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With Respect to Jack

by Christophorus Volkov

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Jack oversaw things while his parents were out of town, and he took great pride in that. After all, it had taken years for him to get the trust of his mom and dad. He wasn’t about to let his little brother Joe ruin things.

Joe as only three years younger than Jack, but there was a big difference between 18 and 21. Where Jack was a mature, thoughtful young adult, Joe, despite having graduated from high school, still acted like he was an inconsiderate, entitled asshole. There were many talks between the two brothers about being an adult and growing up, but Joe just didn’t get it. Jack hoped this time with his brother could provide a bonding period.

It was getting late, and Joe had been in bed for two or three hours. Jack had an early class and was just wrapping up his studying when he heard a thump from what sounded like Joe’s bedroom. Jack looked into the hall, and he didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. He thought nothing more about it.

Jack began to lay out his clothes for the next morning when he thought he heard a girl’s giggle. He’s probably watching TV, but I better check.

Jack threw on a pair of shorts (he had been studying naked) and slipped into the hallway. Immediately as he stepped into the hall, he heard noise and smelled the pungent odor of marijuana. It seemed Joe had done it again.

As he got closer to the door, he heard quiet moaning. It was like his brother was smoking a joint and watching a porn movie or something. He thought for a couple of seconds, but the more he thought about things, the madder he got.

In a fit of rage, Jack flung the door to Joe’s room open. The door smacked against the doorstop, and Jack couldn’t believe what he saw. It was his brother’s milky white ass thrusting forward and backward. Joe was fucking a girl in his bed.

WHAT THE FUCK DUDE? asked Joe pulling out of the girl’s ass. His hard on flopped up and down as he stood up and grabbed a t-shirt to cover himself.


I think it’s pretty fucking obvious! I’m fucking this bitch in the ass! said Joe angrily.

The girl looked to be a little older than Joe, but Jack didn’t get a good look at her. She had buried her head in one of Joe’s pillows and covered up with a sheet. Jack noticed a lit pot cigarette chilling in a makeshift ashtray on Joe’s desk.

You are a fuckup, Joseph. Plain and simple. Now, get your girl out of here. I want to talk to you.

You’re not my dad. You can’t make me do shit. I paid good money to fuck the shit out of her ass, and I’m going to do it.

I don’t care what you paid or who you paid, but you are not going to treat any woman with disrespect, and you are not going to disrespect me. I’m in charge. I’m the older brother.

You’re older, but you aren’t my brother. You’re the fuckup! You can’t even get your dick up to fuck a girl, you fa...

Joe loved to call his brother the slur for gay people and had ever since Jack came out. Usually, Jack just handled it. Tonight, he was at the end of his rope. Rage filled Jack’s body, and he grabbed his little brother and in one fell swoop, he had him in a headlock.

The girl quietly dressed while the naked guy and the nearly naked guy in the room wrestled around. She slipped out the window undetected with the money from Joe’s wallet and the pot cigarette.

The two brothers fought on the floor. Jack surprised himself. His old wrestling moves served him well, but his younger brother was taller and more muscular than he was. Jack did mostly cardio in the gym while Joe, a football star in his high school days, lifted for power.

Jack had a bad knee, and his brother knew it. Joe had worked his way and had a lock on his brother’s knee. Jack could feel the pain begin to work up his leg. To make the hold work, Joe’s position put his groin within reach of his older brother’s left hand. Joe also forgot that older brothers sometimes cheat.

Jack hated to do it, but it was the only way he could get his brother off him. Jack knew if he could just get ahold of his brother’s balls that he could end this silly fight.

He reached out and, with a quick squeeze, Joe grabbed his bro’s two most prized possessions and twisted.

Instantly, the naked young man froze and broke his hold on his brother. Joe let out a guttural yelp and fell over on his side grabbing his crotch. He couldn’t get his breath.

Don’t you ever fuck with your older brother, said Jack. I don’t give a shit if I have to make you my sister, but you’re going to learn some damn fucking respect.

The pain coursed through Joe’s tall powerful frame. Just minutes ago, he was balls deep in that girl’s back door. Now, he wondered if his balls were even still attached. His limp dick slung over his leg still wet with precum. He could feel his abs tighten. He laid there on the ground in the fetal position with his asshole on display for anyone that wanted to see it.

Jack had twisted Joe’s balls good. So good that the young man could barely respond as his brother pulled the younger brother’s hands behind his back and tied them. Jack dragged his brother over his knees. He spread open Joe’s thighs and grabbed his brother’s balls. He tied a very thin rope around them tied the other end of the rope to Joe’s bedpost. Jack wanted to make sure that he wasn’t going anywhere.

Joe was just starting to get his wits back about him when the first smack of his older brother’s hand landed on his defenseless ass.


Let me go, you pervert fa...

You want to respect me like you don’t know me? I’m going to treat you as if I don’t know you.


The blows rained down on Joe’s ass as the teen contorted his body and yelped in pain.



Jack was relentless with his punishment, and Joe was really starting to feel it. His ass hurt, but he was humiliated, too.

Grabbing a nearby electrical cord, Jack continued to tan his brother’s bare ass.








Tears began to well up in Joe’s eyes. He hadn’t cried in years.



But Jack felt the rage. He wouldn’t stop. He said nothing as his little brother’s ass got more and more welted by the cord.

At this point, the younger brother had been broken. He was crying full out contorting with the pain. He had been dominated by his older brother and humiliated by this punishment. He felt low. His balls hurt. He was feeling every whip.




Jack continued.

Joe’s right butt cheek broke open, and a little blood started to trickle. At the sight of his brother’s blood, Jack snapped out of his trance. Oh my God! What have I done? thought Jack.

He looked down at his pathetic brother whose strong body had been rendered a crying mess, and he felt a little guilty. He started this to teach him a lesson, but he had let his rage go too far.

The older brother reached between his younger brother’s legs and untied the teen’s balls. They were purple. Quickly, the color came back. He loosened the restraints, and Joe broke free.

Jack fully expected his brother, who was stronger than him, to pummel him. But, Joe grabbed his older brother and gave him a hug.

I’m so SORRY! cried Joe. I want to be a man like you. I LOVE YOU BRO!

Joe was crying so hard that Jack could barely understand. He took his brother in his arms and for a moment, it was just like it was when they were kids. You’re a good kid, and I’m proud of you. Just stop being such an ass, said Jack.

The brothers embraced for a long time. It seemed like hours, but it was just a few minutes.

Joe finally stopped crying. With a tear-streamed face, he finally realized the girl he was making love to when Jack walked in was gone.

Where’s Marla?

It struck Jack funny, and the boys started to laugh. It broke the tension.

Man, my ass looks pretty bad, said Joe. It did. The rage of Jack had left Joe barely able to sit with a set of bruises and a small open wound.

Lie down, bro. Let me take care of that.

Jack went to the bathroom and got some peroxide, and he tended to the wounds he made on his brother’s ass. He ended by rubbing aloe all over his brother’s tight muscle butt.

Joe relaxed on the bed as his big brother took care of him. He even felt his bro’s hand rub over his hole a couple of times. Joe loved to have girls play with his hole, and the rubdown made him excited.

Still feeling guilty, Jack finished up, told his brother good night and went back to his room. He was confident that his impromptu punishment had earned his little brother’s respect. He closed his eyes and fell asleep.

Back in Joe’s room, Joe rolled over and felt the stinging sensation from his ass. There was no chance he could wear anything, so he didn’t even bother to try. He tried everything to fall asleep. Desperate, he rolled over on his aching ass and started to stroke his cock.

As he thought about everything from fucking Marla to getting his ass absolutely destroyed by his brother, his cock began to harden.

He stroked away until he felt his balls begin to hug the bottom of his shaft. He squeezed the head of his cock and clenched the muscles in his pelvis. He thought he had staved off the inevitable, but he began to feel waves deep inside.

He blew a load.

The first shot cleared his head and hit the wall behind his bed. It was followed by seven of the biggest cum squirts that Joe could ever remember.

Feeling finally calm and relaxed, Joe cleaned off his cock and his abs and rolled back onto his stomach. Before he knew it, he was fast asleep.

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