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Aaron's Game
Chapter 21: New Connections

by Redspkscott

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Aaron’s Game – Chapter 21: New Connections

Coach Adam left us to head to the practice field and bust the asses of the Pain Pigs. While Trip, Lenny, Abel and the others continued working on cleaning up and repairing the penthouse, I grabbed my laptop to see if there was anything interesting to take note of while Reuben and I watched Max, Levi, Rico, and Jeffrey get punished by the commandos at the Brig. The other jocks in the penthouse had left to go practice for upcoming matches.

Their technique is good, but they could go harder and faster, Reuben said while watching the television. I’m rougher on Rico even when I’m in a good mood.

Looks like none of the guards have black as a color, I pointed out. Maybe they’re not sadistic enough. We can let Cody know next time we see him. Reuben snorted.

I checked my e-mail to see we had gotten some messages from Brent. They tabulated the votes from the games yesterday. The new logo (the flaming paddle) and motto was approved overwhelmingly, as was our overarching plan for the first season. Everything was a go!

Our plan has been approved, I told Reuben. Have you thought about what your spanking machine is gonna look like?

I sure have, Reuben said. Don’t expect me to tell you, though. I’m looking forward to showing you.

They’re going to send us all new shorts that incorporate our logo to make us stand out more, I said. Our spandex shorts had our three faction colors along the outer legs. But they were the same kind of shorts used by rugby players, soccer players, and even track-and-field guys. They were going to get us our own shorts to make us stand out as gladiators.

In addition they were going to actually manufacture the paddles that we were using as the logo, painted black with holes in the shape of a capital G. We were not obligated to use them. They were for fans to buy and show their support. I suspected the fans were going to be more likely to try to use them on the backsides of the fans of rival gladiators.

Oh, be sure to check out your own fan page, I said. They’ve set them up with our stats and pre-season record and some videos.

Does your page show me kicking your ass? Reuben asked. I clicked over to it and looked it over. One of the videos did indeed show highlights of me losing badly to Reuben in our first pre-season fight. There was also a special page devoted to the rivalry between Reuben and me and Craig. Thanks to the surveillance of our penthouse and the cameraman who followed us around sometimes, they even got clips of us tormenting each other outside the arena. I played the clip of Reuben carrying me over to the paddling machine after beating me and cranked up the volume so Reuben could hear himself growling You’re going to get what you deserve, boy in the video. He grinned at me from across the room.

And I’m not done yet, either, he said. I’m coming for that sweet ass of yours again and again and again.

But not for our final fight of the pre-season, I said. We had been sent out the schedule for the last fight before we prep for the actual season to start. The gladiator council decided that this last pre-season fight was a good chance to show our audience that we were serious about there being only one champion. For this final round, they decided to pit each gladiator against a friend. I was going to be facing off against Craig.

So have you been paying attention to Li’s fighting style when you two are working out? I asked Reuben. Because you’re going to be fighting him.

What, really? Reuben said. Dammit. Li was the only gladiator who was consistently physically stronger than Reuben in all the upper body categories when they measured us all yesterday. Li was infamous in the early days of the Painfather’s world for having taken on multiple commandos at once and winning. He and Reuben had become friends, and they trained together. But there could be only one champion gladiator. This next round of matches was intended to remind us all that friendships weren’t as important as winning.

Craig and I sparred all the time, and the winner tormented the loser with paddlings, other types of ass torment (itching powder or fire oil on the asshole) and hard sex. This would be just another day for us. It looked like Reuben and Li didn’t spar, but instead focused on studying the techniques of other gladiators. I could see he was a little thrown yet again, just like he was yesterday when he didn’t know who he was going to fight. He hadn’t really thought about having to fight his own friend.

We have a week to prep for this last one, I said. They want a little more time to start getting things ready for the full season. I think they want to show off some of the stuff to the crowd and the match, like the new arena organization and the spanking machines. Oh, I bet they want to let folks know about the special bounties and the fan voting for the make-up fight. And the chance to torment us if we lose it.

They’re gonna love all that stuff, Reuben said. That was a great idea from you guys. None of us would have thought of getting the fans directly involved.

I started to respond, but suddenly my laptop started ringing, which startled me. A pop up window informed me I had a video call from somebody named Nick. I had no idea our laptops could do that! I didn’t know anybody named Nick, though. I shrugged and accepted the call. The laptop monitor filled up with a vidscreen of a beefy, smiling black man wearing glasses with rectangular frames. There was a small crowd of other beefy guys standing behind him.

Hey, is this Aaron? The man asked. Reuben looked over at me, then walked over behind me to look at the laptop monitor over my shoulder.

Yeah! Who is this? I answered.

This is Nick, man! Luis told me I should give you a call! Said you and Craig might be feeling a little lonely! Greetings from the other side of the world, man!

I tilted my head, a little confused. Why would Patron Luis tell this guy to call me?

Look at the shorts on the guys waving behind him, Reuben said. I could see Nick only from the neck up, but the group of men behind him were all wearing tight shorts and no shirts. Gladiator outfits. I looked at their colors: Gold, black, and ... purple! It was a pack of purple gladiators!

Purple! I shouted and the guys on the other end all cheered.

Yeah, you’re talking to purple central, Nick said. We’ve got the biggest group of Luis’s boys out here. They’ve been working on getting actual worldwide communications going and so we figured we’d help test it out.

Luis was the patron god of the producers, who were charged with adding a sense of fun to the Painfather’s world of punishment and forced sex, and were also responsible for running the television and communication networks. It would make sense that Nick’s producer-heavy home would be the central location for world communication, just like our city here was destined to be jock central.

It’s a shame Craig’s not here to meet you all, too, I said. He’s a bit predisposed.

He’s getting his ass paddled raw, Reuben said with a grin. He lost his fight yesterday. Against a pink gladiator.

Oh, don’t underestimate those pretty boy gladiators, Nick said. They are fucking tough! They can take more punishment than the rest of us. I lost to one, too. He beat my big ol’ booty for hours. The sex was capital-H Hot, though. I mean ... damn.

This is Reuben, I said. Reuben waved.

I’m his rival, he said. I’m gonna own his ass someday. Craig’s too. Gonna make them my personal spank toys.

Got your rivalries going full speed already, Nick said. Luis did tell us you guys were way ahead of us. We’ve only had a couple of fights and are still working out how the season is gonna go. He pointed behind him. We have a lot of cooks in the kitchen. The other gladiators were goofing around mostly good-naturedly. Then a couple of them decide to team up against another one. They grabbed him, yanked down his shorts, and started paddling his ass while he protested. Nick looked behind him, then back at me and shook his head.

This is kind of how it’s been going, especially when we have disagreements, Nick said.

Don’t you have any gray or green gladiators to get your asses in order? Reuben asked.

We’ve got 70 gladiators in our league, Nick said. And 40 of us are purple. We outnumber them. They tried. We handed their asses to them, nice and blistered. It was fun!

That doesn’t help you though, I said.

Yeah, we realized that and eventually me and this group here turned to some executives to help set our asses straight. They’re all gray, black, and purple.

How do executives get you working if the other gladiators can’t? I asked. They’re not nearly as strong as we are.

You don’t know about the contracts? Nick asked. I shrugged. I looked at Reuben and he shrugged, too. I remember Coach Adam mentioning a contract with the Pain Pigs, but just figured it was just some agreement.

Okay, he continued. Have you lost a match yet?

He lost to me, Reuben said, grinning widely.

So you know how when your lose, your booty just sticks out and goes, Smack me, beat me, show me who’s boss! and you feel like you deserve it? And you can’t stop it.

Yeah, I said. We surrender to the punishment when we lose.

Right, Nick continued. Patron Derek made us all that way. Well, Mose, the patron of the executives, did something kind of like that with these contracts. The executives are actually forbidden by Mose to take guys by force and beat their asses. Totally different from the hunters or commandos or us.

I had no idea, Reuben said. Neither of us had any connections to the gray faction. Max did, but I had never really asked him much about the executives. We didn’t seem to need them.

What they have are these contracts. What they do is they convince guys to let them oversee them and put the terms of discipline and the work expectations and what will get your ass busted and all that stuff and write it up in a contract. Both sides sign it, and then both sides have to follow it. And when I say have to follow it, they physically have no choice. If you do something that calls for the executive to paddle your ass, you’re going to submit to him, just like we do when we lose a fight.

Oh wow, I said. I remembered how Dom dropped his paddle and immediately got into the three-point stance to be punished by Coach Adam the second the coach ordered him into position. I guess Dom couldn’t refuse to obey him.

Yeah, so we weren’t going to let other gladiators order us around, but we realized that we were going nowhere, so we agreed to a discipline contract. Our executive sets up a schedule of deadlines, and each time we miss a deadline, it’s the spanking tubes for us. For hours.

We’ve missed every deadline so far, one of the other gladiators noted, rubbing his backside.

We’ve got one today we’re probably gonna miss, Nick said. But once we found out the world comm systems had come online, we wanted to see who we could reach. The headquarters for the golden boys out there was our first thought.

Behind Nick I noticed that several of the gladiators were whispering to each other and giving Nick a certain predatory look.

Anything else interesting going on out there that’s going to affect us? I asked.

Well, there’s going to be a whole bunch of worldwide television channels coming online that the producers have been working on, Nick said. They’re going to be organized by pairs of colors so that each one appeals to certain types of personalities. So, like, a channel for guys who are both gray and green, and one for who are both blue and orange, et cetera, et cetera. So each guy should, if they do this right, have three world channels that appeal specifically to them. And there’s going to be lifestyle magazines and websites to go along with each channel.

That sounds cool, Reuben said. In the meantime, behind Nick, a couple of the gladiators were pulling out a couple of lengths of rope. One of them looked at us and put a finger up to his mouth to silently request that we not tell Nick they were plotting against him. I grinned a little bit and said nothing.

I only know the ones off the top of my head that will target us purple gladiators, Nick said. We were in the focus groups for those. Well, the first one would be for Reuben and the gladiators of all colors, actually. The channel for guys who have black and gold for colors is going to be called The Hard Life. Part of that will be for us gladiators, and that will be how you can keep track of what’s going on in the other leagues. I’m so excited about seeing that!

So we’ll be able to watch your fellow gladiators beat your ass? Reuben asked with a smirk. Nick still wasn’t aware of what was going on directly behind him.

And I will be able to watch Aaron get his revenge on you, Nick said I bet you’re the type who gets pissed when he gets paddled, am I right? I nodded enthusiastically.

That channel won’t be all gladiators though. It will also appeal to hunters who target jocks and some of the hardcore commandos who are the toughest guards and assault team members. It’s for guys who live very demanding lives and thrive on it.

I like it, I said.

The purple and gold channel is called Working the Crowd, for showboating purple jocks, but also producers responsible for making the sports events awesome and even guys like punks who like getting the fans going or making music or art and stuff to go with our stuff.

We’ve got a punk like that, Reuben said. Managed to get some of our boys in trouble, too.

Yeah, they do that, Nick said, laughing. One of our sessions in the spanking tubes was because of our punks, who are even harder to get organized than these guys. He pointed behind himself without looking, so he didn’t notice that the other gladiators were preparing to jump him.

Is there going to be a purple and black channel? I asked.

Oh, yeah, Nick said. That’s the best one, in my humble little opinion. We were totally into in the focus groups for that one, which were very, um, hands on. It’s called Humiliation Nation, and the name speaks for itself. Guys who are purple and black really like making a man blush while making him cry. And you know, the reverse, too.

I grinned and nodded. I had come to realize that I was a massive exhibitionist, and whether I won or lost, I loved how public and exposed it all was. And Craig and I both incorporated components into our punishments (like the itching powder) designed to humiliate and embarrass as much as it was to punish. And even Joss and the purple and black hunters at the Hall of Fear had those balconies to put the men they punish on display so that guys walking by could watch the vicious paddlings.

You know, I said. I could really use an example right now. Then I purposefully looked over Nick’s shoulder. Confused, he turned around to see what I was looking at, and then the other gladiators tackled him.

Rueben and I chuckled as Nick yelled in surprise as he went down. He tried to fight back but he was very thoroughly outnumbered. Even Reuben or Li wouldn’t have been able to get out of this. They grabbed Nick and flipped him over the back of the chair he had been sitting on. Instead of looking at his face, I was now staring it his nice, round ass, bouncing nicely and upturned. He was bent over the chair, and the other gladiators were briefly out of view as they bound his wrists and ankles to the chair legs to keep him from getting free. His shorts were blue like Craig’s with the gold, black, and purple stripe along the thighs.

After a few minutes, the other gladiators popped back up on screen. Nick was clearly bound now. I could hear him complaining as his bottom quivered and bounced in place.

Hey! said the gladiator who was clearly the mastermind of this little assault. I’m Min-jun, by the way. I figured since we’re clearly gonna end up in the spanking tubes again today, we might as well have some fun. You guys know about the butt plugs, yet?

Butt plugs? I asked.

Dammit! I heard Nick complain off-screen. Min-jun smacked Nick’s left cheek.

Don’t act like you don’t love it, Min-jun said. One of the gladiators brought a large rubber plug to Min-jun. Min-jun grinned as he peeled down Nick’s shorts. His butt was still marked up from previous punishments, but was nice and round with a deep cleft in the middle.

Min-jun lubed up the plug and spread Nick’s cheeks.

This is gonna hurt, Min-jun said. Then he slowly forced the butt plug into Nick’s asshole.

FUCK! OWWWWW! Nick yelled as Min-jun forced the plug in. His ass started quivering uncontrollably, just like when I used itching powder on a guy’s ass crack or Craig used his fire oil. Min-jun forced the plug all the way and then raised his hands up in triumph. Nick’s ass was bouncing in place, and we could hear him complaining off-screen.

A really mean hunter introduced us to these plugs, Min-jun said. I’m sure you guys have had enough experience now with fucking to know that it hurts to get fucked at first, but then eventually it starts feeling really good.

Well, usually, I said, thinking about Max’s massive cock.

The Painfather has made it so that the pleasure feeling only happens if you’re fucked by another guy’s actual cock, Min-jun explained. If you use a plug or a dildo on a guy’s ass, it’s always painful. Even though they may be the same look or shape as a man’s dick, it doesn’t feel the same. It’s another form of punishment and humiliation. And even better – well, meaner anyway – the more you squirm or struggle, the more it hurts. So the more Nick’s ass bounces around like it is, the more he suffers.

And when you stick the plug all the way in like that, you can do other things with that ass, too, can’t you, Reuben asked. Min-jun responded by holding up his paddle, taking aim and WHACK! He smacked Nick’s right cheek good and hard. We heard Nick yell in pain and then as the swat caused his ass to bounce around, we heard him reacting in pain from that as well.

Don’t feel too bad for Nick, Min-jun said. He reached between Nick’s legs and pulled the gladiator’s cock out from his jock. Nick had a full erection.

This is Nick’s thing, Min-jun said. He can complain all he wants, but he fucking loves using these plugs—and having them forced on him, too.

That seemed like a purple thing, too. I was turned on by both giving and receiving with humiliation and itching powder and such, and so was Craig. When Reuben had his finger-fucking fetish turned back on him by Amir, he definitely was not turned on. And this detail also explained why Reuben’s finger-fucking always made us feel uncomfortable and never pleasurable (even if it did turn both Craig and me on). It wasn’t Reuben’s cock.

Min-jun started beating Nick’s ass for real, laying down hard swat after swat. WHACK! SMACK! WHACK! Alternating between cheeks. We could hear Nick yelling and complaining and eventually crying. His beefy butt wriggled with each swat, meaning that the butt plug was adding even more pain to the punishment.

Nick’s gonna be here for a while, Min-jun said. You guys are welcome to watch if you want. You know how we love an audience.

We need to go the stadium to fetch Craig, Reuben noted. As part of our rivalry, whenever Craig or I lost, Reuben showed up after the extremely harsh punishment was over to help us get home. His help consisted of forcing us to use him as support as he shoved a couple of fingers up our asses, making it extremely uncomfortable to walk and essentially making us fuck ourselves with every step.

I want to go see how Colin feels about his first experience with the paddling machines, I said. You guys have your fun! I’ll check with you tomorrow to see how your asses look after missing deadline.

I’ll send you the promo info for those channels Nick was talking about, Min-jun said. And I’ll track down the other two for Reuben, the green-and-black channel and the green-and-gold channel.

I watched them beat Nick’s ass for a few minutes while Reuben collected some restraints and such in case Craig was feeling like struggling. He held up a bottle of the Fire Oil Craig sold at his prank shop and grinned at me. Craig was going to have a very rough walk home.

I wished Nick and the other gladiators the best of luck. Nick was too busy whimpering in pain from the combination of paddle swats and the butt plug to respond. I ended the call and headed down to the lobby with Reuben.

We found cameraman Paul down in the lobby on the way out and he waved hello. He was the producer tasked with catching us film when we were outside the penthouse, so that the reality show based on the lives of everybody who lived up there would make sense.

You missed the fun this morning, Reuben said, smacking Paul on the ass as he walked by. Paul fell in behind us, shooting us with his camera as we headed to go pick up Craig.

We caught the surveillance footage, Paul said. I was out filming Rodney getting tormented by the punks. He’ll be home in a bit, by the way. And then I went over to the football practice to see how Coach Adam was reacting to losing his best players for a couple of days. He is royally pissed. Also got an interview in the can with Dom about moving into the penthouse.

Hope he realizes his ass is toast, I said.

Oh, he does, Paul said. He’s looking forward to passing that pain along.

So with this vote, does it mean that your work organizing the gladiator season stuff is all done? Reuben asked me.

Yup, I said. The gladiator council will take care of the season scheduling and the hunters are hard it work with the others putting together the arenas and spanking machines and all of that. Craig and I are out of it and can focus on our fights, just like you do.

Reuben nodded. Good to know, he said. I’ve been way too patient.

What do you mean? I began. Reuben suddenly broadsided me and knocked me down flat on my ass right on the sidewalk just down the street from our building. My body jarred with the loud THUD! I cringed in pain as my ass slammed down.

I immediately bounced back up (hooray for that awesome reaction time), but Reuben was ready. He grabbed me around the waist and used his strong upper body to slam my ass right back down on the pavement, so hard I think I bounced.

Ow! FUCK! I grabbed my ass and again clambered back up to my feet. Reuben quickly spun me around while I was recovering and literally kicked my ass hard, knocking me down again. I heard him pull out some restraints. He had meant them for me, not Craig! I spun around and swept out with my leg, hoping to trip him. But he was already leaning over, predicting my smartest line of attack. He really had been focusing on learning my fighting styles. Having a faster reaction time did me no good if he knew what I was going to do. He grabbed my ankle, flipped me onto my back and then quickly straddled my chest. I tried to push him off, but nothing doing. He grabbed one wrist and quickly cuffed it, then attached it to my other wrist.

Dammit! I yelled, and tried to get leverage to kick him away. Again, nothing doing. He stood up and pulled me up with him by the wrists. Then he actually picked me up and carried me under his left arm like I was a sack. My ass was sticking out in front of him and I was looking behind him. I kicked my legs and squirmed to no avail. He had caught me and I wasn’t getting out of this. He started pulling my shorts down.

Oh, fuck these shorts, Reuben said. We’re getting new ones anyway. Instead, he clutched the seat of my shorts and yanked them until they ripped. He tore away the seat, leaving my bare ass nice and exposed. Yeah, there we go. Then he pulled out his paddle and started beating my ass harshly while walking down the street. CRACK! WHACK! WHACK! It was partly punishment, partly a show of force. That Reuben could beat my ass while carrying me with the strength of just one of his arms, and do so casually was a reminder of how incredibly strong he was.

Now, he said. You’re going to find out what a rivalry with me really means. Pay close fucking attention, because what you’re going to be experiencing for the next few days before the end of a season is a preview for your very painful future.

I resisted and squirmed, but with my wrists cuffed in front of me and my feet up off the ground, I had very little leverage to do anything. After a few minutes of struggling, the surrender mode kicked in. I had lost. My body relaxed. I had no choice to embrace the pain.

Yeah, there we go, Reuben said. That’s what I like to see. Aaron knows who’s boss.

This time, I muttered. I thought Reuben was heading over the arena to pick up Craig, but he surprised me by taking a turn a few blocks before.

Where are we going? I asked.

You’ll see, Reuben said. I may not be one you purple boys, but I have my surprises, too.

Reuben took us back to the sex shop I visited after I tied him up and tormented him when we first met, on the day we were first made. I hadn’t been back since then. Now that the world was up and running, there were pretty boys manning the place to help customers and to restock and such. And now that they understood their roles a little better, they were offering up themselves to help customers test the merchandise.

Reuben continued paddling my ass as he walked up to a counter to greet a smiling pretty boy.

What can I help you with today, Mr. Reuben? the man asked. Maybe some new paddles for some variety? He knew who we were! Well, we were only a few blocks from the arena.

Butt plugs, Reuben said. Show them to me. I want mean ones.

Oh, shit. My eyes widened. Nick had revealed a new way for Reuben to torment us. Of course, it was a way for us to torment him, too, but that didn’t help me right now.

Are they for Mr. Aaron here? the man asked as he came out from behind the counter to lead us over to another part of the store. I’m asking because I can give you some recommendations based on who you want to use them for.

Yeah, for him and other gladiators and golden boys who piss me off, Reuben said.

The pretty boy directed us to an aisle that had dozens of different butt plugs of various sizes and shapes on display.

So I’m guessing you want to maximize his discomfort? The pretty boy asked. Do you want it to be compatible with your paddles so you can keep punishing him?

Abso-fucking-lutely, Reuben said.

Okay, I think I know what will work for you, The pretty boy said. This one is specifically designed for golden boys to use on rivals.

Unfortunately, because I was being held underarm by Reuben, I was looking in the complete opposite direction. I had no idea what they were looking at.

It’s called The Surrender, The pretty boy said.

That looks ... pretty interesting, Reuben said.

There’s a reason it’s shaped this way, The clerk said. You’ll see once you actually use it.

What is it? I can’t see it! I complained. Reuben swatted my ass a couple of times by way of response.

Would you like to try it? The clerk asked. Normally I’m supposed to offer my own bottom to test, but if it’s meant for Aaron here, he’s actually in a really good position to show it off. Maybe take him over to our wall mirrors and I’ll show you how it works?

The clerk escorted us over a few aisles to a wall covered with mirrors. Finally, I could look in the mirror to see what was going on behind me. Reuben was holding a decently sized metal, gold-toned butt plug that, strangely enough, was a bit curved. It was a good eight inches long. I couldn’t help but stare at it. I wanted to clench my cheeks, but I couldn’t. I lost and would accept whatever Reuben did to me now.

This plug is specifically designed so that the bottom cannot push it back out, no matter how strong his rectal muscles are, once it’s completely in, The clerk explained. And the base here will rest perfectly against his asshole once it’s pushed all the way in. That will leave the rest of his ass open to paddling, even with paddles that strike both cheeks. The clerk lubed up the plug and handed it over to Reuben. I’ll let you do the honors. Then I can explain the shape.

Oh fuck, I muttered. Reuben handed the clerk his paddle to hold. Then he grinned wickedly into the mirror, knowing that I could see it, and slowly began pushing the butt plug up my ass.

Ow, fuck! OW, FUCK! I yelped as it forced its way in. Getting penetrated always hurt, with no exceptions. The Painfather made us all that way. My rectum throbbed and tried to resist, but Reuben slowly, viciously forced the plug all the way in. My ass quivered in discomfort. It wasn’t the same kind of pain as getting paddled, but I felt sharp sensations of discomfort and pressure inside my ass.

Reuben pushed the plug all the way in and then let go. I could feel my ass trying to force the plug back out, but like the clerk told him, it was designed to stay in until removed. All the quivering and squirming did was increase the pain and discomfort. I start struggling and yelping again. Reuben grabbed his paddle back and started smacking my ass again. The swats combined the discomfort of the plug caused me to howl in pain as I was jostled. I burst into helpless tears and begged Reuben to pull the plug out. He just laughed.

So here’s the deal with the shape, The clerk explained. The discomfort of the plug cannot be eliminated, but it can be reduced.

What, how? I asked through tears. The clerk responded by running a finger along the center of my lower back down to my butt.

You have to arc yourself so that part of your body is the same shape as the plug, the clerk said. You have to arch your back and raise your ass up. It’s the surrender position, but even more pronounced.

The squirming and struggling certainly wasn’t helping, and Reuben continued to just swat away to make all my pain even worse. I figured I might as well give it a try. While still trapped under Reuben’s arm, I arched my back as much as I could, forcing both my head and my ass upward. As the clerk said, I felt the pain of the butt plug ease, but not disappear.

Oh, man, look at this position, Reuben said. Look in the mirror, punk. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK.

I turned to look. My upper body was curved up as much as it could so that I was looking straight ahead. More importantly, my ass and lower body was curved up so much that I looked like I really, really, really wanted Reuben to paddle the hell out of me. In order to keep the pain of the butt plug from becoming overwhelming, I had to force myself into a position of complete submission.

That’s a surrender all right, Reuben said. I’m taking it. Give me two, actually. Somebody’s in for a surprise tonight.

Reuben compounded my torment by still refusing to remove the plug. Instead we continued our walk down to the arena. He blistered my helpless upturned ass with his paddle while I tried as hard as I could to maintain my position and not squirm or struggle so that the butt plug didn’t hurt so much. One side effect of this position, with my head held high, is that I kept making eye contact with guys who we passed on the street and I could see their grins of amusement and pleasure. I was being publicly humiliated as well as punished, and it started turning me on. I got a massive erection, and my cock eventually popped out of my jock and swung free.

And it turned out Paul was still following us, so I often ended up staring right into the camera lens, so my look of complete and utter humiliation and tear-streaked face was getting captured perfectly on film for posterity. This was all going on the website for our rivalry, for sure.

Reuben kept the paddling going good and hard as we started approaching the arena. I was sure my ass was a nice dark red by now. I hadn’t stopped crying since the sex shop. Much to my surprise, he stopped for a moment to pull the butt plug out. It hurt like hell coming out, but then there was a palpable feeling of relief, like the moments after a paddling ends.

So here’s the deal, Reuben said, as he started walking and paddling me again. Craig doesn’t know about the butt plugs, so I want it to be a nice, nasty surprise. You boys like that, don’t you?

Yeah, but why should I help you and not my buddy? I asked.

Well, you two boys are in for a lot of hell when I get you back home, Reuben said. I’m definitely using the plug on Craig’s ass. But if you keep your mouth shut about it, I’ll see it to grant you some mercy.

Tempting. That plug was pure torment. And really ... Craig did like surprises. So did I. I was practically doing him a favor by not telling him. Or that’s what I told myself, anyway.

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