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Carlo's Price

by Christophorus Volkov

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Brendan was hungry, and he was desperate.Turning 18 and entering college brought with it all sorts of new responsibilities. With his mother off working in Paris and his father helping with the hurricane relief, the college freshman was left alone with $500 cash to last him two weeks.

Brendan blew through the cash in a hurry, but he didn’t want to disappoint his parents by telling them of his irresponsible spending. At school, he was fine. He could always scrounge up a dollar for a bag of chips and was fine with drinking water, but he was running low on change. The money was running out. In short, he needed a solution.

Two floors up from Brendan’s posh condo lived a family friend. Brendan didn’t know him well, but he knew the guy had some money he could borrow until he got some cash flow again because he had gone up with his mother to take the mail she had collected to him. While he was there, the guy went t a spot in the kitchen and grabbed a $20 bill to give to his mother. His mother had the key to the guy’s place because she had taken care of his plants while he was on business. If he could take a couple $20 bills from the guy, he’d probably never notice, and, with the key, Brendan knew he could always slip back in and replace the cash.

Brendan knew this guy was in the entertainment industry, but he was ashamed that he’d never paid enough attention to know his name, Cosmo or Connor or something, or his line of work. His mom just had mentioned it in passing, and he was too busy Snapchatting or Instagramming to care.

With a rumbling belly and a craving for Taco Bell, Brendan concocted a plan to get into the guy’s apartment upstairs and get some money. He’d wait until after dark so the neighbors would be in bed. He’d slip up to the apartment, go to the kitchen, grab two Jacksons and be gone before anyone knew the wiser. The plan would work. For his rumbling stomach and pride, it had to work.

Just after 2:00 am, in his bare feet, Brendan slipped out of his place and took the elevator ride to the seventh floor. He grabbed the key from his pocket, and he put it slowly into the lock. It wasn’t the best fit, so he had to jiggle the key a little bit. He turned the key and turned the doorknob, and he was in.

Brendan tip toed to the kitchen. He didn’t have to be quiet, but he thought he would be just in case one of the neighbors heard someone stirring in the apartment. The kitchen was massive. The money could be anywhere, thought Brendan.

He closed his eyes and called up the memory of where he saw the guy go when he grabbed the money to pay his mom. In the dark, he felt his way to the drawer he remembered and opened it. A wad of cash sat there like it was too good to be true. In the moonlight showing from the sliding door, Brendan counted out $40...two $20 dollar bills...and returned the rest before gently closing the drawer.

Brendan tip-toed back across the floor. He reached the door and opened it. Behind him, he locked it and boarded the elevator. Before he knew it, he was back in his own bedroom.

Two weeks passed, and Brendan had spent that $40. His parents came home, and he had even sneaked back into the guy’s apartment and replaced the $40 he borrowed. Everything was going great.

It was Sunday afternoon when Brendan walked to the elevator. He was going to go take a walk with this girl he was trying to get to know. He really wanted her to be more than just a friend, but they were taking it slow.

The elevator door opened, and there stood the guy from upstairs.

An awkward sensation came over Brendan. After all, the young man had pretty much broken in to the guy’s apartment and taken money. Sure, he replaced it, but he didn’t ask to borrow it.

Hey man, what’s up? asked the guy.

Oh, not much. Getting set to meet someone and take a walk, said Brendan.

Nice afternoon for a walk.

Yeah man, we’ve had great weather. I went to the football game the other night, and it was amazing outside.

Yeah. Well, I’ve been out of town this last month. I was working on a tour in China. Amazing. We go out again in a few weeks. Can you do me a favor and ask your mother if she’ll take care of my apartment again?

No problem, answered Brendan. I’ll tell her. Hey, I hate asking this, but I forgot your name. I thought it was Cosmo or something.

You’re close man. Nah, I’m not that Kramer guy from Seinfeld. I’m Carlo.

Dude, I am so sorry. I feel so bad.

No worries man. I’ll tell you what, when you get back from your walk, stop by. I have some merch you might want.

Cool! answered Brandon. He was always keen for free stuff.

The door opened, and they both got off and went their separate ways.

Brendan’s walk was great. The fledgling relationship between the two teens was progressing nicely. She laughed at all his jokes, and they made a date to go out on Saturday night. The girl was so fine, and Brendan just loved to talk to her. She loved his tall height, light brown skin and dark hair. Brendan’s mom was half Colombian.

After his walk, Brendan went to the gym in the condo building and got his workout going. It was leg day, so he worked that lower body hard. His toned upper body was highlighted by a six pack that drove all the girls wild. The squats he had been doing had bubbled up his butt. In fact, he even had taken a picture of himself naked the other day just to see what he looked like to others.

Quietly, that night, in the privacy of his own room, he jacked off to his own picture. It was a narcissistic moment of experimentation. He even slipped a pencil (eraser end first) up his own ass to simulate his penis fucking himself. If Brendan actually did ever fuck another man up the ass, he would need more than just a pencil to simulate the experience.

Anyway, Brendan thought it wasn’t gay because it was his own picture. He never would tell anyone that he stroked his cock to the site of his own luscious legs and bubble ass. He would never reveal to a soul that his low hangers were emptied while he rubbed his six pack and sat on a pencil.

Brendan wasn’t thinking about that when he showered, grabbed a quick plate of his mom’s fried rice and boarded the elevator for Carlo’s apartment on the seventh floor.

The doors opened, and Brendan strode confidently to the door. He knocked on it, and Carlo answered.

Hey man, glad you came up. Come on in.

Thanks again for having me, said Brendan. You have such a great place.

The door closed....THUD.

Have you been here before? asked Carlo.

Brendan got a cold chill down his back and shivered. He hoped Carlo didn’t notice. Oh yeah, when my mom took care of your place last year. I came up with her.

Oh yeah, I remember that now, said Carlo. You know I take really good care of my place, and I love it. This place is the one place I always feel like home.

I know what you mean. Probably because it is your home, said Brendan with a weak chuckle.

Carlo just nodded his head. He didn’t return the chuckle.

Let me go and grab that merch. You stay right here. Don’t touch anything, Carlo said, sounding surprisingly serious.

Oh, I won’t. I wouldn’t dare dream of touching anything here.

Carlo retreated to the bedroom and, after a few moments, came back holding a t-shirt with the name of the tour he worked on it, Man, I’m sorry. I looked for phone cases, but we must have given them all out. Maybe next time.

T-shirts are great. I can always use them. Thanks man. Well look, I’m going to go, man. Thanks again for the merch, and my mom said she can take care of your place, Brendan said, nervously. He felt awkward, just as he had in the elevator, and wanted to get out of the apartment. hey, before you go, I want to ask you something. Did you ever tell your parents you came in my place and stole $40 from me?


Yeah, about two weeks ago, you came in here, went into my kitchen, and took $40 out. Then, a few days later, you put it back.

How do you know all of this, man? asked Brendan.

It’s right here on my phone, dawg, Carlo answered. I watched you in your little Mission: Impossible impression creep right into my kitchen with your bare ass feet, take my money and waltz right out that door.

Brendan was speechless. Out of the corner of his eye he saw the camera that nailed him.

Suddenly, he started to explain, I put back the money, man. I didn’t mean to take it forever. I knew you had that stash there, and I needed cash while my parents were out of town.

I understand man. I got you. You put it back, and I get that. That said, you can’t just walk up in my castle without me knowing, man. Are you stupid or something?

Brendan thought to himself about how stupid the whole operation had been. After all, you could get shot for doing something like that had someone heard him.

Listen man, I’m begging you. My parents don’t know I ran out of money. Can you do me a solid and just forget this happened? I appreciate it, man. I’ll do anything for you.

Anything? said Carlo.

Yeah man, you name it. Just don’t tell my parents. They can’t ever know, Brendan answered.

Suck my cock.

Excuse me, I’m not like that.

Maybe you didn’t hear me, pretty boy. I said suck my damn dick.

Brendan weighed the options in his brain, and sucking Carlo’s cock seemed the best way out of the deal. After all, he’d sucked his buddy’s dick a few times and his buddy had sucked his. It was all experimentation.

Pretty boy, are you going to do this, or do I have to turn over the footage to the police?

Ok man. Whip it out.

Carlo laughed hysterically, Man, you were about to suck my cock, weren’t you?

Nah, I knew you were joking.

No, if I whipped out my dick, it would be against the back of your throat right now. This must be a huge secret if you’re willing to suck a cock of a strange man over it.

Listen, I know I messed up, and I’m sorry. I’m a good kid. I just don’t think sometimes.

Man, I get it, said Carlo. I was a teen one time, too. I’m willing to let this slide, but I want you to take off everything and turn towards the wall.

You’re joking again, aren’t you?

No man. I’m not joking. I’m going to whip your ass with this belt. You at least deserve that for breaking in here without my consent. A man’s home is his castle, and I don’t want you to forget that.

Reluctantly, Brendan unbuttoned his shorts, and they fell to the floor. He slipped off his t-shirt. Now he was just in his boxer briefs and his socks and shoes.

You ain’t naked yet, kid. Come on pretty boy. Speed it up and show me some damn respect.

Brendan removed his shoes and socks. After a moment, he dropped his underwear. Now, he stood naked in front of Carlo.

Nice body, kid. I think I can hook you up with some modeling agencies. You won’t need my $40 if you get hired. I’d be happy to make some calls for you.

Oh, so this was all a ploy to get me naked so you could see how I looked?

Nope, this was to get you naked so I could beat that ass. Turn around and grab your ankles.

Brendan did as he was told. He bent over and grabbed his ankles. His bubble butt cheeks parted ever so slightly giving Carlo vision of his tight little puckered hole. The teen’s heavy balls and cock hung low between his legs.

Brendan had never been so humiliated, but he strangely began to feel his cock growing a bit.

Carlo removed his leather belt. It was made of pure leather and was about a quarter inch thick. Brendan’s ass didn’t stand a chance.

Let’s see. You took $40 from me, so I think 40 whacks is fair. Count them out and call me, sir, dammit.

Whatever, sir, answered Brendan.

The first whack landed with a stinging blow on his left butt cheek right above where it joins the leg. Brendan wanted to stand up, but he was tough and took it like a man.


Two, sir.


Three, sir.


Four, sir.

The red marks began to show as Carlo kept hitting his target, and Brendan kept counting them out.

On the 25th lash with the belt, Carlo accidentally hit the top of Brendan’s leg. The edge of the belt creeped in between Brendan’s developing thighs and contacted his right nut. Instantly, a dull pain invaded Brendan’s lower abdomen.

25 cough...25, sir.

Whoops, I got your manpurse there. Sorry, dude.

Carlo continued to wail away until the redmarks crisscrossed the young man’s ass. The kid even took two direct hits to his puckered hole.


35, sir


36, sir

Brendan’s back began to hurt. His ass was throbbing, and his balls still hurt. Strangely, he was full hard as his huge cock stood straight out and up against his belly.


37, sir


38, sir


39, sir

Carlo, with all his might, swung the belt back and delivered a devastating 40th stroke that struck Brendan right across both cheeks.



The boy collapsed forward onto the floor, and he began to feel a peculiar sensation from his groin. He tried to stop the motion of his pelvic muscles, but it was too late.

I think I’m...OH MY GAw...I think I’m

His cock exploded and torrents of thick, white cum flowed freely through his peehole and onto the floor.

The pleasure and the pain overwhelmed the teen. He didn’t move for a few minutes.

You alright, pretty boy? You better be. You got a mess to clean up, said Carlo.

Brendan retreated to the bathroom where he took a huge pee even though his cock was still pulsing from the involuntary emission. He looked at his ass in the bathroom mirror, and it looked like Carlo had worked him over pretty good. Red marks in the shape of Carlo’s belt covered him from the top of his ass to the bottom. They were beginning to welt up.

After cleaning himself up, Brendan dressed quickly, cleaned up his mess, grabbed his free t-shirt and got the hell out of there. He told his mom that he pulled a muscle and that’s why he was walking funny and couldn’t really sit that well.

After the experience in Carlo’s apartment, he and Brendan were cool. They never discussed the spanking with anyone, and Carlo preserved Brendan’s spending secret.

A few months after the spanking, Carlo met a girl he found on tour in Australia. He moved to Sydney. Brendan never did quite get the girl he was hoping to make his girlfriend, but he’s got one hell of a sexy boyfriend.

He’s kinky as hell, too.

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