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Character Dads
1 – The Southpaw

by Bud Johnson

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Character Dads (1) – The Southpaw

Sometimes I wonder about the types of Dad characters there are. We have many in the spanking fetish world. Those that are very real and sincere men, some that are not or just flaky but I’ll not go into that type in these series.

Here I am drawing from many real men I have met with, interacted with, and gotten to know. Some will be just fantasy, but I strive to keep it realistic. Here is my first in the series.

Ted is a south paw from the old school. Now in his 70s, we can look back at where the man has been.

He spanks both females and men. He also still spanks his wife while they are in their 70s. The harder spankings have always been reserved for his boys though as we shall see.

He was a late bloomer on the spanking scene back the year he turned 50. He had always spanked his wife both seriously and in play. She loved it! But he met a guy in his twenties at an adult spanking club meeting on his 50th birthday, so the story goes.

On his birthday, the consummate spanking top starting talking to this 20 something bottom guy who adamantly volunteered to take Ted’s birthday spanking for him right there at the meeting from Ted over his knee and on his bare bottom.

Ted was embarrassed at first but when the kid learned that Ted was a southpaw, the kid’s excitement could no longer be contained. It has been said that the boy dropped his pants and flopped over Ted’s knee right in the middle of the room!

Ted made him stand up and pull up his underwear though. He doesn’t even know this guy. Laughing and embarrassed, Ted began a light hand spanking for 50 whacks on the boy’s underwear covered bottom. Most did not see it but the kid got rock hard during the playful spank. Ted silently found this erotic.

After the light, playful 50 swat spanking, Ted bared the boy’s bottom, hard on and all, and gave him 10 hard southpaw shots with a paddle he had inside and pulled out of his blazer coat in front of the whole group. The other folks applauded. The boys hard on completely went flaccid.

Afterwards, Ted laughed it off but also firmly ordered the boy to get his pants back up. They exchanged numbers later that night.

There is an old wise tale that southpaws are stronger and give harder spankings. No one is completely sure if this is true or not but in Ted’s case, he could be a very hard spanker whenever it was called for. This was called for every meeting he had with the boy; most of which were in front of his wife. She loved to play the Mommy roll.

So soon the word got around the group that Ted would spank and punish men as well as ladies. His appointment book filled up you might say. Ted spanked men and boys, ladies and girls as long as they were consenting and over 18.

Now at age 78, Ted does more phone chat spankings than he does real spankings. But he keeps fit as this can be seen from his thick neck muscles and solid, lean physique. His wife doesn’t take very many spankings any more but the men and boys still do occasionally come by.

Their small sea side house is hard to reach but occasionally some men or boys make the journey. Recently, one man took his 18 year old son on the Ted’s house. He wasn’t even a part of the group. He had a friend in it that told him about the old man. The boy had gotten a DUI ticket and was due in court shortly. His father didn’t think he was taking the matter very seriously, so he sought Ted out.

The Grandfatherly man new just how to handle this miscreant; with the thick wide belt he always wore. The cocky young man met him at the sea side house in a flippant mood. Not a good way to go with the southpaw Ted.

The three men had a serious chat on Ted’s porch. Ted described how he knew people in the justice department having been a retired officer himself. The kid was familiar with some of the names Ted slipped over from the Department of Justice. With each name, the boy’s eye contact became more and more sparse. He began to tremble.

Shortly, Ted asked the boy to accompany him to a room upstairs in the house. The room was simple towers of brick like a light house. Dark and dank looking, it was a bit freaky to the young man, but he follows the Southpaw man.

Once in the room, Ted pulled the belt out quickly from its loops. He wraps the buckled end tightly around firmly his left hand. He pulls it tight from time to time. He orders the young man to take all his cloths off.

The boy is thinking that this guy is an old man. How bad could it be? He’d shortly find out. He proceeded to take off his cloths with only a slight concern. Ted ordered him to fold them neatly and put them on a near by chair. He could see that the kid was non nonchalant about the whole situation.

He gets naked right down to his socks. The old Southpaw ordered those off too. The boy hops a bit but gets them both off. He places them on top of the pile of cloths. Now he’s getting nervous.

Ted has him turn and face the wall. He talked firmly to the boy advising him and suggesting that he put his hands squarely on the wall to steady himself. The boy starts to bargin with the old man. Ted firmly said, You don’t bargain with me young man. What you did is very serious. Hold on until I’m through. You’ll think twice before you drink and drive again

Within a few seconds, the old Southpaw rips a strong lash on the boy’s naked quivering bare bottom. He hollers and breaks away from the wall. That hurt!

You’re damn straight it hurt! Get back over and hold on to the wall until we are through! Ted said with some confidence though he does have some slight unease in the situation. Maybe he should have his Dad up here to supervise. The Southpaw called down to the boy’s father to come up to the room.

No! I’ll take it! The kid is both frightened and embarrassed from the whipping he is getting.

Ted said, Okay. Let’s get this over with

Ted spoke flatly and sternly regaining his own confidence. Now the real strapping begins.

Whipth!!! Whack!!! Whipth! Splat! Crack!!!)))...

His Dad appears by the doorway but stands just outside. He watches as the kid goes through his ordeal. The yelling. His crying. The very real lamenting and begging for mercy. It lasts about 15 minutes.

By the end when Ted tells the boy his whipping is over, the snot and tears are flowing freely. All three of them go back downstairs to the porch. To this kid, Southpaws are everything he ever heard they were.

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