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The Joe Kirkson Meetings
Part 4

by Bud Johnson

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Joe Kirkson Meetings (Part 4)

[later that night]

The door closed and Chris lay on the bed with the lights put out just like he was a spanked little boy. As the door closed Chris heard his mentor Dad walking away from the bedroom down the stairs. A feeling of comfort and yearning came over Chris. He lay remembering the detail of all with what had just occurred. It got him hard.

He thought it would as it usually does even when it’s just a fantasy with anybody. But tonight it’s different. Is he falling for this man? His flooding emotions are overwhelming. But he contains himself. He thinks that he’d better not play with himself unless he could handle another whoopin’. Chris is also wondering what Joe is thinking.

Joe sits downstairs in the darkened kitchen in silent contemplation. He is feeling an internal strength drawn from a sense of control, along with the boy’s expression. He would have likened it to the idea of him being a true surrogate son if Chris had really cried but that seems to matter less at this moment. He got his attention.

Joe also reflects on all of what has just occurred. After a minute or so he too got a strong hard on. But he is old enough to control himself. He is wondering though how Chris is feeling.

Curious and ready to find out he heads back up to the master bedroom. He slowly opens the door. There is Chris – his good little bad boy. He walks over and stands over his body. Chris is not asleep and a sullen smile comes below his dampened brow.

This grabs at Joe’s heart. The middle-aged military man gets into bed with him. He slips his strong hairy left arm down across Chris’s abdomen to his groan and takes hold of the boy’s tool. Chris does not resist. Joe also pushes his own body next him touching Chris closely as he begins to message the boy’s manhood. They are both naked.

He felt the boy getting a strong erection while he too grew erect again laying snuggly with his manly body to the back side of the smoothly boyish 23 year old. Chris’s body shutters with an impetuosity. He gyrates up and down assisted by Mr. Kirkson’s strong masculine hand.

Joe begins to move with his own rock hard penis behind the boy on his lower back, just over the boy’s bottom. It is still warm from the hair brush spanking he had given him. Joe continues to masturbate the boy. Chris with an ecstasy exclaims louder and louder. Oh! Oh no! I’m... Chris cries out but his load shoots out just missing Mr. Kirkson and goes over toward the edge of the bed.

Joe said, That’s a good boy

He had wanted the boy to cum. To feel an intense elation like Joe is feeling. His own up and down motions had also been intensifying. Joe almost cums, but the hearty man holds back for the moment.

He teases Chris about the pool of fluid now in a puddle at the edge of the bed. Chris tenses briefly wondering if he is about to get spanked some more. But he feels Mr. Kirkson’s hands and arms caress his bottom and thighs. Joe slips his hand over Chris and separates his ass cheeks. He touches his bottom orifice lightly, caressing it and probing it gently.

Would you mind if I fucked you? Joe politely asks.

Chris has been fucked a couple of times but he is no expert. He said with an uncertainty, No Sir, that’s fine

Chris sounded nervous and Joe sensed this from him. Don’t worry son. You let me know if it hurts you at all

Joe puts his shaft slowly into the 23 year old’s rectum. Chris moans expectedly as he does so. Once he is fully inside him, he kisses Chris’s neck and begins some gentle gyration.

It didn’t take long either. When he came inside the boy, both of them felt the warmth surround them. The sincerity was dreamlike as a new love often is.

Joe has fallen for the young man. Chris at this moment is thoughtful; not sure what to feel or think. But what ever it is it is nice. He holds on to Mr. Kirkland even tighter than before. He rolls over and kisses the man’s chest.

I really liked that my boy. I hope you don’t put me off again

Put you off? I didn’t mean to... At all... it is just that...

Joe said speaking on top of Chris’s words. I know that I am much older than you and it may not work out but I’d like to see you more often

School! I am doing really well in school now. I was a lousy student a few years ago. Chris finished his thought. Chris let go of his tight grip. He spoke with complete honesty.

Joe chuckled mildly and teased with a glow, Oh, we should have known each other back then too. I’d have straightened you out. You’d be my good boy.

The two talked pleasantly for a time. They delved deeper into their feelings compared to the letters, which were pretty profound. They began to trust each other.

Chris left the next morning but they agree to meet again next week. It seemed like it was no time when the following Friday came. They had talked several times during the week. The mutual nervousness was gone for both of them.

Chris arrived early this Friday. Mr. Kirkson invited him in. He said, Why don’t we watch a little television and just relax

He sat on the couch and calls Chris over to him. Chris sat next to him and Mr. Kirkson put his arm across his shoulder. He turned on the television with the remote and watching the start of a situation comedy.

At commercial Joe asked Chris, So do I need to spank you young man?

It threw Chris a little. He said, No Sir adding after a pause, This has been a crazy week though.


Chris continued, I had a few heavy reading assignments and a minor quiz.

They talked about Chris’s classes and the campus in general. Joe listened in a relaxed manner as Chris speaks luminously about school. Joe likes his passion and the focused duty he is projecting. In his mind, he doesn’t feel a need to spank him or even the thought of spanking him is secondary. He decides to get a little frisky rubbing his shoulders, then the boy’s thighs.

Chris brings the subject up. He asks, Am I going to get another spanking Sir?

Joe has a subtle surprised look on his face. The mood quickly turns. Mr. Kirkson adds, Should I? Do I need to?

It’s up to you Sir.

The words reverberate like a deep echo in the room. Joe easily falls back into the prospect of delivering a bare bottom spanking to the young man. He longs to hear him cry. Joe puts he fingers together and stretches his hairy arms out in a long stretch with purpose. The minutes ride by.

Mr. Kirkson firmly pats Chris’s upper thigh. Let’s get to it then young man. Joe natural assertive voice calls. He reaches over Chris’s groin and unbuttons his pants. A distant, Oh no... is uttered by Chris but he also dutifully stands before he mentor, dropping his trousers and underwear. He lies across his mentor’s lap.

Whap! Whap! Whap! Whap! Whap! Whop! Crack!!!

O-w-w-!!! Chris moans.

Smack! Whack! Whop! Whop!..)))

The bare bottom spanking started with a fury and Joe never lets up.

Whop!!! Whop!!! Smack! Pop! Whack!!! Whack!!! Whack!!!)))

Soon the hard wood lap paddle comes out. Chris writhes to avoid the searing cracks. Joe wasn’t having any of that. Joe scissor locked Chris with his legs down tight and in place across his lap. The spanking continues with the hard wood lap paddle delivering hard punishing blows.

Crack!!! Crack!!! Whap!!! Whop!!! Smack! Smack! Smack!)))

A low deep moan flowed into very real sobs as both of these men were drench in each other’s sweat and tears. Chris sobs. The spanking stops.


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