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Chapter 15

by Diggerman

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Chapter 15


Geez, Billy, AC/DC this early in the morning? I asked groggily after hitting the alarm button.

It works, he chuckled sleepily from his side of the bed.

I rolled onto my back. I was starting a new life, and part of that was going to be learning Billy’s morning rituals, and his alarm clock music of choice. I rubbed his back as he thought about getting up for school. I didn’t have to go to school the rest of this week to rest from my trauma of last weekend.

I’m gonna go pee before you get up, I said, yawning as I swung my feet to the floor and padded to the door. I stepped across the hall to the bathroom, just as the door to the bedroom on the end opened, and out stepped Aaron, quietly closing the door behind him. He was freshly showered, and in his boxer briefs. He caught me with a smile, and put his arm around me.

Sleep good, buddy? he asked.

Oh yeah, better than I have in a while, I yawned. I’m gonna pee before Billy gets in there, then head back to bed.

Good plan, he said, rubbing my back. Shelly is taking the rest of the week off to keep an eye on you, and she figures to take you to school at the end of the day to get your books and assignments. I know you really hate to get behind in school, right? he laughed quietly.

I laughed. Yeah, best I don’t start off badly here. I’ve got enough to learn at school, on top of a new household.

Get your peeing done and get back to bed, buddy. Getting rest is what you need to worry about for now, he said, ruffling my mop of hair, and giving a quick kiss to the top of my head. I headed in the bathroom and did my thing, getting back to the bedroom as a sleepy Billy got up. I took his hand and pulled him up to standing. He leaned into me, and we shared a sleepy hug, before he went off to shower.

When Billy was done thumping around the room, he brushed his lips over my forehead and said goodbye for the day. I fell asleep with a smile on my face.

Awakening after 10AM, I laid in bed, thinking of the changes to my life in a short time. The bad time last weekend, the short hospital stay, the new home I was now in. I couldn’t help but think of Cody, too, and his new life starting out. I hoped it would be a better life than his old one. I was confident that anything I had to do from this point onward, it would be better than what I had been living. At least, at home.

I shifted around, getting my feet back on the floor. I remembered Aaron saying that Shelly would be home today and tomorrow to watch me, so I looked for, and found, a pair of loose basketball shorts and a t shirt to put on.

After a visit to the bathroom, I padded downstairs and found Shelly at the dining room table, reading with a cup of coffee.

Hey, sleepy head. Good morning, she smiled.

Good morning, I smiled, and put an arm around her shoulders and leaned into her.

How did you sleep? she asked, her hand rubbing my back. Billy didn’t keep you up too late? she smirked.

Um, no, I said, remembering what he did just before we went to sleep. I hoped we didn’t make any noise. We both were pretty much wiped out after yesterday.

How about some breakfast? Eggs and toast sound good to you?

That would be great, I said, sitting down in the chair next to hers, as she rose and started breakfast cooking.

We talked, during breakfast prep, eating, cleanup, then lounging in the family room after, Shelly filled me in on some details of the last few days. Turns out, when Billy was yelled at by Marve, he was there to get an idea of how things were going with me and Cody. He was in tears when he got back to the house, so Aaron called Josh, who came right over with Caleb. Timing could have been better to keep you from injury, she said. We are just happy to have you out of there.

I could do nothing but agree with that.

We talked some more about my mom basically rejecting me, and she held me as I shed some tears over the hurt from that. I had a feeling I would have a few more emotional moments about all that before I finally got past it. Shelly confirmed that they would be there for me, no matter what.

She started filling me in on the household schedules, how things worked through the regular weekdays, and what might be my responsibilities going forward. My list of chores to do was a lot less here than when I lived with mom, so I was quite pleased with that. I did know about the rules of the house, from when I was sitting Billy, so she just touched on those. I knew for sure that my schoolwork was very important to her and Aaron, so I had to make sure I caught back up as soon as possible.

The next week seemed to fly by. I started back to school on Monday, and it was great to see my friends there. I had done some prep work to catch up on the classes that I had missed, but soon started to feel that I was farther behind than I wanted to be. Shelly was great with helping where she could, so I slogged away at it.

I saw the Doctor Briggs that Thursday, late in the day. He wanted me to hold off on wrestling until my next visit the following week, but gave permission for me to start working out with the team again. He also pronounced my butt clear of bruising! Aaron had told me the night before, when he checked me, that things were looking good, so that confirmation was great to hear.

So, with all the good things happening, why was I struggling inside?

I had been in a bad position, with Marve and all, so living with Aaron and Shelly now was a sweet step up. I hadn’t felt love before, but I know the love now. That’s not the problem.

I had been, essentially, on my own for a lot of my young, formative years. I made decisions on what to do, what to get done, and hadn’t worried all that much about my schoolwork. Not that I wasn’t a bad student, mind. I just didn’t feel the push to keep my grades up to the level I knew I could do. I was getting by, until I had made the agreement with Shelly, with her watching my schoolwork now, I was driven to do better...or else.

I hadn’t lived in a home with structure, pretty much my whole life. I was getting the structure now, but, with my past freedom, inside, I was struggling with it, fighting against it. I truly wanted to obey Aaron and Shelly, and fit in with their family. But I found myself, inside, getting surly when I was expected to do things when I didn’t want to, or felt I could do them later. The structure demanded that I take care of them now.

The high I received the following week, being cleared to wrestle competitively again, lasted just a short time.

I want to be clear. I LOVE Aaron, Shelly and Billy like my own family. What I am struggling with, it seems, is something I should have learned long ago, and that is that I am a boy, a child, so to speak, and that I need to mind, to obey, to do as I am told, not by some ogre that just wanted to be bossy, but from 2 adults that loved me, and set borders, or structure around me. I was free to live happily within that structure, but inside, I kept kicking at the new walls, wanting to move freely wherever I wished, whenever I wished. I didn’t feel I was openly defiant, outside of my head, but I was disrespectful on a few occasions. I felt horrible about those times.

Aaron and Shelly’s reluctance to spank me was tossing gas on the smoldering embers.

I came home on a Wednesday night from wrestling practice, just as supper was being set on the table. As I had jeans and a t shirt on, over my singlet, and I wasn’t gamey smelling, I sat right down with them. After a bit, they noticed that I was kind of picking at my food, and asked if something was bothering me.

Well, I started kind of slow, but I ended up laying it all out on the table, so to speak. They were understanding, and asked questions to probe the depth of my feelings. Finally, the one question was asked by Shelly, that needed to be asked.

How can we help you?

I looked down at my plate, not sure how to say this, but to just say it. C-could you start spanking me again? I mean, when I’ve earned it, when you think I need it, like before?

Shelly’s lips pursed, and her eyebrow raised. We’ve wanted to be careful with you, since that weekend. Are you sure you want to chance it? she asked.

I do, and if you wouldn’t mind, I would like to try it again, tonight, please, I said, tentatively. We have talked about this a lot, and spankings here are so much different than what I went through that weekend. I don’t know how I will react, but I know I’ve got to try something. And I think I’ve probably come close to earning more than one the way I’ve acted a few times, right?

I would agree with you there, Ty, Aaron said quietly. Let us talk it over after supper and see where this goes, okay?

Yes, thank you, I responded. I started eating a bit better after that, glad that I had said my piece on the matter. I felt I was a fool for asking to be spanked again, but I knew the way I felt of late, it was the only way. I hoped my mind would feel the same way when it was over.

Supper ended, and Shelly shooed me upstairs so she and Aaron could talk. I was in the bathroom, stripped down to my singlet, when Billy came to the door. He had run up the stairs after spying on his mom and dad talking.

You’re getting a spanking, right now, he whispered quickly, eyes big, looking over his shoulder and running off as he heard Aarons footsteps coming up. Oh god. I started to get the pre-spank feelings, from the base of my belly through my chest. My balls heard Billy too, and had perked up their little ball ears.

Aaron came into the bathroom, smirking at seeing Billy had run off, knowing he spilled the goods.

Okay, Tyler. This may be a good night to try things and see how you react. You haven’t been a bad boy, but Shelly has noticed some behavior that might need to be nipped in the bud, or butt in your case, he smiled. Shall we go do this? he asked, reaching for a hand towel.

Yes, please, I nervously whispered.

He led me over to the bedroom and pulled the stool out into clear space, before guiding me between his knees. I was wearing only my singlet, so there was nothing to pull down. I knew Billy would be digging this, seeing me spanked in my singlet again. He was in the room, looking nervous as he leaned against the footboard of the bed.

I was feeling tremulous, and all my senses were on edge, knowing what was coming. My breathing was coming faster as Aarons hand rubbed my back, and he leaned in to kiss my head. He firmly, but gently, gripped my upper left arm and guided me against his left thigh, towel in place, tilting it down so it met my mid-section. His right hand cupped my small, hard backside as he pulled me forward with his left. I felt the familiar feelings as my weight started to transfer from my feet, to my lower belly as I leaned forward, guided by the smooth force from Aarons left hand. I felt the lift of his right hand on my butt, and the tilt back to straight of his thigh, which took my feet off the floor, leaving me hanging by my lower belly over his knee. His left hand moved to my lower back to steady me, as his right smoothed any wrinkles out of the singlet, now wedged firmly between my butt cheeks. He had a perfect target on which to do the deed. He palmed my butt for a minute.

Through all of this, I knew only the fear of the spanking that was coming. I did not fear anything else. In fact, I felt like I was truly home.

I felt the right hand disappear from my butt. I squinted my eyes shut, knowing what was coming, and he didn’t disappoint. His hand fully covered my right butt cheek, then the left. Then back to the right. He was covering my butt fully in just a few spanks. He wasn’t spanking as hard as he had in the past, to start, but that soon changed.

OH...OH...OH!! were the 8th, 9th and 10th spank sounds from me. He was turning up the intensity, slowly, but surely, and I was starting to lose it.

My balls took the first spank as a signal to wake up and get ready, and they were eagerly waiting for the signal to push a load of cum toward my dick. That signal came at about spank number 15 or 16, when Aaron started to crank the intensity more toward normal. My breath caught, I coughed a couple times, my OOOWWWs started to extend out longer and longer, and I started to break down. That was what my balls were waiting for.

I felt it as I started crying hard, a massive tingling sensation from the base of my balls to the base of my dick. The rhythmic spank, spank, spank, not too far away from them, helped force the fluid forward, and my body’s reaction to try to hold it back, was strong to start. But, like my holding back the tears, that failed too.

Jet after solid jet of cum shot into my singlet, sped on by the relentless spanks falling on my butt. I don’t remember how many shots my dick fired, but it was almost as if I had peed myself. Not that I cared, of course. I was breaking down faster and faster as Aaron quickened his pace and spanked harder and harder.

I was bawling good and hard when he applied the last 8 stingers to my sit spots down low on my butt, then stopped. He let me hang over his knee for a minute, rubbing his spanking hand gently over my torched backside, and his left over my back. Helping me up, he flipped me around immediately, so my legs went along his trim waist as he sat, letting my butt hang over the space of his spread thighs. My arms went right around his neck. It would have been hard to tell who was holding whom harder.

How long we held each other, I don’t know. I just remember him holding me tight with his left arm while his right, cupped my butt, easing the burn I felt down there.

How you doing, buddy? he asked softly, as I settled down to just huffing my breath.

Oh, just peachy, I replied with a wet laugh.

Good, he chuckled, letting the pressure off his left arm, so I could lean back a bit.

Other than the obvious discomfort, how did it go?

I think I needed that, I said between the remaining huffs. I needed it to get my head back in order, and I needed to know I could take a normal spanking again. You probably needed to find that out too, didn’t you?

Yeah, Aaron said quietly. That was our big fear for you, that a spanking would flip a switch on you, bring back some bad memories. We sure as hell don’t want that to happen.

His use of a profanity showed me the depth of their worry. I feel like a fool for asking for it, when I could have avoided it. But it seems like it works the best for me. I just needed to know, and I’m sorry you had to do it. I saw a couple tear tracks on Aarons cheek. I knew for sure what spanking me had cost him.

I am glad you did ask, buddy. Talk to us. Always, even if it seems to be something embarrassing or awkward. You know for sure that spanking is back on the table for you, right? he said with a sly grin.

Yeah, I know. As much as I hate them, they help. I know I’m gonna be a handful for a while until I catch up with what I need to learn.

You will learn, Ty, one way or another, he smirked. Looks like one part of you didn’t mind the spanking, he laughed.

I looked down at where our bodies came together. Cum had been dripping through the thin spandex of the singlet, so it looked like Aaron had let a little pee go, on the front of his jeans.

Oh shoot. I forgot about that, I sputtered in embarrassment.

Don’t give it another thought, Ty, he laughed. I think you are even wet back here, he said, patting my butt. I had cum leaking all over from that spanking.

I didn’t have this problem once during that bad weekend, I said. Probably a good thing, but I wondered if I would ever get spanked without my dick playing turtle again.

Aaron laughed hard at that one. It looks like the proper spanking still has a good effect on you. Just remember that here, you won’t be spanked unless you earn it, or need it, okay?

Thank you, I said, getting a tight neck hold on him.

So, are we still good? he smiled.

Better than good, I replied, giving him a kiss on the corner of his mouth, and getting one in return.

Good, he said, picking me up and setting me on my feet. Um, that singlet is looking a little thin in places, bud. We may want to look at replacing it, and maybe a few of the others you have. We will talk to Shelly about that. For now, though, you get your butt into the shower. Billy, you need one too. Git, he finished, with a firm pat to both of our butts.

Billy and I raced across the hall to the bathroom and shut the door. Billy was breathing hard, and it appeared that the spanking I had just received had affected him. He hugged me hard as soon as the door was shut.

That was hard to watch, but so cool to see too. I’m glad Aaron let me stay, he said.

Being as you have spanked me before, he probably wanted you to see how a spanking would go with me, the first time, I said, breaking the hug a bit. Billy turned me a bit, and ran his hand over my spandex clad bottom.

He didn’t hold back, once he got going, he said. Your butt is hot! Looks good, too, he said with a smirk, cupping each cheek and sliding a finger up my cleft. We stripped down and got under the warm water. I wanted to suck him, but he held me off. Wait till later, he whispered.

We got out and dried off. We were heading across, naked as jaybirds, to get fresh underpants, when Aaron called up, hurry up, the ice cream is melting!

Billy went into high gear. I was still pulling up my underpants, looking for some shorts to put over them, when he grabbed my hand. Come ON! Ice cream! He pulled me out of the room and down the stairs we thumped.

Aaron pulled me onto his lap as we finished off the ice cream around the table.

So, how did I do? Any bruises? he asked, a bit of mirth behind his eyes.

Not a one, and I looked real close, came the response from Billy. Even Shelly laughed at that.

You did me right, I said, giving him a hug with my arm around his neck. Thank you, both, for taking the chance on me.

Aaron has said that he told you that spanking is back on the table. I expect you to remember that with your school work from now on, young man, Shelly said, with a wise, no nonsense smirk on her face.

I already warned Aaron that I would probably need some serious reigning in for the future, I responded with a smile.

Buckle in, buddy, he replied, with a kiss to my cheek and a pat to my butt. Alright, boys, better make it bedtime. Ty, you have your first competition since your all clear tomorrow, don’t you?

Yep, and coach has said my opponent would be a challenge, so we will see how it goes. I don’t feel I’m at a hundred percent yet.

Better that you get a good night’s sleep then, Shelly said. Billy and I kissed them both and headed up the stairs to the bathroom. I peed while he brushed his teeth, and then did the same while he peed. Aaron came up to tuck us in, with a kiss to us both, before shutting off the light and closing the door. Billy was up and on me a second later.

I’ve been waiting for this moment. Do you mind? he asked, his hand going to the front of my underpants as he ground his woody into my leg.

Oh, be my guest, I grinned.

He ducked under the covers, and I felt the warmth of his tongue over the front of my underpants. He had me breathing heavy as he pulled my underpants down, and off my feet. His tongue felt wonderful as he bathed my dick, then my balls with lavish wet licks. But then, his tongue went lower.

Oh, I whispered, not in surprise, because he had been there before, but in sheer lust. He hadn’t played down there in a while, and I was loving what he was doing. I lifted my knees a bit to give him better access, and he took advantage.

I had a puddle of pre-cum at my navel, and my knees were coming back to my ears, when he poked his head up under the covers. I felt his woody parked at my back door, already lubed with the petroleum jelly he had snuck from the bathroom.

May I? he asked, a lustful look in his eyes.

Please, I whispered hoarsely, the same look on my face. I bit my lip as he pushed, the head of his hard rod popping through my ring. I didn’t want to make noise with Aaron and Shelly home. Billy felt the same, as he smoothly pushed his length into me, hitting the sweet spot in my ass just before his pubes came against me.

Oh god, fuck me Billy, I whispered, wanting this more than anything. It had been too long since he fucked me.

He started a slow and easy in and almost out, which lasted a whole 5 strokes. His fucking became a more intense, yet smooth stroke, and I could tell he wasn’t going to last long. As it was, the way he was bouncing off the sweet spot in my ass, I wouldn’t hold out much longer either.

We climaxed together. I felt him go first, the look on his face, and the way he held himself buried deep up my chute, I started splattering our chest and bellies with my cum. He started an erratic fuck as his balls emptied themselves deep in my butt. I think we kept things quiet, so as not to attract ’adult’ attention, but hell, I was wrapped up in the moment and didn’t particularly care. I had a lusty, spent smile on my face as Billy lowered himself to kiss me.

THAT has been a long time coming, boy, I whispered wearily.

Oh god, that was good, he gasped. I’m still hard.

Well, do what you think you must, buddy, I smiled back. I gave him a solid kiss, entwining tongues for a few minutes, until I felt him start to do some long strokes up my butt again. I don’t think he lost a bit in hardness. Soon, he was pounding my butt like there was no tomorrow.

He did last a little longer, but there came a point where his mouth formed a perfect ’O’ again, his eyes opened wide, and he buried his rod as deep as he could, in my ass. I swear I felt his dick pumping for the longest time, before he moved it to prolong the feelings.

I did not cum the second time, but I did not care. Tonight, I had been spanked like a bad boy once again, and didn’t freak out about it. And now, the sweetest boy in the world had just emptied his balls up my butt...twice. What did I have to complain about?

I fell asleep in Billy’s arms.

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