitude game because these were some real issues for Billy this past year, but Syd needs a man too. Syd is all top. But emotionally he likes another man for support.

It was Saturday today. Billy had left the house this morning early to meet with Johnny and some other friends. The job search was becoming hopeless. The guys were brain storming to come up with some ideas for an eBay retail store.

The meeting was an early one. Billy had left the house at 7 am. Syd was ready for him when he arrived home at around 10 am. He had the bag of cum dried cloths in his left arm with his shinny gold wristwatch as he stands inside the front door archway; waiting for Billy.

He had placed that big hard wood paddle on the table next to his favorite chair in the living room. He wants to make sure that Billy sees it when he guides him through the house to the anointed guest room when Billy comes in.

Billy appears at the end of the house side walk. He sees the familiar bag that Syd is holding. A gleam of sunlight flashes his eyes while that all too familiar gut wrenching feeling sinks to the pit of his stomach and groan. He knows that he is in real trouble.

Billy walks slowly toward Syd. Syd said in a louder than normal voice, I found this is the closet. I thought you might be looking for it.

He rattles the bag slightly. Come on Billy. Come on. Syd can be a little sadistic.

Prompting him to pick up his pace, Billy catches on. He moves, thinking to himself that he’d better just get this over with. He is walking was at a normal pace now.

Once he was close enough to Syd to easily be heard Syd said, Just march yourself right back to that guest room. We are going to have a long talk this morning.

Syd tone was firm, deep, and resilient. Billy caught a glimpse of the dreaded paddle. Oh no... Not that!

The front door slams shut. Billy gets a sharp hard swat on his soon to be naked behind. Ouch!

You’ll be doing a lot of hollering before I am through

Billy knows this. He knows it all to well. In many ways, that big hard wood paddle is much worse that the razor strop. He’ll end up drenched in sweat, snot or tears. That paddle sucks! He will have a sensation for a few days afterwards; aching.

He had lied. He knew something this extreme might happen if Syd found the bag. Realistically, a 42 year old man should be able to control himself. But this has been a weird time in their lives.

No erection at all for Billy. Billy doesn’t think that Syd really even likes to use that paddle. He is often quick with the Jacari which hurts a lot too, but there is something about that hard wood paddle that really gets to Billy. Maybe it is because Syd actually made it himself.

Syd wasn’t easy with the position either. Billy was forced to go over a high standing bar stool Syd keeps in the guest room closet. At least he didn’t tie him down like he did when they first met. But when he makes him hold on to the sides of the stool it is harder o his body.

It felt like an eternity before that first crack and also when this whole paddling is over.

Whoop!!!))) Whoop!!! Crack!))) Crack!!! Whoosh!!!!)))...

It must have gone on for 20 minutes or more. 10 minutes is a long spanking without breaks. There was one short break before his well placed paddling begins again.

Then came the final CRACK!!!))).............

The before bed spanking was intense. Syd only used his palm but it went on for over 45 minutes with a few breaks of verbal chastisements. Billy was sore and raw. He felt it for a week.


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