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Aaron's Game
Chapter 20: The Brig

by Redspkscott

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Aaron’s Game – Chapter 20: The Brig

Reuben and I wriggled around, stuck and bound on the chaises by the pool, as we heard men yelling and fighting around us. As much as we struggled, we were unable to break free. Trip and Lenny had bound us securely for our rimming sessions last night. Not only were we bound, our asses were perfectly stuck up in the air, resting on pillows and very vulnerable.

Fortunately due to the glass walls in the penthouse, we were able to watch what was going on. There was a large contingent of commandos who had invaded the building, and they were fighting to control all the other jocks who lived up there with us.

The jocks were stronger than the commandos, but the commandos outnumbered them and caught us all by surprise. Plus, Reuben and I were the strongest guys in the building and we were already taken out. And Craig was still over at the arena getting his ass paddled for losing yesterday.

Several of the guys were bound up and were being dragged out to the pool. The loud crash that woke us up was apparently Max, who the best that I could tell, hit a couple of commandos at a full charge, and the massive football player knocked them clean through one of the glass walls, shattering it. He and Pain Pig teammates Rico and Jeffrey were not going down easy.

Use the shock webs, Capt. Cody yelled to them from behind me and Reuben with his distinctive drawl. Neutralize them now before he wrecks the whole place and starts pitching you boys off the roof!

One of the commandos pulled out something that looked like a small gun-shaped cannon with a huge bore hole. He positioned himself behind Max.

Max, behind you! I yelled. But I was too late. The commando fired the gun and a large metallic net shot out and spread, hitting Max right in the ass. It stuck to his backside and we heard him yell out in pain. Then I heard a crackling and sizzling sound.

High intensity heat and electricity, Cody said to us. Ramps up the pain nice and fast and forces a golden boy’s surrender instinct to trigger.

Golden boys naturally resist forced punishment and sex, but our competitive ways give us all a particular flaw. When we lose a sport or a contest or are put in a situation where we’re exposed to ass pain we cannot fight off or escape, our bodies eventually automatically surrender. We stop fighting back and we raise our asses up in acceptance of the punishment. It is completely out of our control. It is part of our psychology that guys who lose are supposed to be both punished and fucked.

Grab his arms, Cody ordered. He’s gonna try to pull it off. Your boy is tough, Aaron.

He’s a Pain Pig, I said. Indeed Max was trying to reach back and pull the vicious electrified netting off, despite the pain, but a gang of commandos surrounded him and pulled his arms away. After a few minutes of struggling, his surrender instinct kicked in. He slumped to the floor and raised his ass up in submission.

Leave the web on, Cody said. He’s one of the three we’re here for. You have Rico and Jeffrey under control?

The commandos had used the shock webs on Rico and Jeffrey as well to similar results. The commandos dragged the three of them out to the deck by the pool. I craned my head over my shoulder to watch Cody and the three Pain Pigs. They were on their hands and knees with their butts up in the air. All three had shock webs stuck to their bottoms, crackling with electricity. Their large backsides quivered in pain.

The three of you have been named by several commandos as having kidnapped them and handing them over to them criminal punk boys to be punished, Cody said. You are doing this as payment for their services as deejays. Am I right?

Yes, Max said, whimpering.

So you confess to your crimes? Cody asked.

What crimes? Rico asked.

We didn’t the chance to warn them, Reuben yelled over to Cody. It wasn’t exactly the truth. We just didn’t really care and didn’t know what they would do.

Ignorance of the law is no excuse, Cody said. But I’ll explain for your benefit before we sentence those quivering butts of y’alls. General Lawrence has declared that it is a crime to harass or detain any commandos for the purposes of handing them over to anybody in the punk faction for punishment or rape.

What? Max asked. Your fight has nothing to do with us.

Yeah, buddy, that’s the point, Cody said. To be clear, if you boys take any commandos down, you can do with us as you please. Beat our asses all you like. Fuck us good and raw. That’s the golden boy way, and we’re willing to accept that and work around it. We kinda have to since there’s so many of you in this town. But you can’t hand them over to punks for punishment. You’re helping the enemy.

What are you going to do with us? Jeffrey asked. This net is blistering my ass!

Good, Cody said with a smirk. We want this experience to be nice and memorable. He looked over to me and Reuben. Is it true you two didn’t tell them about by warning? We both nodded, still tied down to the chaise lounges with our asses in the air. Nobody had made any effort to free us. All the other jocks in the penthouse had their arms cuffed to avoid struggle.

Well, I can’t just excuse you for violating the law, but I can offer some mercy, he said. It’s my job as community liaison to have made sure that you were aware of the law. The formal sentence for violating this law is a week in the Brig.

A week? We’ll miss our next game! Rico said.

What’s the Brig? Max asked.

Because of the circumstances, I will use my judgment to reduce the sentence to 48 hours. Consider yourself lucky. If it happens again, it will, indeed, be a full week. And yes, y’all may very well miss your game if it comes to that.

You didn’t answer my question, Max said.

That’s because y’all will find out in about an hour, Cody said. And your three punk buddies will be joining you. We already have them in custody. Be glad you’re not them. Their sentence is two weeks. Take them out to the trucks. Leave the shock webs on them. These boys are trained to recover fast from their punishments. Don’t want any surprises.

The three of them were force marched inside to the elevator, their asses bouncing and quivering from pain as they walked. I could still hear the sizzling sounds of the shock webs as they passed by us. Max gave me a quick, worried look.

Let Coach Adam know what’s going on, he yelled as he was pushed away.

As for the two of you, Cody said after Max, Rico, and Jeffrey had been escorted out. He looked over our two exposed asses and grinned. Since neither of you are responsible for any kidnappings, you haven’t broken the law, and I can’t bring you in. He nodded at one of his men and said, Strap, please. The man saluted and walked over to a bag of tools that was sitting on the floor off to the side. I hadn’t noticed it until now.

However, it is my role as a community liaison to make sure that other factions understand that we mean business, Cody said. He looked up to various corners of the room. I realized he was taking note of the surveillance cameras being used to film us and televise the happenings of the penthouse on television. We were all the stars of our own little network up here, so whatever he was about to do to us was going to be televised and get out there for anybody to see.

The commando he had spoken to came back to him holding a large, thick strap. My bottom quivered slightly in anticipation. I hadn’t felt any straps or strops since Max used his on me the very first night we met and Reuben had tied me down (in a very similar position, in fact). Straps were not friendly to gladiator fights given the space and freedom they needed to get a good swing. But Reuben and I were now stuck in the exact perfect position for a good strapping. It looked like that is exactly what we were going to get.

Among the troops, failure to properly communicate messages down the chain of command leads to punishment, Cody said. It seems appropriate here. One hundred lashes for each of you. I’ll alternate every 10 lashes.

Neither Reuben nor I said anything to try to talk our way out of it. It didn’t even matter the reason why we were going to get strapped. All that really mattered is that Cody had gotten the upper hand on us. Literally so, in this case. Cody could administer any punishment he wanted to us right now and we would feel as though we deserved it. We were caught out like chumps. We were actually getting off pretty easy. If a hunter had gotten us in this situation we’d face much worse. If I had caught Reuben or if Reuben had caught me in this situation, our asses would have been paying all day long.

Cody looked up at the cameras again and then positioned himself between me and Reuben. He clearly wanted to make sure that the cameras were able to catch each lash.

He rested the strap across my cheeks, preparing for the first set of swats.

You’ve been looking forward to this, I said to him. When we met on the midway of the amusement park the very first time, I caught him checking my ass out when I walked off.

This is business here, boys, he drawled, but he did have an unmistakable smirk. He reared back with the strap and CRACK! Directly across both cheeks right above where my ass connected with my thighs. I winced but avoided shouting. He slowly leveled nine more lashes, positioning carefully up and down my ass, hitting hard across both cheeks each time. I was breathing heavily after the first round, and my bottom continued to quiver a little bit after the set is over.

Then he turned to Reuben for his first set of ten. Reuben took his licks as stoically as he could. I noticed he wasn’t throwing off any attitude. Since he had green as his third color, he was generally a supporter of the commandos and their idea of a chain of command controlling who punished whom. Of course, as a gladiator, it was his goal to make sure he was at the top of said chain, and everybody else was on the receiving end of his paddle.

The 100 lashes for each of us were slowly administered over about 30 minutes. I teared up and yelped a lot, but it didn’t leave me bawling the way Joss or Reuben or even Craig had when they took their paddles to me. We played a lot rougher than the commandos did. Nevertheless, I could feel that my ass was going to be good and raw for the rest of the day.

After it was over he returned the strap to his commando to put away.

If it makes y’all feel any better, Cody said afterward. I’m obligated to inform Commander Grady that I hadn’t rightly made sure the Pain Pigs were warned about the law. That was my job.

He’s gonna tear your ass up, isn’t he? Reuben said.

That he will, Cody said. And I deserve it. Just like the two of you deserved this, am I right? I didn’t respond but Reuben nodded a little bit.

We’ll have your boys back in two days, slightly worse for wear, Cody said. Just like your fancy penthouse here, there is a channel devoted to covering the Brig. Give us about two hours to get your boys settled in and you can tune in to see their discipline. He snapped his fingers and the commandos all fell in line next to him.

And with that, all y’all have a good day, Cody said. Let’s move out, troops! The commandos all marched over to the elevator and they were gone, leaving all us jocks up here alone with a trashed apartment.

Reuben and I were still bound to the pool chairs, and the commandos left without taking the cuffs off all the other jocks, so everybody was a little slow to respond. Will noticed that Trip and Lenny had left the keys to the cuffs they used on me and Reuben on the bar. He grabbed them and came over to unlock us (a challenge because his hands were still cuffed together). Kyle called down to maintenance to have Abel and some of the blue-collar boys come up to free them from their cuffs and check out the damage to the penthouse.

What do we do about our guys? Johnny asked. I think their practice is supposed to start in two hours.

Go find Dom and tell him what happened, Reuben said. Dominic was the team’s offensive captain. Max led the defense, but with him snatched by Cody, that left Dom to take charge for the football team.

Free from the lounge chairs, I started looking over the penthouse to see the damage. It looked like two glass walls were shattered and several chairs and sofas were broken in the struggle. Well, at least it would give Abel and his buddies work to do. And we could keep their bottoms nice and red for it.

I headed into the living room and went rooting around the overturned table to find the remote control. I switched on the television to search for the channel Cody mentioned that covered The Brig. Obviously Max and the others wouldn’t get there for a while, but maybe I could get an idea what to expect.

While I was flipping through channels, Abel came up to the penthouse joined by two other blue-collar workers, as well as Trip and Lenny. Lenny cringed when he saw the mess and apologized for leaving us bound overnight. He thought we would like it. I told him it wasn’t his fault.

Abel used a pair of bolt-cutters to get the other golden boys out of their handcuffs. Trip and Lenny immediately went to work cleaning up broken glass and putting anything that wasn’t broken back where it was supposed to be. The other blue collar boys would work on repairing or replacing anything that was broken.

I finally found the channel for The Brig. Much like the channel for our penthouse, it was primarily live surveillance footage.

Did they show you this place when you visited them? I asked Reuben.

They told us about it, but they didn’t show it off, Reuben said. I think they wanted to keep it a little mysterious until they were ready to start using it. More intimidating that way.

The Brig was, from what we could see on the television, a massive prison. But it didn’t have cells. It had row after row of thick, tall wall structures with holes every couple of feet and attached restraints.

There’s the punks, Reuben said. They must have got them first before coming for us.

Levi and his two friends were being dragged, cuffed, along a catwalk partway up the wall. They were all struggling as hard as they could and yelling up a storm, but the commando guards did not respond. They stopped before one of the holes in the wall. They grabbed Levi and physically picked him up and forced the upper half of his body through the hole, ignoring his resistance. The bottom half of his body remained on this side, his ass facing outward and vulnerable. The restraints were thick leather bands that they wrapped around Levi’s thighs and ankles to keep him from kicking. His bottom half was stuck in a position that was obviously for punishment.

The surveillance image flipped to the other side of the wall. The wall was thick enough to contain Levi’s torso, but his head stuck through the hole onto the other side. Guards made sure that Levi’s arms were restrained inside the wall. His head they allowed to move around freely and look around. They also didn’t gag him, so Levi was trash-talking the commando guards fiercely and demanding to be let go. They ignored him.

The guards then brought the second punk around to the side of the wall where Levi’s head was stuck out. The catwalk, it turned out, could be mechanically raised and lowered. They raised it up to the hole that was directly above Levi’s head. Levi’s buddy was fed through the wall in the other direction. His ass was directly above Levi’s head, and his thighs hung down and framed Levi’s face. They were alternating sides when they were imprisoning the punks. The camera cut back to the other side of the wall. The second punk’s head was about a foot or so above Levi’s ass. He could look down at it.

The third punk was put through on the same side as Levi, into the hole above the second punk. So there was this alternating imprisonment technique.

They’re in a position where they’re going to end up watching what happens to their buddies’ asses, I noticed.

It also keeps them from talking to each other, Reuben said.

After the restraining was done, the commandos roughly tore out the seats of the punks’ already heavily ripped jeans. Their bare bottoms were stuck in place, ready for punishment. But I could also see them trying to struggle against the restraints that they could not possibly escape. Punks were like the opposite of golden boys in that way. They never stopped squirming and struggling when they were punished, even when there was no possibility of escaping.

I waited to see if the guards were going to start beating them, but they just left the punks there for now.

They’re probably going to wait to bring in our boys, Reuben said. Punish them all together.

By that point, Dom arrived up the elevator. His eyes widened a bit when he saw the wreckage.