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Doing the Government's Work

by Christophorus Volkov

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Dr. Lawrence hated his job.

Since the passing of the Semen Collection Act of 2019″, every adult male upon reaching the age of 18 had two weeks to report to the local government office and leave a collection of semen so that the government could freeze it for research purposes and to ensure the domestic tranquility. A divided Supreme Court upheld the law by a vote of 5-4.

Legal scholars were shocked, but nothing shocked Dr. Lawrence any more.

Violators of the law would be forced to see specialized physicians like Dr. Lawrence who would compel them to give a sample by any means necessary. Given the special nature of his job, Lawrence’s pay was handsome, but, after seven years doing this and 30 years of practicing medicine, Dr. Lawrence was tired.

Dr. Lawrence had a motto, Another day, another sample.

The day had been busy for the doctor. Today, he had elicited 12 samples from young men. He knew all sorts of tricks. Dr. Lawrence as one of the best, and it is why he got the toughest nuts to crack, no pun intended.

His last case of the day was a paticularly challenging one, Billy was six weeks past his 18th birthday. This was almost a month outside the window allowable by the law.

Taken by force from his bedroom, Billy was brought to the detention center. Upon arrival, the young man’s boxer shorts were stripped from his body. He would be only wearing the white tube socks covering his feet as he was strapped face down and ass up by force to the exam table. They didn’t even bother to remove his t-shirt.

Billy could easily be slid to the edge of the exam table and bent over the edge if necessary, but Dr. Lawrence didn’t think it would be. Billy’s cock was already hardening. This would be a simple case it seemed. If all went well, this would go quickly and Dr. Lawrence would have sample 13 for the day within minutes.

If it was a challenging extraction, the dreaded syringe might be necessary to get sample, and, well, Dr. Lawrence didn’t particularly want to have to get the speculum out and dig for the young man’s prostate.

Since he was a particularly mouthy lad, he was muzzled with a ball gag. He strained against his restraints his powerful forearms rendered useless by the thick leather straps around his wrists and across his back.

Lawrence’s job was to get a usable sample, and, by law, he could use any means short of killing the patient to do so...any means.

Doctor Lawrence liked to start simple. An orderly was brought in with some lubricant. After about 20 minutes of stroking by reaching underneath the bed to Billy’s hanging cock, there was no sample. The early signs of an erection were replaced by a limp cock.

Every time you don’t give us a sample, we will step up our efforts, said Dr. Lawrence. Do you understand?

Billy answered affirmatively through his gag and gave the doctor the look of death. I’m immune to dirty looks kid.

Lawrence walked to the table controls, and Billy began to slide down on the table. Before he knew it, he was bent over the end of the table with his open hole blinking at Dr. Lawrence.

The orderly clearly knew what was next. He reached between Billy’s slightly spread legs and pulled the five inches of limp dick straight down. Now, Billy’s balls and cock were defenseless and hanging low between his milky white hamstrings.

A thin layer of hair covered Billy’s legs. His ass was smooth, and Billy shaved his hole and balls making them smooth to the touch.

Dr. Lawrence reached between Billy’s powerful hamstrings and snatched the two big balls into his hand. With a lubricated finger, he pushed his thick index finger into Billy’s hole. As Dr. Lawrence slid into Billy’s ass, the young lad let out a guttural grown. Unnnh.

In case he needed to increase the treatment, Dr. Lawrence was simply doing a prostate exam to get the lay of the land inside Billy’s rectum. He palpitated both lobes of the young man’s prostate. He was totally healthy, and he appeared to be quite a specimen of a male as late teens go.

Kid, you feel normal, said Dr. Lawrence as he swept his finger across Billy’s prostate. What I don’t understand is why you won’t give me a sample. You’re 18, and a stiff wind gives you a hard on.

Dr. Lawrence slipped in a second finger into Billy’s virgin hole. Another muffled groan, UGHHHAA!

You feel these fingers, boy? asked Dr. Lawrence as he pushed two thick fingers against Billy’s interior g-spot.


Well, you had better give us a sample this time, or I am authorized to use the needle. If I need the needle, I will put a speculum up your ass, spread you open, stick a tool with a needle up your ass, and grab a sample of your prostate gland to prove you were healthy but wouldn’t give us a sample. Do you understand me?


It’s as painful as it sounds, ok? So, do your best to give me a sample. You understand?

MMMM HMMMM...uhhh.

Dr. Lawrence slipped his fingers out without warning.

Usually a threat of the needle got the young men to focus. From above, a large tube came down from the ceiling. As it got within his reach, Dr. Lawrence grabbed it and placed it over Billy’s limp penis. An orderly entered carrying a small case and a bottle of some substance. Dr. Lawrence opened the case, and it was a series of dildos starting from small to large. The smallest dildo was about the width of a finger. The largest was about the width of a man’s forearm.

Dr. Lawrence applied a new set of gloves as laid out by his orderly and nodded his head. The tube on Billy’s penis began to suck his cock with some sort of sadistic vacuum. Billy rocked in his restraints and cried out.


At the same time, Dr. Lawrence inserted the smallest dildo into Billy’s tight hole.

ARRRRGH, cried Billy as the invader poked into his hole.

Billy’s cock began to harden. After five minutes of dildo number one, Billy still had not produced a sample. His cock began to precum. Lawrence removed the dildo and inserted the second smallest dildo.

Billy wrestled against his restraints. His t-shirt raised to below his shoulder blades showed that his lats and were straining against the belt keeping him down to the exam table. Underneath his body, his sculpted abs were flexed to the max. Billy’s ass cheeks tried unsuccessfully to keep the invading dildo out. Lawrence was sadistic and completely focused on his job. he continued to move the dildo in and out and finally began to see Billy’s balls moving. It appeared he was about to cum but, without warning, Dr. Lawrence removed the dildo second smallest dildo from Billy’s ass.

I’ve got him close, thought Dr. Lawrence. He’s going to fill his sample beaker.

Instead of going with the next largest dildo in the collection, Dr. Lawrence decided to go big or go home. He made his choice, lubed it up and slowly slid in the largest dildo in the collection.


Billy could feel his body begin to go into cum mode. His balls hugged the base of his cock. He was getting closer and closer as Dr. Lawrence pounded him with the biggest dildo allowed by federal law for this procedure.


Billy was close. Then, he could feel the wave of motion in his taint as his young reproductive organs sprung into full action. The vacuum tube relentlessly sucked away as the contractions began deep in Billy’s pelvic muscles.


The bent-over young man nearly stood up in his restraints as he blew a load into the tube.


He was out of breath. He collapsed against the table. Billy could manage only a muffled, Oh my god.

Momentarily, the vacuum tube stopped. Billy was left in a crumpled mess on the exam table.

Dr. Lawrence stepped into the control room. He looked through the window into the scene before him would have made some men hard. An 18-year-old male was bent over an exam table with his penis in a vacuum tube and a forearm-sized dildo sticking balls deep out of his anus.

Billy was over it as the orderly moved to take the Billy’s blood pressure and pulse rate. He was spent, but his vitals were normal.

Not quite enough, said Dr. Lawrence looking at Billy’s sample. He had a feeling the young man still had a little bit more left in there. I want about five more milliliters.

Without warning, the vacuum started up again sucking Billy’s cock up and causing him to pull hard against his restraints as his sensitive joystick was vacuum sucked.

Dr. Lawrence walked back to Billy’s bedside. He rubbed Billy’s shoulder as he said, That was a good sample, Billy, but we need more.

Billy let out a groan. He didn’t know if he had any more. Don’t worry. I have just the thing, said Dr. Lawrence. We’re going to do some spanking therapy on you. You seem to be aroused by extreme measures, so I think you’re a perfect candidate for this punishment to get the last bit of semen we need.

An orderly entered carrying a heavy wooden paddle. Another orderly had a small reflex hammer.

Give him the ten to one treatment, said Dr. Lawrence. This meant 10 spanks and one tap to the balls.

The orderly raised the heavy paddle and, again, without warning, pushed it with force against Billy’s defenseless ass cheeks.


The un-mistakeable sound of wood on ass echoed through the procedure room.


The orderly was relentless. Billy felt every stroke. His ass was beginning to grow a deep shade of red.

Billy’s balls hung low. The second orderly stepped in, reached between Billy’s powerful legs, and delivered a soul crushing blow with the reflex hammer to Billy’s balls.

OWWWWAAHHH! Billy groaned as he felt his knees buckle.

After a moment or two, Dr. Lawrence checked. Billy’s cock began to harden again.

Repeat the procedure.

Billy’s eyes grew wide. He felt his balls beginning to move again. He was going to make himself cum as the paddle rained down on his ass because he knew he couldn’t take another hit on his two most prized possessions.


Billy could feel his balls tightening again and the pressure building in his taint. It wouldn’t be long now.


His pelvic muscles spasmed. Involuntarily, he strained against the restraints and felt every muscle in his body contract.


Billy could feel his butthole tightening. This load was going to be bigger than the one before.


The waves of contractions began at first, nothing came out of his piss slit.


Billy’s knees began to buckle. He could feel the pleasure radiate from his groin.


Finally, on the fourth contraction, the largest squirt of cum in Billy’s life shot down and the vacuum abyss. It was followed in rhythmic succession by 12 more squirts. Billy was empty.


His red cheeks were about to turn purple after the last two cracks when Dr. Lawrence stopped the onslaught.

Billy relaxed in his restraints.

You were a model patient, Billy, Dr. Lawrence whispered in his ear. A model patient.

Dr. Lawrence nodded again, and the restraints were removed from Billy’s ankles, body and wrists. At first, the young man didn’t move. He was so spent.

Dr. Lawrence, said Billy rising to his full height. You’re one fucked up old dude, but, I have to admit that I enjoyed every minute of this.

Billy smiled and looked at Dr. Lawrence. The old man wasn’t gay, but, in another time and place, he could see where he could have really grown fond of the young man. Even after everything he had just been through, the young man’s smiling face was framed by his messy blond locks. His blue eyes seemed to peer right through Dr. Lawrence’s brown ones.

He approached Dr. Lawrence and hugged the old man. Billy whispered, Thanks for this experience. I waited six weeks for this.

Dr. Lawrence, his arms now restrained by the younger man’s hug, raised his arms at the elbows and rubbed the young man’s back. No problem. Just doing my job, said Dr. Lawrence.

Billy looked in the doctor’s eyes again, and he then put on a hospital gown and slowly moved out of the procedure room. His ass was throbbing, and his stomach still hurt from the nut shot he took from the orderly.

The old doctor stepped into the control room, and he labeled Billy’s 10 milliliters of ejaculate. He placed a lid on the sample and placed it in with the other 12 samples he had pulled in his 12-hour shift.

The memory of Billy’s baby blues passed through his mind quickly as Dr. Lawrence grabbed the file of his next patient.

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