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The Spanking Daddy
Intent #11

by Bud Johnson

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The Spanking Daddy (Intent #11) by Bud Johnson

He lurks over you with a constant eye,
Strength protruding loving always firm,
The angst is unnerving yet comforting too,
Controls thee with a non lethal turn.

Exuding might the motions are certain,
Hand to the back side or caressing,
A known understanding he carries within,
Illusions run deep and keep us guessing.

Intent eleven [11] or skillfully clear,
Results of the burning bottom hurt,
It stimulates other things equally too,
Distantly close; aware and alert.

Always the bare flesh flames with no blood,
The numbers switch – traversed like the bad boy,
Or a bad girl when she naughtily teased,
Upset, the Daddy guides always so coy.

As the champion racer crosses the line,
All time stopped in that moment's right game,
Winning is everything and nothing at all,
It's the game and it's not all the same.

Daddy's win and sometimes they lose to prove,
It's not always about you to see,
Right away at the time it is often blind,
Part of the bond that we see will be.
Thoughts on 3/27/17, 3/28/2017

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