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Growing Pains
Episode 4: Jonathan discovers himself

by Paul Lewis

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Copyright on this story text belongs at all times to the original author only, whether stated explicitly in the text or not. The original date of posting to the MMSA was: 31 May 2017

Growing Pains Episode 4: Jonathan discovers himself.

This story is a continuation of the Growing Pains series, the last episode of which (Cousins Together) was posted in February 2016. Although it has been over a year since that story was produced, this one follows on directly from it. To maintain continuity, it may be best if readers re-acquaint themselves with earlier episodes before reading this one.


Bright sunlight was streaming through the gap in their bedroom curtains as the two cousins, one now nearly fourteen and the other, fifteen and a half, were stretching and yawning, stirring in their beds, coming alive to the new day.

Although the long school summer holidays had only just begun, the irrepressible and outgoing Jonathan had already made himself a hit with Marc’s 14-year-old school-mates; the previous day, two of them, the twin brothers David and Anthony, had come round to the house and the four boys had headed off on their bikes for a long day out in the hills and dales of the surrounding countryside that lay not far outside the little town where they lived. With his basic enthusiasm and lively sense of humour Jonathan could get the younger lads organized and motivated and they had begun to look to him as their natural leader.

Marc’s father Neil, had left for work half an hour earlier, on the way dropping off his wife at the doctor’s surgery, where she had recently taken a job as receptionist and he expected to be away until late that evening. His wife, too, would not be back until fairly late, as she had arranged to meet a friend after work and have supper together. Things had been left prepared for the boys and they were both happy to leave the lads to fend for themselves for the day, knowing that they were intending to meet up with the twins once again and would be off out and about, pursuing their own ploys.

The cousins had been scarcely able to contain their delight, when they found that they were to be left to their own devices from first thing in the morning until at least 9.00 or 10.00 pm, an arrangement that suited them perfectly. Not only did it allow for all sorts of enjoyable activities during the day, unencumbered by adult restrictions, it meant also that they had complete privacy for the even more enjoyable bedroom fun with which, since Jonathan’s arrival, they had been experimenting frequently.

Jonathan’s initial boast that he always wanked off at least twice a day, and more if he could, had been proven spectacularly over the last three days and Marc, who initially, had shown a certain diffidence, was now just as enthusiastic as his older cousin for this, a growing boy’s favourite activity.

It was not very long at all, before Marc became aware of a steady, rhythmic squeaking emanating from his cousin’s bed a couple of feet away. Grinning to himself, he opened his eyes properly and turned on his side, to be greeted by what, over the last few days, had become a familiar sight.

Jonathan, unselfconscious as ever, had flung back his bedclothes and slithered out of his boxer shorts to lie naked, face-down and eyes closed, bent over his two pillows which he had shifted down to the middle of the bed, his bare arse thrust up in the air. His firm, well-rounded buttocks, now fully recovered from the monumental spanking he had received three days earlier, were, once more, pristine white with their light sprinkling of small freckles. The ginger lad’s backside rose and fell and he sighed gently as he slowly but firmly thrust his rampant penis back and forth against the yielding pillows.

Quietly, Marc enjoyed the view for a few moments, his own cock quickly stirring and stiffening as he watched his cousin’s naked bottom steadily pounding away. Suddenly, unable to contain himself, he chuckled out loud and, realising he was awake, Jonathan turned his head to glance over at the younger boy.

Hey, Squirt, will you smack my bum?

Marc looked at him, surprised. Jeez, Jonno, didn’t you get enough arse-tanning from Dad the other day?

Well... yeah, it stung like fuck at the time but, after things settled down a bit to a warm glow and we’d played about afterwards, I got to thinking that it was the first time I’d ever really been spanked properly and I actually found it a real turn-on, in a funny sort of way.

Marc nodded slowly. Yeah, know what you mean. I always get a hard-on when I’ve been spanked too.

Anyway, Jonathan continued, I’ve been fantasizing over it ever since and now I’m rock-hard, gaggin’ for another spanking!

Marc giggled. OK then, but I won’t be able to smack as hard as Dad. How do you want to do it?

The red-head considered a moment. Well, if you come over here and stand over me, you can give my arse a really good smacking.

OK, Jonno, let’s give it a go. Marc sat up and got out of bed, his own four-and-a-half inch cock jutting stiffly from its very light sprinkling of blond pubes. Jonathan chuckled at the sight.

Like the view, eh, Squirt?

Marc laughed. You’re really bad, Jonno and you’re dead right – you definitely need a good spanking!

He gazed down at his cousin’s bare backside, the pert, muscular globes an unblemished creamy white apart from their light sprinkling of tiny golden freckles. As he had positioned himself over the pillows, Jonathan’s thighs were slightly parted, revealing his tight balls and hinting at the secrets of his long, deep crack. The younger boy’s prick stiffened even more, standing almost vertically and pressing against his stomach muscles.

Placing his left hand in the small of his cousin’s back, Marc raised his right and brought it down hard with a sharp slap on the red-head’s right cheek. Jonathan giggled and wriggled his buttocks. That the best you can do, Squirt? he demanded.

Right! You’ve asked for it! exclaimed Marc as he started to spank as hard as he could. Very soon, Jonathan was pumping away again strongly, arse heaving up and down with his powerful thrusts. From their original milky white, his mounds rapidly became a hot pink under the steady rain of sharp smacks.

Marc smacked faster and Jonathan started to buck and twist, his hips thrusting in time with the sharp slaps and his moans becoming louder. Suddenly, his buttocks clenched tightly and his prick jerked and kicked as thick white spunk jetted from it in spurt after spurt onto the thick wad of toilet paper he had laid out on the bed sheet in front of him. Ahhhhhh! he moaned, that was soooo good!

After his spectacular climax, Jonathan’s body flopped, exhausted, eyes closed, breathing hard. Marc chuckled quietly. Jeez, Jonno, I can’t believe how much spunk you’ve got. No matter how often you do it, there’s always more!

Jonathan opened his eyes and grinned at Marc. Feel these balls, Cuz! he spread his thighs wide and lifted his arse as his cousin’s hand moved down between his legs to grasp them, when yours are like that, you’ll be spurting gallons too! Marc laughed. Jonathan’s testicles, like the rest of his equipment, were impressive. Large and heavy, they now hung loosely, waiting to recharge.

After a moment to get his breath back, Jonathan looked round again at his still-rampant younger cousin. Want me to return the compliment, Cuz? he asked with a wicked grin.

What do you mean, give me a spanking? asked Marc.

Sure! I’ll sit on the side of the bed and turn you over my knee, just like your Dad does. It’ll be a first for us and, from the state of that cock, I’m guessing it won’t be long before it goes off with a big bang! Don’t worry, I won’t lay it on too hard!

Marc laughed out loud at that. You couldn’t spank any harder than my Dad does! OK then Mate, you’re on! Let’s do it!

Grinning broadly, Jonathan heaved himself up and off the bed, and as he did so, presented his cousin with a fine view of his red buttocks and big, teenage cock in its nest of bright ginger pubes. Marc noticed that, although not fully stiff, the 15-year-old’s penis was already showing definite sign of recovering its former vigour despite its recent splendid discharge.

The ginger lad seated himself on the side of the bed and motioned the smaller boy to his side. Marc stepped round, standing to his cousin’s right, then draped himself over the bare thighs, his stiff prick pushing against Jonathan’s leg. His cousin grasped him under the hips and shifted him slightly forward, so that his feet were just off the floor and his blond hair almost brushing the carpet on the other side. His bottom, naturally, was now sticking straight upwards, giving the older boy an excellent view of the pending target area.

Unlike himself, with pale skin was a uniform milky white from top to toe, Jonathan now had a grandstand view of the younger lad’s tan marks, his back, legs and thighs a smooth golden brown, with the pert, upthrust buttocks a contrasting unblemished white. He rubbed his hand appreciatively over the smooth mounds, his cock stiffening in response and Marc giggled, as he felt its head begin to push up against his stomach.

Shit, Jonno, you don’t waste much time!

No, and I’m not going to waste any more – your white bits are soon going to be red, red, red!

So saying, he raised his hand and brought it down smack! on the crown of Marc’s naked arse. His cousin giggled and squirmed and Jonathan had the satisfaction of seeing his thighs part a little, revealing the neat, tight balls between them.

Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!

Jonathan’s large hand was covering Marc’s backside comprehensively, with a swift succession of hard smacks, all over his bottom from one cheek to the other, up and down, from thighs to crown and back again, rapidly converting formerly white areas to a satisfyingly bright scarlet.

Before long, the younger boy’s squirming became more pronounced and he began to buck and bounce strongly on his cousin’s lap, legs kicking and presenting Jonathan with a full-on view that had been familiar to his father for some time – his tight pink anus and rear of his firm, hairless balls. Looking down at Marc’s fully-revealed and most intimate areas, Jonathan’s already semi-hard prick sprang to full and rigid attention. The younger boy’s bucking and squirming now brought their erect penises into full contact and Marc gasped as he felt their steely hardness press together.

Bracing himself against the carpet with both hands, Marc began to thrust powerfully back and forth in time with the smacks, just as Jonathan had done earlier. His gasps and moans intensified until, suddenly, his cock bucked and jerked and he exploded in one of the most passionate orgasms he had ever had in his young life. Spurts of hot, thin spunk jetted over Jonathan’s thighs and balls, saturating both blond and ginger pubes. Finally he collapsed, drained and exhausted over the older boy’s lap, hot red bottom glowing warmly.

Jonathan chuckled. Wow, Squirt! That was quite something. I’d say we’ve both really needed that for a long time! Marc turned his head and grinned back. No kidding, Jonno! That was just epic!

With Marc still on full display and unable to resist the temptation, Jonathan reached down between the spread thighs and began massaging his cousin’s balls with one hand whilst, with the other, ran a couple of fingers up and down the warm crack, as Marc sighed in appreciation. Viewing the young blond lad straight from the rear and still rampant as he was, Jonathan felt he was ready to ejaculate again. He rubbed Marc’s hot buttocks and gently lifted him by the shoulder.

Stand up, Cuz, there’s still something here I need to deal with!

Marc twisted off Jonathan’s knees and stood up, grinning at his cousin’s new erection, standing up proudly from its ginger nest. He grasped it firmly, marvelling at just how hard those six-and-a-half inches could get. No, not like that this time, The ginger lad grabbed his pillows from where they still lay in the centre of his bead and repositioned them along the edge, one atop the other.

Now, get yourself over those! No, not for another spanking, he added, in response to the questioning look Marc shot at him. It’s another way of dealing with this, he indicated his quivering rod.

With a slight shrug and a grin, Marc turned himself over the pillows, resting his hips comfortably so that his arse, once again, was pointing skywards. Then he gasped, as he felt the hot length of his cousin’s erect cock slide into his crack. With his chest resting against Marc’s back, his groin against the hot, scarlet globes, and arms pressed down either side, the ginger lad started to thrust steadily back and forth. The younger boy moaned slightly and his buttocks clenched involuntarily, as the stiff length rubbed up and down his cleft from top to bottom. Then he relaxed, finding he was enjoying this, yet another new experience.

Getting into his stride, Jonathan picked up speed and began to thrust harder, at the lower end of each stroke his bell-end rubbing against the younger lad’s tight hole. As his cousin’s penis found his most intimate spot, Marc gasped and moaned, wriggling his buttocks and beginning to thrust back to meet the rhythmic strokes.

Mmmm! Ahhh! Ohhhhhh-ohhhhhhh! Jonathan’s moans and gasps reached a crescendo as, with a final strong thrust, Marc felt the older boy’s cock jerk time after time as hot spunk erupted from it, spurting over his red buttocks and dribbling down his crack and over his hole and balls. Then Jonathan’s weight collapsed on top of him, knocking all the air out of his lungs with a startled Oooof!

After recovering his breath, Jonathan heaved himself off his cousin and stood up. He gave Marc a sharp smack on the bottom. Come on Squirt, we’d best go get cleaned up. It’s nearly half-nine now and we’re meeting the others in about an hour.

OK, Marc stood and grinned at him. Might as well go in the shower together, then... speed things up a bit!

Another of the other plus-points of having the house to themselves was that, as the boys had noticed, they were quite at liberty to wander around stark naked, from bedroom to bathroom and back and this they now did, two pairs of rosy-red buttocks following each other across the upstairs landing.


Three quarters of an hour later, they locked the front door, grabbed their bikes from around the side of the house and headed off to meet the twins. They had cycled about half the distance to their friends’ home when they saw the other boys heading towards them.

David and Anthony were about as identical as it is possible for twins to be. They were very slightly older than Marc, just short of their fourteenth birthday and were tall, slim and sporty. They had darkly handsome looks, with almost black hair that fell in a wave over their foreheads and piercing blue eyes in a light olive complexion. Their ancestry was, Marc had been told, Irish Celtic although they had no trace of the Irish brogue in their speech.

Marc waved. Hi Guys! he called out, what’d’you want to do? ’

After a quick discussion, the gang decided first to buy some snacks from the local general store, then ride out of town and up into the hills. The twins had brought a football and Marc and Jonathan an Aerobie and they all eagerly anticipated getting away from the town and out into the surrounding dales.

As they left the general store, Jonathan gave Marc a slight nudge. Hey, Cuz, did you see they got some vodka in there?

Marc stared. Vodka! So what? Do you even like it? There’s no way we can buy it in any case.

Jonathan grinned conspiratorially. Oh yes there is, Squirt! From his pocket, he extracted an I.D. card and showed it to Marc. It carried a small photograph of a boy who looked somewhat like Jonathan though a bit older and whose name was Brendan Marchant, aged 18. Marc gaped at it.

Where the fuck did you get this, Jonno?

Picked it up in a corridor at school last term, replied his cousin. Obviously this guy lost it but he can easily get another. I thought it might come in useful, though.

Marc shook his head. He looks older than you...

Doesn’t matter. He’s got ginger hair and light skin – that’s all they ever look at... Oh – and the age of course. Don’t worry, Squirt, I’ve used it before and it really does work. With your Mum and Dad out until late tonight, we can pick up some stuff and go back and have a few. Bet these lads will be up for it!

After getting over the initial surprise, the twins agreed enthusiastically to the plan and the boys set off.

They rode about five miles out into the hills, ending up spending a brilliant day in the country, playing with the ball and Aerobie and hiking up a stream with their shoes off and hanging around their necks by the tied laces. They lazed on the sunny hillsides to eat the snacks they had bought and it was almost 6.00 pm before they turned for home.

Arriving in town, they headed back towards the general store, hearts beating faster with excitement. You lot make yourselves scarce and stay out of sight while I go in and get it, said Jonathan. The others nodded, wheeling their bikes up a side street. A few minutes later, the ginger lad joined them, a bag in his hand and a broad grin on his face.

Right boys! he exclaimed, we’re in business! He opened the bag slightly, revealing to his impressed companions the top of a bottle of vodka and a couple of cartons of orange juice. Then they headed back to Marc’s which, as they had anticipated, was completely deserted when they got in at about 7.15.

Marc grabbed four tumblers from the kitchen and they all trooped out into the garden, where they ensconced themselves in Neil’s shed. Jonathan set the glasses on the bench and twisted the top off the vodka bottle, then he opened one of the cartons of juice and began to mix the drinks. Suddenly, the four boys froze as they heard a step on the path outside and the shed door was flung open.

What the hell is going on here? demanded Neil, surveying the four guilty faces before him.

Ah... hi, Uncle Neil, said Jonathan with a sickly grin. We didn’t think you’d be back so soon.

So I see! replied his uncle grimly, stepping into the shed and picking up the depleted vodka bottle to examine it, before looking at the four glasses lined up on the bench ready for distribution.

For you information, the special job scheduled for today was cancelled and I came straight home at the normal time. When I got here, I saw your bikes lined up outside and came to see where you all were. Now, what may I ask is the meaning of this?

For once, Jonathan’s breezy self confidence deserted him but, bit by bit, the story came out. Neil took one look at his nephew’s fake I.D. card and put it in his pocket. Then he turned to the boys. Right! All of you inside and into the lounge now! Sheepishly they obeyed without a word, though Marc was sure that, as they left the shed, he heard his cousin mutter under his breath, Oh shit!


After the four boys had filed into in the living room, Neil thought for a moment. This time there clearly was no doubt as to who was responsible for this latest escapade. Jonathan, with his precocious mischief, had been caught, red-handed, breaking the law on two counts. One, the use of fake I.D. to falsify his age and two, his use of it to buy alcohol for himself and the three fourteen-year-olds. Fortunately, no harm had been done, thanks to the fact he had caught the whole lot of them before his nephew had actually passed out the drinks to the younger boys.

However, he was determined that young Jonathan was going to get another sharp lesson to back up the one he had received a few days earlier. Leaving the boys where they were, with strict instructions not to move, he left the lounge and marched up to his bedroom. Opening the wardrobe door, he took the size 9 plimsoll from its shelf and slapped it hard against his palm. Wincing slightly at the sharp sting, he smiled to himself as he thought with some satisfaction, that the slipper would, in a very short time, be slapping hard against his errant nephew’s bared backside.

Descending the stairs once more, he smiled again as he anticipated the reaction of his sister Sue, Jonathan’s long-suffering mother, when he told her that her recalcitrant teenager had now had his bottom smacked twice in one week. From his conversation with her before Jonathan had arrived to stay with them for the summer holidays, he had gathered that at times, she was at her wits’ end as to how to deal with her unruly son. A single mother, and unable to discipline him as strictly as he needed, Jonathan, whilst at heart a good lad, had developed some very bad habits and was far too used to getting his own way. His mother had given her brother carte-blanche to discipline her son if necessary and had actively welcomed Neil’s suggestion that, if the boy needed it, he should be properly spanked. As she had said, Jonathan had escaped many potential spankings over the last six years or so, as she herself, was unable to administer them and he was long overdue for a sound and thorough smacking.

Re-entering the lounge, Neil regarded the four sheepish boys who faced him. Right, he began, looking first at Marc and the twins. In this case it is quite clear what has been going on here. I do not blame you younger lads for what has happened and, David and Anthony, I shall not be mentioning any of this to your parents. What you choose to tell them, or not, is up to you. You, however, he went on, turning to Jonathan, have really overstepped the mark this time. What you have done, is not just mischief, it is illegal and, potentially, very dangerous. What do you think would have happened, if you had got these 14-year-olds drunk? At best, their parents would be furious and, at worst, they could have contracted alcoholic poisoning. And that is all quite apart from your use of a false I.D. card to buy the stuff in the first place! At fifteen and a half you should be setting these younger lads a good example, not leading them astray!

Producing the slipper from behind his back he continued, What is going to happen now, Jonathan, is that you are going across my knee, right now, in front of these three young lads for a good, hard bare-bottom slippering and they will see what happens to a naughty older boy who should know better – he will be dealt with as if he were the same age as them!

At his uncle’s words, Jonathan blushed a deep red but, as he had learned from his previous experience, an attitude of cocky insouciance would do him more harm than good. Somewhat to his surprise he found also that, deep down, the prospect of being slippered bare in front of the younger boys produced a strange excitement in him and he felt his cock stir and begin to stiffen at the thought. He decided to put up only a token resistance. I’m really sorry, Uncle Neil, he began quietly. I just didn’t think of it like that. It was all for a lark, nothing else. I’ll take the punishment but please could it not be in front of the others?

Plonking an upright chair in the middle of the room and seating himself, Neil regarded him. Jonathan, you will be punished in front of these other boys – perhaps the shame of it will remind you to think more carefully about your actions next time, before you carry them out. Now, come here!

With half-feigned reluctance, the red-head approached his uncle. Round this side! Jonathan moved to Neil’s right as indicated Take off your shoes! Jonathan obeyed silently, and Neil released the fastenings of his nephew’s shorts, dropping them to his feet, his boxer shorts rapidly following. Unceremoniously, his uncle grasped him around the waist, swiftly jack-knifing the six-foot teenager across his lap and moving the boy forward slightly, so that he was supporting his weight on his hands on the left whilst on the right, his feet were just off the floor, his arse up in the air and his shorts and boxers still hanging from his ankles. Finally, his uncle slid the boy’s T-shirt as far up his back as it would go, leaving him completely bare from shoulders to ankles.

Neil had so positioned the chair such that when Jonathan was in place, his naked, upturned buttocks would be facing the three younger boys who would thus receive a grandstand view of their older companion being soundly punished for his naughtiness.

To Marc of course, after the last few days, his cousin’s bare, upthrust bottom was a familiar sight but the twins, David and Anthony, were standing there open-mouthed in amazement. Like Marc, they occasionally had been spanked themselves but neither of them had ever even seen an older boy naked at all, never mind naked and face down over an adult’s knee, about to have his arse thrashed.

With Jonathan in position, Neil looked down for a few moments at the target area. His nephew’s firm, muscular buttocks were sticking straight up in the air, positioned perfectly for the sound spanking they were about to receive. The pale, milky white skin was smooth and unmarked, apart from its light scattering of freckles and a thin sprinkling of bright ginger hairs either side of the crack. Neil smiled inwardly, as he suspected that this probably would not be the last occasion before the end of the school holidays, that he would be seeing the cheeky teen from this angle. He raised the slipper and brought it down with a loud thwap! across the centre of Jonathan’s bottom, leaving a bright scarlet mark. The ginger lad jerked forward slightly with a sharp intake of breath. Neil had already decided on his strategy for this spanking. He would not smack as hard as on the previous occasion, but he would make sure that the slippering went on for quite a while, with pauses between groups of strokes. That way, he felt, Jonathan would end up with a very sore bottom and he would be also be embarrassingly on show to the younger boys for a longer time, a not-insignificant part of his punishment.

Thwap! Thwap! Thwap!
As the slipper smacked down, Jonathan’s buttocks reddened perceptibly and he started to twist and squirm, legs jerking up and thighs parting. At each slap he gasped audibly, breathing heavily and wriggling on his uncle’s lap.

Thwap! Thwap! Thwap!

Since the outset, Marc had been glancing sidelong at his friends to see their reaction and had been amused to hear the slight intake of breath from both the twins when Jonathan’s impressive cock and balls had been revealed as his shorts and boxers were dropped. He had also noticed that as his cousin went down across his father’s knee, his penis was semi-erect and he grinned slightly. Now he had to stifle a giggle, as he saw David, at least, was starting to acquire a bulge in the front of his shorts as he watched Jonathan’s bottom wriggle and clench.

Thwap! Thwap! Thwap!

Not much to his surprise, Jonathan soon discovered that the spanking was giving him a strange, erotic thrill. To be sure, as the slipper slapped repeatedly against his hot globes, it stung sharply but he was sure that the smacks were not being laid on as hard as they had been during his first spanking a few days back and were bearable. He was also highly aware of the sight he must be presenting to the three younger boys and the thought of it made his cock stiffen again. He decided to exaggerate a bit, both to satisfy his uncle that he was getting through to his naughty nephew and to give his younger friends more of a show.

Neil continued smacking steadily, covering Jonathan’s backside methodically and, from side to side, from the peaks of his buttocks to the bottom of his crack, the boy’s arse was now a continuous hot, fiery scarlet. The lad’s squirming increased and he had to be held firmly in place, Neil’s left hand in the small of his nephew’s back. The boy started to buck strongly, twisting his buttocks from side to side, his legs kicking and sending his shorts and boxers flying off.

Thwap! Thwap! Thwap!

Released from their confinement, Jonathan’s legs and thighs spread wide, for the first time revealing fully his big firm balls, the sprinkling of bright ginger hairs running up his crack and his tight, puckered pink hole. Marc glanced again at his friends seeing, with amusement, that their eyes were glued to the spectacle before them and, like himself, they both now had very definite bulges in their shorts.

Familiar with the signs from his past experience with Marc, Neil knew that the spanking was having its effect. He decided to finish with the slipper and laid it down, preparing to complete the job with a final hand-spanking. He raised one knee slightly, lifting Jonathan’s bottom a little more and widening further, the spread of his thighs. As he did so, he became aware of a very definite pressure against his leg, realising with carefully concealed amusement, that Jonathan now had an almost full erection that was rubbing against the rough denim of his uncle’s jeans. He raised his right hand, preparing to give the cheeky teen a good, smarting finale.

Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!

As the resounding slaps echoed round the room, Jonathan upped his performance. He bounced and bucked and gasped, legs kicking wildly, as his uncle concentrated on the lower curves of his buttocks, down the sides of the widely-spread crack, just above the boy’s anus. With a mental shrug, Jonathan abandoned any pretence of modesty, his widely spread thighs revealing his most intimate secrets to his young friends, whilst the twins and Marc were furtively rubbing at the raging hard-ons they all now sported. Marc was thankful that his father was concentrating completely on spanking his cousin and was unaware of the activities of the three younger boys.

Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!

Jonathan’s wild bucking was lifting him slightly clear of Neil’s lap and the boys watched avidly as his big tight balls and rock-hard, six-and-a-half-inch cock came into view between his legs.

Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!

After another half-dozen stinging smacks Neil paused, looking down at the teen’s blazing red bottom. Spanking naughty boys was hard work and his arm was getting distinctly weary. He decided that for this time at least, Jonathan had learned his lesson although, as he had suspected earlier, it was not unlikely that the sight of Jonathan’s bare, upturned bottom would soon be as familiar a sight as was Marc’s, in a similar position.

With the pause in smacking, Jonathan’s wild heaving and bouncing subsided, his scarlet buttocks now moving very slightly back and forth, as he rubbed his rigid penis against the leg of his uncle’s jeans. Neil gave the hot globes a quick rub before saying quietly, Right, Jonathan, up you get!

He placed an arm beneath the boy’s chest, helping to lift him back onto his feet where he stood, hopping from one foot to the other, rubbing his arse furiously, his stiff penis and tight balls jiggling in front. His uncle ignored the red-head’s steely erection and spoke again quietly.

Right then, Jonathan. I hope once again you have learned your lesson. I told you last time that whilst I do not want to have to discipline you, I will not hesitate to do so if you need it. I know that, at heart, you are a good lad and I regret that you could not have gone through this phase when you were younger but I know from your mother that you have sometimes led her a merry dance, completely unchecked. However, I hope you are now beginning to realize that whilst certain behaviour is acceptable, other behaviour is not and you need to know the difference. Now, pick up your clothes, go to your bedroom and think about what has happened and why.

Jonathan nodded, his face a picture of contrition. Yes, Uncle, he responded in a low voice, then turned to pick up his shoes and the kicked-off shorts and underpants from where they had landed on the other side of the room. However, as he turned away from his uncle and faced Marc and the twins, his face changed as he gave them a quick grin and a sly wink then, still naked below the waist and unselfconscious as ever, he left the room carrying his things and climbed the stairs, proudly erect cock and bright red bottom still on full view.

Neil looked at the three remaining boys, then at his watch. OK lads, it’s nearly 8.00 o’clock. I think it’s best, David and Anthony, if you head home now. I hope that you’ve all learned from today’s experience and that none of you will be tempted in the future, to anything so silly yourselves.

The twins nodded mutely and Marc said, Dad, can I go back with them?

Neil nodded. Yes, of course. Don’t be too late though.

As the front door closed behind them and the boys walked down the path wheeling their bikes, David turned to Marc. Jeez, mate! Is your cousin cool, or what! I can’t believe how he carried that off!

Marc laughed. Yeah. He’s sure taught me a thing or two since he’s been here. Mentally, he weighed up whether or not he should take the twins into his confidence and enlarge a bit on just what Jonathan had been teaching him. Remembering their arousal whilst watching his cousin being spanked, he decided to take the plunge and tell them, in outline at least, something of what the two of them had been getting up to and about their earlier spanking from his father.

So, he finished, we both found that getting spanked turns us on like fuck. What d’you reckon? You guys were getting pretty horny watching Jonno – d’you think it might be the same for you?

The twins looked at him doubtfully. Well... dunno, said Anthony at last. We’ve both been spanked by Dad a few times, sometimes together but it was a couple of years ago now, the last one, and not much happened then.

Yeah, chipped in his brother but maybe if we tried it with Marc and Jonno now, it might be good. After all, it’d be totally different doing it with mates than being tanned by Dad!

The twins grinned at each other and Marc felt an immediate twitch in his cock and balls. It seemed as if the pair might be getting interested. Anyway, he went on, if you like, the four of us could all meet up again tomorrow and discuss it somewhere private and then, maybe, take things further!

The twins grinned even more broadly and Marc noticed they were starting to tent the fronts of their shorts again. OK, then, great! he went on. See you tomorrow, same time then?

At their enthusiastic nods, Marc turned as they reached the twins’ house and headed back rapidly down the road to report back to Jonathan. He had a feeling that this holiday was about to get even more interesting.

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