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Lucio's Proposal

by Christophorus Volkov

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You know, we have lots of ways we can make people talk. Don’t make us use them.

The tone was enough to scare anyone, but Ignacio was tough. He grew up on the streets. He’d been in fights and fracases all his life, but no one was going to push him around.

Fuck you Lucio. Fuck you and your whole fuckin family.

The 24-year-old’s words were kind of bravado at work. He really had no room to talk. After all, he’d been stripped naked and tied to a wooden office chair. His powerful arms were restrained to the arms of the chair at his wrists. His legs were tied to the chair at his ankles. His long, hairy legs and the powerful thighs were rendered useless. Ignacio’s boyish face glistened with sweat. His dark hair, usually slicked back perfectly, was disheveled and a few strands hung down in his face.

On Lucio’s orders, Frank and Marcelo had taken everything off him. They took his jewelry and his firearm. They even found the knife he kept strapped to his leg. They worked him over pretty good when they kidnapped him right out of his apartment. Frank and Marcelo had sneaked up on him and threw a pillowcase over his head. He didn’t have a chance to fight back or even draw his weapon.

Someone had been selling out Lucio’s secrets to his family’s rivals, the Guccinellis. Lucio wanted to know who, and he thought Ignacio had information.

Ignacio just showed up on the scene one day, and Lucio did some business with him. As far as he knew, Ignacio was just a for-hire scout. He’d sell his services to the highest bidder, but he was getting quite a reputation. Even Lucio admitted that Ignacio’s presence was a little suspicious, but he kept him close by keeping him busy.

You know, I ought to have these guys heat up a hot poker and shove it between those cheeks. We did that with Del Jackson a few weeks back. He didn’t like it, but it cured his hemorrhoids...hey boys?

Lucio’s joke was met with the kind of laughter from Frank and Marcelo that henchmen give to the boss just to keep him happy. Lucio tolerated them.

Lucio turned back to his naked prey, I just never thought a kid like you would turn on me. After all the good business we done. What would your mother think?

You leave my mama out of this you piece of shit.

Lucio slapped Ignacio across the face and grabbed him by the chin. The defiant young man glared a look of death at the crime boss.

Oh! The boy’s feisty. I’ve got just the thing to get you to respect me, said Lucio as he put his pointed dress shoe right on the young man’s package. At first, he just put a little pressure on the cock and balls, but he slowly started to increase it. Pretty soon, his sharp and pointed shoe was digging in to Ignacio’s pelvic bone.

AHHHHH OH FUCK. AHHHH! The pain radiated from his groin up and into his stomach. As Lucio flattened the young man’s balls with his shoe, Ignacio’s pain worsened.

Ignacio tried to work his hands and ankles free. Ignacio yelled, I’M GONNA FUCKING KILL YOU LUCIO! I’M GONNA KILL YOU AND PISS ON YOUR DEAD CORPSE!

You ain’t gonna touch me you bitch, as he released his foot from the young man’s balls. The pain relented momentarily I guess we’re gonna have to get rough, boys. We’re going to have to go all in on this kid.

Ignacio suddenly got quiet. He didn’t like where this was going.

Give me the tools, said Lucio as he took off his jacket and set it on the desk. We’re gonna have to move the kid for this. Put him over there on the table.

Wait a minute, I changed my mind. I’ll talk.

Lucio ignored him and snapped his fingers as a signal to Marcelo and Frank. He started to roll up his sleeves.

The two huge men cut the ropes tying Ignacio to the chair and grabbed him as he started to try to run away. They slammed him down on the table and each man grabbed an arm. Within seconds, Ignacio was secured to the table by the wrists and ankles.

Ignacio was now lying face up on the tabletop with his legs spread open. His huge nutsack hung low, and his limp, lifeless cock fell over against Ignacio’s left leg. His tight body was full of scars including a rather fresh bullet wound he had taken to the right hip. It was just a graze wound, so he was really lucky. Ignacio’s luck had run out today.

Let’s see. This kid’s got a big mouth. I have this, Lucio held up a large pair of pliers. I could pull out that dirty tongue.

Frank and Marcelo nodded stupidly.

Nah...too messy. I pulled out Joey’s tongue a week ago, and he still won’t talk to me, Lucio said with a belly laugh. Marcelo and Frank chortled as well.

This is perfect. This kid needs to be taken down a notch.

From the bag of tools, Lucio withdrew an elastrator. He walked over to the table and put it right in Ignacio’s face.

You know, I wasn’t always a gangster, kid. When I was back in the old country, I helped raise sheep. We had to you the the male sheep.

Ignacio’s eyes widened.

Back then, we didn’t even use one of these things. We just bit the fuckers know. It didn’t taste good, but it was effective. A couple of days later, you’d never even know it. The sheep was fine. Now-a-days, if I still did raise sheep, I’d probably use these things on them. Sheep balls don’t taste so good!

Lucio laughed again. Frank and Marcelo sounded like hyenas.

That brings us to you, my chickadee. I know you have some information for me, but you lost your chance. I need to COMPEL you to give me the information. You’re strong willed, and you’re strong. I doubt that crushing your kneecaps or your ankles will work.

Ignacio breathed heavily. His heart racing.

And, if I kill you. Well, I like you. You have spunk...lots of spunk. You know, word gets around that this little limp dick here has been up in a lot of pussy. It’s good to be young, Lucio smiled creepily. Ignacio didn’t find the humor.

So, I’m going to take something of value from you or you’re going to give something of value to me, but we’re going to do this my way.

Dude! I said I’d talk. Don’t touch my balls man, Ignacio was pleading for his manhood. I don’t want to die.’s ok kid. This ain’t fatal. Don’t worry. We sterilized the band, Lucio grabbed a glass, and Frank poured in some whiskey. This is alcohol. These are rubber bands. I’ll take this tool and slip one of these bands over your nuts. If you don’t talk fast, ain’t going to have no next generation of D’Allesandros.

Lucio laughed hard.

Uhh, boss, do I have to watch this. You know it makes me sick, said Marcelo.

Lucio shook his head and said something in Italian. With a glare, he looked at the towering henchman and said, Shut the fuck up, Marcelo. Hold him still.

Ignacio put his head back hard on the table. He didn’t know what to do. This was going to happen. He was stuck between a rock and, well, castration.

Grab his cock, Frank.

Frank latched on to Ignacio’s soft cock with his rough, dry fingers. He squeezed it hard.

Lucio grabbed a band from the whiskey. He placed it on the elastrator. He opened it wide and slid it over Ignacio’s massive balls. Until he reached the space at the top of the scrotum where it connected to the young man’s body. He released the band.

Instantly, a tight sensation around his balls got Ignacio’s attention. A new kind of pain began to work its way up his vas deferens and into him. It passed his prostate and the dull ache began to fill his pelvis. His huge nuts, already darker than his surrounding skin, began to turn purple.

What...what now? asked Ignacio.

You have exactly maybe 20 minutes until your balls won’t be of any use to anyone. If I leave this on here a little longer, these balls will turn purple and then black. At that point, I’ll just slice them off and let you take them home in this whiskey, Lucio laughed. The hyenas did too.

Ignacio closed his eyes and tried to become one with the pain. He had to get this band off his cock, but, even if he did, he wondered if Lucio would slit his throat or put a bullet between his eyes.

Lucio withdrew a knife and a sharpener from the bag. He started to sharpen the knife.

Ignacio’s pain was intense, but his cock started to grow. Ignacio had no idea why. It was really a bad time for a boner. His cock was soon standing straight up.

Tape that thing down, ordered Lucio.

Frank grabbed a piece of tape and slapped it right across the mushroom head of Ignacio’s huge rod. He slapped it against Ignacio’s flat belly and added a couple of more pieces of tape to the cock.

The pain was growing unbearable. His cock throbbed, and he could start to feel like his balls weren’t there any more. He made a split-second decision to just blurt something out.

Ignacio blurted out, It was him. It was Marcelo. He sold you out to the Guccinellis.

Marcelo let go of Ignacio. He was clearly caught off guard by the comment, and he should have been. Ignacio made it up completely.

Marcelo turned white like a sheet, Boss. It ain’t true. Boss...come on. You know me 10 years. You know I wouldn’t turn.

Ignacio’s balls began to throb. He couldn’t see them between his legs, but they were a deep shade of purple.

Lucio shook his head and smiled. Dear, sweet, dumb Marcelo. You think I don’t know about you and the Guccinelli’s?

Marcelo was stuttering badly, Boss, I don’t...don’t know...what what...what are you doing?

Lucio raised his revolver from his side holster. Marcelo, there comes a time when even you friends are no longer useful. Your time is today.

Boss, I told you...I don’t know nothing about the Guccinell...


Marcelo never finished his sentence. Lucio returned his gun the holster as Marcelo fell dead with a bullet in his brain on the spot.

Frank, take care of this, said Lucio. He nodded down to Marcelo’s body on the floor. Frank dragged the lifeless body into the side parlor of the office and slammed the door.

Ignacio’s balls were growing more purple by the minute. Lucio reached into a drawer in the desk, and he retrieved a small pair of scissors. He snipped the band around Ignacio’s balls, and they fell back to their normal position. Lucio also yanked the tape from Ignacio’s cock, and the semi-hard cock fell back to its position slung over the young man’s left leg.

How did you know I was telling the truth? asked Ignacio.

I didn’t, but I had you by the balls. I know you value those things between your legs. I knew you’d sing like an opera singer.

You trusted me?

I don’t trust no one. Marcelo was expendable.

Ignacio couldn’t remove the look of astonishment from his face as he sat naked on the edge of that table.

Kid, get dressed. I need to talk some business with you.

Business? said Ignacio.

Yeah, don’t worry. It’s mutually beneficial.

Frank and Lucio retreated through the door. They could hear them trying to move Marcelo’s huge corpse around for disposal.

As he dressed, Ignacio thought about the business he might do with Lucio. What did Mr. Boracelli have in mind?

After about five minutes, Lucio reentered followed by Frank. Ignacio was just tying his shoes. He was dressed nicely with clothes that fit his body perfectly.

Sit down, kid. Let’s talk some business.

Ignacio sat down in the chair in front of the desk. It was the same chair he was strapped to just a few minutes ago. He took off his hat and put it in his lap.

It seems that I have created a new opening in my organization for another personal assistant. My last guy is, well, dead, Lucio chuckled. Frank looked a little nervous.

I was impressed with the way you took all that punishment, and I think you’d be perfect to join my Boracelli family. I need a new associate.

Ignacio thought for a minute. This was perfect. What’s required? he asked.

Well, I just ask for two things. You do everything I say, and you never ever make me question your loyalty to me and this family.

Ignacio thought for a moment. He weighed the positives and negatives quickly. He decided to sign on.

Shake my hand kid. That’s how we close this deal.

Ignacio reached out and shook his hand. Lucio smiled a weird smile that Ignacio had not seen. It’s a pleasure to join your organization, sir.

Lucio...please. Call me Lucio.

My loyalty is yours, Lucio.

Good, said Lucio. We just need to officially initiate you into the family.

Ignacio didn’t think he was serious, but he could tell from the look on Lucio’s handsome face that he was. Lucio’s eyes seemed to stare through the back of his skull.

Ok, sir...uh...Lucio...I’m game for whatever.

Ok, this won’t take long. Stand up. Drop your pants and bend over the table.


You heard me! Drop ’em and bend over.

Reluctantly, Ignacio dropped his pants. Lucio grabbed his boxer shorts and yanked them down. He lifted the tail of Ignacio’s dress shirt. Ignacio’s still throbbing balls hung down between his legs. They were happy to be free but afraid of what was to come. Ignacio’s glutes slightly spread to reveal a hairy crack and a tightly puckered hole.

Lucio opened the fly of his pants and pulled out his thick cock. He stroked it a little to make it hard. Using saliva for lube, he lathered up his cock.

Ignacio started to look back.

Keep your eyes on that wall, kid, said Lucio. I didn’t tell you to look around.

Ignacio had no idea what was about to happen. Lucio pushed his cock head against Ignacio’s virgin o-ring.


It’s my fucking cock, kid. You take it all if you want to be in this family.

Ignacio braced himself against the table as Lucio slid his cock in slowly. Ignacio wanted to protest, but there was nothing he could do as Lucio’s broad penis slid deeper and deeper into his lock tight hole. Pretty soon, Lucio’s hairy balls were pressing against his ass.

The pain was excruciating, but Ignacio didn’t make a sound save a few grunts. He knew he had to be strong to prove his loyalty.


Ignacio whispered through his clenched teeth, Yeah, I feel...I feel it.

I just wanted you to feel what your daddy’s dick feels like because I’m you’re fucking daddy now. What I say, goes. You don’t ask questions. I’ll take care of you. You won’t have a worry. I own you. I own this ass. You’re mine. Do you understand?, I unders..tand Lucio.

Ignacio could feel every inch or centimeter as Lucio’s dick pulsed inside the kid’s tight hole. Frank was looking away. He remembered Lucio doing the same thing to him five years ago. His ass seared with pain for days.

With one quick pull, Lucio pulled his cock out of Ignacio’s ass. It made a sucking sound as his mushroom head came out. Without warning, he put it back up inside Ignacio.

This time, it was more rough.

GHAHHHAAAAA! cried Ignacio as his ass was ripped apart by his new boss’s thick member.

It’s so...fucking tight, said Lucio as he pounded the young man’s ass.

Finally, with a grunt, Lucio blew his load and his entire contents up Ignacio’s ass. He reached around and felt the young man’s cock. He gave it a few tugs, and Ignacio came hard on the tabletop with Lucio’s thick dick in his ass.

You don’t tell no one about this, capisce?

Ignacio nodded as Lucio pulled his cock out of the young man’s ass. He withdrew it quickly. His head made a popping sound as he withdrew.

Don’t you dare move. I’ll be right back, said Lucio to his subordinate.

The boss retreated to the bathroom to freshen up. He washed his dick and straightened his clothes.

When he came out, Ignacio was still bent over the table with his round ass still naked with Lucio’s load still leaking out. Lucio went over to the desk, and he opened the drawer. He grabbed a small wooden paddle out of the drawer and walked over to the table where Ignacio was now slowly starting to recover.

Without saying a word, Lucio, with all his might, whacked the paddle across Ignacio’s bare ass. The paddle had Lucio Boracelli on it. Now, that was on Ignacio’s ass. For good measure, Lucio did it again.


Ignacio fell forward on the table.


The pain was almost unbearable as the burly, stocky boss whacked him on the ass with the thick paddle.


Boss, I think he’s had enough! said Frank.

You’re right Frank. You’re right. Go clean up, kid.

Ignacio was trying to maintain his dignity even though he’d been humiliated, nearly emasculated and penetrated. He limped to the bathroom.

Once inside, he pushed out the boss’s load into the toilet. He flushed and used some paper to wash his hole. It was ripped all to hell, but he’d be alright.

Ignacio pulled up his underwear. As he started to tuck in his shirt, Frank knocked on the door. This is from the boss. I think it’s probably your size.

The young man dressed in the suit provided by the boss. It was a navy blue suit with white pinstripes. His tie was bright red and there was a new crisp white shirt. He topped it all off with a nice white fedora with a red band to match the tie. He’d get new shoes later.

Lucio had his new henchman, and he’d initiated him with a good fuck in the ass. Ignacio would carry a bruise of Lucio’s name on his ass for a couple of weeks.

This night, the drinks were all on Lucio down at the Speakeasy. With Frank on his right side and Ignacio on his left, Lucio felt secure. Ignacio felt great in his new suit except or his throbbing hole and ass.

He chomped on his cigar and sipped his whiskey as the beautiful lady on stage warbled out a jazz tune.

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