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Uncle Charley
Part 2

by Bud Johnson

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Uncle Charley Part II

It was a few weeks before Carl met with Charley again. But they did meet with a better understanding of each other. Charley started the conversation. Jimmy came by and after he left I fantasized about you being my nephew. Would you mind calling me Uncle Charley?

No. That’s fine Uncle Charley.

Charley smiled.

After realizing that Jimmy was the 12 year old Charley had come by and do odd jobs for him, Carl got with the program. Charley began talking. I bought my own things to spank you with. Want me to show you?

Carl said, Sure. His new Uncle was acting almost like he had during there first meeting, but there was a change Carl had noticed. Was it just because they had met before? He wasn’t sure.

His new Uncle took him to a small room right off the kitchen. Charley had an array of spanking implements laid out on a table in the room. Carl felt a kind of beam and pride from Uncle Charley. He was excited which is not normally how Charley is. He was matter of fact and almost flat during their first meeting. Tonight, while showing Carl the table, he is markedly more animated.

The grey flannelled clothed Uncle said, I bought some kitchen utilities that I remember a neighbor used on his teenagers when I was a boy. See that large wooden spoon?

Charley looked directly at Carl to gauge his reactions. Carl’s eyes widened as he looked at the long and thick wooden cooking spoon on the table. Its presence created an intimidating watchful image.

Uncle Charley said, I remember this one boy getting spanked by his Dad on the bare bottom with a wooden spoon like this

Charley paused for a moment. Carl did not react the way he thought he would so then he continued, I remember how his Dad calmly took a hold of the boy’s arm and asked the rest of us to let them get by. His Dad never told any of us to leave. He walked the boy to a study hard backed chair, sat down, and proceeded to pull his pants down, right in front of all of us!

Charley paused again briefly as he watched Carl’s heightened reaction. Carl was viewing as Uncle Charley draws deep into his memory. I had a hard on. Oh, the boy started pleading with his Dad not to spank him, but his Dad ignored him. It was war time then and parents, usually the Dads, would give their boys good and hard, long spankings with spoons or something like it. I heard of a few guys that got it with the Razor Strap

Looking into Carl’s eyes with a firm piercing glare, Charley had a malevolent smirk on his face. A sullen smile came over his Uncle. There was a delight in the man’s eyes. He picked the spoon up and handed it to Carl. I want you to hold this

Carl held the heavy thick wooden spoon. Charley enjoyed his now visible trepidation. The spoon was heavier than some paddles either of them had seen.

It is good and sturdy. It won’t break when I use it on you. Uncle Charley still spoke back to his matter-of-fact way.

Am I going to get it with that tonight? Carl asked in a maligning voice with the spurning look.

Charley slowly nodded his head with awkwardness to his face. The conservative mannered man had a shimmered look in his face.

Realizing he was going to get it good that night Carl tepidly mumbled, Oh, boy...

Charley’s grin got more animated. He could feel the little kid coming out of Carl now. He showed him a metal spatula, a thick short leather strap, a leather paddle, and a few other things. Lastly, he showed him a wooden horse stable brush. He said, I found this at a yard sale for two bucks. It needed some fixing so I sanded it down; put some shellac on it. A few coats. You’ll get this when you’re really bad. It will hurt as much as that slipper did. Maybe more Uncle Charley said with an edge of enjoyment.

With a different edginess Carl said clearly and knowingly, I’ll bet...

Uncle Charley headed back to the living room. They sat down. Bypassing the normal chit chat Uncle Charley asked, So how has the last few weeks been? Have you been a good boy

This was different than on their first meeting. Charley’s mannerisms were significant. He was forward and keyed up. Maybe it was because they had talked about his 12 year old helper. It could have been anything. Carl felt a restlessness come over him as the night moves along. But he also had a warm feeling toward this conservative man. A trust had formed.

A little while later Uncle Charley starts to show sighs of poignant edginess. It was getting close to the moment and they both knew it.

Uncle Charley’s tone had changed from the first time they met. Now, he was one with a more paternal persuasion. Yet he had warmth with zeal in his attention. With a firm and compassionate tone he said with assurance to Carl patting his inner thigh, It is time. Come over by me.

He looked directly into Carl eyes. Carl was unsure, but felt an assuredness. He follows his Uncle’s directions. He walks over to the man. Uncle Charley talked with a pensive tone saying, You’re going to get a spanking son

Charley took hold of his arm, proceeded to undo his pants, and guided him squarely across his lap. Once Carl was securely in place, Uncle Charley said, Hold still until I am through

Carl’s pants and briefs were lowered to his ankles. The heavy spoon whisked down through the air and began landing with rapid intensity over and over. Carl began moaning right away. The pain was broad but sharp. Uncle Charley really let him have it. Have it but good.

This wooden spoon spanking went on and on with Carl wincing his bottom to distract the blows but always holding his place. Uncle Charley barely said a word. He laid it on thick.

Whap! Whap! Crack! Swat! Whack!..)))

Now, Carl almost slips off his lap to the floor! Uncle Charley wasn’t having any of that. He worked Carl in between his thighs and scissor locked him in. He said, Hold still until I’m through!

The whacks got harder and faster.

Whap!Whap!Whap!))) Whoop! Whoop!!! Crack! Crack!!...

Sweat from Uncle Charley intermingled with Carl’s drenched body. Carl breathed rapidly. He tries to steady himself. Uncle Charley kept on going with the spoon. He was engrossed in the task at hand.

Uncle Charley never let up. When he did break for a brief moment the man was sobbing like a punished 12 year old boy. Once Carl started to sob, begging for mercy, Uncle Charley finished. He had forgotten to try the other implements. This boy has been punished.

Carl lay across his new Uncle’s lap for several minutes He was psychologically and physically spent. Soon Charley affectionately rubbed the sobbing man’s shoulders. He let him go off the bedroom as he had the first time.

After a few minutes, Uncle Charley came into the bedroom. Carl had drawn up his underwear back on while he lay on the bed. When Charley first popped the door open, a quick sinking feeling sank into his stomach. Would he spank him again?

Charley relished the fearful disposition of his friend. He said after a long lingering moment, No. No more spanking. You’ve been punished.

Carl’s face relaxed. He really wasn’t sure what he would do. Charley still clothed motioned Carl to move over some. He lay down next to him. He slid his arm behind Carl’s neck and they talked. Uncle Charley said, You really did cry. That is what I wanted.

The two men embraced.

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