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Aaron's Game
Chapter 22: Reuben in Charge

by Redspkscott

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Aaron’s Game – Chapter 22: Reuben in Charge

Reuben carried me—still trapped underarm—into the stadium with a little over 15 minutes left for the losing gladiators to be punished.

Be a good boy and keep your mouth shut about the butt plugs around Craig, Reuben ordered as he sauntered down the row of men being viciously machine-paddled.

You could have just gagged me, I pointed out.

Tempting you is more fun, Reuben said. You like fun, don’cha?

It would also be a test of Reuben’s dominance over me, I realized. If he could get me to keep my mouth shut to keep something a surprise from Craig, it would prove that Reuben had some psychological power over me. But ... I did want to see Craig’s surprise when Reuben shoved that plug in him. It was a tough choice!

I looked down the line of faces as we headed over toward Craig’s punishment bench. Several of the new pretty-boy gladiators were finishing up their first real hardcore punishment. Even though they were all bawling in their gags, based on what Colin told me, the gladiators with pink as their third color were all heavy-duty masochists who were actually looking forward to being forced into bondage and punishment. I nodded at him as we passed by him. He nodded back at me and looked a little surprised to see me as Reuben’s prisoner. His face was red and wet with tears. His ass was visible, raised up behind him, and was a deep purple from the daylong paddling.

Reuben stopped a few feet in front of Craig. Craig had suffered a 24-hour punishment at the hands of the hunters with me back when we were new to the world. This was the first time he had been tossed into a paddling machine, though. He was clearly exhausted from his spanking, but he raised his head to notice our arrival.

Take a good look, Craig, Reuben said as he put me down in front of him. This is just the start of a very long week for both you. Bend over, Aaron.

I thought about resisting but there wasn’t really much point any more. My ass was now pretty sore from the beating and plugging he made me endure on the way out here. I bent over at the waist, spread my legs a bit, and put my hands, wrists still bound, flat on the grass ground. I made eye contact with Craig, but I wasn’t sure how much he could see through his tears.

Behind me, I heard Reuben slide his shorts down and lube up. He grabbed me roughly by the hips, and then I winced and yelped as he matter-of-factly forced his cock in and started slam-fucking me.

There’s so much more to come for the two of you, I can hardly wait, Reuben said as I grimaced in pain and stared into Craig’s eyes. The two of you are about to have the worst week ever. Your asses belong to me. Got it?

I rolled my eyes a little bit as Reuben fucked me. He was being his typical domineering self, but the sex was starting to feel good. I began to moan. And because he was doing this to me in public with other people around watching, my exhibitionist needs were being satisfied—I was nice and hard.

Looks like my toys have arrived, Reuben said. I was fully enjoying getting fucked now, but I wanted to know what he was talking about. I craned my head to the left and saw Edgar walking up to us holding two sets of metal restraints. Edgar, a hunter, was Joss’s best buddy over at the Hall of Fear. He was a muscular black man like Reuben but with a head shaved smooth. His colors were black, green, and purple, so he enjoyed paddling all three of us. And he had, now that I thought about it. He was helping Joss build the arenas and spanking machines but he wouldn’t be hunting any of us because he didn’t have gold as one of his colors. Apparently that didn’t mean he wouldn’t fuck with us, though.

Ready to give these a try? Edgar asked as he approached. What were the two of them up to?

Lemme finish the foreplay, Reuben said and began thrusting harder. He pounded my ass good and hard until we were both moaning with pleasure. There were only a couple of minutes left on Craig’s paddle timer when Reuben finally shot his load deep in my ass.

He yanked me back up roughly after finishing. As Reuben put his dripping cock back into his shorts, Edgar took a sleek set of metal restraints and attached them to my wrists, then carefully removed the ones Reuben had placed earlier before. I heard a click as the restraints locked into position, but I didn’t see any keyholes. They forced my wrists about eight inches apart and had an LED display in the sturdy length between the arms. Edgar pulled out a small remote and punched a few buttons.

You want these off an hour before his next fight? Edgar asked

Yup, Reuben said.

What?!! I demanded, my eyes widening. I heard the restraints beep and I looked down at the display. Sure enough, it was a timer, and it wasn’t counting minutes or hours, but days. Holy shit! I was going to have my hands bound for nearly a week! I’d be unable to fight, and of course, unable to stop Reuben from doing whatever he wanted to my ass.

Do me a favor and try like hell during the next week to break these, Edgar said to me. Joss and I have been testing with our blue-collar boys, but you gladiators are stronger than them. We need to make sure the stuff we’re putting together can survive you muscleheads.

And here you thought your involvement in organizing all this was over, Reuben said with a smirk. I immediately started trying to bend or break the restraints, but nothing was happening. They were extremely rigid.

Dammit, I muttered.

How ... humiliating ... for you, Reuben said with fake woe. Then he brightened and added, We’re going to have so much fun with that bubble butt of yours. His, too. He pointed at Craig as the timer wound down. With a loud buzzer sound, the paddling stopped. Craig (and everybody else stuck in a paddling machine) was released. Before he could even begin climbing out of the machine, Edgar and Reuben dragged him out next to me. Craig was far too weak to struggle. As it was he could barely stand, given how blistered his ass was. Edgar attached the other set of restraints to Craig’s wrists and set the timer, while Reuben removed Craig’s gag. Craig’s voice was too hoarse from crying into his gag to say much. It would take a couple of hours until he’d be able to talk normally again.

There was sort of commotion further down the line. I heard guys start yelling Fight! with some encouraging cheers. The four of us peered over to see that Brent, head of the gladiator council, had returned just like Reuben had done in order to get some more time with the pink gladiator he defeated. But much to his apparent surprise, he was caught in a fight with that gladiator and another pink buddy of his. This was shocking to us because both those gladiators lost. They had been paddled for a full day just like Craig. But they were still able to fight back. And even more remarkably, they were winning.

Oh, looks like Brent’s in for a rude awakening, Colin said hoarsely as he walked up to us. We all looked at him, stunned, especially Craig. Craig tried to croak out a question but none of us understood what he was saying. He was leaning on Edgar for support since it was so hard to stand with his heavily blistered ass.

But Colin didn’t seem nearly as put out. He was walking without too much effort.

How the hell are you up and around? I asked. Isn’t your ass mincemeat? Colin turned around and showed us his bare butt, which was just as blistered and bruised as Craig’s. Then he grinned and shrugged.

You see, Colin said. When the gray gladiators like Brent over there put together all those tests to get stats for all the gladiators, they checked our strength, and our speed, and how hard we beat ass and all sorts of things. But they forgot something very important in their exercises.

They never tested our endurance or how much punishment we could take? Reuben realized. Colin chuckled a little bit and nodded.

We pink gladiators realized the mistake but decided to keep our mouths closed, Colin said. We knew why Brent and the other gray gladiators wanted us to join. They thought we’d be good, easy targets for them to have some fun. They didn’t realize that we can take more punishment and recover faster than them or any of you guys.

Craig nodded, sadly. That’s how he ended up losing in the first place. He fought another one of the new pink gladiators and tried his special trick where he paddled his opponent repeatedly but not enough to win the round for a while. He had done so with other gladiators to wear them down so that they couldn’t fight back as well and would make the later rounds easier for Craig to win. It didn’t work this time and Craig got his own ass roasted instead.

Indeed, as we watched, these two pink gladiators took Brent down and started beating his ass right on the field. Brent was getting paddled by two guys who were just tormented for the last 24 hours straight. We all laughed.

You’re going to have to work if you’re going to humiliate us more than Brent right now, I said to Reuben.

Challenge accepted, Reuben said, waggling his fingers at me. Ready for a nice, long, uncomfortable walk home, you two?

Hey guys, before you go anywhere can I maybe ask a favor? Paul piped up from a ways behind us. Paul was easy to forget about. He was the producer cameraman tasked with following those of us who lived in the penthouse around to capture what goes on when we weren’t there. He was a cute enough guy with short brown hair and glasses. Producers weren’t as muscular as golden boys, but he had a pretty nice body and a large, round butt like all the rest of us. He wore a black polo shirt and tight jeans. His colors (as stripes on the sleeves of his shirt) were purple, gold, and blue.

What’s up? Reuben asked.

You heard about those magazines and websites earlier today, right? Paul asked. Nick told us that there were going to be specialized magazines and media outlets for each pair of color combinations. We decided to focus on this gladiator crew for the premiere issue of The Hard Life. That’s the black and gold outlet.

Yeah? Cool! Reuben said. Craig looked confused, and I told him we’d fill him on the way home. Paul pulled out a digital camera.

I want to get some high-resolution shots of you prepping to walk these guys home the way that you do, Paul said. To really illustrate how harsh you guys are to each other and how rivalries play out.

Sounds hot, Reuben said. For me anyway. Nice and humiliating for these two. Maybe hand them over to that Humiliation Nation mag, too. He gestured at the two of us to turn around. Then he looked over our butts.

This doesn’t look good, Reuben said. Yeah, Aaron’s butt is a little red, but not nearly as blistered as Craig’s here. That wouldn’t make for a good photo. Not good for my reputation.

My eyes widened and I began to protest, but Reuben quickly grabbed me threw me over a knee, resting his foot on a bench on the sideline to raise my ass up. Then he started immediately in with a vicious blast of paddle swats—WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! He beat my ass as hard and fast as he could. I started yelling in pain immediately and kicking my legs, but I was helpless with my arms bound. My body quickly surrendered and I helplessly raised up my ass in submission while bursting into tears at the same time. I howled in pain as he tormented me for ten solid minutes, as hard and as fast as he possibly could.

When you put this in the magazine, he told Paul, Make sure to tell everybody that they tested and determined that I was the hardest paddler among all the gladiators here. I nodded in agreement, my face now as red and wet as Craig’s. I couldn’t see my ass, but I could feel he had managed to raise plenty of blisters in just a short time.

Reuben then let me back up and Craig limped over to him. Reuben gestured for us to come close. I situated myself to his right and Craig to his left. Then Reuben reached down, took three fingers from each hand, and roughly shoved them up each of our asses. We squirmed in discomfort, but he kept shoving upwards until we were standing on the balls of our feet, our backs arched, and our blistered red asses on full display.

How’s that? Reuben asked.

Could all three of you look over your shoulders so we can see your expressions? We obliged. Craig and I were crying, of course. Reuben had a big, happy grin on his face. Paul took a bunch of photos.

Those are perfect, Paul said. I can’t imagine a better image to capture what’s going on with the gladiators here right now.

You should get some pics of those pink gladiators tormenting Brent, I told him.

Oh, good idea! Paul said. I’ll catch up with you boys later. I’m sure Reuben has plenty planned for me to use.

You better believe it, Reuben said. Let’s go boys. Oh, wait. Almost forgot! He removed his fingers from Craig’s ass. Then he pulled out a bottle of Craig’s own fire oil from his pouch. Craig croaked a grimace, but his cock betrayed him by immediately starting to get hard. Craig was turned on by asshole pain, and a few drops of the fire oil would provide it in spades. Reuben let a few drops fall onto the tips of his fingers, then shoved them right back up Craig’s ass. After a few seconds, Craig tried to scream out in pain but his throat was still too raw from his crying. His ass quivered and bounced in place even though we weren’t walking yet, sliding up and down Reuben’s fingers.

Boy is pretty much fucking himself just standing here, Reuben noted. He waited a few minutes to amuse himself as Craig whimpered, moaned, and croaked and his ass bounced around helplessly as the fire oil caused intense asshole pain. He already had a full erection. I had developed one of my own from Paul taking pictures of me being humiliated in public by Reuben this way.

Reuben ordered us to start walking. We slowly started heading back to the penthouse, our asses bouncing up and down on Reuben’s fingers with each step. Reuben filled Craig in on everything that had happened in the last 24 hours, from the commando raid that led to Max, Rico, and Jeffrey getting dragged off to the Brig, to the meeting with Coach Adam and Dominic joining the penthouse as Craig’s tenant (Craig nodded and grinned a little bit at this, despite his pain), to the conversation with Nick and our ability to now talk with other purple gladiators. Craig croaked out a Yay, at the news.

Wow, it’s been a long 24 hours! I noted.

It’s far from over, Reuben said. You want to make fun of me for wanting to overly prepare for my fights, go for it. Here’s a fun side effect, though. I’ve got your next week all planned out, boys. You are all nice and booked. Both your asses are going to suffer good and proper.

Craig croaked out a somewhat surprised What? Just as Reuben had privately prepared himself to combat our fighting styles when we faced off in the arena, he also had secretly planned out a full week to torment us once our commitment to helping plan out the gladiator season ended. For Craig and me, the rivalry with Reuben was a lot of fun, but for Reuben it was a chance to prove his dominance over us. We weren’t taking it quite so seriously. He was. And now Craig and I were apparently going to pay dearly for it.

Consider this week a test run, Reuben said. What you’re going to feel this week is what your entire life will be like somedaym once I have fully have the both of you under my thumb. May take years, decades, whatever. I don’t care. I’m patient. I’m not giving up until I own both your asses. And before you even think of complaining, Aaron, remember, you started this.

I wasn’t going to complain, I said, though my ass was still plenty sore from my paddling at the arena. I regret nothing.

Oh, I know, Reuben said, grinning. We’ll see if you still feel that way at the end of the week.

When we made it back to our apartment building, we found Dominic had lined up a good dozen members of the Pain Pigs football team across the street and had ordered them into the familiar three-point stance. He was lecturing them all loudly and viciously beating their asses with his massive paddle between rants. We could see through his sheer, white football uniform pants that his own oversized bottom was a deep, dark red. Coach Adam must have really punished him out at practice because of what happened with the party and the commandos. When he saw us, he ordered the guys to do pushups while he came over to talk with us.

I brought my stuff up to Max’s old room after practice, Dom said. Looks like Craig is not exactly in a position to take charge right now, is he? He gently patted the side of Craig’s face.

Craig’s gonna take a little bit of a nap, Reuben said. Or he’s gonna try, anyway.

He’s gonna want a fuck when he wakes up, something fierce, I said, meaning Dominic, obviously. We’ve all discovered that as we recover from a really harsh punishment it made us extremely horny and we desperately needed somebody to fuck.

Yeah, we’ll see ..., Reuben said. Dom, until Craig’s free, you’re mine. So’s all the rest of Craig and Aaron’s boys. We’ve got guests tonight. You stay for now, but clear out the other boys. This is gonna be a more private affair.

Reuben marched Craig and me into the apartment building (his fingers still shoved up our blistered butts), and Dom followed behind. Up in the penthouse, everything had been mostly cleaned up from the commando raid. Broken furniture had been repaired or replaced and the mess was cleaned up. The two broken glass walls would take a couple of days to replace, though.

Rodney had also returned home after being tormented by punks for losing his last rugby match. He was nursing an extremely blistered butt on the couch while watching Max, Levi, and the others getting strapped in the Brig on television.

Holy shit, I missed a lot, Rodney said looking us over.

Out, Reuben ordered. Having a private party tonight. You boys find somewhere else to crash. Come back in the morning. Dom served as Reuben’s enforcer, waving his paddle threateningly if any of the other jocks complained. They mostly just shrugged.

A bunch of blue-collar boys showed up with some big benches, Kyle told Reuben before heading to the elevator. Said they were from Edgar for you to test. They said you’d know exactly what to do with them. They’re out by the pool.

Yes, thanks, Kyle, Reuben said, giving his baseball-playing tenant a playful swat on the butt as he walked by. I’m gonna be busy for a couple of days but I’ll do my best not to forget about that ass. Tell Johnny and Hayato the same.

Got it, boss.

Let’s set Craiggy down for his nap, first, Reuben said. He pushed a groggy, exhausted Craig into his room and onto his bed, on his stomach. Then Reuben pulled out The Surrender, one of the vicious butt plugs he had picked up earlier in the day to torment me and Craig. He put a finger over his mouth to gesture to me not to warn Craig. Reuben had promised that he wouldn’t use the other plug on me if I let him surprise Craig with it. I decided to keep my mouth shut as Reuben put one hand on Craig’s back to hold him down, then ruthlessly pushed the butt plug all the way in. Craig reacted with a startled cry and started to squirm. Reuben steeped back and grinned at Craig’s back as he bucked and squirmed in bed.

I know you like asshole pain, so this should be right up your alley, Reuben said. Pun intended. Enjoy your nap. Try to get some sleep. It’s gonna be a long night.

Then he turned to look at me and folded his arms. He waited for a few minutes to see if I was going to tell Craig how to arch his back in order to lessen the pain and discomfort of the plug.

Good boy, he said finally, absolutely loving the fact that he had successfully ordered me around.

Well, he does enjoy it the pain, I said. Look, he’s still hard. Craig was writhing around on the mattress and we could see the pain from the buttplug was making him nice and horny.

Out on the deck, Reuben ordered, pushing me out to the pool. There were, indeed, two large punishment benches there and I laughed when I saw them. I already knew exactly what they were for. Craig and I had designed them in the first place!

These large restraining benches were meant to be used for guys who lost again in the losers’-bracket fan-voted matches. Those who won these fan fights had their points restored from their previous loss. Those who lost again got these. The losers were restrained in these benches and then the registered fans got to provide their own punishment. In these benches the gladiators’ asses and heads were perfectly positioned for spanking and fucking. Losing gladiators would be restrained in there for hours while the fans had their fun.

They look good, Reuben said. You and Craig did a stellar job designing them. When I talked to Edgar about my little plans this week he suggested the two of you should get the chance to be the first to test them out. It’s only fair. Practically a reward!

I couldn’t help but laugh as he pushed me over to one of the benches. They were on raised platforms to make sure the prisoners were center of attention. There was plenty of platform space around the leg restraints for a guy to position himself to provide a paddling or strapping or whatever. Stairs led up to the front and the back so guys could position themselves to fuck the victim on both ends. Much like all the other restraints the hunters were making for the gladiators, it had a panel and timer embedded to control how long the victim was restrained. The shackles would not release until the time went off.

Reuben dragged me up to one of the benches and locked me in. I heard the timer beep as he plugged numbers in, but I couldn’t tell how long I would be forced in here.

Guess where you’ll be spending tonight? Reuben said. Well, I guess that answered that.

I was positioned so that I could watch one of the televisions hanging up on the walls surrounding the deck. I recognized the big, round bottom on display. It was Jeffrey’s, one of the Pain Pigs. He was Reuben’s tenant, and submitted to Reuben for paddlings and sex. Jeffrey’s butt was a deep red with very visible wide welts from being strapped all day long for 20 minutes out of each hour.

Looks like it’s about to be my boy’s turn to be punished, Reuben said. I believe Coach Adam blamed Max for my boys getting snagged, didn’t he? Reuben wandered back into the building and returned with Max’s handled strop. That’s what Max used to punish other Pain Pigs and football players on the opposing team when he won the game. Reuben climbed up on the platform and positioned himself behind me to my left.

That’s supposed to be me beating Jeffrey’s ass, Reuben said. Guess I’ll have to settle for you. He took aim and timed it so that at the same time Jeffrey’s next strapping session started – CRACK! A vicious, heavy strop blow right across both my cheeks! I yowled in pain. My butt was still very sensitive from the quick but mean paddling Reuben gave me at the arena, and that was on the heels of my strapping by Cody this morning. This was going to be hell to get through.

See, I was soooo hoping you’d tell Craig about the buttplug, Reuben said as he thrashed me in time with the guards at the Brig. This would have been so much more fun if I had plugged your ass for this. But I’m a man of my word. This is me being merciful! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP!

Needless to say, this did not feel merciful at all, and my cries and wails of pain made that clear. Dominic came out to the pool and stood off the side with his arms folded and watched me get tormented.

Craig finally was able to fall asleep despite all the squirming and pain, Dom said. His butt is still quivering in his sleep! He’s gonna want to fuck me so bad when he wakes up.

That’s the idea, big boy, Reuben said. But he’s gonna find out how mean I am. You keep an eye on him while I’m dealing with Aaron here. Lenny and Trip are gonna show up soon, but they know what to do. If anybody else shows up who is not a gladiator, you send them away. They you give you any lip, you blister their asses and toss them off the roof.

Reuben was relentless with Max’s strop, punishing me for the full 20 minutes to match Jeffrey’s strapping on the television. I was bawling my eyes out, and I was fully expecting him to make me endure another 20 minutes as the commandos switched targets to Rico, Reuben’s other Pain Pig. Instead he took a short break and headed over to a nearby table to consult with his laptop.
Excellent, Reuben said. Everybody said yes. They’ll start arriving after sundown.

Who? What’s going on? I asked. Reuben responded with a quick wink.

I’m not ruining the surprise, he said. That’s what you boys love, isn’t it? I rolled my eyes at him.

Oh hey, got an email from Nick, he continued, and started reading it out loud: As we expected, we missed our deadline and by the time you read this I’m probably trapped in a spanking tube getting my ass blasted. Laugh it up. We deserve it. Anyway, I promised I’d get back to you on the channels for you and your fellow commando gladiators. You already know The Hard Life is for black and gold. The channel and mag and all for black and green is Relentless. I’m sure I don’t have to explain why. Reuben laughed. The channel for green and gold is called Bully. Betting again I don’t have to explain why. Reuben chuckled again as he powered down his laptop and sauntered back over.

Those two channels work together, nicely, don’t they? he said. Relentless bully. It’s almost – aspirational! I couldn’t help but laugh, too. He came back up onto my platform and rather than start spanking me, he simply took his index finger and started slowly fucking me with it. He had the remote in his other hand and clicked the television over to the channel that covered our own penthouse. Unsurprisingly, the cameras were focused squarely on my ass. So I got to watch Reuben finger-fuck me. I moaned at the discomfort, but because he was using only one finger, it wasn’t as painful as it could have been.

Look at you up on the television, Reuben said softly, teasing me. Wonder how many people are watching you right now? Locked up and humiliated. Blistered ass. Getting fingered. Despite the discomfort, my cock was growing hard again.

You love it, don’tcha? He growled. He had my number. He knew what an exhibitionist I was. Nick telling him that guys who were influenced by both purple and black were into public humiliation also no doubt inspired this little head game. This was a different sort of punishment. He was getting me good and horny, but it was impossible for me to fuck anybody strapped down on this bench. My hard cock just dangled and quivered a little bit.

Tell me you love it, he ordered. Beg me not to stop. Another power play. I shook my head no.

Fine, then, he said. He pulled his finger out and walked away, leaving me trapped alone in the punishment stocks. As the pain of the punishment started to fade I began to feel that fizzy warmth in my butt muscles that kept me horny. Not being able to fuck anybody was going to be almost as bad as Reuben’s spankings.

I heard the elevator ding. I was able to watch what was going on in the inside thanks to Reuben leaving the television channel on the cameras positioned in the penthouse. Trip and Lenny, the two pretty boys who had been assigned to serve us and take care of the apartment for us, had arrived. The best I could tell, Reuben was going to have them serving as bartenders for this mysterious party tonight. The two of them waved to me as they started setting up for the party. I was not in a position to wave back.

Reuben had decided to leave me alone for the time being, which finally gave me a little bit of time to relax. The two of us had been going full speed all day it felt like. And clearly I was going to have a very long, probably very painful evening. I napped off a little bit trapped on the punishment bench, and when I woke up again it was dusk. I heard something going on inside, and Reuben’s deep voice.

Oh, you thought after all of this I would let you fuck, Dominic? Reuben said. I didn’t have a good angle to look inside the penthouse, but then I remembered the television. The cameras inside our penthouse were focused on what was going on in Craig’s room. Craig had awakened from his nap and was no doubt extremely horny. Reuben had brought Dominic in there and tied him down on the bed frame on his stomach and raised his ass up under a couple of pillows. Dominic was clearly in position for Craig to fuck him. Even with his wrists restrained, Craig would have been able to manage it.

But instead of letting Craig fuck Dominic, Reuben tied Craig to the far end of the bed with his wrist restraints so that Craig was standing and watching. Instead, Reuben climbed up on Dominic and was happily fucking the burly football player. He was humiliating Craig by forcing him to watch his own fucktoy give up his ass to Reuben before Craig would ever be allowed to play with him.

Come on, man! Craig whined from the end of the bed. Reuben had pulled Craig’s shorts and jock down to his knees so his massive erection was on full display. Meanwhile, Dominic was deeply growling and grunting in reaction to getting fucked. His large muscular bottom bounced up and down just the way Max’s did.

After a good fifteen minutes, Reuben finished up and shot a nice thick load inside Dom. The two of them both moaned in pleasure together.

Would you like a turn? Reuben asked Craig.

GOD YES! Craig yelled.

Tough, Reuben said with a smirk. He untied Craig from the end of the bed and instead of letting Craig fuck Dominic, he dragged Craig out to the deck to join me. Craig physically tried to resist, but he was still recovering from his punishment in addition to the wrist restraints. Reuben literally picked him up and carried him out to the bench next to me and strapped him in.

Asshole, Craig muttered. Reuben smacked him hard on the ass with his paddle, then went back in and untied Dominic.

Grab your paddle and go blister some Pain Pig ass, Reuben said. Each and every one of them. Come back in the morning. Dominic pulled his football pants back up, nodded to Reuben, grabbed his paddle, and headed to the elevator. With impeccable timing, the elevator doors opened right as he was arriving, and a couple of gladiators stepped out. They nodded to Dominic and smacked him on the ass with their paddles as he left. He grinned and nodded back to them.

Our first guests are here, Reuben said. Right on time, of course. Frank and Cord, come on in. They were two of the gladiators who had the exact same colors as Reuben—gold, black, and green.

The others are already arriving downstairs, Frank said. Nobody trying to be fashionably late. Rex’s influence, I guess. Commandos are always on time.

If not they get their asses busted, Cord said. The three of them laughed as they headed out to the deck.

There they are, Reuben said, gesturing toward me and Craig. You can drink or get started—whatever you want. Both ends of both boys are fair game. Do what you want. Show no mercy.

These benches are great, Cord said, wandering around us for a close look, while Frank went a grabbed a drink from Trip. Asses and heads at perfect height. We can use them for hours.

They get the credit for designing them, Reuben said.

Good work, Cord said, climbing up behind me and smacking me on the butt with his paddle. Cord was a beefy, tan gladiator with short, wavy brown hair and permanent stubble just like mine. Frank was blond, also with short hair (pretty much anybody with green influence had short military-style haircuts), and was one of the rare gladiators who had chest hair.

Aaron, Craig, I don’t think the two of you have formally met most of my brothers in green, Reuben said. So tonight seemed like a good night. This is an invite-only party, and you can guess who all the guests are going to be. I heard the elevator ding again and sure enough, a small gaggle of gladiators walked in, all of the same colors as Reuben. Our rival had invited all of his buddies in green over to have fun, at Craig’s and my expense.

Cord positioned himself to give my ass a real thrashing as the other men started wandering in. I yelped in pain as he showed my ass little mercy, even though it had been heavily punished throughout the day already. WHACK! WHAP! WHAP! Reuben didn’t gag us, so after Frank finished his drink, he wandered up the front stairs to my bench, pulled down his shorts and jock, grabbed me by the hair, and without a word, shoved his cock down my throat.

You know what to do, Frank ordered. I started sucking his cock with gusto. Trapped here in the stocks and unable to escape at all, I was in a full submissive state now and would happily service all the gladiators, as would Craig. The same would be true for any gladiator forced into our position.

Craig’s mine! I heard somebody growl. I get that ass first. It was Li, Reuben’s buddy and physically the strongest of all the gladiators. He stomped over to Craig and started beating his ass without even so much as greeting him.

Li’s into redheads, Frank said to me while he deep-throated me. He’s been itching to get his hands on Craig for a while.

I want that Colin boy now, too, Li said while he happily swatted Craig’s quivering butt. You got to fuck him, Aaron. He worth it? I couldn’t talk, given the situation, but I nodded my head with as much of an exaggerate gestures as I could manage. Li gave me a thumb’s up and went back to beating Craig’s ass.

A couple dozen gladiators were now wandering around, drinking and waiting for their turns with me and Craig. Reuben had set the televisions back on the Brig, so that we could again watch Max, Levi, and the others. Now that the sun had gone down, they were no longer getting stropped. Instead, commando guards were lining up to fuck their prisoners on both ends, not unlike what was happening with us.

After a good 15 minutes beating my ass, Cord yanked down his shorts, lubed up, and started fucking me on the other end. I had been fucked and I had been forced to suck guys off (Dominic, in fact, back when I was hazed for losing), but I hadn’t yet taken it from both ends, so it was a hot new experience for me. After the pain from penetration wore off, I started moaning in pleasure and realized I was getting much more aggressive at pleasuring Frank than I was before. Without even meaning to, I was arranging it so that Frank would climax at the same time as Cord.

Sure enough, after a few more minutes, the both of them blew their loads at the same time, down my throat and deep in my ass. All three of us moaned in pleasure.

Mmm, good boy, Frank muttered. Then he and Cord high-fived over my back and laughed.

That was fun, but I’m still busting your ass in the arena, Cord said to Frank.

Bring it on, Frank said, jutting his chin out at Cord. You’re gonna be bawling your eyes out when I’m done with you. The two of them pulled out and wandered off to clean up and two other gladiators took their places.

And that’s pretty much how my night went—getting paddled good and hard until I started crying and then double-fucked. I don’t even know how much cock I took. It was a lot. It turned out Lenny and Trip had some sort of special drink that speeded up recovery of the sex drive after an orgasm. It was a special formula only pretty boys knew how to put together as part of their role in facilitating sex and pleasure. Li took advantage of the drink to return back to fuck Craig several times across the evening.

It was a dizzying mix of pleasure and pain, and I spent the whole night moaning or crying (sometimes both at the same time) and with a powerful erection that wouldn’t go away. Not only was the whole party being aired on television, there was a constant crowd of hot gladiators watching me get used.

The party went on late into the night and early the next morning, until the exhausted gladiators decided they’d had enough domination and pleasure and it was time to return home. This party ended up being a little bit of a celebration before the upcoming battle affair that wasn’t originally part of Reuben’s plan, the best I could tell from the discussion. Reuben had invited the guys over before he found out that all the green gladiators would be facing off against each other next time. These guys took their fights very seriously, so after this party they probably wouldn’t be staying away from each other to prep for their matches.

Don’t know about you two, but my bros seem to have left the party happy, Reuben said.

I lost track of how many times Li fucked me, Craig said, sounding exhausted. Oh God I’m so horny. Let me fuck somebody. Let me fuck Aaron. You can fuck me too while I fuck him if it’ll make you feel like you’re in charge. This was so hot but I’m so goddamn hard I can’t even think straight.

Reuben just laughed and shook his head. He walked over to a nearby table and grabbed two small, shiny objects sitting on top, along with a couple of bottles.

Oh, no, I moaned. The butt plugs.

Oh, yes, Reuben said. And your favorite little tricks. Itching powder for Aaron. Fire oil for Craig. Neither of you are fucking anybody because the timer on those benches doesn’t go off until morning. You’ve got a few hours left. Reuben walked around behind me. After a moment I felt him rubbing something gritty into my ass crack. I grimaced, knowing exactly what it was and what was going to happen. Then he roughly shoved the butt plug up my ass and pushed it all the way in. I yelped and my whole body started to quiver, especially my ass. Then the itching powder started to kick in. I knew that if I could relax and arch my back and raise my butt up, it would lessen the pain and discomfort of the plug. But because of the itching powder I couldn’t maintain it. My body and ass wriggled, completely out of my control. My asscrack itched relentlessly while the jostling buttplug caused me to feel jolts of pain and discomfort inside my ass.

Reuben walked over to Craig and rubbed a few drops of fire oil right on his hole. Craig started to whimper in pain, which turned to yells as Reuben shoved another plug up his hole as well. I realized there was no point in telling Craig how to lessen the pain of the plug because he couldn’t stop squirming either.

Good night, you two, Reuben said. I hope you sleep well. I sure will. He left us alone on the deck and went to his room and his bed. The night was dead quiet now, except for the two of us whimpering, wriggling, and crying in pain, stuck in the stocks, and with erections we couldn’t satisfy.

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