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Growing Pains
Episode 5: Four stay out of trouble.

by Paul Lewis

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Growing Pains, Episode 5: Four stay out of trouble.

Bringing their bikes to a screeching stop outside the twins’ house, the cousins dismounted, Jonathan slightly gingerly, his bottom still somewhat sore after his slippering the previous evening. He rubbed his buttocks and grinned at Marc.

Good job it’s not far getting over here! That saddle’s a bit hard on my arse just now!

Marc laughed. Yes, well, it was still pretty red this morning, when you were pounding away at your pillows!

Yeah, worth it though – after I went upstairs last night and you went off with the twins, I had the most fantastic wank ever – shot my load right over my shoulder!

Cuz, you’re mad! laughed Marc.

Well you can’t bloody talk! retorted Jonathan with a broad grin, I’ve seen you after you’ve had a good bum-smacking, hard as a steel rod!

Still chuckling, they walked up the path and rang the bell. Marc had arranged with the twins last night to meet up this morning, which was Saturday, and the boys had been up bright and early, eager to get started.

OK, Marc’s Dad, Neil, had said when they explained what they were planning to do. As you know, Mum and I are out all day today. We’ll be home about six or thereabouts. Now, he continued, fixing them both with a hard stare, I don’t expect to find anything untoward when we get back tonight, or one or both of you, will be taking another trip straight across my knee. Is that understood?

The boys nodded soberly. Yes, Dad. Yes Uncle.

They grabbed their bikes and set off, speculating imaginatively as to how the day might turn out. In the privacy of their bedroom the previous evening, Marc had told Jonathan all about the chat he’d had with the twins, David and Anthony. He had pretty well told them, in outline at least, what he and Jonathan had been doing over the last few days and they both had appeared interested and agreed that they should all meet up again today and talk more about that and yesterday’s other events.

They definitely seemed as if they were getting quite keen, Marc had reported. They both had hard-ons at any rate, so you never know, things could develop!

After a moment’s wait, the front door opened and Anthony stood there grinning at them. Hey guys! Come right in, he said. As the cousins entered, Anthony’s twin brother, David, came clattering down the stairs.

OK blokes, how ya doing? How’s your arse, Jon?

The boys all laughed. He was still red this morning! put in Marc and biking over was a bit painful, eh Jonno?

Jonathan gave a mock-grimace. Yeah, guys, but I suffered in silence!

You’ll have to show us! said David with a mischievous grin, then he added, gesturing at Jonathan’s crotch, by the way, that’s one hell of a weapon you’ve got there, mate!

You were really cool last night, though! put in Anthony. I couldn’t believe the way you were jumping about whilst Marc’s Dad was slapping your arse and then just to grin, wink and walk away at the end of it...!

Jonathan gave an exaggerated bow, Thank you fans, thank you! We aim to please!

The boys guffawed then David went on, Anyway, this is brilliant —

We’ve got the whole house — cut in Anthony.

To ourselves, finished his brother.

All day —

Yes, Mum and Dad went out early —

The twins’ double act soon had Marc and Jonathan in stitches until David waved at his brother. OK, bro’, you tell ’em. It’ll be quicker!

Anthony nodded, still laughing. When he had recovered sufficiently, he went on, Yeah, right. So the parents are out all day and won’t be back until about six this evening.

Funny, so are mine, put in Marc. Anyway, go on.

Dad’s got quite a large family, continued Anthony, and a couple of our uncles, Brian and Mike and our aunties, Rosemary and Jane, live quite near each other, about forty miles away. They’re all having a mass get-together today – don’t know why, particularly, that’s all they told us. So! he finished enthusiastically, that’s why we’ve got the place to ourselves!

You sure about that? put in Jonathan, with a rueful grin and giving his arse an exaggerated rub. Last night, Uncle Neil was supposed to be out until late, too!

The other boys laughed again and Jonathan went on, Anyway I guess Marc’s filled you in on a few things?

The twins nodded, grinning broadly.

So what’d’you reckon then? You little buggers were as horny as hell last night, watching me getting my arse whaled and I bet you both had a bloody good wank when you got home!

The twins looked at each other, smirking wickedly, I’ll take that as a yes then, about the wank, put in Jonathan. So – you up for a bit of fun and games today? They gave a simultaneous slight shrug and nodded. Yeah, OK then, let’s give it a go, said David, still with his mischievous grin.

Probably best we go upstairs to our room, added Anthony. There’s a lock on the door so we can’t be walked in on, even if the folks do come home whilst we’re busy!

The four trooped up the stairs and filed into the twins’ bedroom. It was quite spacious, certainly larger than the single room Marc and Jonathan were currently sharing, and had two beds facing each other against the wall by the window. David closed the door and slipped the bolt across.

Riiight! he said with a laugh, Privacy!

For a moment, the four boys just stood there looking at each other before they suddenly burst out laughing again.

OK, OK, said Jonathan, I’ll start then. You’ve all seen it all before anyway! Unselfconscious as usual, he faced the other three, methodically removing his shoes, socks and tugging his tee-shirt over his head. Then he undid the clip of his shorts, letting them fall to the floor and stepping out of them. Finally, he slipped his hands inside the waist-band of his pants and slid them down, dropping them on the pile with the rest of his clothes.

Wow! the exclamation was Anthony’s, as he and David gazed at the older boy’s full-frontal nakedness. Jonathan’s cock was already partially stiff, sticking out horizontally from its triangle of ginger pubes, his large heavy balls swinging below.

Jeez! As I said earlier, that’s some weapon! breathed David, his twin nodding emphatically in agreement.

Jonathan laughed, You’ll catch up, guys, in a few years! He swung round, giving the younger boys a full-on view of his naked rear. His big, firm buttocks were still noticeably pink and David put out a hand.

Mind if I feel your bum? he asked. Just want to see how hot it is!

Jonathan laughed. Sure thing! No need to be shy. You’ll probably be giving it a good smacking later! He wiggled his bottom provocatively and David rubbed his hand over the smooth, warm mounds, his brother quickly following suite. Then they each gave Jonathan a sharp smack, one on each cheek and, suddenly daring, David slipped a hand between the older boy’s legs, gently feeling and massaging his low-hanging balls.

Marc was amused to see that by now, the twins had raging hard-ons, which they both were unashamedly rubbing and they were breathing fast, the thin fabric of their shorts tented out in front.

Then abruptly they turned and rapidly began pulling off their clothes. Two lots of tee-shirts, shoes, socks, shorts and pants all landed in quick succession in an untidy heap on the floor and, released from their confinement, a pair of identical five-inch cocks sprang up proudly. About fifteen seconds later, Marc’s clothes had joined the pile and the room was suddenly full of jiggling, rigidly erect young penises, tight balls and pert, naked buttocks.

Marc looked at the twins. Although he had, of course, seen them naked before in the changing rooms at school, this was something entirely different. At school, all the boys showered and dressed quickly, eager to get home after games and none was ever aroused. Now, however, he looked at his friends with new interest, noting their lithe, firm bodies, well-rounded, high-peaked buttocks and their rampant five-inch cocks, rising from triangles of fine, dark pubic hair. They both also had fine lines of dark hair running up either side of their cracks and their quite sizeable balls were tight and full. He gave a sudden laugh and the other three looked round at him.

Now I can see how to tell you two apart! Moving forward he continued, David has a small birthmark here, he gave David a sharp slap, low on his right cheek, but Anthony, he went on, giving the other twin a slap in exactly the same place, has not! Is that how your Dad knew which one he was spanking?

The twins hooted with laughter, as did Jonathan. Well spotted, Squirt, he said. So, guys, from now on, you’re going to have to take your pants down to be identified!

Get to fuck! laughed David. We know who we are, don’t we bro! Anthony laughed as well but then he added, Hey, Dave, that was swearing wasn’t it? I reckon that makes you candidate for the first spanking. What do you think, guys?

Jonathan stroked his chin, pretending to consider. Yee-es, he said at length, That’s definitely a spanking offence. Come here, David!

Seating himself on the side of one of the beds, Jonathan beckoned the other boy over. Giggling, David moved to stand at the spot indicated, to the ginger lad’s right. Then he gasped as, with a broad grin, Jonathan suddenly grabbed him round the waist and flipped him expertly over his knee. The older boy’s erection pressed against his stomach, his own stiff cock pushing into Jonathan’s leg. He felt himself moved forward slightly, so that his wave of black hair brushed the carpet, with his feet just off the floor. Jonathan looked down at the younger boy’s bare bottom. David’s buttocks were a little fuller than Marc’s and high-peaked, with a deep crack between them. The twins had darker skin than either Marc or Jonathan, but distinct tan lines were still evident, with buttocks a lighter shade than the golden brown back and thighs.

Smack! Jonathan’s right hand came down hard with a loud, resounding slap in the centre of the dark lad’s right cheek and a dusky red hand print glowed against the light olive background. David jerked forward, with a sharp intake of breath as Jonathan raised his hand again, bringing it down hard on the peak of the left buttock, which now was as red as the right. This time David gave a slight gasp as the slap landed but otherwise remained silent.

Getting into his stride, the ginger boy soon settled into a regular rhythm; leaving a slight pause between each, he smacked steadily and hard. Right, Smack! Left, Smack! Right, Smack! Left, Smack! With each loud smack, David’s buttocks clenched slightly, but the boy relaxed again in time for the next.

Anthony and Marc watched the show avidly, hands slowly rubbing their straining erections. Anthony’s eyes were glued to his twin’s bare arse, which was now glowing a warm red all over. Soon, his brother was beginning to wriggle and twist, legs rising up behind him as Jonathan continued to smack, firmly and hard. His movements became more and more urgent, and he began to buck and bounce on the older boy’s lap, legs kicking. One kicked up and the other down and the dark-haired boy’s thighs spread wide, revealing to his captivated audience, his balls and dark pink hole, exhibiting all the signs of the well-spanked boy.

Jonathan looked down at David’s most intimate area and grinned at the other two. He stopped smacking and gave the hot, dark-red mounds a good rub, then he slid a finger into the spread crack and lightly scratched the puckered skin around the perimeter of the boy’s hole. David gasped and moaned, he jerked forward and started to thrust strongly back and forth, his straining cock rubbing against Jonathan’s thigh. Jonathan continued to scratch the skin around David’s anus until, very gently, he pushed against the tight bulls-eye itself. Gradually, his finger slipped inside and very carefully, he started to give the boy a very shallow finger-fucking, penetrating only an inch or so.

Mmmmm! Arrrhhhh! Arrrhhhh! Ohhhhh! with a last powerful thrust and a great moan, David’s cock exploded in spurt after spurt of hot spunk which dribbled down the ginger lad’s naked thigh onto the floor. Then he lay there, flopped over Jonathan’s lap, for the moment drained and exhausted. Jonathan laughed, then removed his finger and ran it up and down the spread crack. Well, Davo, I guess now we all know what turns you on! Anyone got any bog paper? We need to clean up here!

Yeah... sure... just a mo, gasped Anthony, still breathing fast and heart pounding after having watched his twin’s spectacular orgasm. He knelt down on the floor and lowered his head to rummage under his bed, in the process lifting and spreading his arse cheeks and revealing balls, cleft and dark pink hole identical to his brother’s. Here you go! He flung a somewhat depleted roll of toilet paper up to Jonathan who grabbed it, ripped off a length and started to mop up.

Getting his breath back, David slid off the ginger boy’s knees and stood there grinning and rubbing his rosy rear, his cock for the moment, dangling limp in front of him. His wave of dark hair had dropped almost over his eyes and he pushed it back with a flourish. Blimey mate, that was just awesome! I’ve never ever come like that before... it was amazing! Nearly blew my head off!

The others laughed. we’d never have guessed, said Marc, whose own cock was straining at the leash for release. He looked at his cousin. Right, Jonno, get yourself over a couple of pillows!

The twins looked mystified but Jonathan just said, mind if I borrow a couple of these? David nodded. Sure, no problem.

Arranging the pillows in a pile at the edge of the bed, Jonathan laid down across them, hips hoisted up and his bum sticking straight up in the air, legs spread. The twins laughed but Marc said, Watch this guys!

He moved up behind his cousin and mounted him, stiff prick sliding into the red-head’s deep, warm cleft and began thrusting back and forth, cock rubbing hard from top to bottom. As Jonathan had done with him the previous day, Marc felt his knob pushing against his cousin’s hole at the lower end of each stroke, Jonathan moaning in appreciation as it did so. Supporting himself firmly each side, Marc began to thrust faster, his backside pounding back and forth as he shagged his cousin’s crack hard. The twins watched for a moment, fascinated, then they moved up close to their school-mate’s hammering arse. They grinned at each other and, one either side, began simultaneously to slap Marc’s buttocks firmly.

Anthony, of course, was still fully erect and David was rapidly recovering. With their spare hands, they reached out and grasped each other’s cocks, an activity they had indulged in many times before, but had never mentioned to anyone else.

Jonathan was moaning, Marc was moaning and the room was loud with sharp resounding smacks. The highly-charged sexual atmosphere was getting to all of them and, suddenly, Marc felt one of his most basic inhibitions crumble. As the head of his cock met his cousin’s hole, he felt himself push deliberately against the tight centre.

Ohhhh! Arrrhhh, Yesssss! moaned Jonathan, wriggling ecstatically and spreading his legs as wide as he could. Go on! Put it in! FUCK ME!

Marc, too, was being transported to a different plane. His arse was blazing as the twins spanked him faster and faster, his cock was like blue steel and ready to explode at any moment. He thrust again at Jonathan’s hole and felt it give as he slipped inside. The night of their first spanking, he had fingered his cousin, much as Jonathan had just done to David but this was entirely different. The very sensitive head of his penis was now gripped tightly by the ginger boy’s pucker and he eased forward, going deeper. At the same time, Jonathan lifted his backside and pushed back against him until, suddenly, Marc realized that his balls were hard up against his cousin’s, his whole four-and-a-half inches deep in the older boy’s arse.

He began, slowly, to move back and forth, each thrust eliciting a moan of ecstasy. The twins stopped their slapping and David slid his hand down between Marc’s legs to massage his balls, whilst Anthony slipped a