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Defining Moment

by Christophorus Volkov

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Alvin was in a rush. He wanted to get back to his room and watch the game video coach had sent him to study online. The cool autumn air tickled his nostrils as he got out of the car.

His hair was still wet from the shower he’d taken in the locker room. Joey was a big man. He stood 1.92 meters and weighed a flat 130 kg. That’s about 6′4″ and 285 pounds in the old English system. He had muscles everywhere. The kid was built to play offensive lineman. Alvin was smart, organized and extremely clean. He believed in the philosophy of a clean house equaling a clean life.

Alvin’s roommate was cross country runner, Joey. The long-distance runner was a state champion from the U.S. state of Maryland. He came to the university on a full scholarship for his running ability. Alvin, on the other hand, had to earn his way onto the football team as a walk-on.

Joey, unlike Alvin, was a slight 68.5 kg or about 150 pounds. He stood 1.70 meters or 5′7″. His upper body was thin and slight. Most of his weight was in his powerful glutes and thighs. Alvin noticed how round his roommate’s ass was one night when he was wearing sweat pants.

Also unlike Alvin, Joey was a slob. He never would pick up his dirty clothes, underwear or towels. He never did a dish or took out the trash. Alvin often spent hours following around his younger and smaller roommate picking up everything he would throw down.

It got to the point that Alvin had enough.

After one particularly ridiculous evening of picking up several of Joey’s items, Alvin bellowed, If you can’t pick up your clothes, I’ll never let you forget it.

Joey laughed in his face, What does that mean?

You’ll find out, little man. You’ll find out.

Joey heeded the warning for a couple of days, but it was a short-lived respite.

It was Sunday morning, the day after the big game against State, Alvin, still rushing, stuck his key into the door and turned it in the lock. Carrying his gym gear and balancing a gas station coffee cup under his arm, he opened the door to see Joey’s running shorts discarded right by the front door.

The young bubble-butted runner’s routine was to come in after his morning run with the team, drop his shorts at the front door and walk naked to the downstairs shower to clean off the grime of his run. Thi Sunday morning was no exception. When the sophomore was finished, he dried off and decided to relax on his bed. He carelessly tossed his towel on the floor, and it slid on the hardwood into the hallway. Still a little wet from the shower, he fell asleep face down on his bed.

Downstairs, Alvin couldn’t believe what he was seeing. It was just this kind of action by Joey that prompted the ominous warning. The big defensive lineman began to rage inside. Everything was building up inside.

He sat the coffee cup down on the table by the front door and dropped him gym gear onto the sofa. Angrily, he picked up the nasty running shorts and made a beeline down the hall to confront the little jerk he lived with.

As he approached the open door to Joey’s bedroom, Alvin saw the wet towel in the door of the room that Joey had tossed across the floor a few minutes before. Alvin looked through the open door. The naked runner’s powerful legs were slightly spread apart and his naked bubble ass was facing the door.

The shorts were one thing, but the towel was completely another. Alvin could not stop himself. Before he knew what was happening, he was on top of Joey tying his wrists behind his back with the wet towel.

What the fuck? asked Joey.

Dude, I’m tired of your shit. I told you not to put your dirty damn clothes on the floor again, and I come home to your smelly nasty running shorts laying at the fucking front door and a wet towel on the hard wood floor outside the room.

Joey struggled a bit.

Listen, I will pay extra rent. This joke has gone far enough man. Let me go, said Joey.

Oh no, this ain’t no joke. You think I’m your mama, so I’m gonna do what my grandmama did to me down in Mississippi. You’re going to learn your lesson, said Alvin.

Hey man, I know you’re mad from the game. You don’t have to take this out on me.

Oh no. It’s going to be taken out on you and your perky little ass, ok?

Joey was scared. Alvin was angry, and he’d never seen him like this. The rage was stunning.

Listen man, I don’t know what you’re planning to do, but I was just laying here minding my own business and you burst through with roid rage and...

Alvin tilted his head in disbelief. He never touched any drugs. He calmed himself and tried to make his tone match, Excuse me, did you say roid rage?

Uhh...well...I mean you are pretty mad...I...I...

I don’t take steroids! Who do you think I am? I’m a hundred percent clean. Do you see me shooting up in the bathroom when I’m in the shower and you come and clip your nasty toenails? Yeah, I’m done cleaning those nasty things up, too.

Whatever, dude...just let me put on a pair of shorts and we can talk this out, pleaded Joey. You’re scaring me.

I’m not letting you do anything until you learn your lesson, you little shit. I’m going to make you NEVER forget this fucking moment.

A shudder went through the tied athlete’s body. He wasn’t going to get out of this.

I’m tired of hearing you talking. Open your mouth, Alvin ordered.

What, are you going to make me suck your dick?

Maybe, you fuck. Just maybe. Don’t give me ideas. Just open it...and close your eyes.

Seeing as he was in no position to disobey the order, Joey closed his eyes and opened his mouth.

Suddenly, the pungent order of sweaty crotch hit his nostrils. Alvin stuffed the dirty running shorts that Joey had worn on his run that morning into the runner’s open mouth. With some training tape Joey had haphazardly left out within Alvin’s reach, he taped the shorts in Joey’s mouth.

Wow, so much quieter now! I like this version of you. Look at you with those powerful legs that can’t do anything now. I’m about to OWN that ass, too.

MMMHPHHHHMMM, Joey tried to say something through the smelly and sweaty shorts in his mouth, he almost gagged. His muscles strained as he struggled against the towel that tied his arms.

How do your balls taste, Joey? Are they good? I know they don’t smell good. I have to pick up those things every fucking time I have to pick them up off the floor in the living room or the kitchen or the bathroom. I swear kid. You’ve made me crazy, said Alvin.

The big man looked at the runner who was spread out in front of him. His untouched and unblemished skin was covered with tiny beads of sweat. Alvin could feel his nervousness, and he decided to let the suspense build for a moment. He retreated to his room to think.

Left alone on his bed, Joey listened for a moment. When he thought the coast was clear, he quietly began to slide off the bed. His bare feet hit the cold floor. The naked fugitive tip toed towards the door to the bedroom. He didn’t know where he was going, but, if he could get outside, he’d be humiliated, but he could at least get help.

As he got two steps from the door, he was met by Alvin. Standing at his full height, he was several inches taller than the skinny runner. Alvin grabbed his flowing blonde hair and pulled his hair backwards. Joey pathetic blue eyes looked up into Alvin’s.

Out of ideas and armed only with a full bladder, Joey couldn’t think of anything to try to get past the big lineman, so he pissed all over Alvin’s legs and shoes.

Alvin began to shake in anger. He reached between Joey’s toned legs and grabbed his low hanging nuts and squeezed as hard as he could and let go. Joey’s knees buckled as he fell to the floor. He rolled his knees up to his abs as the pain coursed through his lower abdomen. With a grunt, Alvin picked up his roommate and threw him back on the bed. He rolled him over so that he was on his stomach, and he secured his legs with one of Joey’s neckties that he had unceremoniously thrown on the floor near the bed.

Joey closed his eyes. He’d never felt the kind of pain he was feeling from his crushed nuts.

Alvin’s rage just kept growing as he stood there looking at his pathetic roommate naked on the bed. Let’s see, what should I do with you now that you can’t escape? I’m going to go back to my room for a moment and clean up this mess you made with that cock of yours, and you better be in this position when I get back. Understand?

Mmmhmmmph, Joey said.

Alvin walked back to his room and stripped off the urine soaked socks and shoes. That dumbass pissed all over my new Jordans, thought Alvin, shaking his head. He walked into his private bathroom and wetted a towel and cleaned off his legs. He slipped off his shorts and underwear to see if the pee stream had gotten him. Naked from the waist down, he heard a thump from the other room.

Still naked on the lower half of his body, Alvin walked back into Joey’s room, and the blonde-haired slob had fallen off the bed and was out cold. Unable to protect himself from the fall with his tied hands, Joey had smacked his head on the hardwood.

I told him not to move, thought Alvin.

He checked Joey’s pulse, and he had one. His breathing seemed fine. Alvin had a little first aid training from his time in scouting. He checked Joey’s pupils, and they showed that Joey was just out cold.

Alvin lifted him back up onto the surface of the bed and used this time to roll his captive again onto his stomach and more securely retie his hands and feet to the four corners of the steel bed frame.

Joey was starting to come back into consciousness. MMMMPH. Ummph, responded Joey. He began to realize that he was now tied even more securely. He put his head straight down into the pillow. He again realized that this was no joke.

From Joey’s closet, Alvin grabbed a decades old wired video game controller and doubled the thick, black cord into a whip. He smacked it on the bed next to Joey.

Alvin said, Look, I thought about it, and I don’t think there is any way I can go on living here like this. You and I are just too different. I knew that when I moved in, but I don’t know.

Joey tried to look around at his hulking captor, but he was just out of his eyesight.

When I came home today, I guess I just snapped, continued Alvin. Truth is, with you being a sophomore and me being a junior, I’ve always thought of you as my little brother.

Joey wondered where this was going.

I appreciate you. I know you work hard at running, but there’s more to life than that. There comes a time in every man’s life when you grow up...I did it when my mom died. After that, there was no one in my life to cook for me or to clean for me or to cook. Everything that I have, I have earned because I saved my money. My scholarship wasn’t given. It was EARNED. Understand?

Joey nodded.

That’s why it pisses me off when I see your shorts on my couch or by the door. That’s why it pisses me off when you leave your wet towels on the floor or when you don’t do the dishes or whatever. You are an ungrateful, spoiled little bitch boy, and I know that you can be better.

Joey struggled and wish he could scratch his left butt cheek. His head hurt. His balls hurt.

Today, you fucked up...plain and simple, said Alvin. When I fucked up, I was punished hard. My grandmother used a piece of wood and an extension cord all the way up until I was in high school. My last spanking was when I was 17, and it was because I was FIVE MINUTES LATE! She’s old school. In fact, she threatened to punish me just last Thanksgiving when I was home. I knew she was just joking, but I learned discipline from her. Funny thing is, even though she was joking, there was a seriousness to her voice. I want you to know that seriousness. I want to be that person that holds you accountable. I love you enough to do this for you.

Joey breathed deeply. He couldn’t believe this was going to happen.

You have no discipline or respect for anything. That changes today, and this old game controller you have here should do the trick, said Alvin as he smacked the cord on the bed next to Joey.

Alvin rubbed Joey’s pristine ass with his hands to warm it up.

Dude, before this happens, do you understand this comes from love? Everything I do today is to make you a better person.

Sullenly, Joey nodded. He knew he didn’t have a choice in the matter, and, frankly, he knew he probably deserved what he had coming to him for all he times he had bullied or took advantage of someone’s kindness.

You’d better ready yourself. These cords sting like a bitch, Alvin warned.

He wasn’t kidding. The first whip stung like 100 wasps plunging their stingers into Joey’s skin. He yelped in both surprise and pain, AYYYEHHHHAAHHH!


Alvin, unmoved by his roommate’s cries, continued to strike his roommate’s ass repeatedly.


As he spanked Joey’s bare butt, Alvin began to feel a sense of calm come over him. This was cathartic for him, too. He felt like he was helping Joey in some strange way.


Joey struggled as the weals and welts began to raise on his hairless cheeks. The hits rained down and his muscled butt contorted with every hit. Strangely, Joey stopped reacting verbally. It was like he was resigned to the spanking he was receiving.


Alvin wondered why Joey was strangely quiet. The young man could certainly take a beating. After the loud start to the session, all Alvin heard from Joey was the occasional muffled umph as he whaled away on the bubble ass. Few sounds came through the pair of dirty shorts that were crammed in Joey’s mouth.


Joey’s ass was close to cracking open when Alvin’s right arm began to get tired. You could see red and purple marks neatly crossing the young ass in straight lines. Alvin admired his handiwork but, for the first time, began to feel bad for the young man.

He didn’t show it, but Joey was spent. His ass hurt. His balls hurt. His head hurt. He was worn out, and he had no idea how he was going to get in his evening 5K run. He wondered how much longer Alvin would go. For the first time, he raised his head and caught a glimpse of Alvin. He realized that Alvin had been naked from the waist down the whole beating. His flaccid cock and low-hanging balls were right there. Joey, for the first time, realized he was hard. He was unbelievably horny from the entire experience, somehow. He felt confused.

Taking pity on Joey, Alvin stopped the punishment and left his roommate tied up. He retreated to his bathroom. He came back with a bottle of aloe. Alvin carefully squeezed out some aloe in his hands and spread the lotion on Joey’s burning ass. As Alvin rubbed his ass, he rubbed in between Joey’s cheeks and briefly brushed against his tight hole with his finger.

Alvin waited for a protest, but Joey just remained still on the bed.

Truth was, he was enjoying the soothing feeling of the aloe vera and Alvin’s big hand rubbing his sore bum.

Alvin brushed the hole again. No response positive or negative. So, Alvin slipped his fingertip into Joey’s hole. He didn’t know why, but he went with it.

Ohhhhaaahhh, cried Joey.

It wasn’t a cry of pain or of pleasure, but it was from a weird feeling inside Joey’s ass. Alvin was only the second man to penetrate Joey’s anus, and the first without a medical degree.

Mmmmm, Joey cooed as Alvin pushed deeper and deeper. In one of his physiology classes, Alvin had learned about the prostate gland. He’d always wanted to feel it in another man. Joey wasn’t protesting, so Alvin thought he’d go searching. He plunged his finger deep inside and began to feel the bottom wall of Joey’s rectum. He was about the second knuckle deep with his index finger in Joey’s hole when he found what he was looking for.

Joey closed his eyes and let the pleasure fill him. He forgot about his aching balls. He curled his toes. Alvin noticed the curled toes and took it as a sign that his prisoner was enjoying the invasion.

With his free hand, Alvin reached up and pulled at the trainer’s tape keeping the shorts in Joey’s mouth. The tape let go, and the shorts fell out of his mouth. For the first time in about a half an hour, Joey could speak.

Mmmmmm....what doing?...ahhhh, asked Joey.

Does it feel good?

Oh God. I don’t know. It kind of hurts, but OH...uh...I

Do you want me to stop?

Na...No...ahhh...don’t...don’t st..stop. It was a breathless response.

He continued to rub Joey’s prostate for a few more minutes. He felt connected to his roommate. Alvin pulled his finger out of Joey’s ass. Watching the enjoyment and pleasure Joey was clearly experiencing gave Alvin a raging, hard erection.

Do you have a condom? asked Alvin.


Because, I have the urge to fuck the living shit out of you. It’s your decision, but I’m feeling it right now. If you want it, you had better take it now.

Joey thought for a moment. This was an experience he wanted to have in his life. He didn’t know why, but this seemed like the right thing at the right moment.

Ok man. Go slow. You’re a pioneer in there, responded the tied-up captive. Condoms are right in the nightstand.

Alvin opened the drawer and grabbed a condom. He opened the package and rolled the latex sheath on to his huge, dark erection.

After lubing his cock up with some spit, Alvin placed his cock gently against Joey’s hole, Alvin pushed forward, and the tip of Alvin’s cock started to penetrate Joey’s tight hole. The wet hole opened slowly as waves of pain came from deep inside Joey. OW MAN! OW! Stop!

Alvin pulled out. He’d already exacted enough revenge on the young runner’s ass. Now, he just wanted to give him some pleasure. Just give me a moment, said Joey putting his face back into the pillow.

Alvin stroked his cock and spread more lotion on it.

Ok...I’m going to try to relax. Please be gentle.

No problem, man. If you want to stop, we can.

No, I trust you. I want you to give me this experience.

The big smiled to himself. He had gained Joey’s respect and trust. Alvin placed his cock against Joey’s hole again, and he thrust it ahead into the hairless hole. It was much more loose this time as Joey had relaxed.

Pleasure started to fill Joey’s body as the wide and long cock entered him. Alvin reached deeper inside with his cock than anything had ever been. He was patient. As he moved, Joey asked him to stop and keep his cock inside a couple of times. He clenched around Alvin’s penis and felt the girth.

Eventually, Alvin’s massive balls were against the bruised asscheeks of the sophomore. Alvin began to fuck Joey, slowly at first. It was no doubt a struggle, but Joey was enjoying it. He was taking Alvin’s penis like a champion.

Joey closed his eyes and focused on the pain coming from deep inside and convinced himself that it was pleasure. He felt his own cock beginning to grow again.

Fuck me harder, man.

Are you sure? asked Alvin.

Yes, I said fuck me harder.

Alvin picked up the pace.

Soon, his balls were slapping against Joey’s ass. Joey could feel them.


Alvin was getting close.


Still closer.


Joey was quietly moaning, Come on Al! Fuck me!


Alvin was about to blow.

Don’t cum yet, pleaded Joey.

I’m close.

Don’t cum yet.

I...I...I am trying to STOP!

Joey was feeling the pleasure inside. He was ordering the big lineman around even though he was tied and on the bottom.

His eyes still closed, Joey suddenly began to feel his pelvic muscles begin to spasm. He wanted to stroke his cock so bad.

The postponement of his cumshot was temporary. Alvin pulled out of Joey’s ass, I’m cumming man. I can’t hold it. I’m CUMM...

He never finished his sentence as he snatched off the condom and blew his thick load all over Joey’s ass and back. Joey felt the warm jizz rain down covering his welted ass and his untouched back.

Alvin fell backwards so his bare ass was sitting on Joey’s hamstrings. His orgasm was intense. He’d never felt anything like it. He sat there and gathered his thoughts for a moment.

Joey let him sit there. He knew he was in orgasm. After giving Alvin a moment, Joey said, Can you untie me, please?

Alvin reached down and untied Joey’s legs. With cum still dripping from his cock onto his balls, he walked to the head of the bed and untied Joey’s arms. Joey rolled over. He was sporting a massive hard cock. Alvin was shocked by the pure size of his hard penis.

Damn, kid. You’re packing a weapon.

Joey chuckled. He was surprised by Alvin’s reaction. His cock began to ache.

You want to do me a favor? Can you help me with this? asked Joey while looking at the bazooka attached to his crotch.

Alvin thought for a moment, and nodded. This was something he’d done before. He’d given a buddy of his a bro job a few months ago. Without hesitation, he plunged Joey’s dick into his mouth.

Damn, you’’re good at! Joey cooed with pleasure. His ass throbbed and stung from the beating, but the aloe had at least helped. The warmth of Alvin’s mouth enveloped his cock.

The massive muscled lineman moved up and down on Joey’s cock.

Alvin moved so that his legs were astride Joey’s face. His big balls spread out across the runner’s face. He looked up at the huge dark ass in his face, and he had the urge to eat it. He took his tongue and licked Alvin’s hole. It was exactly what Alvin wanted.

Joey found the rimming incredibly erotic. Alvin’s ass was so clean and tasted like cocoa butter. Alvin continued to suck Joey hard until the runner’s balls retreated up around the shaft of his cock.


Joey popped his load right there. Alvin was shocked at the height of the shot and the amount that was coming out. Part of Joey’s load came to rest on Alvin’s chest, and he put the sweet-tasting cum in his mouth. It tasted delicious.

Both men were exhausted. Alvin moved off Joey and walked back into his bedroom. He fell onto his bed and fell fast asleep.

Back in his room, Joey just laid there looking at the ceiling. He couldn’t believe what had happened over the last hour. He sat up. Still a little woozy from the fall from earlier. His ass still stung, but it somehow wasn’t bleeding. He stood up and limped to the shower.

When he was done, he threw his towel into the proper receptacle for dirty clothes. Naked, he walked back into his bedroom, and there stood Alvin.

I thought you were asleep! said Joey.

I was. I heard your shower running, and I wanted to talk to you. I didn’t want to just walk in on you.

Dude, you just had you dick in my asshole, and my cock was in your mouth. I’m not really worried about modesty right now.

Alvin smiled. Listen, I just wanted to apologize to you, man. I went way too far. I don’t regret what happened afterwards, but I went too far with the spanking.

Joey didn’t know how to react, but he wasn’t going to let big Alvin feel bad. Man, I deserved everything I got, Joey responded. I thought a lot about what you said to me before you hit my ass, and you were completely right. I’ve never had anyone take the time to teach me what you taught me today.

And...about what happened after?

We now share something else special. You’re my first dude. I liked it...a lot. I mean...a lot. I’ve been with girls, but this was different. With girls, it was just sex. This was love.

Alvin thought for a moment. Perhaps Joey was more mature than he thought. Alvin smiled, and Joey smiled back. Keep your room clean, said Alvin.

Is that an order?

Next time, there will be no pleasure, warned Alvin. Joey just chuckled.

Alvin walked out of the room, and Joey realized it was time to meet a friend of his for lunch. He didn’t know how he was going to sit on the hard bus seats for the ride over after the beating he took. He looked at his ass in the mirror, and it was a crisscross mess of bruises.

He grabbed a pair of underwear from his dresser, and he carefully pulled up the briefs. He sat down on his bed with his aching ass still stinging. He grabbed a pair of jeans off the floor and put them on. He stood up and put on a t-shirt and a hoodie from the closet.

As he turned to leave, Alvin was standing in the doorway of Joey’s room. The runner smiled at the towering presence in the door. Alvin put his hands around the back of the younger man’s head and pulled his face towards his. He leaned down with lips puckered, and the two roommates kissed.

Joey’s tongue entered Alvin’s mouth, and they locked in the most erotic kiss either had experienced. Joey’s hands rubbed Alvin’s shaved head.

It was the most defining moment of their lives.

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