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Punishment was different when I was growing up
Part 1

by CfnmFan

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Things were different when I was growing up. When a boy acted up or did something wrong, he got punished. He didn’t get time out or have cell phone privileges taken away like modern day, he got a good old fashion whipping from your parents. Even the public school system could paddle kids (this is absolutely true!). I remember a kid in 5th grade stole money from a girl. The principal brought the boy into the classroom of the girl. The principal told the boy to touch his toes and he was paddled in front of the entire class.

The worst, most humiliating, ass whooping I remember happened to a friend of mine when we were 15 years old, in 9th grade. My best friend was a guy named Terry Wagner. Terry and I were total opposites. He was outgoing, class clown, and always getting into trouble. I was the silent sidekick. I observed his craziness and laughed at the trouble he would get himself into. I was the goodie goodie as his mom would always tell Terry to be more like me.

Terry had a younger brother, John. Terry and John were alike in personality but not in looks. Terry was blonde, tall, athletic, and very good looking. He was a rising star baseball player for the school. He had all the girls in the 9th grade looking at him. John was a year younger, shorter, dark hair, and more on the stocky side. They both loved to be the center of attention and were both very mischievous. They got into a lot of trouble in school and at home.

Terry always wanted to have fun thus getting into trouble. Sometimes it was small stuff, like throwing a ball in the house and breaking a vase. He might get restriction or have to pay for the broken vase. Then there were the times when they did something major, like one time, we were playing football in the house. Terry tackled John and they both went into the wall and damaged the drywall. There was a huge hole in the wall.

When Terry’s parents got home from work and saw the hole in the wall, they were furious. They barged into Terry’s room, where Terry, John, and I were hanging out, and told the two of them to stand up. Mr. Wagner told them to strip naked and he gave them a whipping with a belt. I watched in fear of Mr. Wagner as he was a very intimidating man. He was 6-3, large frame, with a bad temper. Actually Mrs. Wagner scared me too.

Back then, it was not thought of to be child abuse to spank with a belt or wooden spoon. If you did something wrong, you got a beating. Many times the beatings came in front of family or friends. It was not unusual for Terry’s parents to make them strip and spank them in front of their guy friends. I remember 5 or 6 times that I witnessed their bare asses getting whipped as they witness my ass getting whipped.

One summer day, Terry and John were playing with their dad’s golf clubs, which they were not allowed to touch his very expensive clubs. They were seeing who could get the golf ball the closest to the clothes line. Terry hit the ball too hard and it went through the neighbor’s window. Later that afternoon, the neighbor, Mrs. Garvey, came over and asked Mr. and Mrs. Wagner if Terry and John knew anything about it. They lied and said they didn’t know anything.

A short while later, a bunch of us were hanging out in their backyard. We hung out in Terry’s back yard a lot, mostly because parents didn’t want Terry in their yard. It was Terry, John, 2 other friends of ours, Joey and Steve, and 3 neighborhood girls, Deanna, Michelle and Marcia and me. We had just gotten some ice cream and were hanging out sitting around their picnic table.

Mr. Wagner inspected his golf clubs and noticed that the clubs were not put away properly as the covers were not put back on the correct clubs. Mr. Wagner walked out back and confronted Terry and John. Terry and John said they were not playing with his clubs and didn’t know how the wrong covers got put on the clubs.

His father was furious. He knew they were lying but didn’t know how to prove it. Mrs. Wagner came out to calm him down her husband. Just then, Mr. and Mrs. Garvey, the neighbors, walked over and started talking with the Wagners. After a brief conversation, Mr. Wagner approached our group of 8 kids.

Do any of you know how Mr. and Mrs. Garvey’s window got busted? asked Mr. Wagner. His face was beet red and veins were bulging from his neck and forehead. My heart was pounding with fear. I knew how bad his temper was. Terry and John should just confess now and maybe their punishment would only be to pay for the broken window. But no, they continue to play innocent.

Dad, we told you, we don’t know how their window got busted. We weren’t even around the house today. explained Terry. Terry was a good liar. He face was sad, like he was upset he dad didn’t believe him.

Then how do you explain this? Mr. Wagner said as he held up a golf ball with his company’s name imprinted on it. The Garveys found this ball in their house in the room where the window was broken. His eyes were shooting fire and his hands were shaking as he held up the golf ball to show his boys.

Terry’s face was emotionless. You could tell he was thinking how he could get out of this predicament. Terry could talk his way out of any situation as he has done it many times before. For the many times he has been caught and punished, he has lied and talked his way out of blame.

Dad, your golf balls are all over the yard. Any kid could have picked up that golf ball and threw it through the Garveys’ window. explained Terry, his face still unfazed by the situation.

I just got these golf balls yesterday as I am in a company golf tournament tomorrow. I just took them out of the box and put them in my bag last night, smartass. Mr. Wagner refuted. His empty hand was gripped in a tight fist.

Realizing he got himself into a jam, Terry quickly replied Ok, we did take the golf balls out of the bag and we must have left one out in the yard.

Mrs. Wagner lost her composure and screamed Terry, just stop lying! Admit you broke the window. When are you going to learn responsibility for your actions? She was furious but had tears in her eyes like she didn’t know how to teach her kids right from wrong.

Terry broke as he saw how upset his mom was. Ok, ok, we broke their window. We were playing golf in the yard and hit the ball through the Garveys’ window. There was dead silence, nobody said anything. The neighborhood kids just held their breath knowing something bad was going to happen. We either looked away or looked down at the ground. We didn’t want to make eye contact with Terry and John’s parents. The Garveys took a couple steps away, almost wanting to go home, not wanting to see what is coming next. Mr. and Mrs. Wagner just stared at their boys, there was anger, disappointment, and frustration in their expressions.

John broke the silence by giving details, It was Terry that broke the window. He hit the ball.

What are we going to do with you boys? said Mrs. Wagner as she threw up her hands. I don’t know. We have tried everything but you continue to get into trouble and then lie to our faces. This is the third broken window we have to pay for. This bad behavior has been going on for years and nothing gets better. I don’t know. I really don’t know.

I have never seen his parents this mad. Mrs. Wagner is usually very calm but she is so upset she is rambling on, screaming at the top of her lungs. Mr. Wagner hasn’t said a word. He is just staring at Terry and John with a look a pure anger on his face. He finally breaks his silence and says Mary, get me the paddle!

I had a feeling that was going to happen. Playing with their father’s golf clubs, breaking a window and then lying about it is about as bad as you can get. What normally happens next is they will send the neighborhood kids home and Terry and John will get their whipping but this time it was different.

Get your clothes off and get ready for your paddling! roared their father.

Terry and John let out a big sigh as they knew their butts were going to be blistered by their father. They started to remove their shirts, waiting for their father to make the next announcement for the kids to go home. The Garveys turned and tried to sneak away to go home but Mr. Wagner, without turning his head, kept his stare at his kids, said Bob and Lois, you stay! The Garveys stopped dead in their tracks, fearing Mr. Wagner’s anger. Terry and John stopped undressing.

Dad, can we do this inside? John said as his voice trembled as he spoke.

NO, we are going to do this right here! Mr. Wagner demanded.

Terry and John’s face turned from fear of the beating to terror of being humiliated in public. I thought to myself, if he is going to paddle them in front of everyone, he wouldn’t make them strip naked. I think John and Terry thought the same thing. The neighborhood girls saw Terry get paddled once in school for stealing a book from the library. He was paddled in front of his classmates but it was through his pants.

The boys stood there bare chested waiting for their mom to return with the paddle. I said get your clothes off! yelled Mr. Wagner never taking his eyes off his two boys.

But dad, can’t you paddle us with our shorts on? There are girls here. petitioned Terry.

Well, you should have thought of that before you lied to us. replied Mr. Wagner.

Terry and John unbuttoned their shorts as you could see their hands shaking. At this point, I’m still thinking he will paddle them in their underwear. The humiliation of standing in your underwear, in front of your neighbors and friends including 3 girls from your class, was going to be overwhelming. Mrs. Wagner returned from the house with the wooden paddle. Her face went from anger to astonishment as she viewed her 14 and 15 year old boys removing their shorts in front of everybody. She didn’t say a word as she handed the paddle to her husband.

Both Terry and John removed their shoes and then their shorts. Both boys had on white briefs. That is what kids wore back then – white fruit of the loom briefs – or as they were commonly known tighty whities. The girls watched in amazement that they were viewing their friend and classmate in their underwear. They didn’t move, they just stared at the near naked boys. The brothers were facing away from us. From the tight fitting white underwear, you could see the shape of the boys’ butts. I know the girls wish the boys would turn around so they could see their bulges.

The boys stood at attention in front of their father and mother. Their father was like in a trance, just staring them down. The boys’ hands were shaking in nervousness of the event that is to follow, the paddling in front of everyone. It was so quiet, it was eerie. You could hear John sniffle like he was holding back tears. Then the words that Terry and John never wanted to hear. I said GET YOUR CLOTHES OFF! hollered Mr. Wagner.

I couldn’t believe my ears. He was going to make them strip completely naked in front of the girls and Mrs. Garvey. The girls gasped and covered their mouths. They couldn’t believe they were going to witness this public humiliation. When the boys got spanked, the girls would always get sent home first. They were actually going to see the boys naked. They were excited, yet horrified that Mr. Wagner is mean enough to do this.

What? Dad, no. Please don’t make us do this! whined Terry. Please, can we do this inside, please?

No, we will do this right here. I think the Garveys have the right to see you punished for what you did. proclaimed Mr. Wagner.

Dad, no. Please, not in front of our friends. John pleaded as he tried holding back his tears.

Well, nothing else has worked with you boys. yelled Mrs. Wagner, who spoke for the first time since her first outburst. Maybe some public shame will sink into your heads and you will remember this the next time you think about getting into trouble.

No. Please. This is embarrassing enough. added Terry, trying to talk his parents out of humiliating them. We are in our underwear in front of everyone. Please no.

I felt sorry for John and Terry. They are standing in their tiny white briefs, holding back tears, in front of everyone pleading with their parents not to make them strip. More sniffles and whimpers as they held back tears, knowing soon, they will be standing completely naked in front of their lady neighbor and 3 girls from school. I know I was uncomfortable. I wanted to go home and not witness this humiliating punishment. The girls wanted to stay to see their friends’ naked boy body. None of the girls have ever seen a naked boy yet. Michelle was particularly interested in seeing Terry naked as she has had a crush on him for years.

I’m going to ask one more time or I will remove your underwear for you. demanded Mr. Wagner.

John tried to hold it in but he started crying. He was making the sobbing noises and his shoulders were shaking up and down. Terry stared off into space, realizing that his biggest fear was about to become a reality. You know that dream where you are naked in front of the classroom. That was going to be true for the brothers. The boys know they have lost their fight. They both reached into their waistband and started to pull down their underwear. They gave one more last plea but their father yelled NOW!

Facing away from the neighborhood kids, the boys pulled off their underwear with one hand and covered their dicks with the other hand. They kicked their underwear off to the side, exposing their butts to the crowd of neighborhood kids. The girls let out another gasp as they viewed their friends’ naked butts for the first time. Terry and John were tan, so their pale white butts stood out. Terry has played sports all his life so his butt had a nice shape, small, tight, and round. John’s has a bigger body frame so his butt was slightly bigger than Terry’s. The girls started to giggle to their selves.

The Garveys were standing off to the side of Mr. and Mrs. Wagner so they were viewing the boys from the front. Terry and John stood there with both hands covering their fronts. Their faces were bright red, Terry from embarrassment and John from crying.

I don’t know how to get through those thick heads of you boys. You think you can do whatever you want without consequence. I am going to teach you humility. said Mr. Wagner. Now, you owe Mr. and Mrs. Garvey an apology. Put your hands on your heads and go apologize. John let out another loud sob and pleaded for his dad not to make them show their penises in front of the neighbors. His dad denied his plea.

John is crying uncontrollably now. Terry is in control but tears are in his eyes. The boys put their hands on their heads and walked over to Mr. and Mrs. Garvey. The girls watch Terry and John’s butts as they walk. The girls lean towards the left trying to get a view of their fronts.

Mrs. Garvey has a devilish grin on her face. The boys have caused her a lot of problems. She is constantly complaining the boys. I couldn’t hear what the brothers said. I could only hear John continue to cry uncontrollably. Mrs. Garvey stared at the naked boys’ bodies. It was a humiliating site to see two teenage boys standing naked in front of grown adults with their hands on their heads. Mr. Garvey was stone-faced as Mrs. Garvey lectured the naked lads. It was like Mr. Garvey knew the embarrassment the boys were feeling and wanted to free them yet Mrs. Garvey wanted to continue the humiliation and make the boys stand naked in front of her for as long as possible.

The boys brought their hands down from their heads and covered their fronts as they walked back to stand in front of their parents. John’s face was still bright red. Deanna, who is in John’s grade, was enjoying this as she is a spectator to her classmates’ humiliation. Thank heavens for John and Terry that cell phones with cameras were not invented yet so the girls could not take pictures of this and share with their friends.

Ok, boys. There is one more apology you need to give. announced their father.

Terry started Mom and Dad, we are sorry for... as Mr. Wagner stopped him. It’s not us you need to apologize to.

The boys looked confused. They looked at each other for the right answer. You need to apologize to your friends. stated Mr. Wagner. I could not believe what I just heard. Is he going to make them stand buck naked in front of the neighborhood girls and apologize? The girls are going to see them completely naked now. I heard Michelle say oh my god excitedly thinking she is going to see Terry’s dick.

A scream of NO was heard as John couldn’t stand the thought of what his father is making him do. John tried to run but his father grabbed his arm. No, please, dad, don’t. John cried as he started to throw a small tantrum, bouncing up and down. The girls chuckled at John as his bouncing made his butt cheeks jiggle. His dad never blinked nor replied, John tried to plead with his mom. Mom, please don’t! Please don’t let dad do this!

Their mom stood her ground and agreed with her husband You two boys think you are such big shots in front of your friends. You always need to be center of attention thus getting yourselves into trouble. Your father is right. You need to be taken down a couple of pegs and taught humility.
Boys, put your hands on your heads. Turn around and apologize to your friends. instructed Mr. Wagner. I can’t believe this is happening. I was in complete shock that parents would be so cruel to humiliate their kids like this. I know Terry and John are always in trouble but this is taking it too far. Will the boys actually turn around?

John’s crying was out of control to the point he was almost hyperventilating. It is embarrassing enough to be 14 years old and cry in front of your friends. But it is even WORSE when you are 14 years old and cry in front of your friends AND are naked. Mr. Wagner says to John, John, get yourself together now. It is time to pay for your actions. John tried hard to stop crying. Ok, boys turn around. commanded their father.

The boys once again put their hands on their head and slowly started to turn around to face the audience of six neighborhood kids naked. They shuffled their feet slowly and eventually their entire naked bodies were in clear view of everyone. The girls’ eyes are wide open and they cover their mouths, trying not to scream or laugh or make any sound. They are viewing a naked boys’ body for the first time. They are seeing their friends’ penises in clear view.

Terry tried hard to keep his emotions in control but you could see his eyes were red and cheeks were flushed. His bottom lip was quivering. Terry didn’t make eye contact with anyone. His body is on full display for the girls to ogle. Terry is on the slender side, flat stomach, very athletic so his hairless body is tone. He has blonde pubic hair so at times, depending on the light, he looks like he is bald there. Terry is circumcised and has an average to small dick. It is flaccid now, sticking straight out maybe 2 inches. His balls are tight close to his body. You can tell he is breathing hard as his stomach muscles expand and contract.

John’s face is red and his eyes are swollen. He can’t get his emotions under control which is making everything worse. John is slightly shorter than Terry as they stand next to each other. John is a stocky guy with a bit of a stomach, almost like baby fat still. John has darker pubic hair but not much of it. He is also circumcised and maybe a little smaller in size to his brother. I think his thick waist makes his penis look smaller. Neither of the boys make eye contact with anyone.

The girls are in a trance staring at the boys’ naked bodies. By now they can tell you every detail about what they have seen. The brothers stand naked, front and center, about 15 feet from the group. Michelle’s mouth is still wide open and her hand is covering it as she is in pure shock. Marcia and Deanna giggle to their selves at how cute the little penises are. Joey and Steve look away as all of us boys have seen each other naked before as we skinny dipped at Joey’s pool often. We just feel sorry for the brothers. We know that everyone will be talking about this at school tomorrow.

Terry apologized to everyone but I couldn’t tell you what he said, his voice was so soft. John can’t even get out one word because of his sobbing. He is a pitiful sight. Here is a 14 year old boy, face as red as a stop sign, eyes swollen and standing naked with his little dick on display to his female classmates to ogle. He will be teased about this for a long time.

I look at Mrs. Garvey as she is enjoying the humiliating of the two hoodlums. She is looking directly at their little asses. She knows the boys are shamed and knows they deserve it. I notice she occasionally looks at the expression of the three neighborhood girls. She sees their enjoyment of seeing a teenage boy naked for the first time, seeing what a penis looks like, how big it is, what balls look like, and the shape of a boys butt.

Mr. Wagner approached his two sons as they faced us. I will paddle you in front of your friends so they can see the shame in your faces. he announces. John lets out another bellowing cry. I can’t believe how mean he is being. He is humiliating his sons beyond belief.

Mr. Wagner grabs both boys by the arm and walks them a few steps closer to the audience. The girls squeal as the naked brothers are now within 5 feet of them, naked bodies in full clear view. The girls are mesmerized, the neighborhood boys are terrified. Terry looks at the girls as the ogle his body. The girls know everything about the boys’ bodies in great detail. John makes eye contact with his classmate Deanna. She gives a small grin signifying that she is looking at his dick. Michelle and Marcia stare intently at Terry. They smile knowing they are viewing the naked body of the star baseball player and most popular guys in the 9th grade.

John was first to get paddled as Mr. Wagner went around to the back left of John and delivered a loud smack with the paddle to John’s butt. John let out a loud scream and continued to cry. It was such a pathetic event to watch. I turned my head but the girls attentively watch as their naked friend received the whipping. I heard three or four more loud smacks and then Mr. Wagner told John to turn around. John’s red butt was on view for the girls to see. You could see the shape of the paddle marked on John’s ass. The girls collectively made ooh and aah sounds, knowing how painful that must be. His father applied a few more whacks to his backside. Each swat makes John jump and his butt cheeks wiggle.

It was now Terry’s turn. He was trying to keep a cool calm face but I could see tears in his eyes. The first paddle really made him jump as he winced in pain. The girls snickered as each smack made Terry’s dick bounce up and down. Terry watched the girls laugh at him. Were they laughing at his little dick or laughing as they are witness to his humiliating whipping? He was ordered to turn around as Mr. Wagner continued the whooping as the girls could see Terry’s red butt cheeks and the red paddle marks.

Mr. Wagner addressed the boys, asking them if they had learned their lesson. The boys both nod their head yes but keep their heads bowed. Their father continues, now say good bye to your friends, as you won’t get to see them as you are both on restriction for 4 weeks.

John yelled, That’s not fair! and ran into the house. Mr. Wagner tried to stop him but he kept running. Mr. Wagner ran after him.

Ok, Terry, get into the house. said Mrs. Wagner. Mary walked over to speak to the Garveys.

Terry was in a daze. I don’t know if he realized it or not, but he was still naked, just standing there. Maybe he didn’t care. Maybe he figured everyone has seen him naked anyway. He just stared at the ground, tears streamed down his cheeks.

See you guys. Said Terry in the most depressing voice I have ever heard. I guess I will see you at school.

He doesn’t look up, he can’t make eye contact with anyone. Meanwhile Michelle, Deanna, and Marcia stand up quickly from the picnic table and walked over to comfort Terry. I am not sure if they were there to comfort him or get a closer look. They were all staring down directly at Terry’s dick. They can’t believe they are so close to a naked boy. They are seeing a cock up close. They could describe every detail of his dick and they will when they tell all their friends at school.

They had no idea if Terry was big or small, it was their first dick they have ever seen. The internet wasn’t around for girls to see pictures of naked men like today. They had nothing to compare it to. Boys would look at their father’s Playboy or Penthouse magazines to see naked women but girls didn’t have that opportunity.

Michelle puts her arm on Terry’s back and asks Are you ok?, never taking her eyes off his naked body. She rubs his back, getting the feel of Terry’s skin. I watched her hand start around his back shoulder and slowly moved down close to the top of his ass crack. I know she wanted to touch his butt.

Yay, I’m ok. Please don’t tell anyone about this. I am really embarrassed. says the dejected Terry.

Don’t worry. claims Michelle. Is your butt ok? It looks really painful.

Yay, it hurts a lot. Terry says very softly, as he does a half turn, showing his red blistered ass close up to the girls.

Oh my god, it is so red. Poor Terry. says Michelle. Can we touch it?

Yay, but its’ sore. Terry says in a dispirited voice. Michelle reaches down and caresses his butt. She lightly rubs her hand in a circular motion around his small round butt cheek. The other two girls join in. The girls are in astonishment that they are touching Terry Wagner’s bare butt. All the girls at school will be so jealous. I bet the wish they could touch his dick but Terry’s mom is standing over talking to the Garveys.

Terry turned back around to face everyone. I better go. says Terry. He must have liked the attention his ass was getting from the girls as his dick started to grow a little. Terry knew he was getting excited so he covered his dick with his hands for the first time not wanting the girls to see his boner. See you guys tomorrow. finished Terry.

Terry turned and walked away. The girls huddled together and started to giggle commenting how it looked like his cock grew. They wondered how big it would get. As he walked away, they continue to observe. They watched his butt as he bent over to pick up his clothes and wiggles from side to side as he walked away. Joey, Steve, and I left but the girls stayed and talked about what just happened and what they saw. They couldn’t wait to go home to call their friends and tell them.

The next day at school, everybody was talking about Terry and his public spanking by his parents. The girls told everyone about Terry being forced to strip in front of them. They could describe Terry’s naked body in great detail to all the female 9th graders. I heard it was just as bad for John in middle school.

Later that day at lunch, Joey, Steve, Terry, and I were talking. We didn’t want to bring up the subject but Terry did. He said he is getting teased by everyone and it was the most humiliated he has ever been. He told us his parents talked to him and John later that night. They said they hoped the public shame works for the boys to make better decisions. Mr. Wagner said if it doesn’t work, next time we will paddle you in front of the whole school. Terry laughed and said Can you imagine? I thought to myself, yes I can imagine, his dad might be serious!

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