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The Blister Boyz
Chapter 54: Keeping That Temper in Check

by Redspkscott

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Blister Boyz — Ch. 54: Keeping That Temper in Check

The Heroes:
Troy Manning – Heat Blister
Jason Klein – Ice Hazer
David Mercer – Smaqdown
Dennis Lowder – The Humiliator
Walt Hemingway – Major Fry
Brian Tannon – Murky Menace
Jorge Vasquez – Poison Punisher
Keith Grady – The Sticking Point

The Reserve Team:
Terrell Jackson – Siphon
Eddie Chang – Migraine
Henry Gant – Bluster
Mark DePue – Mudslide
Greg Randall – Scarlet Scrapper

[Author’s Note: With the team split up and embarking on different projects at the same time, I’ve decided to bounce between the different stories rather than going character by character and leaving several Blister Boyz out for several chapters. I’ll be sure to make note which chapters are connected. This chapter follows Smaqdown after his orders from Heat Blister in Ch. 52]

As Walt was agreeing to embark on one truly intense Penny Push out on Forward Base Omega under the vicious paddling of Capt. Torres, David Mercer as Smaqdown was leading the Blister Boyz reserve team into The Hollows.

The Hollows used to be known as Eastgate, a rich suburb in Paragon City. Years ago the neighborhood was rocked by explosions due to a poorly planned plot by the thuggish but not terribly smart Trolls. Blocks of the neighborhood collapsed into some pre-existing underground tunnels and rendered the place mostly uninhabitable and extremely dangerous.

Without protection or working infrastructure, the neighborhood had become stomping grounds to a number of villainous groups. The Trolls dominated the neighborhood still, but the magical forces of both the Tsoo and the Circle of Thorns also lurked in The Hollows. The biggest turf war in the neighborhood was between The Outcasts and The Trolls.

Smaqdown and the reserve members of The Blister Boyz were there to take on The Outcasts. It was partly training for the reserve members, who needed more combat experience. It was also a challenge for David. The Blister Boyz had defeated and spanked a number of Outcasts. Heat Blister wanted to figure out if maybe the antisocial, sullen crooks of The Outcasts were motivated by pain like the Blister Boyz and many of the villains in the city. If so, the question became whether they could be directed into the more discipline side of pain and less into the evil abuse spread by the likes of the Circle of Thorns.

David had noticed, thanks to his enchanted watch, that many of the Outcasts produced the good discipline energy when the Blister Boyz spanked them after a fight. That was potentially a good sign. It meant they wanted or believed they deserved their punishment. But he was told by the Adepts of Discipline that when the Outcasts and Trolls fought and the trolls punished the Outcasts after they won, it was all the bad abuse energy. The turf war was helping strengthen the power of the evil Circle of Thorns.

Then there was the matter of the leader of The Outcasts, Frostfire. He commanded the power of both flame and ice, making him as a strong as two members of the Blister Boyz (Heat Blister and Ice Hazer). He was not to be messed with. That he was a villainous leader of thugs was steeped in a bit of tragedy. When Frostfire was young and new with his powers, he attempted to stop an armed robbery. It went awry and he ended up accidentally killing several people. He was offered a plea bargain but resisted, thinking a jury would find him innocent. He was wrong and he ended up in prison and subsequently turned against the public.

Like Frostfire, The Outcasts were frustrated and angry rejects who thought society was deliberately trying to keep them down. They saw their crimes as a form of revenge, generally focused on robberies, thefts, and property crimes. They only tended to become violent when they faced resistance, which meant a lot of fights with police and heroes. They were not interested in taking over Paragon City. They had no master plan. They weren’t even trying to sow chaos like the Freakshow. Their villainy was a long burst of aggravated frustration, the kind that, when demonstrated by a member of the frat, would result in a trip across David’s knee and an extremely sore bottom.

Once heroes had established themselves in Paragon City, they were asked to try to help contain The Outcasts. Their elemental powers made them too strong for law enforcement, though they did their best.

All right, boys, Smaqdown said as he escorted the reserve team past the security barriers into the shattered neighborhood. Quota today is 15 Outcast taken down and disciplined. Looking for five guys with active warrants. Ten minutes of paddling for each guy below the quota. Understood?

The five members nodded. All the boys on the reserve team were total discipline bottoms, except for Terrell, but even Terrell was a sub for David, in private. So David was able to use punishment as an easy tool to push the boys harder. And they clearly wanted it. David had grown increasingly aware that since the development of their powers, pretty much every Omega boy who was a bottom was looking for rougher and more frequent discipline.

That included David himself. He had awakened his dormant need to bottom now and then by receiving good, intense paddlings from Dennis. And while he was tormented by the Crimson Brotherhood cruelly, spanked harshly and even raped, he didn’t feel as upset about it as he thought he would have been previously. And now that Heat Blister announced he was going to be rougher on the team, calling for punishment more frequently, he was okay with that, too.

But today, he was going to be all top—the Daddy in training Brian would sometimes call him, usually after David had paddled the heck out of him for mouthing off.

All right, Bluster, you’re on scouting duty, Smaqdown said. Find us a good pack of Outcast. At least eight. Lemme help you up in the air. He gave a wicked grin and walked behind Bluster, who winced in anticipation and bent over.

Bluster had powerful wind generation abilities that he was still learning to control. That meant he was able to fly—sort of. He was still struggling with take offs and landings. He couldn’t generate enough wind to launch.

Smaqdown served as an amusing and somewhat sadistic assistant. Henry was a hard-core impact play bottom. He didn’t just need spankings—he liked getting smacked around and punched in other ways. He was a baseball player, but based on Henry’s desire for heavy duty physical play, David had drafted him as his sparring partner for boxing as well.

Smaqdown lined up behind Bluster and focused his powers. His fists and feet glowed with blue energy. The energy increased his impact strength and could stun people when he struck their bare skin (like a good, firm hand spanking on the naked ass). He reared back with his right leg and treated Bluster to a good hard kick in the ass. Bluster yelped in pain and clutched his butt as he went flying up five whole stories into the air. If it weren’t for the fact that the Blister Boyz’ asses healed every time they slept, Henry would have earned quite the bruise from that kick. Instead of crashing back to the ground, he summoned his winds and clumsily flew away. The rest of the team followed behind on the ground in the same direction.

Keep Bluster in sight, Smaqdown ordered. Some of The Outcast can fly, too, so we want to keep an eye out if they attack him. Or use their powers to try to shoot him down. Smaqdown wasn’t too worried about Bluster getting injured. The Outcasts tended to try to scare heroes away rather than injure them. And Bluster loved a good scrap, anyway. He was a bottom, but he loved to fight and get taken down by force. Smaqdown categorized him as the rare aggro bottom. Muscular, sandy-haired Henry was a bottom through and through, but you’d never confuse him with a submissive guy.

Scarlet Scrapper took point with the rest spread out behind him. Greg got his name from the red skin he developed along with his powers. His skin was near invulnerable, so he was learning how to fight hand-to-hand with the help of David and Brian. He was also a skilled gymnast (as was his buddy, Mark/Mudslide) and he was developing his own acrobatic fighting style, very different from Smaqdown and Murky Menace. Like the other Blister Boyz, Scarlet Scrapper had to be spanked to activate his powers, but once they were going, he couldn’t feel pain. This was a problem as far as frat and hero discipline was concerned, so The Humiliator used his mental powers to join Greg and Mark’s minds in a very particular way. Whatever Mark’s butt felt, Greg’s also felt—for better or for worse. So whenever Greg fucked up, Mark got paddled and both of them felt it. And Whenever Mark fucked up and got paddled, they both still felt it. The two of them were joined at the butt and ended up sharing discipline.

They traveled east for a few minutes round the half-crumbled ruins of a former neighborhood of duplexes. They kept their eyes on Bluster, who eventually turned toward them and pointed ahead to a spot. Then a bolt of electricity shot up toward him from the ground in that same area and struck him. He yelped in pain and dove down toward the group.

Did that bolt hit him right in the ass? Migraine asked. That’s just going to make him horny.

Look alive, boys, Smaqdown said as they rushed ahead. Siphon, this is your crew. You call the shots!

Scarlet, grab anybody on Bluster and get them away from him, Siphon ordered immediately. Migraine, you take down anybody attack from range or sniping at us. Smaqdown and I will bust some heads. Mudslide, you keep any Outcasts from escaping before their asses pay.

The heroes turned a corner and burst into a group of ten Outcast. Bluster was in the middle, using his winds to keep a couple of them at bay, while struggling in the grip of an Outcast who was covered with armor made out of ice. The heroes could see the vivid scorch mark on the seat of Bluster’s blue, spandex pants (Smaqdown let them pick out their own costumes with the requirement that they all get spandex pants to show off their butts) from the lightning strike. Bluster had some cuts and bruises from his dive down into the villains, but he was laughing wildly as he fought.

Scarlet Scrapper leaped in with a flying kick on the icy Outcast trying to take Bluster down. He started beating the guy until his ice armor started to crack. Smaqdown and Siphon went after the guys Bluster was holding off. Siphon used his own powers to drain the abilities of one of the guys to increase his own strength and speed. On the edge of the fight, Migraine shot psychic blasts at the electric-powered sniper who had shot down Bluster.

Though the Blister Boyz were totally outnumbered, the fight swiftly went their way. The Outcasts were simply too disorganized and David had thoroughly paddled combat discipline into the butts of his boys. Some tried to run, and Mudslide did as he was ordered with a gesture. The ground beneath the fleeing Outcast liquefied, causing them to sink down knee deep. Then with another gesture, the mud solidified back into earth, trapping them all there.

You boys know what comes next, Smaqdown said as he pulled out his paddle from his belt holster. The Outcasts all moaned in disappointment. Hey, I don’t want to hear it. You attacked Bluster first. You boys know by now that you can avoid your spankings by surrendering. You earned the paddle fair and square.

Fuck you! yelled one of the Outcast, a well-built young man of Indian descent with jet black hair, dark, intense eyes, and a full mustache and beard.

Ah, it’s Raj! Smaqdown said. A.K.A. Temper! I was hoping to run into you again. I think this will be your fourth trip over my knee?

Shut up, Temper spat back at him. Most Outcast didn’t have nicknames, unless they had managed to develop reputations. They typically identified themselves by their power types. Raj had earned the nickname of Temper for his personality as much as his ability to generate bursts of flame.

So I guess I can’t ask you to tell your buddies the rules, then? Smaqdown asked. Raj just glared at him and folded his arms. So you gentlemen are going over our knees for a hefty dose of the paddle. Yes it’s going to hurt. Yes it’s going to make you cry, probably. Take it like good boys and learn your lesson. If you struggle too much and fight your punishment, we’ll switch from the paddle to this. He raised a hand and it glowed blue. He happened to be walking behind Temper while lecturing the Outcast, and he swiftly smacked Raj on the seat of his tight-fitting jeans.

OW! FUCK! Raj yelled, and his body convulsed in pain, but he was still stuck shin-deep in the ground and couldn’t get away. You goddamned jerk!

This stings wayyyyy more than the paddle, Smaqdown said. And I’ve trained my powers to make sure that happens. Temper here has felt the hand the last three times I’ve taken him down. Let’s see if he’s learned.

Now, while me and some of my boys are paddling your butts, Migraine here is going to be searching your stuff for contraband and checking your identities with the police to see if any of you have active warrants. If you do, you’re getting handed over to the police after your spanking. Tell me now if you’ve got a warrant. If Migraine finds out and you haven’t told me, you’re getting another session with the hand before I turn you over, and it’s gonna be a doozy.

Two men rolled their eyes while raising their hands. Smaqdown nodded at them. He split the group of Outcasts in half and had Mudslide free just five of them. He left Raj for the second group. He, Mudslide, Siphon, Bluster, and Scarlet Scrapper each dragged one of the Outcast across the knee and roughly yanked down their jeans and exposed their bare asses. Bluster took great pleasure in grabbing the Outcast who shot him out the sky with a lightning bolt. The Outcast with the icy armor who had grappled him was in the second group and Bluster already claimed him as well.

The five Blister Boyz started paddling away—WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! The five Outcasts squirmed and complained loudly that they didn’t deserve this treatment. David listened carefully. None of them were actually demanding that they stop. He glanced at his watch (carefully, since the reserve team didn’t know about Oranbega, the Adepts of Discipline, or what the glow meant) and it was glowing a cheery blue. Once again, these guys, despite their anger and complaining, believed they deserved to be spanked. They acted like frat boys who got caught breaking curfew or drinking before they were legal. They just happened to be committing property crimes and robberies instead.

Meanwhile, Migraine (who as one of his rules of submitting to David was required to be a full bottom and was not allowed to spank anybody—not even the pledges.) searched through the Outcasts belongings. He found some purses, some jewelry, a knapsack full of cash, and a couple of baggies of marijuana and pills. He used a special phone app he was able to access now as a fully registered superhero to run the guys’ pictures through the police database to see if there were any active warrants.

Meanwhile, the paddlings had grown more intense, and the first group of Outcast were now crying and kicking, and sometimes trying to reach back and protect their heavily reddened bottoms. The Blister Boyz were experienced enough spankers to bat the hands aside and keep up with the punishment. Smaqdown kept an eye on his watch and when he started seeing the glow start turning purple, he ordered the boys to stop. The villains had reached their punishment thresholds. Any more spanking would create the bad abusive energy that helped the Circle of Thorns.

But apparently Bluster wanted to make sure his Outcast got the message. Even after the others stopped, he continued whacking away. The Outcast wailed and kicked his feet screaming, The guy said to stop! He said to stop!

Bluster! Smaqdown growled. Henry looked back at him with a defiant sneer.

What? Bluster said, continuing his swats. Just making sure he knows who’s boss!

Yeah, me! Smaqdown growled. Stop. Right. Now. Bluster gave five more hard whacks, then dumped the Outcast off his