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Growing Pains
Episode 6: Five get into deep water.

by Paul Lewis

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Growing Pains, Episode 6: Five get into deep water.

The following Saturday, Marc and Jonathan were, once again, up bright and early. This was the day on which they, Marc’s father, Neil, plus the twins, David and Anthony and their father, Pat, were to set off on their joint camping expedition.

They were headed for a large country estate, some fifty miles north, that recently had been purchased by what Pat had described as some hot-shot footballer, one of those types who gets about £150,000 a week. Apparently, the owner and his girlfriend were away in the South of France for the summer, leaving the estate manager, Jim Bebbington, a school-friend of the twins’ Uncle Mike, to take care of things until their return. He had suggested that the group might like to camp in the grounds for a few days, along with Pat’s other brother, Brian.

Mike and Brian were to meet them there and were also organizing the camping arrangements, which would consist of a large, four-man tent for the boys, plus four singles for the adults, the whole lot to be transported in Mike’s large van.

Pat vaguely remembered Jim Bebbington from his own school-days but, being older than his two brothers, he had not had a lot to do with him. He understood, also, that Jim had a son, Alan, of about fourteen, so very much the same age as Marc and the twins. He gathered from Mike, that one reason Jim had invited them all up, was so that Alan might have the companionship of a few boys of his own age for part of the long summer holiday.

They all arrived, more or less simultaneously, at their destination, just before midday. It was a gloriously hot summer’s day, with a cloudless blue sky and, in short order, they found themselves being ushered into Jim’s neat cottage for some welcome refreshment, thoughtfully provided by his wife, Margaret.

As they entered, a young teenage lad came clattering down the stairs. Ah, said Jim with a smile, this is Alan and he’s been looking forward to you getting here all morning!

The boy grinned broadly, shook hands with the adults and high-fived the four lads, each of whom introduced himself enthusiastically. Alan was about the same height as the twins and had the same slim, athletic build. His hair, however, was a dark-blond, in sharp contrast to the black-haired David and Anthony, though his eyes were as blue as theirs. Like the new arrivals, he wore only a tee-shirt and shorts, which showed off his sun-tanned, golden-brown legs to advantage.

Hey, guys! he began, Great to see you! Dad, can I take them and show them round?

Jim laughed and nodded. Yes, alright then but don’t forget lunch is an hour and then there’s work to be done setting up camp!

The five boys rapidly made themselves scarce, running down the path towards where their campsite would be. Not far away, a belt of trees screened a large, placid lake that glinted in the sunshine.

Oh wow! exclaimed Marc, that looks amazing.

Alan nodded. Yes, it’s clean enough to swim in so we might do that later!

Within the trees they came across a large clearing, which Alan told them would be the site of their camp. About a hundred yards further down the slope, the trees ended and they came out onto the wide green expanse of the lake shore. Not far away, two boats were run up on a narrow shingle beach. One was a smallish rowing boat, whilst the other was a rather larger motor launch with a fairly impressive outboard engine attached.

Hey, would you look at that! exclaimed Jonathan, running across to the motor launch. Alan, do you get to drive this thing? It looks pretty cool!

Alan nodded. I have been out in it, but only with Dad and yes, it can really shift! Brilliant fun!

All the boys’ eyes sparkled as they anticipated the potential joys of the coming week.


After lunch was over, it was all hands on deck to get the camp set up. Mike brought his van as close as possible to the camp site and everything was offloaded.

With so many willing helpers, the five tents went up quickly and the camp was soon complete. They were all light, modern, easy-to-erect structures, as Mike commented laughingly, a far cry from the old heavy canvas and poles of his own youth. The four-man tent that the boys would be using was remarkably spacious inside and they soon had their mats and sleeping bags installed. Alan was helping them set up and he looked around, slightly enviously.

Jeez, guys, wish I was going to be in here with you rather than back at the house!

David shrugged. Well, this is supposed to be a four-man but there’s plenty of room for an extra mat and sleeping bag. Why don’t you ask your Dad if you can do that?

The other boy grinned. Yes, I’ll definitely do that, he replied.

Boys! Pat’s voice called from outside. We’re just going back up to the house with Mr. Bebbington. Probably be about forty minutes or so. Can you amuse yourselves for a bit?

He was answered by an enthusiastic chorus of affirmatives, then the five men walked off up the path, leaving the lads to their own devices. The twins extracted their football and Aerobie and the five of them had an energetic mess-around for a while, before David said, Alan, I’d really like to try that boat, what’d’you reckon?

Alan thought for a moment. I can get it going, he said at length, but I’ve never taken it out without Dad before... still, why not? Let’s give it a go!

Excitedly, the five of them ran down to the shingle beach and, within a few minutes, Alan had fired up the outboard then, working together, they ran it down the beach and into the lake, leaping in as it became waterborne. Alan put the motor in gear, then opened the throttle and they moved rapidly away from shore. About twenty yards out, Alan opened the throttle wider and the craft surged forward, spray leaping from the bow. The boys whooped and yelled with delight, as Alan brought them round in a sweeping turn, heading down the long axis of the lake. Suddenly, he felt a wet sensation around his feet and looking down, he realised with horror that a considerable quantity of water was sloshing around the bottom of the boat and was still pouring in.

Oh shit! he shouted, as the other boys looked back to see what was the problem. We forgot to put the plug in!

Where is it? yelled Jonathan. Can we get it in now!

Somewhere about midships, just off the centre line under a seat, but you’ll never get it in against the pressure of the water, even if you can find it!

As soon as he realized their mistake, Alan had turned the boat for shore but they had travelled a fair distance out and, with the ever-increasing weight of water, the craft was settling deeper and becoming increasingly sluggish. He managed to get within thirty yards of the beach when water splashed up into the engine’s air intakes and it coughed and died. Silence fell, broken only by Alan’s heartfelt exclamation. Oh, shit! shit! shit!

With the boat filling and settling lower and lower, the boys looked at each other with dismay. Come on, said Alan, finally, only thing we can do is swim back. Am I going to get it from Dad!

Relieved of their weight, the boat quickly settled by the stern, pulled down by the mass of the engine. The lake, however, was not deep and, once the stern touched bottom, about two feet of bow remained sticking up out of the water.

Disconsolately, the boys struck out for the beach, their spirits further dampened by the sight of their assorted uncles and fathers trooping down from the trees towards them.

What the hell...? began Jim, as he surveyed the five dripping boys wading out of the water, then his eyes widened as he saw the bow of the motor boat protruding from the water of the lake.

The five men faced the five boys. Are we to have an explanation of this? asked Pat. Bit by bit the story emerged, until finally, Alan trailed off We forgot to put the plug in...
His father just gazed at him, about to speak but Mike touched his arm. Jim, before you go any further, we need to discuss this. You lot, he added raking the lads with a look, remain right here.

Leaving the five sheepish boys standing on the shore of the lake, the sad evidence of their escapade sticking up forlornly out of the water behind them, the men walked back to the tents where they could confer without being overheard.

Jim, said Pat, I’m really sorry about all this. If you decide you want us out of here and away back home, then say so and we’ll quite understand.

Jim Bebbington gave his head a slight shake. Oh, I don’t think that’s necessary, Pat, he replied. When all’s said and done, this isn’t exactly a catastrophe, it was just bit of a shock at first. For a start, I doubt the boat will actually be damaged. We can get out to it in the rowing boat, attach a line to it and drag it inshore with the land-rover. Then the engine can be removed, stripped down, dried out and serviced. The boss is away in France for another couple of months at least and I don’t think he need ever know about it.

Well, that’s very generous of you, Jim, said Mike. We’ll pay for the repairs of course – and maybe stop the cost out of the boys’ pocket money, eh? He glanced at Neil and Pat, eyebrows raised.

The question is, said Brian, what about those boys?

Jim shrugged slightly. That’s pretty simple. I’ll take Alan straight back up to the cottage and tan his arse! He won’t be sitting comfortably for a few hours, I can guarantee!

Pat looked thoughtful, glancing the others. Don’t be too hasty, Jim. As I see it, they’re all equally guilty. You know what young boys are like, they get so excited and are so busy egging each other on, all thought and common sense goes out the window. There’s no need to single out just one. I think it’s much fairer if they all get the same punishment. I don’t know how you gents feel, but why not give them all a good smacked backside here and now and have done with it? You know, short and sharp, gets it over with quickly.

Neil nodded. Funny you should say that, Pat, but since the start of the holidays, I’ve already spanked Jonathan twice and Marc once. Yes, he continued, looking at the others’ raised eyebrows, Jonathan might be fifteen and a half, but he has never been properly disciplined in his life. At heart, he’s a good lad, as are they all but, sometimes, he does need some sharp correction.

Pat nodded in agreement. I’ve not had to spank David and Anthony for a couple of years, he said, but I’ve got no hang-ups about doing it again if they need it.

Jim also nodded. Yes, same applies. I last gave Alan a good tanning about eight months ago; he’s been going through a bit of a rebellious phase lately, so another sharp reminder won’t do him any harm at all.

Pat nodded again. OK, then, so it’s spanked backsides for the lot of them. How do you want to do it? There are five boys and five of us, so, he looked at his two brothers. I know you guys haven’t any kids but I assume you won’t mind helping out? That way we can do them all together, get it over and done with quickly and move on.

Brian and Mike laughed. Well I’ve certainly had no practice at this, said Mike with a grin, but I’m very happy to follow your lead. Brian nodded in agreement, also grinning slightly. Likewise. I’m quite happy to give one of the naughty little beggars a sore bottom!

Right then. May I suggest then gentlemen, that you, Neil, deal with Jonathan, I can take Marc, if Mike and Brian can take the twins? His brothers nodded. And you, Jim, can deal with Alan. What do you say, get it done straight away?

Just one thing, Pat, said Mike. Is this going to be over the knee, on their bare bottoms?

Pat nodded. Definitely! he said. It’s the best way to get through to them and, also, for young teenagers as these all are, the shame of a bare-bottom spanking is all part of the punishment. Agreed?

He received four nods of acquiescence, then they brought out five collapsible chairs from a storage chest and set them up in a large circle and Pat strode back down to the lake to summon the boys.

Right, come up here, the lot of you! he called. Dejectedly, they trooped up to the tents, fully expecting to be told that their holiday was at an end. Arriving at the campsite, they were greeted by the sight of the five chairs, all but one already occupied by a father or an uncle. Pat marched them into the centre of the circle.

OK, he began. I’ll keep this brief. What you have done today was silly and irresponsible. Four of you are nearly – or just over – fourteen and, Jonathan, you are fifteen and a half and definitely should know better. It is only thanks to the generosity of Mr Bebbington here, he gestured at Jim, That we are not all going home forthwith. However, to help teach you the error of your ways, you will all now have your bare backsides soundly smacked and there will be no argument!

But, Dad... began Anthony, then trailed off, as he realized his protest would get him nowhere. Jonathan opened his mouth as if to say something then, at a glare from his uncle, shut it again. Alan looked at his father but received the same stern look.

Pat sat down in the fifth chair. Marc, come here! The others all called their respective charges over. Neil had Jonathan standing in front of him, Mike took David, Brian, Anthony and Jim took his son, Alan. Simultaneously, five pairs of wet shorts were unclipped and dropped to the ground, followed closely by five pairs of underpants. Five bare-bottomed boys were then swept unceremoniously over five sturdy laps, their tee-shirts rolled up to their shoulders and their arses turned to the sky. In a wide circle as they were, each boy, just by raising his head, was able to see the bare bottom of the boy in front of him and, despite everything, they all, Alan included, began to get hard.

Smack! The first loud, resounding slap rang out across the clearing and Alan jerked forward with a cry, as his father’s large, calloused hand left its red imprint across the centre of his pert white buttocks.

A second later, the peaceful clearing was echoing with the sound of five strong hands smacking five pairs of taut, rounded buttocks and the gasps of five recalcitrant boys at the start of a long, stinging spanking.
Smack! Smack! Smack! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Smack! Slap! Slap! Smack! Slap! Smack! Smack! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Smack! Slap! Slap! Smack! Smack! Smack! Slap! Smack! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Smack! Slap! Slap! Smack!

Marc was just behind Alan and he watched, as the dark-blond boy began to buck and kick on his father’s lap. His bottom, which had been nearly as white as Jonathan’s, was soon a blazing scarlet from the peak of his buttocks to his thighs and his father showed no sign of slowing down.

Smack! Smack! Smack! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Smack! Slap! Slap! Smack!

Marc’s own buttocks were smarting and stinging from Pat’s hard hand and he, too, was starting to wriggle and twist, legs lifting off the ground. Jim Bebbington however, seemed to be smacking harder still and Alan was kicking, bouncing and bucking like a bronco over his father’s knee. With every stinging slap he was giving Marc a full-on view of his spread crack, large firm balls and tight pink hole.

Smack! Smack! Smack! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Smack! Slap! Slap! Smack!

In front of Alan, Jonathan was bent over Neil’s knee, arse lifted high. He, too, was bouncing and wriggling, as the relentless, hard slaps turned his white, freckled buttocks as bright-red as Alan’s. Despite the stinging fire of his backside, his penis was already rigid, rubbing erotically against his uncle’s leg. Between his own gyrations, Alan watched Jonathan, fascinated. Like the twins before him, he had never dreamed that he would see a boy a year and a half older than himself, tipped up over a man’s knee to be spanked very hard on his naked arse. As the ginger boy bounced up and down, Alan caught frequent glimpses of a large, very stiff cock between the widely-spread thighs, as well as a full view of crack, balls and hole. Despite his scorching arse and, slightly